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Emerald watched the young girl walk down the street, weaving in and out of the crowds on the sidewalk. Her eyes narrowed in jealousy as she took in the girls features. Shining blond hair, pulled into pig-tails, that hung down to her slim, tanned legs. Her body was perfect. Not skinny, but neither was she heavy, with clothes that only seemed to accent her figure. But even with all that the most wonderful thing about her was her eyes. Crystal blue orbs that entranced who ever looked into them. On a normal day, they would be bright, reflecting all the happiness she felt, but they were even more beautiful when they were angry. A fire would burn in them and you could almost feel he bite of the flame if you looked into them for too long. Eyes that had captured the heart of her beloved Diamond.

She would never see what Diamond saw in the girl. She was too young, too inexperienced. But Emerald assumed that was what Diamond wanted. A naive little twit he could mold into what ever he wanted. 'Why can't he see that I could be everything he wants?' she silently asked herself. 'Why can't he see that this silly little girl isn't the Queen that he is obsessed with?'

Emerald kept her eyes on the girl while slowly moving towards her. 'Not that it matters much any more,' he thought, a cruel smile forming on her lips. 'That sailor brat wont be around long enough to take my Diamond away from me.' She brushed a strand of green hair our of her eyes, watching as the girl stopped and the corner and before looking both ways began to cross the street. Emerald reached into her purse and pulled out the walkie-talkie. "Now!" she commanded into the speaker.

A large van came screeching around the corner, gaining speed and heading for the young woman crossing the street. A few people screamed for her to move but the van was moving to fast. By the time the girl looked up it was to late, the van smashed directly into her, sending her body flying into the intersection, and then sped away.

People rushed into the street, but the girl was already dead. It had been instant. No pain, no suffering. Emerald watched impassively as a crowd began to form around the fallen girl. Pushing her way through the throng of onlookers, Emerald walked to the body and knelt down and looked at the girls face. Even in death she was beautiful. With a coldness that had never before been witnessed the woman reached down and pulled the heart shaped broach of the girls uniform and tucked it in her pocket and without a backwards glance she walked away from the innocent girl lying dead in the street.


It was springtime in Tokyo and the cherry trees were in full bloom. The air was sweet as a light wind lifted the scent of the blossoms into the air. Rei Hino stood on the porch of the Hikawa Jinja Shrine, a broom in her hand and a smile on her face. Chibi-Usa danced in the yard, her arms outstretched, laughing as the cherry blossoms fell into her hair. Rei had been baby-sitting for Usagi. Her Princess had a date with her Prince and needed to get rid of the little "Spore". Rei laughed to herself as she though of the name that Usagi used for her future daughter. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, Usagi had grown attached to the little girl, as had Rei, and neither if them put anything above her, with the exception of their friendship.

Rei and Usagi, although it appeared otherwise, were the best of friends. The relationship had started out rocky. Rei didn't believe that Usagi had what it took to be the leader and Usagi thought that Rei was stuck-up and rude. But in the end they had worked out their differences and were now inseparable. Rei smiled again, before returning to the task at hand. Although it was the most beautiful time of year, it was also a huge mess. Rei had to sweep the porches daily, cleaning away the defiant blossoms that continually blew from the branches of the tree's in bloom. Rei was about to kneel and sweep her current pile of blossoms into her dust pan when a blood-curdling scream rang though the air.

Acting on instinct, Rei placed a hand on the rail of the porch and vaulted over the side and ran to where Chibi-Usa was playing. The sight that met her eyes was like something out of a nightmare. Chibi-Usa was kneeling on the ground, her hands out in front of her and a look of disbelief on her face. She was fading. Rei could see completely through her. She reached out a hand to pull the young girl towards her but her hand fell through. She was completely intangible. "Rei-San, what's happening to me?" She cried, tears running down her cheeks.

Rei, who was on her knees in front of the young princess, felt a tear slide down her own face. "I don't know." she whispered helplessly, not knowing how to save her best friends daughter. "Pluto would have told us if she was sending you home." Rei reached into the pocket of her pants and pulled out her sailor communicator, but before she could get a transmission through, Chibi-Usa vanished completely, leaving no trace that she had even been there.

Rei stared at the now empty space in front if her for a few seconds before regaining her senses and dialing Usagi's contact number into her communicator. There was no reply, only static, and that only heightened Rei's feeling of dread. Without another thought she raced down the steps and towards the restaurant where Usagi and Mamoru were to be having dinner.


Mamoru sat at he table, breathing heavy and shaking. Something was wrong, he could feel it. His Usako was later than usual and he had just felt the weirdest thing he had ever experienced. It was like his heart had stopped beating altogether, and when it had resumed he felt lost, alone. He hadn't felt that way since the orphanage. He pushed his chair away from the table and left the restaurant in search of his beloved.


"My Lord, I have a gift for you."

Diamond looked up as Emerald entered the room, a haughty smile on her face. he frowned. he wasn't in the mood for her today. He was getting tired of her constant advances and attempts to charm him. Why could she not see that his heart beat only for the Queen of Crystal Tokyo? "What is it?" He asked with a sigh.

Emerald walked to his thrown and knelt before him. Holding out her hand she presented him with the one thing he had always desired. He reached down and grabbed the jewel from her hand. "The Silver Imperium Crystal?" He asked incredulously. Emerald only nodded. "You have brought me my crystal and my Queen." He stated smoothly. "For this you will be greatly rewarded." Diamond brushed a lock of silver hair out of his eyes and headed for the door, eager to see his love again.

"Not quite My Lord."

Diamond stopped in his tracks. Something in her voice frightened him. "What do you mean?" he asked cautiously.

