Title: Who You Gonna Call?
Author: an-alternate-world
Rating: M+. Plus. Plusplusplus.
Characters/Pairings: Chris/Darren
Word count: 5,283
Summary: Darren needs to learn to move his hips for 'It's Not Unusual'. And there's really only one other person in the Glee cast that knows how to move their hips that well.. RPF.
Warnings/Spoilers: Oh ho. Smut. SMUT. SMUT. Boys against a wall, boys against a table, boys barebacking...yeah. Five thousand words of mostly smut, ahoy!
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Glee, FOX, Ryan Murphy or anything else related to the Glee universe. Nor do I know Chris or Darren and so I hope to God they never see this..


He blinks, sits up a little straighter in his chair. "Darren?"

"Chris! Oh my God, you have to help me! Zach wants me to do this stupid choreography for 'It's Not Unusual' and I'm never going to be able to get it right!" Darren pauses in his rambling for a breath. "Please help me. I'll owe you anything. Anything. Anything. Just help."

Chris shrugs and then realises Darren can't see it. "Sure. Come on over. I was just writing anyway."

"I'm sorry to interrupt you," Darren says immediately.

"Don't worry about it. I'll jot down my points to come back to. See you within the hour?"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Darren says before hanging up.

Chris sighs and rubs a hand across his face. He's way too tired to want to help Darren with chorey and he hopes it's not too difficult because frankly, he just wants to curl up and sleep rather than dance. This was meant to be his day off. Stupid Zach and his stupid dancing and stupid Darren for not being able to co-ordinate his limbs any better than a stupid scarecrow.

He does as he said he was going to do, scribbling down the future direction of his novel on his notebook and marking changes to make on the draft of the chapter in front of him. And far sooner than he had expected, his doorbell is ringing and he stumbles to his feet, wincing a little as he stretches muscles that had been curled up beneath him.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Darren is repeating as he pushes past Chris and starts toeing off his shoes. "I didn't know who else to call and I know it's your day off but I just really needed the help and so I thought I'd take the chance and I wouldn't ordin-"

"Darren, shut up," Chris mutters, pinching the bridge of his nose as he walks towards the kitchen, grabbing a can of Diet Coke and a bottle of water for his curly-haired friend.

"Sorry," Darren ducks his head as he accepts the water and starts drinking from it.

"So what is it exactly you need help with?" Chris questions as he tips some of the dark liquid into his mouth.

"Zach wants me to do hip gyrations," Darren says mournfully, and Chris can't stop himself from choking on his drink. He can't breathe because he's choking and Darren's there, thumping his back and he coughs, wiping his eyes and takes a shuddery deep breath.

"He what?"

"They want Blaine to be all sexual or something," Darren shrugs and Chris tries not to choke on his own saliva. "And God knows I can barely dance up to the Glee standards. Not like you or Heather or Harry."

Chris blushes faintly. "I'm nothing like Heather or Harry."

"You're not that bad either," Darren shrugs.

"Baby penguin, remember?"

"Only when you're Kurt." Darren realises what he's said a fraction of a second too late when he sees Chris freeze. "I mean, like…fuck. I don't know what I mean."

Chris snorts. "Eloquent as always, Criss."

"I try."

There's a brief silence as they each sip their drinks. "So exactly what is it you need my help with then?" Chris repeats. "Moving your hips?"

"Pretty much."

Chris wonders how Darren doesn't seem embarrassed or shy. He's always hid behind Kurtwhen he did Single Ladies on tour and it's mortifying to him to be seen as some sort of sexual person when he feels like a dorky geek. And Darren, who's totally comfortable in doing anything and everything and has no shame at all in asking for help in how to move his hips. He takes a deep breath and exhales slowly.

"I guess you'd best show me what Zach wants," he says finally and Darren's grin would be infectious if Chris wasn't so uncomfortable with the whole idea.

Darren springs from the chair and stops. "Okay, this is awkward. And I don't have the music to rehearse to."

"Hum it?"

"Brilliant suggestion," Darren says with a roll of his eyes. "Never would have thought of that myself."

"Do you want my help or not?"

"Sorry," Darren mutters, mind clearly turning over before he starts humming the tune and stepping around Chris' kitchen. And then he pauses, and Chris sees the flush creeping up his neck, and Darren starts throwing his hips around, and Chris bursts into laughter.

"I'm sorry!" he splutters, hands over his mouth and trying to return to a neutral face.

