YEY FIRST! Hahaha… here's a small fic about Yozora that I hope you'd like. If you're reading the manga only then I warn you… This fic contains SPOILERS… so I apologize in advance to the peeps who had no idea, or didn't want to know… Anyway… Im writing this in an attempt to understand how… Yozora became Yozora… demon bitch extraordinaire! R n R please :D

PS – I don't own shit. Some of the things here are based on the lightnovels and summaries from seanver (which for some reason, I can no longer find D:). This chap is pure fanfic, but Sora wearing a dress and not meeting with Taka did happen. Again, SPOILERS!

She stood in front of the mirror, staring awkwardly at the stranger in front of her.

She wore a plain white spaghetti strap blouse, a sky blue skirt with a little ruffle at the edges, pink sandals and a small red hairpin.

She looked adorable, cute, pretty. A dozen other compliments could come to mind, but not one gave her comfort.

She shrewdly studied her reflection, looking for any sign of imperfection. Was her hair too short? Does she look pale? Do her knees look too skinny?

She frowned, giving herself her best look of disapproval. She wasn't vain, far from it; she was just making sure she looked okay. That's all.

She was being silly - stupid really - worrying about what to wear, how she looked. It wasn't like her. What was so bad about wearing plain cargo shorts and T-shirts? What's wrong with wearing baseball caps?

She stood still for another minute, her thoughts flying. She sighed, shook her head, and decided to head towards her bed.

She threw herself face first on her pillow, muffling her groans of frustration.

Appearance, clothes, looks; none of it really mattered to her before. It wasn't that she took no care in her clothes; she just didn't pay that much attention. She always preferred wearing clothes that were easy to move in, clothes that felt comfortable to her. For some reason, skirts and blouses were not on that list.

So why was she wearing them now?

Because it would make him notice. Because it would make him ask. Because it would help her send her message across.

She didn't mean to deceive him, it wasn't really her intention. But one thing had led to another, and it became difficult for her to admit to him the truth.

He thought her a boy, and she had done nothing to correct him.

She grabbed her pillow and started punching it violently, trying to vent out.

"Taka you idiot!"

She didn't think it was really that important to be honest with him. They enjoyed each other's company, they played together, hung out together, talked, they were friends, and her gender wouldn't change that… shouldn't change that...

But then he had made her heart skip, he had made her smile, made her laugh. He had made her feel important, wanted…

Now she wanted him to know everything, she wanted to hang out with him more, to play with him more, but this time, as her true self.

She was scared though. What if he started hating her? What if he didn't like girls? What if he found them annoying?

I'll treasure Sora as much as 100 people, even if the entire world becomes your enemy, ill still stay your friend.

He'd told her that, and she believed him. But he said that while thinking she was a boy. Would it change once he found out she was a girl?

She took her blanket and hid under the covers. She raised her knees and wrapped her arms around them.

She took a peek at her watch; it was almost time for her to go to the park. But she couldn't go. She wasn't ready; she needed time to prepare herself. Yes, she needed time. Maybe tomorrow she would go, maybe tomorrow…

She sat there, waiting for the time to pass, a voice inside her head taunting her.

Coward... Coward... Coward…