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Chapter 17

The crowd is murmuring in surprise and confusion, faculty manning the festival hurrying around frantically as they try to locate the silver fox hijacking the festival. Those of the group that know Gin immediately glare at Shiro, the tiger covering his face as he shirks behind Grimmjow to hide.

"I'm gonna kill that stupid fucker," he murmurs.

"What is he up to?" Ichigo wonders.

"He don' tell me nothin'," the tiger hisses. "But he's gonna be beggin' fer mercy when I get my hands on him!"

The screen flickers and Gin's smiling face pops up on it, the sly fox waving to the crowds. Shiro groans in irritation, his stomach suddenly nauseous in his growing anxiety. He just knows his mate will be the end of him.

"Good afternoon, Shinigami!" Gin states from the screen. "As usual, yer festival is wrought wit slave trade an' discrimination. Don' worry, I understand yer all stupid I won' hold it against ya."

"Oh my god, he's so dead," Shiro whines.

"Don' try an' find me, ya won'. Only one person can find me an' if ya touch him I'll kill ya. Anyway! I'd like ta give ya all a treat! It just so happens that I used ta be the pet a Aizen! I been the sly little fox fer a long while now, so I decided ta create a little show fer ya all! Watch carefully, yer about ta see some disturbin' shit! Oh yeah… ya might wanna hide the cubs fer this. Enjoy! Be there soon, Shiro! I just gotta make a couple stops 'fore I head back!"

Shiro's face lights up crimson as everyone starts looking for the one Gin mentioned, their eyes eventually landing on the panicking tiger. The white tiger is torn between a panic attack and a massacre, his baby brother wrapping him in his arms as Grimmjow curls around them both with a warning hiss for the crowd.

"I'm gonna kill him," Shiro mumbles frantically. "He's so dead. I'm gonna tear him limb from limb. He'll beg fer mercy 'fore I end him…"

"I think Gin broke my brother," Ichigo remarks quietly as his ear twitches.

"Nah, he'll get over it," Grimmjow waves off.

The crowd murmurs and starts to step closer, but the scream of a woman startles them all. They avert their attention to the screen, gasping in shock as they start herding children into buildings. On the screen, a small raven haired feline is screaming as Aizen whips her. She's tiny, petite, and young… just a kitten.

"I told you to wash the dishes," Aizen sneers with a manic look in his eyes.

"I-I did, master," the girl whimpers.

"Then why did I find a speck on this plate, Momo?"

"I-I don't k-know. I-It wasn't th-there before."

The whip cracks again as she screams, the murmurs in the crowd signaling that the humans are lost at what's going on. The screen flickers and a blonde feline Ichigo knows as Kisuke grins at the camera, tilting a striped hat in greeting and snickering.

"Is that a new toy, Gin?" he asks.

"Yes, sir!" a young Gin states. "I'm gonna be a spy!"

"Don't let Aizen know, he might take it away."

"I won'."

A violet haired feline tackles Kisuke out of nowhere, laughing happily as she hops away from her victim and glances at Gin. With a wide grin she leans in and makes faces at the camera, licking the lens afterward and cackling at the young fox's whine. The camera shifts and his youthful features look into the lens before he wipes it dry and returns it to the snickering feline.

"That ain't nice, Yorouchi, mam," he huffs.

"Where'd you get that camera?"

"I found it!"

"Sure you did, brat. Come on Kisuke, I want to…"

They stiffen at the voice that calls out from a room, the group turning to see Aizen as Gin hides his camera behind his back so the picture is mostly blocked by his clothes. He beckons Yorouchi forward and she hesitates before heading over, getting a pat on the head before she's pushed into the room. Pleading eyes look back at Kisuke, yet the two males are ordered to stay downstairs. The screen changes, screaming filling the speakers again as the image is partially blocked by cloth in a closet… the door open enough to make out what's happening. Yorouchi is tied down on the bed with Aizen, the brunette taking her brutally as she begs him to stop. The battery blinks out, but a young Gin shows up as he fixes the camera later.