"So now you see my problem," Darren complains, face definitely red now, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh God," Chris giggles. "Why would Zach decide this was a good idea?"

"Your confidence in me is outstanding."

Chris smiles cheekily and Darren flicks him off. "Charming," Chris rolls his eyes.

"So um…" Darren scratches behind an ear. "Help?"

"I don't even know where to start," Chris mumbles as he moves towards his living room.

"So you're walking away?" Darren says, following him like a lost puppy.

"I need music to help me think," Chris replies, clicking on his sound system and iPod. Music starts circling through the room and Chris slips off his socks. If he's going to do this, he needs to not fall flat on his face on the slippery floorboards. "Okay, come here." He points in front of him and Darren steps closer until he's standing in front of Chris. "Ever gone to a club and dirty danced?"

"Uh…" Darren flushes and Chris is glad the other boy is nervous now. "Yeah. I guess. A bit."

"Right, well, you need to channel that," Chris informs him. "That's how I tried to get into the mindset for Single Ladies. You need to loosen up your hips, throw away your inhibitions, not be so nervous and just…do it."

"This is going to destroy me, isn't it?"

"Be grateful," Chris says. "Zach had to teach me." Darren shudders. "Precisely. Now," Chris reaches out his right hand and lightly presses it against Darren's hip. "Relax. Wiggle it. Let your inner dork go free."

"You're not helping," Darren scowls and Chris forcefully pushes Darren's hip, tilting it to the side so it juts out. "And now I feel like you look when playing Kurt with your hip splayed."

"Stop talking," Chris complains and Darren falls silent as Chris pulls and pushes at his hip, rocking it from side to side. He feels horribly uncomfortable but he knows it'd be worse having Zach touch him like this so he tries to relax. "Loosen up, God Darren."

"I'm sorry!" Darren exclaims. "This is just rather uncomfortable for me."

Chris snatches his hand back as if he's been burned. "Do it yourself then."

He turns to walk away but Darren grabs his wrist. "I didn't mean it like that," Darren frowns, tugging Chris around to stare at him. Chris keeps his eyes lowered. "Chris, I've fucking kissed you. I knew what I was agreeing to when I signed on to this show. I'm not uncomfortable because you're gay," he catches the flex of Chris' jaw, "I'm uncomfortable because I'm not someone who moves my hips like this ordinarily."

Chris' eyes dart to meet his and then he's looking away again.

"Chriiiiiis," Darren whines, stepping close to hold Chris in his arms. He nuzzles his nose into Chris' neck. "I'm not bothered by your sexuality. If you think that's still a problem, you're an idiot."

"You're sure?" Chris whispers near Darren's neck. His arms are limp by his sides and he's suddenly afraid.

"Of course I'm fucking sure," Darren replies. "Now, dance with me!"

It's pretty pointless though. The playlist of Chris' cycles through songs but Darren just doesn't have the ability to loosen up his hips enough. They've had to pause frequently for Darren to suck down water and Chris has draped a towel over the couch for Darren's ridiculous sweating that seems to start if he does anything more strenuous than take five steps in any direction. Three if his legs go in different directions because of his lack of co-ordination.

"Look," Chris says, hands on hips and rocking from side to side. "How is this so hard?"

Darren shrugs as he watches. "I dunno. Maybe Blaine needs to be the baby penguin."

"Oh no, you have the smouldering look down better," Chris acknowledges, sinking into his armchair.

"Why thank you."

"You can't make faces instead of dancing," Chris says as Darren picks up the towel and wipes off his face again. "You know Zach will kill you."

"Can we stop for dinner then?"

"Fine," Chris sighs. "But I'm getting pizza. I don't care enough to cook right now."

"That's cool," Darren shrugs, turning the music off to put the TV on.

"Make yourself at home," Chris says sarcastically as he moves to the kitchen to find a menu.

"Thanks, I will!" Darren calls back, having completely missed the point.

It's while Chris is rooting around for the menu that he has a thought.

"How opposed are you to liquid courage to loosen up?" he says, poking his head around the corner.

"Uh…" Darren blinks up from the cartoon he has on and stares at Chris. "Not very? Although I'd advise against tequila because you need to teach me to dance, not espouse how you're seventh in line to the throne."

Chris glares at him but Darren's already turned back to the gaudy images. He orders two pizzas and stares at the various bottles of alcohol in his cupboard. He pours a shot of tequila and throws it back with a wince, smacking his lips as the liquor burns down his throat before reaching for a bottle of red wine he thinks Darren would probably appreciate.