"I have brought you the Crystal, but I'm afraid the Queen is not here." Emerald stood and walked towards Diamond. "She wouldn't give it up without a fight, so I had to take it by force." The Prince's face visibly paled at the coldness in Emerald's voice. "The Queen is no more."

Diamond sank to his knees, tears forming in his eyes. 'So Emerald's jealousy was enough to end my Love's life' He thought miserably, gripping the diamond in his hand so tight that the edges began to slice his skin 'And my grief is enough to end this world.' Without another thought Diamond rose from the ground and walked towards the room where the Dark Crystal was held, never giving Emerald another glance.

Emerald smiled. 'Yes my love, go and mourn her death. I have more scouts to deal with.' With a wave of her fan she was gone.

When Diamond reached the Dark Crystal he closed his eyes. 'Without her I have nothing, my world is over, and so this world shall share the same fate.' He closed his eyes and concentrated on the power of the crystal. He could feel his energy drain. He knew it would take all his life to give the crystal enough power to destroy an entire planet, but what did it matter, he had nothing left to live for. Diamond fell to the ground, the last of his life-energy gone. The crystal began to glow an angry shade of red, pulsating with power. The aura around in grew and grew, until the crystal reached it's limit and shattered with the force of a thousand nuclear bombs.


Minako and Makoto walked through the mall, holding bags in both hands and laughing about the days events. A tall blond boy walked by and Makoto turned and watched him. "He looks just like my old Sempai..." she said dreamily, causing Minako to erupt in a fit of giggles. But her laughter soon faded as she saw the red energy field racing towards them. She grabbed Makoto's arm in fear, but there was no escaping it. In a wave of heat and fire both girls perished.


Ami sat in the park under a cherry blossom tree with a book in her hand and a serene smile on her face. She reached her hand to turn the page when she heard the first screams. Jumping up she saw what everyone else was running from. In an instant her goggles encased her eyes and told her what was coming. Ami lowered her head and stood resolutely while people ran past her. She knew there was no escape and in a flash of light she met the same end as her friends.


Rei felt her friends spirits cry out. She felt intense pain and she dropped to her knees in the middle of the street. Then as quickly as the pain came it was gone, along with the presence of her friends. She was alone, completely alone. Tears fell from her eyes. They were all dead, she could feel it. 'What could be strong enough to kill them?' she silently asked. She didn't have to wait long to find out. Screams of terror reached her ears and she raised her head to see people running in terror. Looking past them she saw the blast that killed her friends. She knew this was the end and she stood defiantly, unwilling to meet her death on her knees. She closed her eyes and prepared for impact when a hand roughly pulled her backwards.

When she opened her tear filled amethyst eyes she was in a black room filled with fog. She turned and looked into the garnet eyes of Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of Time. She jumped to her feet and stumbled towards Pluto. "What happened?" She asked.

Pluto's normally empty eyes were filled with tears. "I didn't see it in time." she cried out, "I couldn't stop it..."

"Couldn't stop what?" Rei asked desperately, gripping Pluto's shoulders and shaking her.

"There's no time!" Pluto said urgently, pulling herself together. Her staff appeared from nowhere and she grasped it and, with a wave of her hand, created a portal. "Go." she said quietly.

Rei looked at her in shock. "What?!" she asked incredulously. "What's going on?"

"There's no time." Pluto said urgently. "If you want to live you'll go now."


Suddenly the ground began to shake and Pluto's eyes widened in fear. Without another thought She grabbed Rei's arm and pulled her towards the portal. "I won't be able to control where you go, you could end up anywhere, the past , a different future or-" A piece of rock fell from the sky, leaving Pluto no choice but to throw Rei into the portal, yelling "If I survive I'll find you!"

Rei reached out a hand to grasp Pluto but was to far gone to grab her. So she fell through the black void for what seemed like hours. Her strength was fading fast and her eyes began to droop closed. 'I guess this is the end...' she thought sadly. But then, without warning she slammed into something. Looking around she saw nothing but black, but suddenly she felt an intense heat on he back. Turning around she looked up and widened her eyes in fear, A giant eye was looking at her, it was lidless and wreathed in flame. It grew, larger and larger until she heard a deep voice " I can see you..." it said. Rei screamed and fell back, all of her strength gone. Her eyes closed and before she blacked out she felt her body dropping.


"Lady...Are you alright?"

Rei heard a soft voice calling her from the black emptiness she was lost in. Summoning all of her strength she tried to open her eyes. She didn't succeed, but it was enough to let the person calling to her that she was alive. "Oh thank goodness." the voice said sounding relieved. Rei tried to open them again, and this time she succeeded, and found herself looking into a pair of dark blue eyes. 'Just like Usagi's.' She thought to herself. She sat up, or at least tried to, and when she fell back she felt the person grab her and lean her against a tree. She looked at the person again and realized that he was a boy who appeared to be her age. He had a messy mop of curly brown hair on his head and blue eyes. He was kneeling in front of her with a worried expression on her face.

Rei looked away from the eyes that reminded her of her best friend and looked around her. There were rolling green hills and large trees reaching to the sky. "Where am I?" She asked quietly.

"Your in the Shire?" He responded quickly.

"The Shire?" Rei repeated. Running the name through her mind trying to place it, but she had never heard of it before. The boy stood and walked to her. It was then that she noticed he looked human but only stood four feet high. It was all to much for her. "Who are you?"

"Frodo. Frodo Baggins."

Frodo? She had never heard a name like that before. Her head was beginning to hurt and her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. With one last glance at the boy in front of her Rei felt her eyes slide closed as she once again fell into the darkness.

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