Konnichiwa! You can just call me Ran. I love this paring, so if you don't, just go away for some other fanficftion. This is my first fanfiction, so please bear with me. I'll try write another chapter before my birthday (the 24th of September) but I don't know with all my school work. This is dedicated to… uh, my dear Len Kagamine who I love so much~ iiGoddessofVocaloidsii

Len's POV:

I love her. I think that every day I see my twin next to me. Is it wrong to love to love my twin sister more than that? I love her, and no one else. As I lay in my bed, I could see my twin sister, Rin Kagamine, sleeping so innocently. I just want to kiss her and… much more. I thought as I fiddled with a strand of hair in her face. I was focusing on that single strand of hair too much that I didn't realize her eyes, similar to mines, flutter open.

"Len? What are you doing?" she asked sleepily as she rubber her eyes. I stopped what I was doing, and gave her a warm smile. "Good morning. Did you sleep well?" I asked her in a quiet voice. "Yeah… How long were you up?" she asked as she rubbed her eyes. "Not too long." I replied with a smirk. "Did you sleep well?" she asked me with her soft and gentle voice that she only used in the mornings. "Of course. You're here with me." I commented as I lightly hugged her, which she returned. "Why do you always sneak into my bed?" she asked quietly. "Because I love you." I replied before I lightly kissed her forehead.

Rin's POV:

Stop thinking that. I had to tell myself. I had to stop thinking that my brother loved me more than a sister. "I love you too." I commented before kissing the tip of his nose. Besides, kissing each other on the face was normal for twins, right? I don't want my twin to think I'm weird, or else he probably won't come and sleep with me again. And I was happy with just being this close. But I can't stop thinking that there was more of a meaning to it… But it couldn't be. Even if it was true, they couldn't be together. I'm really weird for liking my own twin brother… I try so hard to push all the thoughts aside, but it's hard when I'm with him 24/7.

Whenever I ask him why, he says the same thing. "Because I love you." I heard him say again. It has to be something else… I'm sure. I told myself before snuggling closer to Len, covering my thoughts up with a warm smile. "Okay then." I replied. He too snuggled closer to me, and I thanked god for him giving me my twin brother. "What if our parents get upset?" I asked him, again. "They'll have to live with it." my reflection replied. I giggled slightly. So, even our parents couldn't separate us. That's good to know. "Okay." I replied, once again. We just laid there in silence. No one else was home since our parents work early.

"You wanna do something?" I asked him.

"Like what?" he asked back.

"I don't know… a game?"

"Like what?"

"…I-I don't think you'll want to play it…"

"I will. I promise."
Len's POV:

She murmured something that was barely auditable. "What?" I asked her again. "Pocky game." She whispered louder. "You really want to play that?" When I got no response, I lightly smiled before getting up and in the kitchen. I always stashed the Pocky from everyone (like Kaito-san, Miku-chan, Meiko-chan, etc.) in the same place: under the fruits in the refrigerator. Only me and Rin know about it (since we're the only ones who likes fruits) and kept it a secret from everyone else. I grabbed a single stick, and dashed back upstairs. She was slightly blushing when she saw what was in my hand. "You really will play it?" she asked me. Silly girl. "Of course. Don't I always keep my promises?" I replied with a sly grin. I put the bare side in my mouth and sat next to her. "Ready?" She slowly put the chocolate side in her mouth and nodded. "Ready? Go." I managed to say with the snack in my mouth. I started nibbling, and so did she. The patient in me was slowly falling apart as I started to nibble faster. I guess she didn't realize it, since she was also going faster. When the stick was almost done, I braced myself before I felt soft lips on mines. I slightly kissed her, and she kissed back, blushing insanely. When we finally broke apart, she felt her lips with her fingers, which made me smile. "Had fun?" I had to ask her. She slightly nodded, still pink like a peach. "Wanna play again?" A long pause happened before she barely nodded. I grinned. Boy, I love this day.