Title: Plain Weirdness.

Pairing: G27

Summary: They are two civilized men sharing a room apartment. The only thing Giotto found as weird from his plain roommate was the fact that he disliked mirrors. –AU-

I'm considering a three-shot spin off of 'Welcome to the Asylum!'. This happens if Tsuna didn't experience 'that night one year ago', and Zero never took over and stayed as voice who never told him 'pleasant' things' XD. Here is the first chapter XD

Giotto Vongola was a brilliant young businessman with promising future. At the age of twenty-three, he had control over one of the most prestigious company in the world, the Vongola. He along with his best friends were respected figures in their respective fields of work. And yet, he was humble, and kind.

There was another thing that made all people from business world felt strange. Why would someone like Giotto Vongola, who was blessed by almost everything because of his own intelligence, be living in a simple apartment complex that didn't even belong to the Vongola?

A blond young man named Giotto took a deep breath before entering his own room because he heard noises coming from inside. He had shared this room so this should be normal, but, this is Wednesday night. His roommate knows better to not invite his friends over in a day where Giotto will come home late because of meeting.

Besides, his roommate only had two friends who'd actually come their apartment, so… who was he conversing with?

Giotto opened the door quietly and entered his apartment. Instead of removing his shoes, he remained quiet to listen to his roommate's voice.

"I won't get a mirror. I hate them; I hate them if I'm not in the other side." Giotto narrowed his eyes. That totally didn't make sense, right? "Ugh, partner, stop. I'm going to slap myself if you're being annoying like this." Partner? What partner? How could his cute, innocent, kind-hearted, and super shy roommate brought a partner to their room in the middle of the night?

Suddenly, all mumblings from his roommate stopped, and he ran to the entrance. "A-ah! Welcome back, Giotto-san." He said with a gentle smile across his face. "I still haven't finished making dinner, so you can sit down and turn on the TV if you want to, and I'll call you when the dinner is ready." He said with his usual happy tone before returning to the kitchen.

That boy who wore a plain white apron on top of his jeans and orange t-shirt was the reason why Giotto Vongola never considered moving out of this tiny, yet cozy apartment.

Tsunayoshi Sawada.

He was a quite ordinary student in his first year in university. He attended the prestigious Millefiore University and rented an apartment only three blocks from his university. As Giotto had mentioned, he was kind, and it somehow pissed Giotto off when the boy said that he was attending the Millefiore uni and not Vongola uni.

They first met when Tsunayoshi had rented this room for himself, but the landlady made a mistake and put a new young and hot-headed young man, namely Giotto, into the room that had already been rented.

Two years ago, Giotto was still a short-thinking brat in the age of twenty-one. He refused to live in Vongola mansion with his grandfather and rented a cheap but comfortable apartment in the other side of the town with his own salary he got with his part-time job. That was where he met a certain brunet who was attending his second year of high school in Namimori High.

'A completely charming boy' was what Giotto concluded from their first meeting. He was a little awkward, unbearably clumsy and very shy. That time, Tsunayoshi was struggling with his luggage and he eventually helped him only to realize that the room Tsunayoshi was going back and forth was his own room. A few hours after some awkward misunderstandings, the landlady came and explained what had happened.

Giotto was about to leave and find another room before Tsunayoshi grabbed his sleeve and said with a cute blush. "I don't mind sharing a room with you, Giotto-san. B-b-but... I'll understand if you don't want to share with me." Giotto was touched by this boy's kindness and finally nodded to his offer. He planned to stay until he was made as the Vongola's director. But, these two years he spent with Tsunayoshi had been too fun for him to let go.

Giotto chuckled as he put his briefcase on the sofa. He scratched the back of his head with thoroughly amused expression. Looking back, he was really glad that he got to meet Tsunayoshi.

"Um, Giotto-san, dinner's ready…" Tsunayoshi patted his shoulder meekly. Giotto stood up and patted the boy's hair. "Thank you, Tsunayoshi." The brunet blushed deeply before rushing to the kitchen in a deep shade of red.

Giotto smiled an amused smile and opened his suit and left only the dress-shirt on. He took his time slowly to walk to the kitchen before he heard a sound of something, or someone being slapped. "Partner… I'm hungry. Let me eat in peace?" He can hear the brunet's sigh.

Giotto's eyes narrowed suspiciously. He's been living with Tsunayoshi for two years now, going on to their third. But, he never saw him talk to himself, or slap himself. The blond sighed and decided not to bother with it for now.

"That took you so long, Giotto-san." Tsunayoshi grinned like a mischievous boy. "Yeah, I take pleasures in making you wait." Giotto sat down in front of Tsunayoshi's chair and took the black and golden chopsticks Tsunayoshi bought him for his birthday last year.

"Thank you for the warm meal, Tsunayoshi…"

His intuition was screaming at him that something is approaching, but right now, he just don't want to lose this warmth.


Today was Giotto's day off and the day for Tsunayoshi's part-time job. He'd usually spent the day out and cooked for them on the night. In this civilized life of both men, they shared cooking schedules and chores between themselves and left clothes-washing to the cleaner because they sucked at it. Because Tsunayoshi's schedules were looser than Giotto's, he was in charge in both cooking and chores on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while Giotto got Tuesday and Thursday. On the weekends, they got some helpers to do it for them.

So there he was, chilling around before starting his preparation to make dinner. His BlackBerry Dakota blared the Nightwish's Phantom of the Opera, his current favorite song. He didn't look at the caller ID and just pushed the green button.

"Yes?" He asked pleasantly. "Giotto-san, it's Tsuna." Giotto smiled gently before looking abruptly to the kitchen and rushed to it. "Yeah what's up Tsuna?" Giotto said with slight pant. It made Tsunayoshi chuckled. "I know you haven't started to make the dinner," The blond's cheeks were tingled with pink from embarrassment. "I don't think I-I need one though. I'll be staying over at my friend's tonight."

Giotto's hands stopped moving. "Oh, okay then." He smiled, he wondered what would his face looked like now. His usual poker face? Or a disappointed smile? "A-ah… I'm sorry…" Tsunayoshi apologized. "No, no, it's fine. I'll just call G and order some pizza." He lied smoothly. He won't call G, but he will order pizzas. "O-okay then," Gullible as ever, his roommate was. "See you tomorrow,"

Giotto pushed the red button and gently put his phone on the counter. To think of it, he never cooked until he met Tsunayoshi two years ago. The boy hated fast-food (ironically, he works for one of them) and so they needed to make homemade meals for each other. It wasn't a big problem for the brunet when this rule was first established in their household, but, it was for Giotto.

The Vongola household spoiled him, so he'd never cook before. It was the brunet who skillfully taught him how to cook, even calling his mother to help him teach Giotto. The blond sighed and went to the house-phone to call the pizza deliveryman.

"Hang on…" Giotto furrowed his eyebrows and touched his chin. "Tsunayoshi said 'I'll be staying over at my friend's' he never does that…" He leaned to the wall beside the house-phone. "It was always 'Gokudera's' or Yamamoto's' who exactly is this friend then…?"

The blond shook his head dismissively, thinking that he'd ask Tsunayoshi when he returned later.

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