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Lucius walked briskly down the entrance hall in the Ministry of Magic, his travelling cloak billowing out behind him. His face was set into the cold mask of indifference so as not to hint at the turmoil within him, he was nervous about many things but more importantly he wondered how he was going to manipulate the Minister into signing over custody for one Harry James Potter. Fooling Cornelius Fudge would be easy enough but he knew that the others in the meeting wouldn't be so easy, after all who would the saviour to be in the hands of a dark family like the Malfoy's.

Lucius entered the elevator which would take him to the conference room in the Department for Care of Magical Minors, he inclined his head to those who wished him a good morning and internally sighed. He had no patience to deal with these simpering fools who only wanted to associate with the power his name brought. The elevator doors closed and with a harsh jerking movement they were moving, he was lucky that the Department for Care of Magical Minors was one of the first levels the elevator stopped at which saved him the effort of politely conversing with his fellow employees.

"Ah Lucius, I see you've arrived."

Lucius merely nodded and took the only vacant seat available as he scanned the room looking at the people he would be trying to manipulate.

"Let's start," the minister intoned. "It has come to my attention Lucius that you have applied to become the sole guardian of young Mr. Potter of number 4 Privet Drive. Why is this?"

"I feel that Harry should be with those who better understand the workings of what it means to be a wizard. I feel that his muggle relatives can't provide this knowledge for him." Lucius said.

"What do you think Hogwarts is for Mr. Malfoy?" one the council members sneered.

"Hogwarts is a school, it teaches its students to control their magic in a safe manner. However it doesn't provide the instinctual awareness that a child around magical guardians do." Lucius replied haughtily.

"Petunia Dursley is Mr Potter's maternal aunt she has the rights to him. It was also expressed specifically that Mr Potter was to go to her if anything should happen to James and Lily Potter"

"I have already gained her permission," Lucius smirked. He reached into his cloak and pulled out a file, pushing it towards the Minister he continued speaking. "All that is left is for you to sign the form Minister."

The Minister opened the file and upon reading the letters inside paled slightly. Lucius had visited the Dursley residence rather unwillingly but necessary none the less, he offered a rather large sum of money to the rather obese man in charge of the boy-who-lived and they readily signed the forms especially once they were assured that they would never have to deal with the boy again.

"Yes...Well...We still have to make sure you can properly look after him Lucius." Fudge glared at the papers in his hand perhaps hoping that they would spontaneously combust.

"Yes," agreed the same councilman as before. " After all the Malfoy family does have a rather sinister reputation. I mean your wife is part of the Black family who still remains a very dark family, and she is the sister of the notoriously deranged Bellatrix Lestrange."

"You will find no dark magical artefacts in my home," Lucius said with a sneer. "As for the matter regarding my sister-in-law, she is safely behind bars in Askaban prison so a fail to see how that is relevant. If I recall correctly, the Potter's were friends with Sirius Black..."

"And look where it got them!" The outburst and interruption had Lucius seething on the inside; he reigned in his temper and smiled calmly.

"Still, the point remains, the Potter's accepted Black with open arms. It is wrong to judge my capabilities as a father figure based on the reputation of my family. My own son Draco is best friends with Harry and a Miss Granger who just so happens to be a muggleborn."

Fudge sighed loudly, bringing everyone's attention back to him, he placed the papers on the table and picked up a quill, dipping it into the ink he brought it to paper and signed his name in consent to hand over custody.

"Minister you can't be serious!" an incredulous voice sounded.

"I will give you custody of Mr Harry James Potter, Lucius but know this. It is on a trial basis if we find you are leading the boy wrong or are attempting anything unfound we will give him back to his aunt." The Minister said.

"Of course." Lucius couldn't help the smug satisfaction that built within him as he allowed a smirk to grace his features.


Harry sighed into his breakfast bowl, he was feeling tired as he had stayed up late to do homework. Hermione huffed beside him as she found Harry's unwillingness to contribute to her conversation frustrating.

"Harry are you even listening to me?"

"Leave him alone Hermione, can't you see he's tired." Draco said with a slight sneer towards the bookworm, her chatter was beginning to get on his nerves.

Hermione's reply towards the blonde was cut off by the screeching sound of the owls as they arrived to bring the students their mail. Today's owls brought letter to all three of the friends, Harry looked towards his letter and with a frown he noticed the ministry seal.

Dear Mr Potter, it read

We are pleased to inform you that you no longer under the guardianship of your aunt, Petunia Dursley. We recently received notice that Mr Lucius Malfoy wished to gain custody over you and the Minister for Magic has decided to approve Mr Malfoy's request. The minister has however not yeat given his complete consent for the adoption as he wishes to see if your well being is achieved with the Malfoy family. Therefore we will be running a trial period over the Christmas holidays and the coming summer to see if you are suited to the Malfoy family. If things go to plan and the Minister is happy with what he sees then you will no longer be required to return to your previous residence at number 4 Privet Drive.

We wish you luck with your new family.


Melinda Kinderton

Head of the Department for the Care of Magical Minors

Harry grinned and re-read the letter before passing it on to Hermione. Harry was speechless but the beaming smile on his face told everyone who saw how happy he was. His green eyes locked with the mercury coloured eyes of his best friend as they both whispered

"We are going to be brothers."

However in the headmaster's office a certain professor was not happy. Not happy at all. He crunched the letter he had just received into his hand and angrily paced the floor. How dare he? How dare he try and take Harry? He thought. He would get Harry back into the Dursley house and he would make Lucius Malfoy pay whilst he was at it.

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