This piece of writing was done for an English essay last year on Macbeth. The idea was to write a newspaper article on Lady Macbeth just after Duncan's murder, this is rated K, though I should add that it would make best scene if you have read Macbeth

Queen of a Goddess?

Lady Macbeth, wife of Cawdor and Glamis, mother of none? Future queen of Scotland? Today Lady Macbeth "stands trial" for being more despicable and more ambitious than the three headed goddess of witchcraft, Hecate.

Earlier this week we found undeniable proof of Lady Macbeth's malicious intentions to gain power over country and all. A trustworthy porter, who works on the estate, informed us that while hurrying around the estate he heard Lady Macbeth reading Macbeth's letter to herself and in the letter the Master of the estate, Macbeth, mentioned witches and witchcraft, predictions and prophecies and even expressed thoughts of insubordination against the King, (though he did not wish to go as far as murder to achieve this it seemed). Upon completing this letter Lady Macbeth herself contemplated on how they could kill the King so they could reign over all of Scotland. She feared Macbeth was "too full o'the milk human kindness" to kill the king, so she concluded she had to influence and manipulate Macbeth in order take the initiative if he wanted to become king. Unfortunately the porter was unable to give us more information on Lady Macbeth's plans because a messenger ran past and saw him on his way to give Lady Macbeth a message but fortunately we managed to get an exclusive interview with Lady Macbeth's personal maidservant so our investigation did not end there.

It was reported that the Queen of Ambition was heard ranting on how she wished to be "unsexed" and how she wished her "passage of remorse" to be closed so that she felt no guilt in murder or seen as weak because she was a 'women'.

When Macbeth arrived at his castle in Inverness he immediately went to greet his enchanting wife. Lady Macbeth at first appeared congratulatory about Macbeth's promotion and encouraging to Macbeth about killing Duncan, the King, but soon she turned abusive telling Macbeth that he was not a 'true man' because he would not do the dreaded act. Macbeth now being partly convinced (that this was the best course of action) agreed to plot further later in the day, with a word of advice from Lady Macbeth the fair and yet foul couple went off to greet the King who had arrived at the castle to celebrate Macbeth's promotion.

During the course of the evening both Lady Macbeth and her husband seemed to be enjoying themselves but later it was reported by a servant that they were arguing in hushed voices and were both sober and agitated when they retired for the night.

Though it was dark and storming that frightful one of the Kings horsemen claimed to have seen, first a shadowy figure of a woman rushing to and from Duncan's room and soon after that the more pronounced shadow of a man whom looked a lot like Macbeth. All this is still unclear because that night there was a storm of likes that had not been seen of in all of living memory but the horseman still claims that yet again he saw the figure of a women (whom he had now deduced was Lady Macbeth) rushing to the Kings chambers. Soon after these shady events Macduff, Lennox and Macbeth found Duncan dead in his chambers and his chamber men smeared with blood on which Macbeth takes swift revenge on. This tragic event has affected our beautiful country even worse than it should have because the Kings true heirs went missing.

This day is both a day of mourning and renewal for we lost a King but gained a new Monarchy, the Macbeths, of what sort of rulers they shall be only time will tell in our courts of Scotland.