Title: Byakuran's Temper Tantrum

Summary: All Shoichi wanted was something to drink to go with his pancakes. Having orange juice for breakfast was the biggest mistake of his life! Little did he know it was actually the start of...something...:3

Rated T (just in case), some language courtesy of an angry Byakuran, a little yaoi and shonen-ai, nothing graphic

ByakuranXShoichi, 10051

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Byakuran's Temepr Tantrum

It all started with Byakuran's temper tantrum. Most people's relationships don't start out this way…mines did. Looking back on it now, I wonder why the hell I agreed to do this. At least I know he has faults. If only I knew some of his good qualities, except that he's cute,…..OH MY GOD I did NOT just think that. Surprisingly, it all started on, what we can call, a normal Millifiore day.

I was heading down the hall to see if I could obtain the pancakes that I have smelled since 5 in the morning. Who was making pancakes that early I have no clue. When I arrived at the location of the pancake smell, I saw Spanner digging into a plate of pancakes smothered in strawberries and strawberry syrup. Who could stand that much strawberriness in one meal was beyond me.

"Would you like some pancakes with those strawberries?" I asked sarcastically.

Spanner turned his attention away from his breakfast and stared at me like I had grown a second head.

"No, I believe that I have enough pancakes to accommodate my strawberries and strawberry syrup." he replied in his slightly emotionless voice, while resuming eating his strawberry laden mess.

I've known Spanner for quite a while, so I should've known he would reply to a rhetorical question. But really, it's too early in the morning to deal with Spanner and his strawberries. Sighing, I turned away from and let Spanner enjoy his strawberry mess. I grabbed myself some pancake, making sure to stay away from the strawberries and strawberry-flavored syrup that was on the counter. Instead I coated my pancakes with the traditional maple syrup and butter. Setting my plate down across from Spanner, I headed toward the fridge. Opening the fridge, I stared at its contents. A gallon of expired milk, some random condiments, and on the bottom shelf was a green bubbling liquid which I knew had to be one of Daisy's 'experiments'. I was starting to lose my appitiete just by looking at it, so I looked away and started to look for something drinkable, let alone edible. We really needed to send the Cerevello out shopping and we need to keep Daisy away from the fridge. In the midst of my search I found the perfect thing to accompany my pancakes. Right in front of me was a container of freshly squeezed orange juice and there was just enough for one more glass. Taking the container, I poured myself the remaining orange juice and threw the container away. My breakfast ensemble complete, I sat down and started on my pancakes, while Spanner was halfway done with his. We were able to eat in peace for a little while, discussing random things once in a while, when about 5 minutes later a groggy looking Byakuran came in. He still looked half asleep and his white hair was sticking out more than usual. His pajamas, consisting of a light blue and white shirt with overly long sleeves and a pair of light blue pants with marshmallows covering it, were wrinkled from sleep. He actually looked really cute just out of bed and his lavender eyes just waking up. I stopped eating for a second, rethinking my current thoughts. How could I think that about my own boss, it's better that I ever thought it. Byakuran still looked only half there so I decided to see if I could help him.

"Byakuran~san, would you like some pancakes to eat? We could top them with your favorite marshmallows." I asked hoping to get his brain to start functioning.

He glanced over at me, his eyes showing confusion as he tried to remember who I was.

"Ah,, no thankyou Sho~chan. I jus' wan som juice." Byakuran mumbled, his words slurred with sleep.

He began shuffling towards the fridge, still rubbing his eyes and trying to wake up. I swear my heart stopped when he said the word 'juice'. I hope he didn't mean the orange juice that was in that purple container. Otherwise I knew I was as good as dead. I started to slowly push my half drank juice toward Spanner. Spanner suddenly looked up and gave me a small glare.

"You are not getting me involved in this Shoichi." he whispered, or more like hissed, at me.

Not 2 seconds after he said that did I hear Byakuran whimper, "Where's my juice?" I gave Spanner a pleading look, but all that traitor did was stand up and shake his head slowly. I looked at him in disbelief and disgust since he had strawberry syrup covering his white night shirt. You would think that at the age of 24 you wouldn't need to wear a bib anymore. He started to head to the door when he suddenly stopped dead. Hope began to fill me as he turned back around and started to head back towards me. My hope was shattered when all he did was retrieve his strawberry mess and growled, "You're not getting my strawberries involved either." before stalking out the room.

I couldn't believe it, my supposed 'friend' chose his strawberries over my LIFE! I knew Spanner liked strawberries, but I didn't know it was THAT serious. While I was wallowing in my own self-pity and plotting Spanner's downfall, I suddenly felt an ominous aura behind me. Slowly turning in my chair, I saw Byakuran standing over me and smiling. It wasn't his usual child-like smile, it was a smile so sickingly sweet that it would make Kikyo turn the other way and run.

"Sho~chan," he said in such a sweet voice it sent shivers down my spine, "might you happen to know what happened to my orange juice?"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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