Edward sat on his bed and waited for Bella to come into the room so they could talk about this situation.

Bella came in with a concerned look on her face "Are you ok?"

he chuckled lightly "Stop fretting about me moll, is Elizabeth asleep?"

"Peacefully" she stroked my hair as she sat in his lap, he sighed and closed his eyes

"I love you Bella" he buried his head in the crook of her neck

"I love you too Edward, always and forever"

"Can you bring Elizabeth in? to sleep with us"

she nodded with a bright smile.

Elizabeth was settled comfortably between her parents who were holding hands they kissed their daughter good night before whispering i love you to each other before blissfully falling asleep with smiles on their faces ready for the next day.

Edward had called everyone in even the new recruits, Don and his family had gone back to Italy due to a family illness, apparently one of their great great uncles was really sick.

"You know why I've called you here" Edward started and they all nodded "did anyone even know Johnny had a brother? Or is this guy a faker?"

"He's ligit boss" Alec spoke his right eye closed due to a recent fight, he had a strong Chicago voice "I've been asking around, apparently the guy is like a ghost I bumped into a bell bottom turns out the brother is a right bimbo no-one would touch him when he was with them this was only when he was 17" he paused to take a drink from his scotch before continuing "he got kicked out for fighting in the end went straight into crime but until now no-one has heard anything from him"

Edward sighed and clicked his neck, he would have to ask Bella for a message later

"So what. He wants revenge for his brother?" Emmett asked

"Guessing so considering he just came out of the wood works" Jasper put his cigar out and leaned forward on the chair, he had hoped he would retire after the last job but with all this going on with Maranzano and now expanding the business Jasper wasn't too sure he would ever be able to go or even if he wanted to go.

"We'll keep an eye on him" Edward said "I want to know where he's staying, his business, friends, bodyguards I want to know what he had for breakfast because I am not going to let my family have another casualty"

They nodded and Edward leaned forward "now to other business, there's a man who I'm going after and I need info, Alec"

"Yes boss"

"His name is Steven Chiffre he has a diamond which I am going to steal"

"I'll get right on it boss"

"Good, everyone dismissed"

They all left apart from Jasper, Emmett and James who stayed with Edward, they watched their friend run his hands over his face

"Ed?" Emmett spoke

"Yes" Edward looked at his friends

"You ok?" James asked

"Not really, when Vito said I would be taking over I was overwhelmed I've yet to talk to Bella about it and this shit with Maranzano the last thing she's going to want to hear is me becoming the Don, her and Elizabeth mean everything to me but do I really want them to live this life? And even if they were to go they would still be in danger I should have never gotten her in this"

"As I recall I knew who you were" a soft female voice came from the door

Edward turned and saw his wife standing there with Elizabeth in her arms Elizabeth started to clap and laugh when she saw her father she wore a little blue dress with a purple headband

"There's my girls" Edward stood and walked over to them he kissed Bella gently on the lips before taking Elizabeth and raising her in the air she squealed in delight and brought her hands to her mouth

"I know this will annoy you but it's better if you see it now"

Bella put the paper on the table and it was a good job he was holding his daughter who was trying to reach his hair


Interview by John M Lee

So Mr. Maranzano what brings you to Chicago?

I've recently lost my brother and wanted to pay my respect, also i've just started a new batch of car businesses here in Chicago it's quite a town.

Sorry to hear about your brother

That's alright

I have to ask this, once the ladies see your picture they would want to know if your single?

Yes I am

Have any molls caught your eye yet?

One but that would be telling all i can say is she's got one hell of a voice

I'd ought to tell you Mr. Maranzano we have a famous theif in Chicago called 'The Diamond Man'

I'm not nervous about that unless this diamond man wants to mess with me i don't intimidate easily

So i see, are you in Chicago for good?

Maybe it depends is anything catches my eye

Or anyone

That as well yes

Ok then so you have a successful car company, your a bacholour, filthy rich what's next for you?

Let's just see how things play out

A pleasure to you Mr. Maranzano and best wished for the future

Thank you

Mr. Maranzano is free ladies there's a new bacholour in town and he told me after the interview he is also opening a club three blocks away from Bella Cullen's joint. Could Bella be the mysterious woman he was referring to? watch out Edward Cullen.

"Why don't I take Lizzie, besides she hasn't had time for her favourite uncle to teach her card tricks" Emmett took Elizabeth from Edward who was not moving he just glared at the paper

"Now Em we know I'm her favourite" Jasper spoke

"Yeah right. Tell them the truth Elizabeth" James followed them out while Elizabeth just continued to giggle; Bella closed the door and stood in front of her husband

"Ed…" she started to say his name but was cut off by his lips, she clinged to his arms as she replied to his kiss he started to undo her dress but she pushed back "They'll hear" she hissed at him

He smirked "Then you'll have to control yourself"

One hour later they were lying on the table with their arms wrapped around each other

"I won't let anything happen to you" he caressed her torso where the mark which Johnny Maranzano left his heart still ached and his anger was still there

"I know but you have to look after yourself as well. I can deal with this" she linked his hand over her scar "but if anything happened to your or Elizabeth I'd die"

He stroked her cheek and hissed her lips "I love you Bella Cullen"

"I love you Edward Cullen" she pecked his lips before getting up ignoring the pout on his face "Later" she spromised.

After making themselves look presentable they walked out of the room hand in hand now realizing Rose, Alice and Victoria were there playing cards

"Well that's one way to calm him down" Victoria said with a smirk

Bella blushed and buried her head on Edward's chest she smacked him hearing him laugh. They walked over to the other table where they saw Emmett's face covered with pen with Elizabeth holding the pen in her hand she saw her parents and dropped the pen over to James he mocked stared at her and Bella groaned

"Great my daughter just let James take the fall"

Edward and everyone chuckled while he said "That's my girl" before Elizabeth started to clap her hands and giggle

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