Timon was doing his watching duty, keeping an eye out for hyenas, that would try to eat his colony of meerkats.

Yet while following his Unlce Max's adivce of scurry, sniff, flinch. He broke into song and started singing. All the while not noticing the hyena trio behind him.

Soon enough he finished his song. And the tree hyenas were right behind

"Oh look it's dinner and a show," Shenzi said

"And I thought beans were the only singing food," Banzai said

Timon turned around to see the hyenas

"Ah please don't eat me guys!" Timon begged

"I'm a girl," Shenzi said

"But if you're a girl then...what's..?" Timon began

For those of you that don't now female hyenas have what looks to resemble a..."Wang"

Timon was frozen in suprise. Shenzi smacked him which sent him tumbling to his Uncle Max

Simba, Nala and Zazu were in the elephant graveyard. When suddeny the hyena trio appreared

Zazu tried to get away saying they had made a navigational error. Yet Shenzi stopped the blue bird

"Wait, wait, I know you. You're Mufasas little stooge," she said

"I madam am the king major doman," Zazu said

"Uh Zazu," Simba said "That's a guy,"

"No I'm a woman," Shenzi said

"Then...what's..?" Nala began

"It' fake," Shenzi said

"EW!" Simba and Nala said

Simba had retured to the Pridelands to battle Scar. The hyenas were protecting the tryant. Yet thanks to Timon and Pumbaa imba was able to get to his Uncle. adly this meant the hyenas were now after them.

While Timons Ma and Uncle Max were making a trap below the hyenas, Timon staled for time.

Even going as far as proposing to Shenzi.

"Uh, Timon." Pumbaa said "That's a guy,"

"I'M A FEMALE!" Shenzi said

"But then...what's..?" Pumbaa began

"This gets so annoying," Shenzi thought to herself

The end