He finds plates, cutlery and glasses, opening the bottle to let the wine breathe, paces the kitchen as he hears the childish music from his living room. When the doorbell rings again, he can feel the faint effects of the tequila as he finds some money and gives it to the delivery kid.

"Food!" he announces, dropping the boxes onto the kitchen counter. Darren appears almost instantly and is already eating a slice before Chris has even given him a plate. "Honestly, have you no manners?"

Darren opens his mouth and Chris looks away as his stomach turns. He pours a glass of wine each and reaches for his own slice of pizza.

Between bites, Darren asks him about the chapter he's working on and Chris asks him about his album and upcoming trip to New York to film Imogene. Chris feels the warm flush of the red wine creeping into his system and he knows he's smiling more, the colours seem brighter.

"Do you have any tequila?" Darren asks him.

"Of course," Chris says, locating it quickly and handing the bottle and a fresh glass to Darren. He doesn't admit to having had his own shot of it earlier.

Darren takes two shots and then rests his chin on his hands. "Now we wait for that to hit."

It doesn't take long. Darren's smaller than the average male, has already had red wine, and has some Asian blood in him. He ends up giggling while staring at a piece of cheese and Chris is vaguely concerned for the sanity of his friend.

"Shall we give this another go then?" Chris says and Darren nods. "Let me just clean this away then."

It's quick work and Chris shuts off the TV to put the music back on again. He lowers the lights slightly and Darren wobbles towards him. The alcohol has definitely helped with Darren's perpetual unease with the situation but he's still incapable of moving properly.

"Okay, I want to try something different," Chris admits. He turns Darren around and with a little apprehension, places his hands over Darren's hips, pressing his front against Darren's back. "I want you to feel it. I want you to follow my movements. If you're so comfortable with me, then relax and just move."

It's a little awkward at first when Chris moves one way and Darren moves the other, but then Darren adjusts to Chris' rhythm and his ass is grinding against Chris' groin and a flutter in Chris' heart makes him stop abruptly.

"Did I do something wrong?" Darren's voice is faintly slurred as he gathers up the towel to wipe his forehead again.

"I just needed a break," Chris lies. Darren accepts it though and waits patiently until Chris feels he's gotten his thoughts back under control.

"Can I…" Darren puts the towel down. "Can I press against you this time?"

Chris stamps down on his thoughts and swallows roughly, nodding. Darren spins him around. He starts slowly, clearly nervous and unsure, and Chris digs in a little and they find a groove. The beat changes to something heavier and Darren is pushing him roughly. Chris is even panting by the time the song changes again.

"I shouldn't be so turned on right now," Darren breathes as the opening lines start.

"What?" Chris shrieks, pulling away, mind reeling, face burning.

"Shit. Did I say that out loud?

"Very much so," Chris says, falling into his chair and avoiding eye contact.


The silence drags on and on until Darren is on his knees in front of Chris' chair. "Sorry," he says for the third time since he arrived. Chris isn't sure what he's meant to say so he shrugs. "Chris…" Darren's hand slides over Chris' cheek to tilt his head. "I didn't…you…" Darren's forehead creases as he tries to formulate words. "I'm a warm-blooded male with another body pressed against my dick. How am I meant to react?"

Chris knows Darren is right because he had the same reaction. He also knows Darren has had slightly more alcohol than him. It doesn't stop him feeling humiliated.

"It's not a bad thing," Darren continues. "You're a very attractive person and I'd probably be crazy not to have some sort of reaction. And I-"

"Darren, shut up," Chris repeats. "You're a straight male. I'm a male. This isn't going to work."

"Straightness has degrees though, right?" Darren says. "I mean, it's flexible. I'm flexible. You're flexible too. I mean, you can kick over your head and I have no idea how you do that. But clearly it makes you flexible."

"Not the same flexibility," Chris mutters, picking at a fingernail.

Darren whines and Chris relents, looking into the dilated pupils of his friend. "I want to kiss you," Darren says honestly.

Chris can't help the fact that his eyes widen or that he splutters nonsense.

And then Darren is there, his warm lips covering Chris', firm and sure and when his tongue slides over Chris' mouth, Chris can't help the gasp which Darren takes advantage of. His tongue is wet and smooth and sweeping over Chris' teeth and tongue and it tickles a little and when Darren pulls back and kisses Chris briefly, Chris realises his eyes have been closed and they fly open. Darren is breathing heavily and he's biting his swollen lower lip nervously.

