Title: Plain Weirdness.

Pairing: G27

Summary: They are two civilized men sharing a room apartment. The only thing Giotto found as weird from his plain roommate was the fact that he disliked mirrors. –AU-

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Giotto paced the living room for what seemed to be the umpteenth time. He was too anxious to stay silent, but too tired to actually do something else. Well, who won't think that when he or she hadn't been sleeping, let alone showering for almost two days?

The blond young director had called one of his best friends; Knuckle, to actually check on the boy after his fever didn't seem to go down for two days, almost going to its third.

Knuckle was a very dear friend of his. The muscular man was a legendary boxer who'd won almost every belt and trophy in his time. He accidentally killed his sparring partner in one of his practice section and retreated from the boxing world as redemption. But, Knuckle didn't sit around in his retiring years. The former-boxer actually took a doctor-course and got the PhD. After he got his doctoral license, he actually went and become a priest.

"Ughhhh," A nearly inaudible groan was heard from Giotto's shared bedroom. The blond stopped abruptly and immediately leapt to the room. "What is wrong, Tsunayoshi?" Giotto asked the brunet pleasantly. Tsunayoshi's eyes were glazed and blank from the fever. He looked pale, but very feverish. "Ummmmmwater..." He mumbled to himself as he tried to leave the bed.

Giotto sighed before pushing the brunet back to the bed. "I'll get it for you," He said while putting a blanket back to the boy's body. "Just lay down here and rest until Knuckle gets here." He smiled gently as he patted the pouting brunet who looked obviously displeased from how Giotto treated him like a kid. The blond man stood up and left the room. He took Tsunayoshi's favorite cup and started to boil the water.

Well, it can't be helped. Not spoiling Tsunayoshi when the boy was healthy as a horse was difficult enough, not spoiling sick Tsunayoshi seemed absurd even to the sanest person, it's like ignoring a plea from a very cute kitten.

He chuckled as he opened the door with a glass of water in his hand. But, his amused expression changed into that of shock immediately. He hastily put the water on the bedside table and looked around the room with panic. "Tsunayoshi?" He asked to the empty room.

Giotto calmed down and started to look at the room diligently. He noticed that the bathroom door was left ajar. He sighed in relieve and proceeded to enter the room. "Tsunayo-!" Before he even finished his sentence, the younger brunet vomited to the sink. Giotto immediately rubbed the boy's back to calm him. "Ughh…" Tsunayoshi groaned as he rubbed the tear forming on the corner of his eyes. Giotto turned on the water tap to let the boy's green-colored puke drained on the sink.

"Tsunayoshi, are you okay?" Instead of getting an answer, Giotto got a gasp of surprise and a small shrill shriek from the boy. "What's wrong?" He asked as he looked at the boy worryingly. "P-p-partBLEAAGH!" Tsunayoshi vomited to the sink once more, more loudly this time. His entire body shivered as he grab the sink for the life of him.

Giotto narrowed his eyes before Tsuna shut his eyes. "Told you so," Giotto flinched as he heard a cruel-sounding distorted voice. Tsunayoshi was still shivering as he pointed to the mirror with fear. "P-p-p-partner…" Giotto turned his face immediately.

There was another brunet with the same brown-colored unruly bed hair, and the same face as his roommate. While Tsunayoshi in front of him was grabbing the sink for the life of him, the other Tsunayoshi stood erect with amused expression written all over his face.

"Kssshhi," He grinned maniacally. Giotto was frozen in his current position; he was captured by those pair of breathtaking orange eyes. As azure-eyes met with orange ones, Giotto could feel cold on his spine. It couldn't be that he was scared, right?

"Hey, you." The distorted voice called to him. "He will die, you know? And when he does, he'll only be mine." He said with narrowed eyes before laughing. "I…!" Giotto clicked his tongue, and that was when Tsunayoshi passed out. His reflection was grinning like no tomorrow and disappeared.

"That mirror… it sucks out the life of someone's original personality and left only their shadow."

"Hmmm, you're a genius for making that item, Uni-chan."

"It's nothing, Byakuran."

"Well, Tsu-chan's shadow is very unique. The moment I made him to look at that mirror, he immediately took precaution not to let his original die."

"I thought that's impossible. Isn't it our natural instinct to dominate our body?"

"I don't know~ but it's interesting, no?"

