Title: Who You Gonna Call?
Author: an-alternate-world
Rating: M+. Plus. Plusplusplus.
Characters/Pairings: Chris/Darren
Word count: 3,021
Summary: Darren needs to learn to move his hips for 'It's Not Unusual'. And there's really only one other person in the Glee cast that knows how to move their hips that well.. RPF.
Warnings/Spoilers: No more than the usual.
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Glee, FOX, Ryan Murphy or anything else related to the Glee universe. Nor do I know Chris or Darren and so I hope to God they never see this..

Chris was, quite frankly, fuming at Darren for the hickey he left on the lower right of his neck, almost on his collarbone. It meant he had to be constantly adjusting his shirt prior to going on Conan, terrified that he'd have a mark that the fans would see and it would be on national damn television, and then the stupid Glee 300 media thing was almost a disaster. He was well-aware that his shirt dipped too low at the collar, and tried to cross his legs so he wasn't sitting so hard on his ass, which was still fucking aching from Darren a few days ago. He knew that was the point, and occasionally Darren would catch his eye and stifle a smirk behind a hand he rubbed over his mouth, focusing on the questions thrown at him and answering with more poise than usual.


Between takes of the Troubletones' mash-up number, Darren leaned in to ask about Halloween costumes.

"I've already made mine," Chris said shortly, his eyes staying glued to Naya and Heather on the stage getting instructions from Zach.

"I know, but I need help with mine," Darren whined, leaning his head on Chris' shoulder and batting his eyelashes.

"Well, since you seem to like acting like a child so much, why not dress up as one?"

Darren pulled back with a frown. "Ouch."

"There's a heap of them," Chris waved vaguely at Harry, Kevin and Dianna, "planning to go as various Rugrats characters. You should join them."

"I don't want to be part of a massive Halloween group thing. It means I have to take photos with them all night or my costume won't make sense."

"It's Halloween. Costumes aren't meant to make sense," Chris huffed.

"That's true. You went as LA last year. That would have to be right up there with random costume ideas."

Chris reached over and pinched Darren's arm. "I've organised my costume. I've had to figure out Max's. You can do your own."

"Max? You've been helping Max?"


Darren swallowed and crossed his arms over his stomach. "No."

Chris snorted and fell silent as the girls reset for another take. They wrapped mid-afternoon when Naya started feeling sick and Ryan and Tate told Chris and Darren to be ready to film 'Perfect' in the morning.

"Do you want to go back to mine and rehearse?" Darren asked.

"Or 'rehearse'?" Chris asked, wiggling his fingers.

"Joey will be there," Darren pointed out.

"Since when would that stop you?"

"True," Darren nodded, reaching for Chris' hand and tickling his palm. "So will I see you there?"

Chris kissed his cheek quickly before they exited the studios to their trailers to change and leave, ignoring where paparazzi lurked at the gates. Darren's car was already gone by the time Chris was back into his jeans and t-shirt so leaving and heading in the same direction didn't arouse any untoward suspicion.

Joey was watching afternoon TV when Chris followed Darren inside, smiling and waving.

"You knew I'd be here, right?" he teased as he took a sip of his orange juice.

"Yes," Darren scowled. "We thought we'd rehearse here before shooting tomorrow."

"Ooooh, what are you shooting?" Joey said.

"Perfect, by Pink," Chris informed him as he sat on the armchair.

Darren shoved him over a little and scooted in beneath Chris, cuddling him into his lap.

"How cute," Joey cooed. Chris felt his face flush as Darren's fingers rubbed the back of his neck gently, soothing him until he was squishing sideways on the armchair and Darren's lap, dozing with soft snores.

Joey glanced back, a smile tugging at his lips. "You're happy, right?"

Darren blinked his gaze from the TV to Joey, his hand pausing for a moment in pressing soft circles into Chris' shoulders. "Yeah," he said quietly with a smile. "He does."

Joey nodded and stretched out along the couch.

"You don't mind, do you?" Darren asked, gesturing to Chris in his lap.

"Nah man," Joey grinned. "It's funny seeing you all domestic and shit."

Darren rolled his eyes and raised a finger at Joey, who raised one back. They turned back to watching whatever mindless program was on the TV

"I just want you happy, Dare," Joey said when an ad break started, tilting his head at Darren. "It's easy to get lost out here in the crazy world of Hollywood and fast lives and little sleep. If he makes you happy, that's all I really care about."

Darren's fingers brushed through Chris' hair lightly. "He definitely makes me happy," Darren assured.