"I don't want to apologise for that," Darren whispers.

"Then don't." He hears the crack in his voice, hears how husky it is, shuts his mouth with a snap.

"What should I do then?" His fingers are barely touching Chris' shoulders and a shiver slips down his spine. He's not sure what he wants, not sure what he should want, and knows he shouldn't want whatever Darren is thinking. His eyes flicker to Darren's lips and linger for a moment, and he's barely aware that he licks his lips until Darren's tongue is on his as he pushes their mouths together. A hand slides over his neck, fingers coiling into his hair, tugging lightly and his mouth falls open like Darren found the magic switch to unlock his jaw. And somewhere in Chris' mind, he's aware that even if Darren can't move his hips very well, he can certainly move his mouth and tongue. He's suddenly hyper aware of the fact his hands aren't doing anything and he finds the curls at the nape of Darren's hair and Darren hums, his mouth becoming more insistent.

Chris breaks away abruptly, turning his head even as Darren's fingers tighten. "Darren, we can't."

"Why the fucking hell not?"

"Because I'm male and you're straight."

Darren steps away and Chris' hair falls from Darren's hair with a slap as it hits him.

"The fuck should that matter?" Darren snaps, his hands clenching and unclenching. "I told you you're attractive! I'm turned on by you grinding against me!"

"And I'm still male!" Chris shouts, clambering to his feet.

"And I'm still wanting to kiss you!" Darren yells back.

Chris can't really come up with a response to that. His head is still fuzzy from the alcohol and honestly, what's he meant to say?

"I don't know what I'm meant to say!" he admits, his anger deflating.

"Then say nothing and let me keep kissing you."

He stands, arms at his side, eyes wide, totally unable to form words. Darren takes that as an invitation, hands firm on Chris' waist as their mouths meet again. He's rougher now that they're standing and he can hold onto Chris' hips. The kisses grow messier and filthier and Darren drapes Chris' arms over his shoulders when he notices that they're dangling uselessly.

"Just how far is this going to go?" Chris gasps between kisses.

"How far do you want it to go?" Darren replies, his heart vibrating in his chest.

"You mean…?"

"If you want," Darren mumbles, his mouth moving to decorate Chris' jaw in feather-light kisses and mouthing at the junction of jaw and ear and Chris can't help the moan than erupts because it's always been a sensitive place for him. "Please…" Darren's voice ghosts over the shell of his ear and he feels goosebumps prickle his skin as he shudders. He knows he has to say no, knows he needs to say no…but he can't. He can't because he kind of really wants this far more than he would care to admit.

Clearly Darren is of the opinion that when Chris doesn't respond, it's not a no. Chris isn't sure how he feels about that, because he hasn't exactly given his consent, but he'd certainly not be crying rape. Is Darren like this with everyone or just him?

"You're thinking too much," Darren hums as he slowly steps backwards, pulling Chris with him. "I can see it in your face and the fact you're silent."

"If I said no, you'd stop, right?"

Darren stops and is several steps away ridiculously quickly. His hands are up and open, unthreatening, his face flushed. "Sorry. I'll go. I didn't mean…I'm sorry. We'll just pretend it never happened."

He's already moving towards the kitchen before Chris' mouth spits out the words his brain is screaming. "I never said no," he admonishes and it's enough because Darren stops and turns. "I just wanted to check." He follows after Darren, his fingers crawling over the back of Darren's shirt. "Besides, I'm pretty sure you aren't sober enough to drive right now."

"So that's a…?"

Chris crashes their mouths back together and pushes Darren against the wall he'd peered around before. Darren grunts and shoves Chris away, his fingers splaying beside Chris' head on the wall as he jams their hips together. They each make throaty groans and Darren's fingers slide down Chris' thigh, pulling it up to tuck over his hip. The change in position grinds their erections together and Chris' head smacks into the wall as he throws it back, breathing hard. His fingers tug at Darren's shirt and the other boy, no, man Chris reminds himself, raises his arms and allows the tee to be pulled off. He scrapes his blunt nails over Darren's back as Darren ruts against him. His mouth finds Chris' neck as he nibbles gently and the noises Chris is making aren't human, he's sure of it.

"Fuck you feel amazing," Darren's voice drifts over him and then Darren is pulling him away to take off his shirt.

"You aren't bothered by it?" he says when they're erections brush again.

"Does it feel like I do?" Darren says, eyes narrow, pressing his hard dick into Chris' thigh.


