Chapter 1 – The Collision

Max couldn't help but beam with pride, as Jonathan and Jennifer exchanged wedding vows. He recalled how far they all had come. In the early days Jonathan was a mixed up teenager, full of potential, hustling on the street in San Francisco and him just old guy with an eye for a winner. When Max met Jonathan, their lives changed forever.

Max knew the type of kid "Charlie" was, desperate, angry, and looking for a way out. He grinned inwardly recalling how he convinced "Charlie" to move in with him, get to school, and make a promise to finish everything he started. So "Charlie" agreed, what did have to lose? Well he had to lose one thing, his name "Charlie", a knick name short for his given name – Jonathan Charles Hart. Max laid the law down, and Jonathan Hart was on his way.

Jonathan flew through high school with honors, but having little money he chose a career in the Navy to finance his way through college. Once at college, Jonathan caught the eye of many a professor, they helped him find ways to develop his ideas and eventually find a scholarship to Harvard Business School. A few short years later Hart Industries was born and became as unstoppable presence in the business world. Jonathan was Max's winner.

As with almost all young men, Jonathan had become restless. Max noticed the unsettled vibrations in his young friend, now employer.

"Hey, Mr. H, what's up with you?"' Max quizzically asked one morning over coffee.

"Max I don't know. For the past few months, I've felt so restless. Like I've reached the top and, well I keep wondering what's next. It's all more than I ever hoped for, the success, the money, the travel, not to mention the women." Jonathan flatly replied.

"Aaaaa, that's it the women", said Max.

"Yeah, I guess so. I always have this nagging thought 'do they want me for me, or me for my money?" Jonathan wondered out loud.

"Could be hard to tell, but you'll know, when you find her. I guarantee it!" Max advised.

A few days passed, Jonathan, the Hart Industries board of directors, and Max met to tour a newly acquired asset, Dover Film Studio's. He thought the studio would provide many opportunities to show case the progress of the optics division of Hart Industries. The current studio President, Jay Stratford, nervously conducted the facilities tour for Mr. Hart and his entourage. Mr. Stratford highlighted the many large sound stages, exterior street sets, and the wardrobe department, which housed many of the most famous costumes in Hollywood history. As the tour continued, and Jonathan lost interest in the bells and whistles of owning a film studio, he dropped back from the group to take his own little tour.

Amazing he thought, he had seen movies, but never really considered what went into making one. He thought to himself, "This is a good investment." Jonathan let his mind drift back to days at the orphanage, every now and again he would find a way to make a little extra pocket money, sometime he would buy candy, but most of the time he went to the movies. They showed him a world he could only dream of, a world full of beauty, far off lands, and the hero always there in the knick of time to save his lovely damsel in distress.

Jonathan, lost in his thoughts, turned a corner with out looking and CRASH! The impact had knocked them both the ground, Jonathan held his strong arms out just in time to keep her falling to the pavement. She lay splayed out on top of him, and he smiled a devilish grin and said "goodness I have never been so glad that I wasn't looking where I was going." She was so beautiful. Jonathan had never seen anyone so lovely. She laid on him her hands on his broad chest, and she could feel heat radiate through her entire body. For a moment all her thoughts were gone, and she was falling into the most spectacular blue eyes she had ever gazed. Quickly regaining her composure, she spoke, " I, I, I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching either." She moved off of Jonathan, to get up gathering the notebook and pen which had fallen from her hands. Jonathan smiled feeling is if he had been run over by freight train. She looked a little worried, so Jonathan bit his tongue to keep from saying "let's do that again, please, but someplace a little more private", so instead he ask, "Are you hurt?"

"No, but thank you." She replied, as Jonathan stood.

Jennifer was taken back by the man standing before her. She knew from the way he had rescued her from the pavement that he was strong, but he was more than that. So strikingly handsome, confident, but not in a cocky way, and those eyes! Jennifer was speechless, and that was a rare. As she nervously straightened her dress, and turn to look up, Jonathan ask "Since we have been so intimately compromised, I think I should at least know your name?"

"Oh, of course, where here are my manners! Edwards, Jennifer Edwards."

"Sorry to mow you over like that, it's just I have a deadline and….", Jennifer continued. But Jonathan was lost in her, not her words. As she spoke he drank in all of her, deep amber eyes, soft flowing auburn hair, delicate face with a sprinkle of freckles across her nose, athletic but soft in all the right places. He didn't realize he was staring, but then a voice brought him back to the moment at hand.

"Mr. H, there you are. I've been lookin' all over this place for ya'!" Max's deep gravely voice echoing in his ears. Max startled Jennifer, and she stopped her explanation of her hurriedness, she turned to look from where the voice had come. Max instantly thought "what a knockout, and look at those long legs" and then he noted Jonathan's dazed expression.

As he approached the couple he extended his hand and introduced himself, "Hello, I'm Max." Jennifer took and returned his handshake.

"Jennifer", she said with a smile in her voice.

Max immediately returned his attention back to Jonathan, who was still staring at Jennifer.

"I take you two just met?", Max said trying to shake Jonathan from his reverie without bursting out in laughter. Max knew right away.

Jonathan gathered his senses and slightly shook his head to return to the conversation , "Oh, yes. Max this is Jennifer… Jennifer Edwards right?"

Jennifer couldn't help but laugh, "Yes, now I know who I am and who Max is, but you still haven't told me your name."

Golden, her laughter was like a magical shower of sound, Jonathan made a mental note, to make her laugh, and to make her laugh as often as possible. Realizing his faux pas, "Jonathan Hart", he stated introducing himself and extending his hand to Jennifer. She reached to take the large strong hand and as she did a spark of electricity passed between them causing them to quickly withdraw their hands.

"We made a spark.", Jonathan said to Jennifer with a hungry look in his eyes.

"I guess we could try again." , Jennifer smiled with as much composure as she could muster up and held out her hand again, but instead of shaking it, Jonathan grasp it and swiftly bought in up to his lips where he left a soft but searing kiss, all the while never letting his eyes stray from hers.

Jennifer could feel a vibration run like a current through her body from the tenderness of that kiss, and she felt a blush come to her face. What in the world is happing to me, she thought?

"Ahemmm, Mr. H we should catch up with the others." said Max.

Reluctantly, Jonathan turned his eyes to Max, and shook his head in agreement.

But before leaving with Max, Jonathan turned to look back, "Miss Edwards?"

"Yes Mr. Hart?', replied Jennifer as she stopped mid stride to answer him.