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Allie PoV

I sighed. It's been four months since I got back from Everlost and life sucks. Not only do I have a term-paper to work on I also have to repeat high school. At school I'm known as the freaky girl who was in a coma and has a scar on her face. I'd rather be Allie the Outcast any day. I missed Nick, and Mikey, and Jix, and even Jackin Jill. I still wrote to Nick every other day, but he can't contact me. I sometimes considered making myself a Scarwraith just so I could talk to them. The only good part was that all my family is happy to see me again.

I started writing the first word when I heard a knock. I opened the door and saw a boy who looked around twelve years old. He was dressed in all black and had an aviator's jacket.

"Are you Ally the Outcast?" He asked. My jaw dropped and he smirked. How did he know that. Only Afterlights know that.

"How do you know that?" I demanded.

"Some kids named Mikey McGill and Nick A.K.A. the Chocolate Ogre forced me to deliver a message to you." He said. How did he know them? He looks alive so he can't know Nick and Mikey already moved on.

"Who are you and how do you know them?" I asked.

"I'm Nico, Nico Di Angelo, and the dead speak to me." He said, smirking again.

"So what's the message?"

"Nick got your letters and all the Afterlights are adjusting. No one is stuck in a niche and your story is legendary. Jix and Jill are teaching the skinjackers to help people." He said. I sighed in relief. I'm glad he wasn't turning into another Mary.

"That's great. What about Mikey?"

"He passed judgment and he's waiting for you in Elysium. He saved a thousand souls to make up for his own." Elysium? Is that where they go. I thought that was the place in Greek myths. Then again I used to think ghosts were myths too. He turned to leave.

"Wait. Are you a Scarwraith?" I asked. I had to know how he knew them.

"Nope," He said, "I'm just the son of the Lord of the Dead."

Sorry I know that was short, but I thought that it was enough. I hope you like it and I'm sorry if I spoiled something.