"I didn' like that," he mutters with fear and tears in his eyes. "Aizen is bad doin' that, Yorouchi-mam is cryin' wit Kisuke-sir… They're mates, but Aizen will kill them if they don' do what he says… that's where Momo went. She went ta heaven 'fore Yorouchi-mam an' Kisuke-sir came."


"I… I'm just cleanin' in here, Aizen-sir," he calls with a wavering tone.

The camera is hidden once more, peeking from behind the silver haired fox kit's back. Aizen strolls in; smiling at the little kit he's had since he was a tiny thing. Gin was always Aizen's pride and joy, the nine year old having been at his side for three years now… he doesn't hurt Gin like he does the others. The fox is always very careful about making him angry, but even at six when he was sold… Gin was steel and temper wrapped in a smiling form.

"That's not your job, Gin," Aizen states. "Come along, it's time for your walk. Yorouchi will clean up here."

"But… Yorouchi-mam is hurt taday, Aizen-sir."

"Don't worry about her, she was a bad pet," he states. "She needed to be punished for not listening to me."

The screen changes again, Kisuke speaking with Aizen calmly as he tries to deter him from harming his mate anymore. Aizen seems to be paying attention, smiling with a coldness to his eyes his pets always fear. It's taking everything the blonde cat has to stand there and continue, wringing his hat in his hands.

"I don't like when you force Yorouchi like that, Aizen-sir," Kisuke remarks. "Please leave her be. I'm sure you can find another pet to your liking."

"Yorouchi is mine and I don't' intend to give her up."

"Well, actually, Yorouchi belongs to Soi-Fon. She's only staying here because she's my mate," Kisuke points out with a frown. "In all reality, however, she belongs to me. I should be the only one able to touch her in that way."

"Is that so… well then… It would seem I'll just have to get rid of you."


Aizen's hand darts out quickly, a spray of blood following as his knife is drawn across the blonde's chest. Yorouchi screams from the doorway, hurrying in and grabbing up Kisuke. Her eyes sharpen and she hisses in fury, leaping at Aizen and gasping when the knife is thrust into her stomach. She falls and Aizen sighs.

"Such a shame, you were quite the treat. I'll have the mine collapsed later… after all, accidents happen all the time."

He leaves and the camera moves, getting set on the floor as Gin moves around it. He carefully pulls the knife from the violent feline's stomach, frowning sadly as he cleans the wound. He gets the phone and calls someone, crouching beside the two before wrapping the injuries to stop the bleeding.

"Momo went ta heaven," he explains quietly. "She left me all alone here, but I won' let ya two go wit her. Someone I know is comin' ta take ya away from here. Yer gonna be okay."

"You… were wild born… weren't you?" Kisuke forces out.

"I was, but I know how ta play nice ta get what I want," Gin states. "Aizen is a bad Shinigami; he has ta be stopped so no more Demons go ta heaven like Momo."

The camera flickers before it shows a more recent scene, Aizen and Gin in Byakuya's training ground. Gin seems more playful and cautious, Shiro watching in anger at the scene he knows to be the other day. The crowds are getting riled now, Yamamoto glaring at the brunette who's attempting to stay calm.

"Come ta play, Aizen?" Gin purrs.

"I've come to retrieve what's mine."

At the comment, Aizen's eyes harden and move to Shiro in the absence of Gin. The teal panther lying around the two tigers snarls at him, his cyan pools never moving from the manipulative male. The crowds are riveted to the screen as the man's conversation progresses.

"Demons are animals, possessions for us to do as we please with… That's the definition given by the ancestors that helped discover the Demon race. Yamamoto has never had one himself… a pet. He merely trusts the world to do what's best for such rare oddities. He shouldn't. I, like many, know that you Demons are powerful and capable of so much more than even we humans. The thing about that is, you're conditioned from birth to do as we say. You're born to be slaves to our whims. He doesn't realize that, he's under the misguided impression that we humans are the bigger race and we let you choose what you do."

"But ya don'."

"No. Having control over something so powerful is an addictive thing. You're not animals, but when you're born by breeders you're not given a choice as to what you'll be. We tell you you're nothing but animals and you grow to believe that."

"Why do ya do it? Why can' ya just let us be?"

"Why should we?" the brunette counters. "Oh. I'll be expecting you to come with me willingly the next I visit, Gin. The day after the festival."

