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Kristina has heard her mother say it enough to recognize the signs in herself. The Cassadines tend toward obsession. Maybe that's why she can never seem to let go of Ethan.

Other people let go of lost love easily enough. She sees it all the time. Her father goes through women like tissues, and after a brief mourning period following each doomed relationship, is on to the next.

Her mother never quite got over Sonny, though, so maybe Alexis is more of a Cassadine than she likes to admit.

Nikolas still mourns Emily, and punishes the women who are never quite able to replace her in his heart, growing colder and darker by the day.

Sam's love for Jason knows no bounds. She would die and kill for him. When they were apart, the darkness in her grew and was terrifying, until even Alexis learned never to come between them.

She tries to explain it to Michael, but he simply doesn't get it. Maybe he's too much of a Spencer to understand.

Ethan will never truly understand, either. Will never understand that he is in her bones and in her blood and that Cassadine blood is a dangerous thing indeed.

Luke knows, though. She can tell by the way he looks at her sometimes. Like he is looking at a ghost, a ghost who destroyed his family. He knows what is in her, what she could become.

Even knowing the dangers, she cannot see past him, and if her plans are insane and get people killed, she is only acting in the grandest of family traditions.

Sometimes she wonders, when she is left alone, when he walks off, never truly guessing the depth of her feelings, if this is how her uncles felt. She wonders if Stavros' and Stefan's love for Laura was this painful and consuming. If it was, they have her sympathy.

Their fate should worry her, but it doesn't. She would burn the whole world and everyone in it down to have him, if even for a short while, and in the lower depths of hell, she feels her uncles would understand, and even approve.