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The door called to him. The doctor could sense that this was his door, something inside screamed at him, open it! Open it!

He had warned the others against opening the doors to their rooms, but he was a Time Lord. He could cope with what there silly little human brains couldn't.

Cautiously, he approached the door. Room 11, the small plaque announced.

Well, Room 11, what do you have that could scare me?

He reached out, that little voice was screaming louder. OPEN ME!

His hand touched the door knob. It was cold, though he didn't know why that surprised him, but it did.

The Doctor was hesitant. Did he really want to know? Could he stand not knowing? Decision made, he twisted the door knob, and pushed the door open.

It was just a small gap, and he only popped his head round the gap, to see what the room held.

What he saw froze his hearts, and then they gently thawed as his overwhelming love washed though him.

Yes, there was pain, but this was natural. This was supposed to happen. He smiled. His eyes feasted at the contents of this room, but mainly they remained fixed on the small figure that lay tucked up in a small bed, that dominated the room.

The woman had grey hair, and wrinkles. But she was the most beautiful thing the Doctor had ever seen. And the most heartbreaking. Her face, once youthful was now lined with wrinkles. Her skin, once a flushing pink, now held a grey pallor. Her eyes were shut, but he knew they would have remained unchanged.

She had withered and died. And at the sight he felt his broken hearts fracture further. But still, he told himself. This was how it was supposed to be.

Except, she shouldn't be alone. His metacrisis would be with her, their children, and grandchildren and great grandchildren surrounding her. She should have died surrounded by those who'd love her.

But she will. He reminded himself. He should have known. The one person he had absolute faith in, the one person he loved with all his hearts, through all his lives, her death, her looking her weakest, was his biggest fear.

I love you Rose Tyler.

Smiling softly, he turned and closed the door.

"Of course."