"I ain't leavin' my mate and I sure as hell ain't bringin' him inta yer reach!" Gin snaps.

The humans are all murmuring at the explanation, the majority of them all completely in the dark about the Demon race and what goes on before they're sold. They've all grown to believe they're naught but animals, pets to keep them company and serve them. Even Yamamoto is shocked at all this, silently cursing himself for his ignorance in this matter.

"I heard your mate is pregnant," the brunette remarks before a long pause. "Mayuri rants when he's unhappy, but he brags when he's successful. Pity about that pretty little Bali, though it'll make him even more useful to me. I've no interest in have children."

Shiro's and Ichigo's blood runs cold, the two looking to one another before Grimmjow moves into an aggressive crouch before them. The longer this conversation goes on, the more he's all too willing to kill the man talking. The enforcers are slowly moving in on Aizen at the signal from the old man glaring at him, people within the crowds moving forward slowly.

"Just kill me! Don' touch Shiro, just… just kill me and be done wit it."

The camera blinks out; Gin's side profile appears back on the screen with a surprised look on his face. It turns sheepishly quickly, a chuckle leaving his lips as he holds up a few wires.

"Oops," he mumbles to himself. "Cut the wrong damn one. Oh well, that should a been 'nough fer 'em. Better get back ta Shi 'fore he has a conniption."

The fox hurries off, popping up once more before the screen goes completely black. Everyone turns to Aizen for an explanation, the brunette gazing upon them unflinchingly. After a long moment, Yamamoto glares at him.

"Have you anything to say about this?" he wonders.

"Gin is extremely adept with electronics," Aizen comments evenly. "He's been making fake videos for years. That is all a lie."

"Is it really? Well… I'm gonna have to disagree."

The crowd turns to see the speaker, a dark skinned woman in loose pants and a halter top. Her hat is pulled off and long violet hair spills over her shoulders, large cat ears swiveling as golden eyes pin Aizen where he stands. Soi-Fon gasps and grins wide as she hurries over to the feline.

"Yorouchi!" she cries out. "I missed you so much!"

"Soi-Fon," Yorouchi smiles happily. "How have things been?"

"I was so upset when I was told you'd died! I'm so glad you're okay! How did you manage to survive all that? Is Kisuke here, too?"

"I am!"

The blonde hops up on the stage, the others within the crowd converging and removing their disguises… Nell, Hallibel, Stark, Nnoitra, Szayel, Shinji, Kensei, Hiyori... everyone that grew close to Grimmjow and Ichigo within the desert. Ichigo grins at the sight of them, the severity of the situation lost on him in the face of this reunion.

"What the hell took you so long?" Grimmjow snaps. "I've been forced to play a good little kitty… well… for the most part. What the fuck were you guys doing, chasing your damn tails?"

"… Stark kept falling asleep and he was the brains behind everything," Nnoitra shrugs. "Blame him, he's a lazy ass."


"I was tired," he shrugs.

The crowd is flabbergasted, the Demons of Los Noches taking over the area with the ease of a conditioned army. The plan and positioning just screams 'Stark', the genius coyote always having been the best at strategy.

"Who are all these Demons?" a voice murmurs.

"These are the Demons of Los Noches," Grimmjow grins widely. "The wild ones of the desert. They're all abused pets."

"Not me," Stark remarks lazily. "I left because my baby sister was murdered by her owner."

Grimmjow rolls his eyes, Szayel moving over to check Ichigo and Shiro. The white tiger is furious at the intrusion, hissing and spitting as he swipes at the pink haired snake. With an irate growl, he wraps himself around Ichigo and pushes the orangette beneath him as Grimmjow normally does.

"Hi, Szayel," Ichigo smiles. "This is my big brother, Shiro!"

"Charmed," he frowns.

Before he can touch the white tiger, he's tackled to the ground by a lithe fox. Gin snarls in rage, his eyes glazed with fury as he raises a clawed hand to strike. Grimmjow grabs his hand quickly, yanking him back and wrestling him beneath him like Shiro did Ichigo.

"And here I thought we were on better terms," Szayel huffs. "I'll remember this next time I want to guilt trip you into doing something stupid."