"Then shut up," Darren orders as he directs Chris away from the wall and…

"The table?" he squeaks as his thighs touch the glass.

"Shut up," Darren groans, pushing him over it and Chris really, really wants to complain but then Darren is kissing him hard and his hand is running over Chris' erection and fuck, he can't stop his hips from flying into the hand and Darren laughs, the prick. He almost decides to punish Darren and make him stop but then Darren is pulling off his pants and it's blessed, blessed relief because the restrictive clothing isn't scratchy and painful anymore and Darren's hand is warm but rough from all his piano and stringed instrument-playing and "Fuuuuuck" he groans before he can stop himself.

Darren's hand splays over Chris' pale, sweaty chest before he shucks off his pants and their erections touch properly for the first time. "Jesus," he moans, clutching at Chris' hip and sliding back and forth.

"Fuck fuck fuck," Chris mutters repeatedly, eyes shut and breathing so hard he's barely breathing.

"I don't…" Darren pauses, suddenly realises what's happening.

"Please don't stop now," Chris is nearly sobbing and God that's embarrassing.

"No!" Darren bends over to kiss him hard. "No, not that. I don't know what to…y'know, do."

Chris breaks into giggles and pries Darren's hand from his waist. He looks into Darren's eyes, maintains eye contact as he opens his mouth and licks at several of Darren's fingers.

"Nngh…" Darren makes some sort of nonsensical noise as Chris closes his eyes, licks and touches and sucks on the fingers. Darren's other hand is suddenly on Chris' dick and he nearly bites down in shock.

He slowly removes them, still licking and tasting. "I guess you can imagine the rest?"

Darren's eyes are wide but he nods jerkily. "You're sure?"

"Do it," he breathes, and Darren doesn't hesitate to be told twice. He strokes a finger across Chris ass and when Chris whines, presses inside slowly, slowly, slowly. The breath in his throat catches at the intrusion and the automatic response is to push back and reject it but he knows he wants this, he knows it's okay, so he tries to calm his breathing and relax, and when his eyes open to meet Darren's, he nods and it continues. And it's slow, achingly slow, and gentle, and almost loving, but Chris doesn't want to think about that too much so he claws at the cool glass of his kitchen table and knows he will never be able to eat off it again after this. Not with a straight face.

"M-more," he pants, and Darren's there with a second finger and it hurts, it burns, but it doesn't take long before it's feeling good, so fucking good, and he's begging for more and Darren is giving it to him and fucking Christ Darren has good fingers.

And then he pauses again. "I don't have a condom," he says suddenly.

"Whoops," Chris pants, because he really doesn't care. At the look on Darren's face, he rolls his eyes. "There are some upstairs beside my bed."

"I don't want to move," Darren complains.

"Kinda hoping you would," Chris says, eyebrow raised.

Darren snorts and curls his fingers. "Are you okay with it then?"

"I'm clean."

"Same," Darren mutters, removing his fingers from Chris' ass. Chris nearly sobs until Darren spits into his hand and attempts to coat his dick. "This isn't going to be pretty."

"I don't give a fuck anymore what it is," Chris says tightly as Darren presses his very firm, very-much-wider-than-fingers dick against him and starts easing in.

If Chris had thought Darren was slow with his fingers, it's nothing to this. He's aware of how his face contorts and even the slightest twitch of a muscle and Darren stops, checks that he's okay, waits, waits, receives the okay, moves again. He's so gentle it makes Chris want to cry but he's not sure if it's because of the care or the need anymore because he's so needy, he's so desperate.

"You're so fucking tight," Darren says, inching in a bit further. Chris has given up on speaking. There are noises but they aren't words. Maybe he could communicate with a baby right now for all the sense he's making. "Okay, okay," Darren says, and he peeks open an eye to realise Darren is fully inside of him and God... "So beautiful, so beautiful," Darren whispers reverently, his fingers gliding through the sweat on Chris' chest and belly and Chris can't help the shivers and random muscle clenches that Darren's hand causes.

"You need to move," he spits out when he has regained the ability to form a semi-coherent sentence and Darren does so, dragging back and pushing in slowly but surely, and Chris can feel the muscles trying to hold Darren there and then opening up again and he doesn't want to have this end embarrassingly quickly but it just feels so fucking amazing.

And as Darren thrusts into him steadily, Chris tries to keep his eyes open as he watches the sweat beading on Darren's forehead, his face creasing and relaxing. And then dark honey-hazel eyes meet his and it's like the world stops for a moment.

