Hey! This is my first English story. I'm German, just to let you know. So, if there are any big mistakes, tell me.

Disclaimer: Tangled belongs to Disney. The story of this fanfiction belongs to ToothlessMI. She made a gorgeous trailer for a second Tangled movie and I just HAD to ask for permission to write it as a fanfiction. You find the link for the trailer in my profile. Have fun with reading!


Once upon a time, there was a peaceful, joyous Kingdom, and in this kingdom a princess was born with beautiful golden hair. But this was no ordinary hair. No, her hair had the power to heal the sick and injured. It also could make the old ones young again.

The kingdom celebrated the birth of their princess, but the peace only lasted a short time. Soon after her birth, the little princess was kidnapped by a selfish old witch who locked her in a tower deep in the forest and raised her as her own child.

Eighteen years she remained there, completely unaware of her royal origins and her real family, until a thief found her tower. Together, they experienced an adventure that most people could not even imagine in their wildest dreams. Although the thief just wanted to get rid of her in the beginning, they learned a lot about each other and themselves on this journey and after a while, they became a great team. When they reached the city, they had fallen head over heels for each other. But this happiness was short-lived. The thief was framed so that he landed in prison, and the princess, who thought he had left her, returned to her tower.

There, she realized who she really was. But the old witch, of whom she thought was her mother, refused to let her go. When the thief came to rescue his girl, the witch stabbed him and wounded him mortally. The princess pleaded with the witch to be allowed to heal the thief in exchange for her freedom. But the thief loved her too much to let her pay such a high price, and cut her hair. That destroyed the magic of the flower and the witch, who had been kept alive for centuries by the magic of the flower that had given the hair of the princess its power, died. But the thief, whose wound could not be healed now, shared her fate. The princess cried bitter tears. But one of her tears, filled with the lost magic, landed on his cheek and revived him.

Together, the two went back to the kingdom and met the king and the queen, who were overjoyed to have their princess back and to be able to take her in their arms again. The thief was cleared by his actions and was allowed to stay.

Time passed, and the former thief and the princess lived a wonderful, peaceful live in the palace. But that won't remain so, because old enemies seek for the life of the thief and the liberty of the princess.

Both have to give everything to survive this adventure. And a much bigger problem that hits them personally just waits for them. Their enemies threatened their lives; the other problem threatened their love. Both had to be rescued to guarantee them a peaceful, long life together. Will this story have that famous happy end?