Herro. This is a Christmas present for my friend, Rex. ^^ Kinda hard to get a present for someone who doesn't live near you. Anyway, Merry Christmas guys (especially Rex-kun). Also, please don't ask why I'm posting this so early. His Christmas is way earlier than mines. Anyvay, enjoy.


Rin's POV

Today, Len and I are going to get a Christmas tree for our house. After that, Len was going to stay home and set up the tree and lights. That's when I was going to go out buying gifts for everyone. Not too many people: Len, Miku, Kaito, Gakupo, Gumi, Meiko, Neru, and Master. Of course, my biggest present was going to be for Len. And to top it all off, it's our birthday. So, I was going to get us a cake. It was going to be the two of us alone for the whole night. This day shall be perfect. I peeked back at our room, where he still hid under the sheets. "Hurry up, sleepy head. All the trees will be gone if we don't get there early." I told him, getting a grunt in reply.

"Why didn't we get it earlier then? Then we wouldn't have to worry about the trees being gone."

"Because I don't want to keep on watering a tree the whole month. This way is easier."

"Fine, fine." He finalized, slowly dragging himself out of bed. I cheered, going downstairs to make some breakfast. I was going to make his favorite: banana pancakes with banana flavor oatmeal and eggnog.

When I was pouring the eggnog in his cup, he came downstairs and smiled at me. "I could've sworn I smelled something good." He chuckled, holding me in his arms. "Your favorite breakfast." I replied, kissing his nose. "I was really talking about you." He murmured in my ear, making me blush pink. "You're so cute when you're embarrassed." I pouted at him. "B-be quite. Just eat already. You can't work without breakfast." I muttered, sitting at the dining table. "Aren't you going to eat?" he asked me. "I already ate." I replied, getting a bowl full of oranges in front of me. "I want you to eat with me." I sighed. "Alright. But only a few." I stared to peel one, but I noticed he was watching me. "I'm not eating if you don't start shoveling down that food." I warned, he laughed, and started to eat. When we were both done, I threw away all the peelings and started to wash the dishes, but he stopped me. "I'll do that. You already made breakfast away." He said, taking the sponge away from my hands and washed everything himself.

When he finished and we got ready, we walked out the door and started to walk to the Christmas tree forest, where several trees where already cut down.

"Which tree do you want to get?" he asked me.

"I don't know. How about this one?"

"It looks a little crooked. This one?"

"The branches are a little brown."

"This one?"

"I like it."

"Okay." He confirmed, getting the saw ready. "You sure?" he asked one more time. "Sure." I replied before he started to cut about a foot away from the base. Soon, the tree fell down, and we both grabbed it and carried it home.

"You know where to put it, right?"


"Okay, be back in a bit." I kissed his cheek before walking back out the door and towards the mall. Snow filled the air, and I started to sing 'Falling Falling Snow', but in a cheerful version (how is that song cheerful?). Once I got there, I ran from store to store for each gift. Once I got to the last person on my list, I went to a jewelry shop, searching for the perfect gift for Len.

Len's POV:

Once I got the Christmas tree out of the way, my plan was slowly setting out. I was going to throw Rin a surprise party, and it would just be the two of us. I hid everything in the basement, and told Rin that I'll get everything out of it. My plan's perfect.

A few hours later, I was done, and Rin would come any second now.

Door opens.

"I'm home! Len are you ready to decorate the- What the?"

"Happy birthday, Rin-chan."

"… I was supposed to say that." Rin replied with a smile.

"Now were you?"

"Of course." She took out a banana cake that had 'Happy Birthday Len' in icing letters. "I love it." I whispered, kissing her lightly before leading her to the dining room where her cake was. It was an orange cake. She set down my cake next to hers and smiled at me. "On three, kay?"




"Three." We both blew our candles out at the same time. "I love you." I whispered to her, which made her whisper back "I love you too.". I took some icing and poked her nose, giving her a white icing nose. We both laughed, and she did the same to me and my cake, and we laughed harder.

"What happens after this?"

"You know what."

"Do I?"

"If you love me, then yes."

"Then I do know." Rin giggled.

After we were done with (most of) our cake, we washed up and went to bed.

You know what happens next.

I just pretty much used the same problems I had with getting my Christmas tree in this story. No, I do not know if there is such thing as a banana cake or orange cake, just my mother said there was so I just used that. NO HENTAI! I'm almost to a 1,000 words, so I'll just leave the story as it is. Also, I used eggnog in the story to get Rex-kun angry since he doesn't have eggnog. :D Kesesesesese. Anyway, love you guys, and Merry Christmas (and a Happy New Year~).