"Szayel? I didn' know ya were comin' here, I thought ya hated the festival."

"And I still do, but I enjoyed their company," he states with a glance to Grimmjow and Ichigo. "Things were so boring without their constant bickering."

The group of Demons agrees wholeheartedly, their collective comments filling the air. Grimmjow releases Gin now that he's calmed down; however Shiro is quick to pin him and start swinging. Ichigo looks to his alpha, waiting for him to get the other under control, however the teal panther just watches.

"What?" he asks innocently. "Gin needs to deal with his own bitch."

"I can' believe ya did that! What the fuck were ya thinkin'?" Shiro screams. "Yer such an embarrassin' dumbass!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Gin shouts as he covers his face.


Everyone stills at Yamamoto's booming voice, their attention turned to the old man on the stage. His gaze is piercing as he faces Yorouchi and Kisuke, finally ending on Aizen. He had trusted this man to continue his ancestors' vision long after he had gone, yet it's obvious that was a mistake. The Demons were a spectacular discovery, one he had hoped to bring into a welcoming world. While is started that way, it was twisted into nothing more than a horror story by the brunette before him.

"I am sorely disappointed in you, Aizen," he murmurs. "This isn't what my ancestors wanted when they discovered this race. You will be aptly punished for your wrongdoings. From here on out, Demons are no longer pets. Those that choose to be will be employed and treated as equally as any other human. The laws need to change, I apologize to all of those present that it took so long to figure that out."

Everyone is quiet for a long time, Gin simply enjoying Shiro's closeness as the other straddles him thoughtlessly, and then the Demons are cheering. It takes a long time, time enough for Aizen to be arrested and carted off, but soon the humans begin to mingle with the wild Demons. The chatter is soothing to Ichigo, a smile on his lips as he curls up on Grimmjow's lap. Gin wraps Shiro in his arms, the white tiger yelling and trying to claw his way out of the tight embrace.

"Thank you, Gin," Yorouchi smiles as she walks over. "I was worried about you, but you managed to pull through… such a sly little fox."

"You're welcome, Yorouchi-mam," he smiles widely. "I probably wouldn' a done it if it weren' fer Shiro… I couldn' handle him threatenin' my bitch."

Shiro punches him hard in the jaw, grumbling irately even as he settles in the fox's lap. The festival goes on just as it was first meant to; questions asked and answered as the human begin to learn the Demons from scratch. Kenpachi and Yachiru run past suddenly, people making way as they chase down the cubs that managed to get loose. The cubs jump on Grimmjow and Ichigo before twisting around them, digging in between the two in order to hide.

"Mommy!" the smallest remarks.

"Daddy!" the others cry out.

"Well… here you go, Kitten," Grimmjow chuckles. "Looks like we have a litter after all."

"I'm so happy!" Ichigo grins widely. "I can't wait to take them home!"

"Home?" Rukia wonders. "You mean with us?"

There's a long silence, Ichigo looking toward the ground almost guiltily before Grimmjow realizes what he's talking about… Ichigo isn't going back to the Kuchiki manor. His heart soars at that realization, a large grin eating up his face before he decides to answer for his mate.

"Ichigo is wild," he states. "We're going back to the desert… to our home."

"… Oh," she says in disappointment.

"Don't worry, you guys can visit if you want and I'll make sure to bring Ichi here once in a while," he states. "Besides, didn't you want to spoil our cubs and send them back to us?"

She brightens at that, nodding eagerly before picking up one of the lion cubs. It's the smallest girl with brown eyes, her long reddish and her animal features the tawny color of a lion. Her sister looks exactly like her, but has shorter hair and blue eyes. The oldest boy has dark brown hair and blue eyes; the youngest of the litter is an oddity with white hair and blue eyes. He's the one that's been clinging to Grimmjow since that day in the kennels. This litter is around four or five, unruly and more wild than most their age. He doesn't know if they have names, but he'll find that out later.

"Great!" Kenpachi states. "The more the merrier, right? So you'll be taking on the toddlers as well?"

"Absolutely no…"

"Of course we will!" Ichigo chirps.

