The Wedding Singer

Written by WickedSong

Disclaimer/Note : I do not own Glee, it is owned by FOX. You could say this is related to my previous oneshots in some respects but if you want to read standalone then do so as well. If there is any reference that isn't explained within the story, I'll tell you the oneshot it pertains to if the idea does belong to one I've already written.

Chapter One

"Are you sure you've sent the flowers to the right address?"

"Yes, Kurt."

"Are you sure you've organised a time to see the caterer?"

"Of course, Kurt."

"Are you even listening to me anymore?"

"Yeah, Kurt."

Kurt Hummel tapped his foot impatiently against the tiled floor of his Lima-home kitchen and looked at her sternly.

"You want me to help organise all this stuff and don't pay attention?" He put his notebook down on the counter and folded his arms over his chest, looking as if he were angry with her.

Mercedes didn't buy it though. She also folded her arms and faced him, with an equally as stern expression. "Boo, you decided you wanted to organise this wedding yourself because you love the romance of it all."

That made Kurt bring his arms down and give his trademark smile. "Well of course I do. It's great you two are getting married. At first I thought it was strange that we all basically married our high school sweethearts, except Quinn and Artie, but at the same time it kind of makes sense."

Mercedes nodded her head in agreement with his statement.

"Anyway," continued Kurt picking up his notebook again, "so the guest list still has to be finalised completely. Obviously you have your families, college friends, the New Directions...Oh, Matt Rutherford called and said he could come. I couldn't find an address for Sam though."

"Sam? Sam who?" she asked, whipping around, hoping that her question would mask the questioning and intensity of her voice.

"Sam Evans. Blonde hair, played guitar, went out with Quinn and Santana, ring any bells?" Kurt questioned, looking at her suspiciously.

She collected herself and plastered on a smile, realising that for a nanosecond her heart had sped up and panic had taken over, thinking that Kurt had unearthed the one thing she had kept secret from him all these years since high school.

"Oh, that Sam, of course," she said, pretending she had just had a slip of memory and now remembered him perfectly.

"Yeah, anyway, I was going to invite him, seeing as he was part of the group but I couldn't find a-"

"Are you sure he'd want to come? He hasn't even made an effort to contact us in eight years, why should we reach out?" Mercedes asked, hoping that the bitterness she felt while she made that statement didn't seep into her tone.

Kurt didn't look at her like she was hiding something again so she figured she had been successful in not letting it affect her words.

"Well, he was caught between a rock and a hard place, wasn't he?" Kurt argued. "He had to leave so quickly, he couldn't even say goodbye to any of us."

Except me, at nine o'clock on that Wednesday night, Mercedes thought but she didn't let her thoughts read on her face, not letting herself remember that heart aching goodbye.

"He didn't come to Finn and Rachel's wedding because of work, flat out refused to come to Mike and Tina's and didn't even send a reply to your wedding," she said, turning to the kitchen table top as she put her stuff into her handbag.
She was meeting Shane to discuss the music for the wedding and while their glee club friends had been more than willing to put on another wedding performance she and Shane had decided to hire a singer or band, meeting some of the possible candidates today.

"So that's a no on Sam then?"

"He'd probably say no anyway. I'm not wasting time on him."

"Are you alright?" Kurt asked and Mercedes realised that the way she said that implied something more under the surface.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she replied, putting her bag on her shoulder. "I have to go now. I'll talk to you tonight at dinner."

She gave Kurt a kiss on the cheek and then left the home he and Blaine stayed in while in Lima, diving their time between their hometown and New York, where Kurt had a fashion label which was beginning to gain some major exposure and Blaine had been gaining some recognition after a series of guest roles on some T.V shows.

As for her, she also lived in New York, but mostly staying there, due to her voice attracting many offers of record deals, offers she was still weighing up. The only reason she and Shane, who played professional football, were back in Lima was due to the approaching wedding which was in a matter of months and was going to be in Lima, due to most of their family being there.

It seemed like all the dreams for the members of glee had came true or least were coming true – showing what their hard work and determination could bring them if they just had enough commitment.

Mercedes stopped off outside Shane' parents home, seeing him just leave and then make his way into the car.

"Ok, so I think I've found the guy we could have to sing at our wedding."

"Oh, who?"

"I can't remember his name but he was singing at my cousin's wedding last month, you know the one you couldn't make because you had that meeting." Mercedes nodded her head and Shane continued with vibrant enthusiam. "So I called him up and he said that he was in Lima anyway, visiting family or friends or someone, and he said he'd meet us this afternoon at the hotel."

"Oh that's great!" Mercedes replied, keeping her eyes trained on the road but still feeling positive about this development in finding someone to provide music at the wedding.

It was possibly the hardest thing to find, strange due to her occupation. She hadn't wanted anything huge, just someone who could sit there and sing some simple songs about love. It wasn't a lot to ask for and it hadn't really been what people expected.

The two then chattered on in excited tones about their upcoming wedding, being together since the end of the summer before senior year and despite a rocky patch during the third year of college, they were still going strong and hopefully would go strong throughout their life together.


It was a scary prospect.

They finally pulled up at the hotel, and got out the car, holding hands as they walked towards the building together.

In the lobby, Mercedes looked around for the singer that Shane had arranged to meet but apparently he wasn't there yet. They stood around for five minutes before the bell above the door tinged to indicate someone coming through. Mercedes didn't turn around right away and before she could he spoke.

"You must be Shane. I never got to meet you at the wedding last month."

Shane shook the man's hand and just as the second man was about to speak, Mercedes turned around and the sight she was greeted with made her throat constrict.

Oh shit, she thought.

Because standing in front of her was Sam Evans.