This is my review page! It may not be as interesting as the actual story, but I said I'd post the reviews in my story. I haven't had time before now, so here it is! (Reviews are in no particular order.) (I am not adding any more reviews to this page because I need the space in the document manager for my zombie fanfic, sorry, guys...)

Wolf of Summer

This is an amazing story. I love Itachi's point of view throughout...Thank you.


I loved the story so much. I actually cried from when Sasuke and Naruto jumped and on. That was really nice that you wrote a fanfiction about the terrorist attack. I may not have lost a loved one in that attack because I was about two or three years old at the time but my dad was one of the paramedics on scene at the time. I remember he came home crying so hard because he couldn't save all those people and he lost his partner that day. My mother was so worried about my father as she was watching the news. My father had nightmares for weeks about what he witnessed. I really appreciate what you did and bless the souls that have died or lost loved ones.


That was a very beautiful fanfiction. I greatly enjoyed this. And it definitely made me cry. I hope to continue reading many of your stories.


So sweet T.T


This is my official number one Tragedy love story between Naruto and Sasuke. I was reading this during school in my study hall... I never knew that during chapter five I was literally sobbing and didn't find out till my teacher asked me to go to the nurses office to calm down... that was three days ago. Up until now almost everything reminds me of 9/11and how things truly relate to this story... thank you for the greatest story ever!
PS. I'm still crying today


Oh my, such an emotional story. You had me crying all the way throughout it. It hit deep. Thanks for sharing.

Stella -rAWr- Uzumaki

This was an extremely touching, beautiful, sad and sweet story! I loved it so much. You did a fantastic job here, Sasaki-sempai! :)


I have read many fanfics this is the second one I've read that made me cry this hard.


I'm glad you wrote this. It was a very sad day in history, and it's important to remember it. I cried during it a few times because I think it's hard to read this knowing it actually happened, and that I was alive during it and remember that day is part of it. Thank you for sharing this story with us.


This story was just absolutely heartbreaking. I really, really liked it though, I'm not usually a fan of tragedy stories, but this fanfiction has just brought me to tears at the beauty of it.


I have tears in my eyes... wonderful


Oh fuck. This was so sad... During the middle of chapter 2, I was sort of hoping that you'd take the liberty of changing the ending, where they survived and everything would be ok. I loved this.


I know that you couldn't change the fact that they died, but a girl can hope. In fact, I've had several daydreams where they live happily ever after. And then have amazing smutty bondage smex.

Danie Alleen

Wow, I cried a lot with this fanfic.
Almost felt in the story, I felt the anguish that whoever was inside the towers felt.
I am Brazilian and I remember like it was today when I turned on the television and saw duty in everything that was happening here in the U.S.
Bela fanfic, I loved it.
Sorry for bad English, but speak a language other than Portuguese has never been my high point.


oh my i almost cried for the whole thing but loved it.


This story is one of the few that I could find that actually had me close to tears. I remember these days and the horror it put in me that some human beings are capable of doing. I love this story even though it has a sad ending.


I teared up...still a very sad period in recent history.


I loved this story never have I cried so hard and much during a fanfiction story thanks for this beautiful piece of work

delena anderson

this is a really touching story! i can honestly say that ive never cryed this hard from reading a story! great job!


It's so sad it's cool! Your AMAZING AT WRITING! I wish all luck to the souls in that accident.

This is the official end of the story. That's all she wrote, there is no more, so no use knocking at my door. Thank you for sticking with me, even when the story made you cry, and thank you for reviewing!