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Gibbs ran for the stairs, not wanting to wait for elevator to arrive. Pain was now ever-present in his side now, but nothing was going to stop him reaching his destination.

What he wasn't expecting was Abby to burst through the doors at the top of the stairs.

'Abby' he called, catching the Goth by the arms, forcing her to look at him. She was clearly in shock but after a few moments recognition dawned.

'Gibbs' she yelled still shaking badly as she launching herself into his arms. 'Help him Gibbs, you have to help him. He saved me Gibbs.'

Gibbs was still recovering from having an unexpected arm full of crying Abby when he realised what she was saying.

'Where is he Abs?'

'In my lab, please hurry.'

Unaware of the delay in is rescue that was happening above him, Tony looked around for any advantage he could find. He spotted his fallen weapon only feet away and wondered if he could get it before Fallon decided to fire, thinking it would be worth getting shot if he had time to return the favour.

To protect his friends, his family, it would be worth it…

He almost laughed, knowing Gibbs would kill him for even thinking of it, but he was left with no alternative so he lunged forward desperately grasping for the gun, but the weapon remained frustratingly just beyond his reach.

'Tut tut tut' Fallon said bringing his own weapon into view. He moved slowly forwards towards his prey. 'We don't want you spoiling the party again Agent DiNozzo, why don't we remove temptation?' He was now only inches away as he kick the gun across room. 'That's better' he said calmly taking a step back.

'You just keep turning up like a bad penny, don't you Agent DiNozzo?' The snarky smile slowly faded as Fallon realised something, if DiNozzo was here that meant he Nephew wasn't.

The sudden shock was replaced by rage, no longer interested in removing the evidence against him, knowing his chance to get away with his crimes was long gone, his sole focus became revenge.

Tony saw the change, but was helpless to act. He couldn't speak, he could barely move and the gun pointing in his direction left him no room for manoeuvre

'Where is Pete? What did you do to my Nephew? You killed him didn't you? You bastard…you killed my boy….he was worth ten of you….'

When the shot came it was not unexpected but the force pushed Tony into the ground and the fire in his shoulder let him know where he was hit. It looked like Fallon wanted to take his time, because at this range he couldn't have missed a kill shot.

Tony could hear the slow footfalls advancing in his direction as he shut his eyes in pain. He tried to lift himself but his body finally said no. All he could do was try to curl on his side and hope for rescue.

'You killed him…you'll pay for that…you'll beg me to kill you….'

Tony tried to scream as Fallon's kicked him flat and pressed his foot down heavily on his most recent wound, but no sound escaped his damaged throat. He could feel the blood pooling under him as he struggled futilely to escape.

'You killed him...' Fallon continued to rant as he watched the injured agent thrash below him.

'No he didn't. I did.' Watson yelled as he ran into the room. After finding Tony's colleagues safe and well, Watson had left them with the guard and took off after his new friend.

'You' Fallon all but scoffed as he spat the word at the young cop.

'Drop your weapon.'

'No, you drop yours.' Fallon replied pointing his gun directly at DiNozzo's head. There was a split second of indecision in the young man's eyes and Fallon pounced. Swinging his gun around, he fired sending a shocked Watson back into the wall. He slowly slid to the floor, eyes closing as blood seeped through his clothing. Wasting no more time with the officer, whom he believed incapable of the act he claimed to have committed, Fallon turned back to the wide-eyed agent who was now struggling to breath, and he levelled his gun once more.

'Looks like we're running out of time, what a shame.' He said now aiming at Tony's knee with the clear intension of causing more pain to the injured man.

Before he could fire, voices became audible outside the lab doors. Knowing it was now or never, Fallon repositioned his weapon to point directly at Tony's head and prepared to fire

Ducky was more incensed than Palmer had ever seen him.

After finding out Abby was in danger, and Tony had gone after her alone, Ducky had insisted they should go and help.

Unfortunately security officer Hillman refused to allow Ducky entry to the lab, but more than that, he was refusing very vocally.

No matter what the ME tried he couldn't get the man to be quiet, and move out of the way.

'I was handling a weapon when you were still in diapers young man, you will either help my friend or you will get out of my way.' Ducky's voice was low, but it sent shivers down Jimmy's spine.

'I'm sorry sir.' was the reply in full voice causing Ducky to move even closer to the man ready to use force if necessary, but any further action was halted when the door to the stairwell burst open.

Jerry hadn't made a sound during the altercation between the two men. Not wanting to draw Fallon's attention to his failure to deal with DiNozzo, and was hoping therefore to avoid a bullet between his eyes. A fate he felt was now inevitable for the NCIS Agent.

Tony just looked on in resignation as the gun was aimed at his head. Although he knew he should be scared he found himself oddly calm because he knew (with certainty) that whatever happened, this man would pay the ultimate price for his crimes, Gibbs would see to that.

It was just at that moment the man himself strode through the door.

The sight that greeted Gibbs shook him to the core. The cop he had met earlier was slumped against the wall, blood blossoming across his chest. Another man, who appeared to be Jerry Long, was cuffed to the workbench and seemed desperate to disappear behind it and his SFA was lying broken at the feet of the corrupt police Captain, who was now clearly intent on finish him off.

'Drop it.' Gibbs said leaving no room for argument. Fallon knew firing at Tony would be signing his own death warrant, so he took the only option available and fired at the ex-marine.

Tony saw the move taking place before even the great Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He had seen Fallon in action before and knew what this man was thinking. With almighty effort Tony reached forward he wrapped his hand around Fallon's ankle and pulled, causing the shooter to lose his balance.

The shot intended for his boss went harmlessly wide. Gibbs on the other hand did not miss.

All his training allowed him to track the falling man, his bullet finding its precise target. What he hadn't anticipated was the trajectory of the falling body. Fallon spun as the bullet hit and somehow managed to land directly upon DiNozzo.

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