Grimmjow glowers at his mate, but the cubs crawling all over him and his bright smile still his tongue. If it'll make the other happy, he can't find it in himself to say no. With a sigh, he lifts the youngest into his arms and smirks when he crawls onto his shoulders.

After the festival ends, the two head back to Kenpachi's. Their new litter is on their way to the Kuchiki manor for the night, along with those from the desert. It's far too late to risk a trek with cubs, so they'll head out in the morning. The little kittens are still curled up in their kennel, mewling for attention before Grimmjow and Ichigo walk in. They're both girls, but completely different. The oldest is a calico with black short hair and sharp green eyes, her sister a timid little orange tabby with brown eyes.

"Time to leave," Ichigo smiles. "You're our cubs now, we're going home."

He lifts up the tabby and Grimmjow grabs the calico, the two holding them closely as they hug Yachiru goodbye. Kenpachi pats them on their little heads, looking to the older felines with a warning gaze. It's obvious he doesn't want anything happening to them, yet Ichigo and Grimmjow aren't about to allow them to get hurt. Quietly, they head back to Byakuya's home and all their friends.

The morning starts with four little lion cubs pouncing on the teal panther, startling Grimmjow awake so badly he loses his balance. Reaching for anything to keep him on his bed, he grabs Ichigo's tail and yanks the yowling Bali after him. Shiro is in the room in a split second, two little toddler kittens chasing after him before Gin scoops them up.

"Fuck!" Grimmjow hisses.

"Language!" Ichigo growls as he tends his tail. "You couldn't grab an arm or something?"

"Sorry, kitten."

The group is together downstairs already, snickering as one of the kittens pull on Shiro's tail persistently from Gin's arms. He growls in irritation, yet allows it to go on. This is his niece, after all, she has to be allowed to get away with stuff he won't let others. Breakfast is long and full of conversation, Byakuya and Rukia enjoying the get together far more than they thought they would. Renji and Nnoitra have been arguing non-stop, yet it's all friendly banter for the most part. Finally, they're ready to go and Rukia waves goodbye tearfully. At the gate, Yorouchi stops and comments on something completely random.

"I just realized something… You don't have a room for the cubs, Grimm-kitty," she states. "And Gin and Shiro have no place to stay."

"… Shit."

Ichigo smacks the teal panther upside the head in warning, the larger male blushing a moment before mumbling an apology. As they head back everyone argues over temporary arrangements. After Nell practically tore Nnoitra apart for rights on watching the cubs, they decided she was family and deserved her own way… not that it was her temper or anything that changed their minds. Shiro and Gin will be staying with Kisuke and Yorouchi, as they're closest to the silver fox. Renovations will have to wait a day, though, since everyone is just getting settled once more after the absence on one leader.

Grimmjow is lounging that night after finally talking the cubs into staying with Nell, Hall, and Stark. It helps that Nell is a child herself… mentally, at least. He's just about to drift off when the cushions shift and Ichigo crawls along his body. Peeking a cyan orb open minutely, he smirks at the mischievous look in those amber eyes.

"Can I help you?" he teases.

"No cubs tonight," he purrs. "Don't know when we'll have that freedom again."


"Can't have sex with them at home…"

"… We can't?" Grimmjow frowns. "Why not?"

"Well, what if they walk in on us?" Ichigo blushes brightly before his lustful gaze turns shy.

"We can skip the birds and bees talk," Grimmjow provides with a grin. "Come on, Kitten, they'll be dead to the world once they're put to bed."

"Do I at least get sex now?" Ichigo pouts.

Grimmjow laughs, holding an arm out to welcome his mate into his hold. With a bright smile, the Bali slides his bare figure up Grimmjow's torso and wraps his arms around his neck. In all honesty, Ichigo was hoping for his alpha to pounce him in the bath like the first time… but Grimmjow was too content lounging in his much missed bed. Now, the small tiger is eager to please his mate after all his depression and heartache. He bucks his hips against Grimmjow's, whimpering at the friction before repeating the grinding motion with a bit more pressure. The teal panther rolls them over, kissing his mate and thrusting his tongue into his mouth. Fingers tug at teal locks, Ichigo's back arching as a moan tumbles from his lips. Ichigo nips at his alpha's chin, turning around in his arms. His shoulders and head are pressed into the bed, his hips raised high in the air, and the panther growls in pleasure before mounting his lover. He slides into that tight heat, hissing as he fights to keep from coming too soon.