Uni didn't say anything, but stare to her tea silently. Byakuran stood up and wobbled. Before he fell, Uni immediately grabbed his hand. "Byakuran!" She exclaimed loudly. Byakuran fell to the floor, bringing his Princess down with him. "Hmm~ I just fell, no need to get so worried, Uni-chan~"

The young girl shivered as she snuggled to Byakuran's chest, sobbing. "We… don't have much time left…" She said with cracked voice. The white-haired king lay down on the floor with his green-haired princess on top of him, sobbing like no tomorrow on his chest.

Yes, this was another reason why Byakuran loved his princess the most, even though he played with thousands of other girls.

She knew that Byakuran couldn't live any longer. That's why he was so desperate on finding a new ruler for the sake of 'shadows' that lived in HadeS community. Despite being cold, uncaring, and emotionless in other matters, 'shadow' Uni loved Byakuran, that's why she did her best to assist Byakuran in his mission to find the new king.

"I'll stand by you forever…" Uni said as she hugged Byakuran tighter. "Yeah…" Byakuran said airily. He patted Uni's hair lovingly. "Don't show this side of you to anyone else, okay?" He asked while grinning, Uni blushed.

She didn't care how many people she needed to kill for Byakuran. And Tsunayoshi Sawada was not an expectation.

"Giotto!" Knuckle was the first one to arrive in the hospital. Giotto had called him and told him about what happened, excluding the other Tsunayoshi part. "The doctor you put him on is a friend of mine," Knuckle said as he joined Giotto who was sitting on the waiting room. "He said that Tsuna's fever had lasted for a week."

"No way." Giotto said sternly. "He was fine before he went to that Byakuran-kid's house." The blond stared hard to the ground as he replayed what the doctor had said to him about his cute roommate.

"This boy has pneumonia." Giotto almost dropped the phone he was holding. "Come again?" He asked as he looked at the doctor and to Tsuna back and forth. "This boy has pneumonia. You said that he was vomiting, right?" The doctor closed his eyes, looking solemn. "Yes," Giotto answered shortly, completely forgot about the person he was talking to at the telephone.

"And his vomit was green-colored?" The doctor asked again. "Yes." Giotto replied tonelessly. "Did someone in the family have the same sickness before?" The doctor asked again. "I'm not…" Giotto said, where did his voice go? "I'm not his family…" He continued. A weird heart wrenching feeling spread through his body.

"Oh, yes. My brother… his uncle died from the same disease." A woman's voice came from Giotto's phone. "And you are?" The doctor promptly asked to the phone. "She's my roommate's mother." Giotto said shortly. "Oh! My apologies! You two looked like each other. So…"

"I'm going there with my husband as fast as I can. Please take care of our son, doctor!" With that, the phone call was cut off.

As they arrived in front of the ICU, the doctor prevented Giotto from entering. "Please save him, doc." Giotto pleaded. The doctor didn't nod; he only smiled a pained smile to Giotto.

"I will do my best."

That was two hours ago.

He had been waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Knuckle had come, G and Ugetsu were on their way, and Tsunayoshi's parents were on their way here as well. But, Giotto never felt this anxious before. Not even before his official director succession document signing. But… But… but…!

"Giotto-kun!" Came Nana Sawada's shrill voice calling to him. "Nana-san." He said shortly. Iemitsu Sawada only looked at the door with pained expression. Giotto knew what was inside his head. It must be 'What happened to my adorable son?' Giotto almost cried from guilt.

"My son… what happened to my dear Tsu-kun?" Nana asked, tears slowly gushing out from her brown-doe eyes that reminded Giotto of Tsunayoshi. "Nana…" Iemitsu gritted his teeth as he pulled his crying wife to his embrace.

Nana Sawada sobbed in fear and worry. While Iemitsu Sawada looked scared, but tried his best to provide comfort to his beloved wife.

Fifteen minutes after Nana and Iemitsu came, G and Ugetsu also came for Giotto. And for the fact that Tsuna was some sort of their brother. Giotto felt a little bit warmth, but not enough to satiate his anxiety. 'What's going on with me…?'

The door opened slowly. Everyone turned their head to the doctor who was pushing a bed. The patient was covered in white sheet from head to toe. Giotto was the first one to stand and rushed to the doctor's side.

"W-what…? Who…?" He said incoherently, unable to form a full sentence. "I'm really sorry." The doctor patted Giotto's shoulder with pained expression before leaving the waiting room. Giotto was silent. He walked slowly to the bed and slowly opened the sheet. He needed to see it with his own eyes. Maybe this was another patient. Maybe it's not…

When brown-colored unruly bed hair greeted him, Giotto gulped. But, when he saw that closed brown-colored eyes he screamed in desperation. Nana Sawada screamed and cried to her husband's chest. Iemitsu Sawada was comforting his wife with cracked voice and tears gushing out slowly. Knuckle formed a cross and prayed, but he himself was crying silently. Both G and Ugetsu stood there shivering, holding in their tears.

