Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, and what was left of her their clan after the Pridelanders, and Ziras Outlanders killed most of them had finally returned to the Outlands.

It had been years since Zira slautered Shenzi's clan and forced the hyenas to flee from their home. Yet they heard news of Ziras recent death and and decided to tae the risk and return.

The hyenas looked at the Outlands now, a barren wasteland of the somewhat beautiful place it used to be.

"That lousy Zira and her lions," Banzai said "She deserved what happened to her,"

Ed said something

"You said it Ed," Banzai said

Just then Shenzi saw something in the distance

"What's that?" she asked curiously

"What's what?" Banzai asked

"There, near that river," Shenzi said pointing to a river that divided to Outlands from the Pridelands

"C'mon lets check it out," Shenzi said

With that the hyena trio went to investigate, while the other hyenas began to make their new homes in the giant ternamite mounds.

AS Shenzi and her friends got closer to the mystery objects, they realized the horror of what they were.

"It's Zira!" Shenzi said

"Ya," Banzai said "And ain't that Scars son? Nuka,"

When Scar ruled the Pridelands and Zira was his queen. He had Shenzi and her ffriends cubsit Nuka.

"What the heck happened to them?" Banzai asked

"I have no idea," Shenzi said "And why is Zira smiling? It's creepy,"

What they didn't know is that when the giant log dam burst (the same dam Nuka had been crushed under) and Zira fell into the water below. The water washed the two dead lions back to their home.

Shenzi felt a short of sorrow for Zira just then.

"Ironic isn't it?" she said

"What's ironoic?" Banzai said

Zira waster her whole life trying to avange Scars death by trying to end Simba. When the truth is I killed Scar.

"We all did," Banzai said

"Ya but I jumped on him and bit him first," Shenzi said

Ed said something

"Ya how did Zira fall in love with Scar?" Banzai said "The guy desrtoied the Pridelands,"

"Who knows," Shenzi said "Yet now, in a way. I've indirectly caused the death of her first born son and herself."

"Say where is that Kovu cub then?" Banzai asked

Ed said something

"Ya Ed," Banzai said "Wasn't Zira expecting another cub to?" (Vitani)

"Who knows," Shenzi said "All that matters is that our land is free from her contorl,"

Ed said something

"Ya Ed," Banzai said "And she and her son wil make a nice welcome home meal,"

With that the hyena trio ate the dead Zira and Nuka.

Truly Shenzi was the deadliest evil creature in all of Disney history. And she never got caught for her crime

No other Disney villian and/or minion could match the amout of death she caused (including whatever Pridelanders and Outlanders may have died when Zira attacked the Pridelands).

The End

Am I wrong?

Is Shenzi not Disney's evil creation with the most kills to her credit?

If so tell me.

Yet you can't excuse the fact that by killing Scar, she and friends caused much more death to follow.