"Good," Joey said. "I'm starved. Pizza? Chinese?"

"Well, Chris would prefer Chinese but I'd prefer pizza."

"And I have the casting vote! Yes!" Joey crowed, grabbing his phone from the coffee table and dialling for pizza.

Chris woke to the smell of pizza and with Darren's assistance, sleepily ate his way through three slices. Darren's fond smile as he stroked Chris' hair made Joey roll his eyes on numerous occasions, but mostly he was just happy that Darren was happy.

"Are you going to go back to your place?" Darren asked Chris quietly as Joey cleared away the empty boxes and used plates.

"Wan' sleep…sta'in' 'ere…" Chris mumbled, shutting his eyes again.

"Noooo, no no no, at least let me help you move to my bed, okay?" Darren shook him back awake. Chris grumbled as Darren shifted him until he was standing, shuffling blindly as he clung to Darren's arm and was manhandled down the corridor to Darren's bedroom. He wasn't even sure where the exhaustion had come from. It was just nice to sleep.

He watched drowsily as Darren helped him out of his jeans and switched his t-shirt for one of Darren's that was so oversized it would have qualified as a clown costume if Darren was wearing it, before Darren eased him under the covers and he snuffled the pillows that smelled of Darren.

"G'night," Darren murmured, brushing the hair off Chris' forehead.


Darren smiled as Chris fell back asleep and returned to watching a few more hours of TV with Joey, his middle finger getting a fair bit of use with Joey giving him lovesick expressions.

Chris woke up the next morning feeling horribly disorientated but completely refreshed. He rubbed his eyes and looked around, his momentary panic that he'd slept in a stranger's bed passing when he noticed Darren curled up beside him, his mouth open slightly and a small puddle of drool forming on the pillow. He bit down on his lip as the giggles started building up, but the shaking of the bed from his laughter inevitably woke Darren anyway.

"Go 'way…no early 'nough to be 'wake…" he complained, wriggling closer to Chris until his face was pressed into Chris' chest.

Chris snorted and stroked his fingers through Darren's hair until the alarm went off half an hour later and Darren started growling death threats.

Chris showered first while Darren woke up further, stealing one of Darren's shirts that could pass for his own. It was decided Chris would drive because he was more awake, Darren still bleary eyed behind his sunglasses and nursing a travel mug of coffee.

They knew something was up the moment they drove into the lot and noticed everyone standing around in a huddle by Cory and Lea's trailer.

"Morning," Chris said, Darren trailing behind him and tripping over an untied shoelace with a muffled curse. "What's the problem?"

"Naya's sick with a stomach bug," Lea explained, glancing at Ryan. "So we're figuring out whether to reschedule shoots and do them today, or cancel for the day."

"Oh God, cancel," Darren spoke up, resting his head on Chris' shoulder. Ryan raised an eyebrow and Chris nervously shrugged Darren's head off. "We never get some time off. I don't know what other scenes might be done but I don't think anyone's really read and prepared their scenes for other days for today."

"That seems to be consensus," Ryan agreed, looking around at the rest of the cast.

"It could be a spa day," Dianna mused, and Lea squealed excitedly at the suggestion.

"Fine! Shoo! Go have a day off or something!" Ryan announced, waving his hands.

"Going back to sleep now," Darren muttered, moving back to Chris' car and curling up in the front seat.

"Is he alright?" Amber asked, covering her laughter as Darren's head thunked against the window of Chris' car.

"I got plenty of sleep last night but I think he stayed up late with Joey," Chris shrugged.

"How would you know?" Mark asked, arms across his chest and grinning.

"I did manage to get some things out of him when I picked him up because he was too tired to drive," Chris explained easily.

"Yeah…sure," Mark hummed. "Go take lover boy home then to get some, what do they call it? 'Sleep'?"

"You're a jerk," Chris laughed and shoved Mark lightly. "See you tomorrow guys."

There were various bids of goodbye as he crossed the lot and climbed back into his car.



"Back to your place then?"


Chris snorted and went back the way he'd just travelled, returning to Darren's place and shaking Darren's arm.

"C'mon, we're here."

"Sleeeeep," Darren protested.

Chris rolled his eyes and aided Darren out of the car and back to his bed. "There. Sleep. I'll be at my home if you want me."

Darren mumbled something and clutched a pillow to his chest, his breathing evening out.

"Sleep monster," Chris whispered, letting himself out and heading home.

"Y'know, the idea of me going back to sleep was so that you could cuddle me," Darren said over the phone.

