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The Aftereffects

After calming my heart down enough, so that I wouldn't go into cardiac arrest, I finished cleaning up the kitchen. Bluebell helped me cleanup, which I was completely grateful for, and then suggested that I go and clean myself up. Looking down at myself I realized I really was a mess. My favorite Blood & Pepper nightshirt was sticky with syrup and butter and my red pajama pants weren't any better. The night I actually manage to change into my Pjs, before I knock out somewhere on the floor, and they become completely ruined. That would teach me to change into my Pjs again. I sighed, for what seemed like the millionth time, and ran my fingers through my already messy hair. I glanced at the stove clock and mentally groaned. It was only 7 in the morning and I already looked a mess and felt like I've been battling the Vongola guardians. Sighing, again, I headed to my room and my bathroom, being careful not to ruin any of the paperwork or computers that littered my floor. Glancing at the mirror and seeing my frazzled self stare back, I knew that it was going to be one of those days.

~1 week later~

It's been a week, one long strenuous week, and nothing has happened out of our abnormally normal schedule. I haven't seen or heard from Byakuran since that morning and it's really trying on my sanity. I would find myself thinking at random times of the day, that at any time he would just pop up ready to murder or mutilate my body. I am finally back on speaking grounds with Spanner after I forgave him, and stole his stash of strawberry lollipops. He had withdrawal symptoms for 2 days before I helped him make some more. I usually spend my days with him trying to help upgrade his King Mosca's programming, while also keeping an eye on the Vongola. Kikyo is getting better, although he still wears bandages around his ribs, chest, and eye, but at least he is walking on his own now. Whenever I see him I try and ask if he is alright, but I just receive glares like it's MY fault his precious Byakuran injured him!...even though it sorta was. Zakuro and Daisy didn't have any noticeable injuries, but Daisy keeps giving me strange and creepy looks.

'Note to self: Stay even FARTHER away from Daisy!'

Although I feel guilty and sorry about what happened to Byakuran, I didn't think I was crazy! Right now I am standing, in front, of Byakuran's room. Why in this messed up world was I even here! Oh Right, because of Spanner's persuasion, Bluebell's demand, and Kikyo's glares. I know that I needed to apologize, but it's only been a week. Who's to say that he is calm enough to not rip my head off its shoulders? I've never seen Byakuran get so angry, and over something so small, so I really didn't know how to approach this. Staring at the door my cowardice began to take over. He hasn't realized that I'm out here, so I could come back later when I think that he is calmer. Satisfied, I started to turn around and head back to my safe sanctuary, but I suddenly heard a soft voice come from behind me.

"Come in…Sho~chan." Byakuran whispered in a quiet voice that did not suit his child-like personality. At least he went back to using his nickname for me that has to be a good sign. Gathering up what little courage I possessed, I opened the door to Byakuran's room and crept inside making sure to leave the door opened for a quick escape. After adjusting to the lack of light, I froze in awe at the sight before me. Right in front of me towered a large pile of marshmallows enough to feed hundreds of little kids for weeks. The longer I gazed at the pile; I started to make out the shape of a castle. I stared at the marshmallow castle for a little while before I began searching for Byakuran. His room wasn't that big, so it didn't take me long to realize that Byakuran was nowhere in sight. I walked up to the front of the marshmallow castle and recognized something that I didn't before. Looking at the bottom right of the castle was located a hole that I didn't see before. Crouching down, I peeked inside the hole and saw the shadowed figure of Byakuran. He was crouched down, hugging his knees to his chest, and poking at something that looked like a ….mushroom?...or a very big marshmallow.

"Byakuran~san…." I called out softly.

Byakuran stopped poking at the…object….and turned to glance at me. He gave me a small glare and turned back to poking his weird object before grumbling,

"Hmm…Sho~chan is back. Has Sho~chan come to take my marshmallows next?"

Feeling my guilt grow I replied,

"No, Byakuran~san! I actually came to give you a little present."

He looked at me suspiciously and curiously before asking,

"You did? What did Sho~chan bring me?"

Byakuran was looking genuinely interested in what I brought him. I decided to use his curiosity to my advantage and lure him out of his marshmallow thing.

"Jaa, I think you would have to come out to see your present properly." I said as sweetly as I could. I stood up silently and took a couple of steps back from the opening.

I immediately heard movement and a couple of seconds later I saw Byakuran's head pop out of the opening. He looked over at me and crawled the rest of the way out of the marshemallowy hole. Standing to his full height, about a head taller than me (grumble, grumble), he made his way over to me. Byakuran hadn't changed much since that morning, other than his personality. Of course it HAS only been one week, so he shouldn't have changed much at all. His white, spikey hair was a little messier and he wore his Millifiore jacket open, revealing a white undershirt underneath. He looked fairly sexy, but I'm not supposed to be thinking those weird things about my OWN boss. He stood in front of me and demanded for his present again. His eyes didn't show as much childish joy as I was used to, and it made me worry. I quickly revealed his present from behind my back and held it out to him. His eyes immediately lit up and he grabbed the mini carton of orange juice from my hands.

"It's an individual carton or orange juice. I had the Cerevello get a lot of them, so you don't have to worry about someone taking the last of your orange juice." I explained quickly as Byakuran was busy getting the straw into the hole. He quietly sipped don the orange juice, o look of pure happiness on his face. I started to fidget as he continued to sip his juice in quiet. It was weird not to hear him rambling on about something he thought was interesting. I decided to break the silence with the question that has been bothering me for the last week.

"….um…Byakuran~san." I stuttered uncontrollably. He stopped sipping his juice and glanced at me.

"Yes, Sho~chan?" he answered, his voice back to its original child-like tone.

"I-I was won-ndering if….if you we-ere st-ttill mad at me-e…" I managed to ask with some difficulty.

He stared at me for a few seconds and before a big, cute smile spread across his face. He walked closer to me and bent down slightly to look me straight in the face. I froze when he grabbed my chin and made me look directly at him. He leaned in closer and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.


MY FIRST KISS IS BEING TAKEN BY Byakuran!...and it actually feels nice…WAIT..NO! I did NOT just think that. Byakuran pulled back and smiled his cutest smile at me. My face started to blush red so much that my face began to rival the color of my hair,

"By-yak-kur-ran~sa-an…" I gasped out,

"Hehe! :3 Sho~chan is so cute!" Byakuran chuckled and straightened to his full height, letting my chin go.

"I could never stay mad at my dear Sho~chan!" he exclaimed happily and left through the open door, most likely to go find another carton of orange juice. I stood there, blushing like crazy, with my hand over my mouth. I could still feel the tingling of Byakuran's lips on mine. This feeling that I'm having is really strange and weird, but it also feels nice and warm. Putting aside the strange feeling for now, I now know one thing for certain.

NEVER get involved in one of Byakuran's temper tantrums.

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