"See?" Chris whispers, blinking rapidly as Darren presses in again and biting down hard on his lip. "You can move your hips right."

It takes Darren a second, he's clearly caught up in a different world, and then he snorts. "Shut up," he mumbles, bending down awkwardly to kiss Chris and silence him and oh, that change in angle, oh. Darren had felt it too and his thrusts become faster but shallower, his hand wrapping around Chris' dick. He can feel the heat in his lower back and it spreads to his belly, like a spring that gets spun tighter and tighter in on itself.

"N-no, too f-fast," Chris puffs, biting his lip hard. He's so close, so close, and he doesn't want to unravel just yet.

"Don't," Darren says, snapping his hips again and kissing Chris roughly. "Come. Come."

He twists his wrist and Chris doesn't want to but he can't control some reactions, and his cry is swallowed by Darren's mouth as he jerks into Darren's hand, feels the wetness seep between them, feels his ass clenching around Darren's own dick, and Darren's kissing him and there's a tongue in his mouth and God it's filthy and then Darren is grunting hard and loud and stops with a breathy gasp, before his body breaks into a trembling mess and Chris can feel himself being filled and it's kind of disgusting and hot at the same time.

"God, God," Darren groans, sliding out messily and slipping to the floor. Chris tries to sit up but he's still quivering and it sort of hurts to put too much pressure on his ass so he thinks he'll just lay here for a few moments.

"You okay?" he wheezes, still trying to catch his breath.

"Yeah," Darren says. "Fuck yeah. Just can't stand any longer."

Chris snorts and they fall into silence. Until Chris starts giggling.

"The hell are you laughing at?"

"I have to get a new kitchen table."

"'s'wrong with that one?"

"I can never eat off it again."

A pause. "I'll take it back to my place then. We'll swap."

It only intensifies his giggles and then Darren's chuckling too before they calm and fall back into quiet.

"Okay, this is gross," Chris says finally.


"I don't want to move though."


"But we have to."




"Prick." He slides awkwardly off the table, steps around Darren's nude body which is starfished across his floor and walks into the kitchen. He hopes there aren't any prying neighbours as he cleans himself off with a tea-towel that he knows he'll have to dispose of because he'll never be able to look at the fabric that is decorated in kittens and puppies again without laughing either.

He's unsteady as he walks back to Darren and he kicks him lightly. "C'mon."

"Where we goin'?" Darren slurs, eyes closed.

"Oh great, you're a post-orgasm sleeper," Chris shakes his head. "Bed. Upstairs. Come on."

"Too far."

"Up. Now." He pauses. "Or I tickle your feet."

And Darren's moving quite quickly for someone who was nearly asleep, thank you very much. Chris shuts off the music and lights and follows Darren up the stairs. He pulls on a clean pair of boxer briefs and throws some sweatpants at Darren who smiles nervously.

"What's wrong?" Chris asks as he tugs on his pyjama pants.

"You don't mind me sleeping here, do you?"

"After that little display?"

"I'm not little!" Darren pouts, crossing his arms over his chest.

"No, you're not," Chris laughs, kissing him deeply. "My point was that no, I don't mind you sleeping here."

"Yay!" Darren squeals, flinging himself onto Chris' bed. "You have such a wonderfully soft bed and your pillows are so squishy and yet they're lovely and firm and I jus-"

"How on earth do you know what my bed and pillows feel like?" Chris wonders.

"I…" Darren pauses, looks guilty. "I may have come in here once, by er…accident, when looking for a bathroom."

"Accident, huh?"

"Yeah…" Darren's eyes dart around the room. "Hey, are you gonna get in too or what?"

Rolling his eyes, Chris crawls up the bed and under the blankets. And then Darren's there, wrapping his arms around Chris securely and pressing his face into Chris' shoulder. "Yay," he mumbles, suddenly sleepy and slurry again, and Chris wonders if there's something seriously wrong with the speed at which Darren oscillated between insane energy and sleep.

But the breath on the back of his neck and the arms around him and the mental exhaustion from writing and the physical exhaustion of trying to get Darren to use his hips better and then sex on his kitchen table leaves Chris falling asleep pretty damn quickly himself.

A/N: Originally they were going to go for a second round in the bed but I think my own brain is short-circuited because I've been typing this up for like, seven hours because I had to keep stopping and breathing myself. So I'll leave it there. I'm not even sure I could get another chapter out. I feel like it's sufficiently filthy enough as it is and it just needs to be left alone, walked away from, and I need to move back to my other projects...

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