"And hello to you too. Feeling better?" Chris replied, taking his glasses off and pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Much. But you still left," Darren repeated.

"I decided to get some work done and I had nothing at your place I could feasibly do."

Darren huffed. "Whatever. I'm coming over. I hope you can put the work to one side when I get there."

"I'm sure I can manage that." Chris looked at the stacks of paper scattered over the coffee table. "In fact, I think I'd be glad to do that."

"That's what I like to hear. Be there in fifteen."

He hung up abruptly and Chris yelped, scrambling to his feet to clean up some of the mess he'd made in his working frenzy of the past few hours.

Darren arrived on time – which was sort of unheard of but probably because he'd called while on the move – and immediately kissed Chris until his back was against the wall beside his front door.

"Hi," Chris breathed, his cheeks pinking when he noticed how dark Darren's were.

"Hi. Can I use my day off to have sex now?"

Chris burst into laughter as he shut the front door and left Darren to take his shoes off. "What a proposition. I think I'll have to think about that," he called as he started up the stairs to his bedroom.

"Don't think too hard. You might trip over," Darren teased, bounding up the stairs after him.

"No, that's only when I'm actually concentrating on not falling over."

"Of course, of course."

Darren's hands pressed into Chris' hips as their mouths met, some weird combination of tender and urgent as they backed towards the bed. Darren dropped his small bag by the door as Chris scooted up the mattress, before his fingers wound into Darren's hair as they kissed again and again.

Gradually, shirts were removed and jeans tugged off and Chris was whimpering by the time he was naked and writhing against his sheets. Darren sucked the tip of his erection hard until his lips spread wide again and sank down, his thumb digging into the swollen vein on the side.

"I…Dare, please," he groaned, his hips arching as much as Darren's arm across his stomach allowed. Darren's eyes flickered up, dark and sparkling, and Chris struggled to maintain eye-contact as Darren bobbed his head and sucked and swallowed. The heat in his lower belly built until he was panting and clawing at his chest and Darren's hair, his desperate moans increasingly loud until the coil snapped and he came with a shriek, his hips jerking him deep into Darren's throat.

When he'd swallowed everything and Chris started whining from oversensitivity, Darren crawled over Chris' body and kissed along his neck, under his jaw, over his collarbone.

"You're so beautiful," Darren whispered, his hand brushing the sweaty locks of hair off Chris' face and his thumb curving over Chris' eyebrow.

Chris smiled lazily, his cheeks flushed and damp with sweat. "You're not bad yourself."

"Not like you. Never like you." His lips closed over Chris' collarbone and sucked until a fresh red mark stood out on the pale skin, shiny with saliva.

"Make-up hate you, you know."

"Make-up doesn't know it's me."

"Everyone knows it's you," Chris pointed out, shivering at the soft kisses Darren was trailing over his neck.

Darren shrugged. "Oh well." He pressed their lips together as he stretched over Chris' body, achingly hard still but loving the happy sighs Chris elicited as he spread kisses along Chris' upper torso.

"You trust me, right?" Darren asked suddenly, his mapping of Chris' body by his mouth pausing.

"Of course I do," Chris assured, fingers slipping over any part of Darren's skin he could reach.

"I want…to try something," Darren said, the tip of his tongue circling around Chris' nipple and making Chris gasp and twitch with desire.


"Yeah," Darren echoed. "Blindfold?"

"Beside table."

Darren retrieved the silky fabric and the bottle of lube, wrapping the blindfold around Chris' eyes and checking that it completely covered his vision. He hopped off the bed quickly, retrieving what he wanted from the little bag he'd brought over and then was back before Chris started whingeing too much.

Now the anxiety started.

He breathed slowly, squeezing a small amount of lube into his palm and gently stroking Chris' half-hard erection until it was flushed and dark again and Chris was making soft pleas.

"Patience," Darren cooed, inching Chris' legs apart. Chris got the message, obediently spreading his legs wider until Darren's fingers slid over his entrance.

"Dare," Chris whined, raising his hips up and encouraging Darren to press his first finger inside. A moan fell from his lips, his head digging in to the pillow under his head, his desperation rising as Darren took his time, his fingers crooking and rubbing Chris' prostate until he was nearly sobbing with need.

"Okay, okay," Darren hushed, removing his fingers as Chris sobbed with the loss. The weight on the bed shifted and Chris flinched away before Darren's hand ran down his thigh.

"Darren, what is-"

"Shhh," Darren breathed, inching the toy in until only the splayed end was left. "So good. You're so good."

