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Hearts of Fire and Notes of Glass

At the earth's core, there lies a pyre

Of countless droves of hearts of fire

These flaming souls, man's true desire,

Spur them to reach ever higher

Hoping that someday, somehow

They'll gain worldwide fame, renown

But beyond glory, their secret hides

In a prison of glass, true love resides

But they can't bear to break the shell

Its fragile beauty binds them well

So they spin their love into a spell

Of music, a simple story to tell

Of a love that's strange to the minds of the mass

Of a garden; a vision alights on the grass

Of hearts of fire and notes of glass.

Will she ever notice me?

Will she ever realize the glances I give her when she's around?

Will she ever see that everything I do, every song I sing, is dedicated to her and her alone?

Will she ever realize that Song2You wasn't just a love song to some random HA student in that huge crowd, but a song to her?

Will she ever figure out that I wrote Tell Me That You Love Me while I was thinking of her?

Am I just another guy-friend she has? Someone who helps her out whenever she's in trouble?

Am I completely invisible?

It's starting to look that way, yeah.

I'm so sick of being just friends with the most beautiful girl I've ever met. It drives me insane.

From the moment she walked down those stairs as I was rehearsing with her screech box of a sister, I knew I'd fallen hard. And there was no way to get up.

She's special, she's amazing, she's beautiful and talented. She's every guy's dream. And what reason does that give her to pick me over any of them?

During our re-audition, I felt more sparks fly between us than ever before. Was it just my imagination?

I hope not, 'cause if so, then I'm insane. That takes the phrase madly in love to a whole new level.

I'm the one who's always willing to help her out with anything that comes along. I'm the one who gave up seeing my 97-year-old great-grandpa on his birthday to help her write a song that she needed. And I'm the one who recognizes the beauty she's got behind that perfect face.

I'm the one who's going after her.

And I'm not stopping until Tori Vega is mine.

Harris out!


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Love and Music