"Damn," Grimmjow growls out. "How long has it been?"

"Mm… don't remember," Ichigo purrs. "Move… take me."

With a feral grin, he pulls out almost all the way and slams into the smaller male. Ichigo cries out and pushes back against him, his claws kneading at his pillow. Grimmjow can't keep the slow pace up for long, too eager to reach completion and reclaim his mate. He starts moving more brutally, his whole body draped over Ichigo's as the smaller mewls his ecstasy. The Bali whimpers when his rigid member is stroked, tensing and opening his mouth in a silent scream when he's pushed over the edge. Grimmjow bites on his collar in the same spot he marked his submissive, filling him as deeply as possible before they both collapse and pass out.

The next morning Ichigo wakes beneath Grimmjow with an odd feeling in his gut, the type of feeling when you know something is off and aren't sure what it is. He tries to slide from beneath his alpha, yet stops at the realization Grimmjow is still inside him. He frowns and elbows the other hard enough to make him grunt, the panther rolling off him and pulling out in the process. Ichigo gasps at the feeling, covering his mouth to keep from waking Grimmjow. Finally, he gets up and heads over to the bathroom to clean up.

By the time Grimmjow wakes, the cubs have dropped off and Ichigo is making breakfast. He's woken by a mob of six little cubs piling atop him and pulling his ears. With a languid stretch that knocks a couple from his back and a wide yawn, he shakes off the others clinging to him and kisses each their heads.

"Morning, cubs," he states.

"Morning, daddy!" they purr.

"Where's your mom?"

"Mommy's in the kitchen," the youngest lion offers. "Time to eat!"

He nods absently, gathering the smaller kittens as the other four trail after him like ducklings. Ichigo is just placing the plates down, a perplexed look upon his brow. Grimmjow kisses him before sitting down, the chatter of the cubs a new sound to get used to.

"Nell leave already?"

"Yeah, she wanted to hang out with a human she met at the festival," Ichigo murmurs. "They missed us anyway, so I told her we'd take them until tonight."

"Alright… you feeling okay?"

"I don't know."

The panther stands and wraps the smaller male in his arms, breathing in Ichigo's scent and frowning at the slight change. He brushes it off, knowing that Ichigo just bathed and his own scent is still thick on him. The cubs laugh and throw food at each other, a small handful of eggs passing Grimmjow's face. He ignores them, intent on eating his own food, yet Ichigo sends a warning growl at the cubs and they quickly go back to stuffing their faces. The cubs weren't really named before, as Kenpachi didn't know what to do with them and Yachiru was intent on nicknames, so Ichigo took the time to name them last night before sending them off with Nelliel. The kittens were first, the calico named Mai and the smaller named Shai. The lions were named by Grimmjow, the dark haired one being Ryo and the lighter named Soren. The older lioness with longer hair is Ski and the shorter haired lioness is Kyra. Right now, Ski is pulling on Kyra's ear while Ryo teases Shai. Mai, being a tad more aggressive than her younger sibling, would've thrown her fork at the lion if Grimmjow hadn't of taken it from her on instinct.

"Whoa, wait a minute… Where's Soren?" he frowns before hissing at the feeling of claws on his leg. "There's Soren… never mind."

The little white lion climbs up his leg and onto his lap, mewling happily before picking at Grimmjow's breakfast. He chuckles at the little cub, ruffling his hair and turning to Ichigo. The orangette hasn't eaten anything, his anxiety showing through the deep scowl of concentration on his face.

"Kitten, sit down and eat."

"I want to go outside," he murmurs. "It's too stuffy in here."

The cubs cheer and hurry out the door, leaving little Soren on Grimmjow's lap. He's calm and mild mannered, far happier there than running about with the others. Grimmjow carries him outside their home, Ichigo at his side with a plate of food. The cubs all tackle a passing Shiro, the white tiger cursing a rainbow as Gin points and laughs… before he, too, becomes a victim of the little brood. Ichigo sits down and sets the plate aside, his eyes distant before suddenly clearing.

