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You Taught Me Obsession

When Edward Cullen, aged thirty, goes to be the new teacher at Forks High School he sees eighteen year-old student Isabella Swan and becomes immediately obsessed with her every move. After months of stalking her in the shadows he finally confesses his dark love to her only for Bella to be horrified by what she hears, but Edward won't accept no for an answer. Will Bella escape Edward at graduation or be bound to him forever?

Chapter Three

I felt proud, somewhat strong as I had her in my presence. The intensity I felt whilst I was around her was immense and my ever beating heart continued to pound hard against my chest with every breath I took.

The less dominant side of me, albeit a very tiny part of my ever growing personalities, did not know how to approach her. All of my instincts were telling me to throw her down on the desk and take her but this small side of me was urging me not to. That small part of me was screaming to be silent about my new found love, to take it with her step by step, to make our first time a romantic encounter in the comfort of our new home. I never thought that I would, but I listened to this side.

All would be ruined if we were found out and for the sake of our relationship, to make it easier on the both of us, all must be kept undiscovered. I gazed at her and a small smile flittered across my face as she rummaged through her bag, her hair hanging in soft tendrils over her face. I became impatient as her yes didn't flitter up to mine and I tapped my foot impatiently and glanced round the class to notice that eighty percent of my students were staring at me, wondering if I would ever start the lesson.

I snapped into my role and whipped around to the board pinned on the wall; hating not being able to see my nameless beauty's face. I scrawled Mr Cullen in big letters on the board, and began my announcement to the class. 'My name,' I said with a flick on the interactive pen underneath my name 'is Mr Cullen. You all, apparently, have some type of hidden ability in English which other people in your years do not and I am here to teach you and bring you to the best of your ability,' I said flicking my line of sight to my nameless beauty to see if she was impressed by my speech but she seemed somewhat disinterested as she scribbled some things down in a notebook. This angered me. She should listen to me at all times. I remained silent and glared at my beloved as the class went silent and swivelled round to face her. The dark guy next to her nudged her in the ribs and I held in a growl at this. It seemed to get her attention though as her eyes snapped up to meet mine.

'Sorry,' Her beautiful voice muttered as she placed down the pen and my insides melted; she had the most beautiful voice and was obedient too! How did I ever get to be so lucky I asked myself?

'Don't worry, just don't let it happen again,' I smouldered, sending her a soft smile which made her eyes bat and caused her to nibble on her lower lip. I turned away and smirked internally, loving the way we could send each other messages with our eyes.

The lesson passed quickly, much to my distaste. I rarely had a chance to talk to my sweet girl because it seemed that many of the other female students were constantly vying for my attention which I despised but had to politely shake off. I couldn't start yelling at them to piss off and leave me alone in the middle of class and reveal my love for my sweet girl.

As the class as well as my Isabella departed for the rest of the day I felt at a loss and did not know what to do. I was shocked that she didn't stay after class to talk to me and that she slipped out of the room before I could hold her back with an excuse to see if she understood the work. I paced back and forth after locking my door and thought about my situation. She must like me somewhat I was sure but did she obtain the same amount of love for me that I felt for her?

The few times that I had flicked through my sisters relationship magazines for a lack of boredom or to mock her one thing always cropped up; they might not feel the same way about you...

My love for her had been instantaneous and irreversible but perhaps, my meeker side whispered, it was not the same for her. After all, if it had been then she would've stayed with me afterwards and not simpered down the hall with the lanky brown haired boy which I had learnt went by the name of Jacob Black. As much as I wanted to curl up and cry at the fact that my love may not want me in the same way that I wanted her, I wouldn't let myself. I couldn't show weakness. Not anymore.

Take things slowly, romance her... My sensitive side hissed.

Just take her; she will love you someday so why prolong it? It wouldn't be seen as stealing because she is ultimately yours, even if the world doesn't know it yet... Dominant Edward crooned.

These two sides of me were having an internal battle inside my head when I decided to take both of their advice.

I would be gentle, worship her, make her toes curl and her insides melt. I would entice her with my sweet words, with my voice as slick as honey. She would desire me and want me and see me as her one, her only. Never will she put another before me... However, if all fails, then she will be mine for the taking. I will snatch her from the world she knows and I would make her love me.

Four weeks. That is the goal I have set in my head. If in four weeks plan A fails, then plan B will saunter in.

Four weeks.

30 days.

720 hours.

43,200 minutes.

2592000 seconds.

This was the time I had to make her fall in love with me.

And if by the first of October at eleven a.m. she was not in love with me then I will be required to acquire her.

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