Leo Wyatt sat in the living room, checking his Facebook status. He just got this new Verizon phone and he was addicted to it, he wouldn't put it down. His wife even tried blowing it up, he healed it.

Piper came rushing in and looked at Leo. She held her hands on her stomach and gave him The look. "Leo!" She pointed towards the bulge. "C'mon!"

Leo gasped. "Really?"

"Yes really!" She snapped. "Now hurry up before I give birth on this floor!"

"Okay, okay one second!" He said. He started typing on the phone.

"What are you doing?" Piper asked.

Leo rolled his eyes as if it was obvious. "I'm telling everyone that you're going into labor."

"Can't you tell them later? Your son is about to be born." She stalked towards Leo and pointed at him menacingly.

Leo flinched but otherwise looked at her as if his life depended on it. "I think Chris would want me to tell all of my friends that he was being born."

"What friends?"

"I do have friends Piper, given they are magical, but friends nonetheless. I think they would want to know that my wife is going into labor."

Piper glared and took a deep breath. "I'm leaking on the floor."

Leo glanced at the ground. "Gross! Baby juice. But seriously Piper it will only take a minute. Just let me type on my wall that your going into labor, wait for some responses, I'll reply with a mini freak out and then I'll take you to the hospital."

Piper made a grab for the cell phone when he stopped her. "Wait! I have a reply!"

"Really? What'd they say?"

"'Omg! That's so exciting, what r u going 2 name him/her!' " He mimicked.

"Oooh! Gimme the phone, I wanna say something!" She snatched the phone and started typing.

"Ew, Piper, you got blood on the couch."

Piper looked at the couch. "Gross." She then pressed her finger to a button to continue typing.

I wrote this a while ago, and thought I would post it. Keep in mind, this CAN be continued, in fact, I would be delighted to. But only if I get a good enough response.