Chris wiggled a little, groaning as he adjusted to whatever the thing was that was cooler than Darren and a little thinner, but also a few inches longer. "Dare?"

Darren shook himself out of being transfixed by the clenching of Chris' muscles, the way his stomach quivered and his cock leaked against his stomach. He crawled back onto Chris' body, sitting against Chris' stomach and feeling Chris' erection against his perineum.

"You're so amazing," Darren mumbled again, leaning down to cover Chris' mouth as his hand reached behind to position Chris, his hips rising just enough until he breathed out at the feeling of being breached.

"Oh God." Chris trembled, his fingers tight on Darren's waist. "You…you…"

"Yeah," Darren panted, rolling his hips and shuddering. "Fuck, you feel amazing."

Chris was barely coherent, unsure whether to rock upwards or grind down into the mattress with the toy inside him. His decision was made immensely easier, and also short-circuited his brain, when Darren apparently pressed something that made the toy start vibrating.

"Shit, shit, shit," he keened, back arching and his nails creating crescents in Darren's skin. "Oh fuck, fuck, Darren…"

Darren chuckled slightly as Chris unconsciously started thrusting up as well as sliding back, working himself into Darren and onto the toy and babbling curse words interspersed with Darren's name.

He played with the settings, turning it up until Chris was nearly screaming and then abruptly shutting it off, changing it constantly as he found his own rhythm of canting his hips. Eventually he left the vibrator on a low buzz that was barely enough but still a total overstimulation for Chris, who was begging to come as Darren increased his pace. Chris tore off the blindfold hurriedly, his hand wrapping around Darren's cock and pumping haphazardly as he struggled with all the sensations.

"Chris, fuck, shit," Darren swore, faltering and driving forward and back and struggling for air as Chris turned redder and redder with the need to release just so he could breathe again.

"D-Dare…" Chris wheezed, his nails scraping down Darren's thigh as he finally came apart, a scream ripping from his throat as stars exploded behind his eyes. Something in Chris' face was all it took for Darren to come, spilling messily over Chris' hand and stomach and absolutely neither of them caring as their hips continued to move and the aftershocks thudded through them.

Chris gurgled a complaint that made Darren climb off, gently removing the vibrator and then collapsing onto the bed in an exhausted heap.

Neither spoke until their breathing regulated and their hearts stopped pounding and nerves stopped sparking with pleasure. Darren wasn't even sure he was able to speak.

"Holy fuck…" Chris exclaimed when thoughts started to mesh together into words. Before he even properly considered what he was doing, he started giggling, rolling onto Darren's back and plastering the dried, sticky come on his stomach between them.

"Gross," Darren grumbled, but made no effort to move. He was thoroughly fucked out.

"Clean up later. Rest now," Chris mumbled, nuzzling the back of Darren's neck.

Darren hummed in agreement and both drifted off rapidly into an exhausted post-coital sleep.

A/N: Few things I wanted to clear up. Firstly, the filming of Perfect in I Kissed A Girl was delayed by a day because Naya was sick and so filming was called off (although what everone did on their day off is, as usual, open to interpretation). Second, the implication of Chris going 'You...you...' was that Darren had already prepped himself, just in case that wasn't made clear.


Now the not so fun part.

I head back to Uni as of tomorrow, since it's now after midnight (excuse me while I explode into sobs because where did three and a half months go). This chapter has been giving me hell for weeks and it was only because I suddenly found the words while I was in the shower (I really don't know what it is about me and my shower sparking all my writing thought processes) that led to me being able to finish this off. I want to make one thing very clear. I am not not not abandoning this story, but it hasn't been flowing quite as easily recently so I've been working on other things and letting this muse fester until it finally took over (like tonight). [You can see what else I've been writing like the Anderberry sequel and Marking and various other little bits and pieces so it's not like I've been not working on other things]

But. (There's always a but, isn't there?) One of my units this semester is another Creative Writing class and I'm already preparing for that to eat into my writing and/or muse time (unfortunately I'm not sure submitting one of these chapters would work for an assignment...pity. Why can't my tutor be a Klaine fanfiction author? I'd get full marks, right?). So, while I am not not not abandoning this, my writing time and therefore updates will be sporadic at best. Who knows, I may have a chapter for this out in a week, or it may be another month before I can figure out what I want to say next, I really can't say. But I hope you can understand and bear with me, and maybe take a peek at some of the other stuff I've been doing (Marking also has some kinky sex going on, although it's Klaine. Still, don't be too perturbed by the animal aspect to it, I promise they're still humans having sex!)

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