"Tsunayoshi…" Giotto mumbled in the middle of Tsunami of guilt within his head. "I haven't told you that I… love you."

Giotto went back to the apartment while his best friends went back to the office. The Sawada couple decided to let the hospital take care of Tsunayoshi's body before taking it back to their house tomorrow.

Giotto didn't go straight to his apartment. He drowned himself in alcohol before the bartender called Alaude, his personal lawyer and best friend to come and drive him home. Giotto went to the bathroom and stared at the mirror. This was the last place he heard Tsunayoshi talk. He had many arguments about bathroom with his roommate before. It could range to who showers first into how Giotto never threw out the empty shampoo bottles.

"Yo," Giotto flinched as he heard someone's voice. Not just any someone. But that someone he met before Tsunayoshi died. "I'm not him though." Giotto ran outside the bathroom in panic.

He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. Maybe he's becoming mirror-phobic like Tsunayoshi was.

"Until when are you going to stay in this world?" He heard that voice again, this time, it came from the veranda. He gulped before opening the window, and almost got a heart attack when he saw who was sitting on the railings.

"You think you lost him," Orange eyes stared to the moon with a smirk that looked so out of place on that face. "But, he was never yours to begin with." Tsunayoshi Sawada was there, looking at him with unusual orange eyes and maniacal grin. That's impossible.

"You… what do you mean?" Giotto said, sounding as calm as possible. "This is not the real world. This is an alternate reality." Tsunayoshi said while dangling his feet. "What was that about?" He asked dumbly. "He's alive and kicking in the real world…" Tsunayoshi said fondly. "Don't you think that's a reason for you to wake up, Giotto?"

He didn't understand a thing this kid with Tsunayoshi's body was saying, but… "If I… wake up. Will I be able to see Tsunayoshi again?" He asked with sincere curiosity reflected on his eyes. "Yes," The brunet said, but his tone was pissed. "But, in the real world. He's mine and nobody else's," The boy turned his whole body in the opposite direction; he was looking straight at Giotto's azure-colored eyes.

"Wake up, okay? You don't need to keep on dreaming anymore." He said with expecting eyes. "Who… are you…?" Giotto asked with narrowed eyes. "My name is Tsunayoshi Sawada…" The brunet grinned sadistically. "But, you can call me Zero." With that, the boy let go of the railings and fall to the darkness. Giotto's eyes widened, but when he grabbed the railings and saw to the bottom, there was no sign of his supposedly dead roommate.

"Come… Giotto…"

Giotto went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror once more. But, the mirror didn't show the bathroom's reflection or himself, it showed him the dining room. "What on earth…?"

"Let's switch… You want to be in this warm world, yes?"

The blond looked carefully to the mirror and saw Tsunayoshi there, sitting on the table. "Oh c'mon, Giotto-san!" He said with a pout. "I'm hungry already!" Giotto flinched and touched the mirror immediately. "Tsunayoshi!" He shouted.

But, the brunet didn't respond to him. There was another Giotto who entered the room and kissed Tsunayoshi on his cheek. "Giotto-san!" The brunet scolded with a cute blush. The said 'Giotto-san' didn't sit down, but looked at Giotto's azure-colored eyes with his own sunset-colored ones.

"Do you want to switch?"

"I want to… feel his warmth again…" Giotto said desperately as he banged his fist to the mirror.

"Then you can stay in this dream. Let me wake up for you…"

The sunset-colored eyes Giotto pulled Giotto to the mirror before going out himself. "Sayonara, Giotto Vongola!" He said with happiness mixed with malice lacing his distorted voice. But… Giotto didn't care.

"Giotto-san c'mon! I'm hungry!" The brunet said while hugging him from behind. Giotto smiled happily as he hugged the boy in return.

"Sure, and Tsunayoshi, I love you. Thanks for returning to my side."

"E-eh? You're being weird. But… whatever you're saying, Giotto-san."





"Now, now…" A blond-haired man kicked another door that was in front of him. He grinned maniacally as he licked at his own fingers. "Tsunayoshi Sawada… Zero… Where a~re you? GYAHAHAHA!"

That was one year and six months ago…

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