"Grimmjow, I think… no, that's not possible," he waves off.

"Might as well finish the thought, now I'm curious," the panther murmurs.

"… I think I'm pregnant."

"Ichi, we've been through this…"

"I know!" he snaps. "That's why I said it was impossible, but… something inside is different and that's the only think I can think of. It's not a bad different, it's a good different…"

"If it'll make you happy, I'll get Szayel to take a look at you," he sighs. "But please don't get your hopes up, okay? I don't want you to go into another depression; you've got two litters to help me take care of now."

"I know, I promise I won't."

A soft smile from the Bali and Grimmjow calls down to Gin, the fox nodding when told to get Szayel and hurrying off to the snake's home. The pink haired male is just finishing up a bandage on Nnoitra, the lanky male having gotten a number of injuries from a last minute fight with Renji. Once he's done, he heads up to see Ichigo.

"Hmm… I must ask… The odds weren't in his favor, but there was still a chance?"

"Yeah, an extremely slim chance."

"Do you enjoy your current cubs, Grimmjow?" he wonders benignly.

"Yeah, they're great… take a little getting used to, but I like having them around."

"They are adorable little hellions, aren't they?" Nnoitra grins from behind the snake. "Love that little bitch, Ski. And that kitten, Mai, is gonna be just like her. You won't have to worry about mating with those two; they'll be the ones beating the shit out of their suitors… just like their mommy."

Grimmjow chuckles at that, Ichigo scowling petulantly. He does have a rather aggressive streak, but that didn't save him from Grimmjow… not that he didn't enjoy every minute of it. Szayel hums to himself after a moment and leans away from the Bali.

"Congratulations, you just beat the odds."

"… What?" Grimmjow inquires dumbly.

"He's pregnant!"

"I am? I am! I'm so excited!" Ichigo cheers. "I have to tell Nelliel! I have to tell the cubs… I have to tell everyone! This is great! Grimm, we can finally have a litter together! And not just adopted, I can finally have your litter! Isn't that wonderful? Grimm? Um… Grimmjow?"

"Awe hell, Bali, I think you broke him!" Nnoitra cackles.

"Grimmjow? Are you okay?"

Ichigo pokes Grimmjow's cheek, the other so shell shocked if shows from his open mouthed expression to his paralyzed limbs. The cubs drag Shiro and Gin over, looking between Grimmjow and Ichigo curiously.

"Mommy, what's wrong with daddy?" Soren asks quietly.

"I don't know. We just found out I'm gonna have a litter and he went all… weird."

"More siblings?" Kyra asks excitedly. "Oh boy! Maybe we'll have more sisters!"

"No way, there are too many girls already!" Ryo snaps. "I want some brothers I can play rough with, Soren is a submissive and he doesn't play!"

"Shut the hell up!" Ski snaps irritably before hitting her older brother over the head.

"Ski!" Ichigo growls. "Do not use that language again!"

"Uncle Shiro does."

"He's also much older than you!"

"… There's an age limit? When do I get to talk like Uncle Shiro?"

"Hopefully never," the Bali hisses. "He's a horrible role model! Well… for the most part… where his use of expletives is concerned."

"We're workin' on that," Gin smiles widely.

Grimmjow finally shakes himself from his stupor, his eyes large and almost in awe as he looks down at his mate's abdomen. Six cubs… Already six cubs and possibly two or three more on the way. He doesn't know what to say, doesn't know what to think. His family is expanding so quickly it's throwing him through a loop. He decides it's best to just go with the flow, something he's learned quickly after marking Ichigo. The little Bali is always full of surprises, twisting onto a new path of emotions every day. With a small chuckle and a sigh, he pulls his mate to him and kisses him deeply, the cubs they have now gagging at the sight. He just hopes to every star in the clear night sky that these won't be as bad as himself or Ichigo… definitely Ichi. For such a timid and submissive Bali, that orangette can be a menace.

I really hate to see this end, but this is the ending that flashed into my mind T^T Don't worry, there's a one shot coming to introduce the babies! But that's it, no more that I know of. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much I liked writing it! =)