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Men, women, and children all over the country have been disappearing, always in pairs, without any warning. The most recent kidnapping was of two high school sophomores, Carmon Michaels and Shari Moore in the state of Pennsylvania. Miss Michaels and Miss Moore had been "BFF's" since the first grade. Hundreds of people have been taken. How can they just drop off the face of the earth? Who will be next?

-Article by Khloe Simon

Tony sat down the newspaper and watched his boss as he placed breakfast in front of his Senior Field Agent. The two men ate quietly until Tony could no longer stand the silence.

"So, Boss," he began, "Could you explain to me how you managed to roll your car seven times without you being in it or it being hit by another car?"

Gibbs just smiled.

Tony shook his head absentmindedly. "That takes skill."

Gibbs peered over the table at the newspaper. The headline caught his attention. This was the first time he had heard of the disappearing people. A serial kidnapping, he was going to look into that when he got to work.

Gibbs cleared the table with the help of Tony. They were both halfway out the door when Gibbs heard a noise. He turned around and headed for the staircase with one hand on his gun. Tony followed him unquestionably. The floorboards above their heads creaked and both men pulled out their guns. Gibbs went up first and found the hallway empty. He nodded to Tony to say "All clear."

Gibbs placed his hand on the guest bedroom doorknob and slowly creaked open the door. A man jumped on him and forced a rope around his neck. Tony aimed his gun at the man, but couldn't shoot him without shooting Gibbs.

The man had sandy brown hair and soulless blue eyes. He smiled at Tony like this was all some big game.

"Shoot at me," the man said, pulling the rope around Gibbs's neck tighter, "and your boss gets it."

Tony's eyes widened. How did he know Gibbs was his boss? Gibbs stared at Tony as if to say, 'Shoot him, you idiot! Don't worry about me.' Tony was about to pull the trigger when another gun went off. Pain roared through Tony's left shoulder. He dropped his gun and fell to his knees, holding his wound. A man with blonde hair and a squared jaw frowned down at Tony. He raised his gun to fire again, but a beautiful woman with long black hair and equally dark eyes stepped in his way.

"Chad!" she scolded. "Don't hurt him anymore! He's just trying to help his boss. Besides-" she said looking over at Tony, "He's a cutie."

Chad rolled his eyes and pulled the dark haired beauty into a deep kiss. The man who had Gibbs pinned made an annoyed sound and the two broke apart.

"Can I kill him yet?" he asked, gesturing to Gibbs.

"Not yet, Landon." Chad said.

Landon frowned and pulled out a knife. Tony wanted to scream at him to leave Gibbs alone, but he couldn't find the strength. His vision had doubled over from the pain in his shoulder.

"Hey, Devllynn, do you want to help?" Landon asked the dark haired girl. "I know it's your favorite part."

Devllynn smiled and dug around in her handbag. She produced two small vials. She placed one to Tony's wound and waited patiently as the flask slowly filled with blood. Devllynn tossed the other flask to Landon, who grinned evilly at Gibbs.

"This one's a fighter." he told Chad. "It's taking all my self control not to kill him here and now."

Chad rolled his eyes. He seemed to be the leader of this group. He crossed his arms and frowned at Landon.

"Ex-Marine, lead investigator for a federal agency. Figured you'd want to take him down."

Landon placed his knife to Gibbs's throat. Gibbs stared hard at him. Insanity and longing sparked in Landon's blue eyes. Gibbs really got a look at him. Landon couldn't be older than twenty-one.

"Is that permission?" Landon asked greedily.

Through the haze that had fogged over his vision, Tony saw Landon place a knife to his boss's throat. Tony struggled to summon the words to tell off Landon.

"L-leave him alone." Tony slurred.

They ignored him. Gibbs looked at his senior agent reassuringly. Tony cursed himself for getting shot. Here he was, slumped against a wall while they were discussing the rest of Gibbs's life. He felt so useless.

"You can't kill him yet." Chad told Landon. "Soon though."

"Why not?" Landon growled.

A grin made its way onto Chad's handsome face. He sneered down at Gibbs when he spoke to Landon.

"If this is 'The One', then you'll want to make him suffer." Chad's voice was like venom. Gibbs could almost see him turn into a snake before his eyes.

Tony watched in horror as Landon drew his knife across Gibbs's forehead. Gibbs clamped his eyes shut and bit down on his tongue. He had felt worse pain and Tony was probably in a whole lot more pain than him. Gibbs felt warm, sticky, blood snake its way down his face. Landon placed the vial to Gibbs's wound, watching with morbid fascination as the vial slowly filled with blood. When it was filled, Landon held the vial up to his nose and took a big whiff, and sighed in pleasure.

"It smells bitter-sweet." Landon told Gibbs. "Bitter, because you have blood on your hands."

"I'm a cop," Gibbs said through gritted teeth. "It's part of the job."

Landon shook his head. "No, you've killed out of pure hate." He took another sniff. "Revenge, maybe?"

Gibbs clenched his teeth but didn't say anything.

"And sweet," Landon continued. "Because you have a soft side you rarely show, but it is always there."

Tony felt the cold steel tip of a gun press to his temple. He looked up to see Chad's cold brown eyes staring at him. Devllynn appeared to have a problem with her boyfriend pointing a gun at Tony.

"I'm going to tie you up." Landon calmly told Gibbs." If you try to resist, your buddy over there gets shot."

Gibbs sat up and allowed Landon to bind his arms and legs. Landon snatched the flask filled with Tony's blood. He smelled it and turned his head away in disgust. Devllynn took it back and inhaled deeply.

Landon looked at Tony like he was some terrible creature. "Yours is very strong." he said flatly. "You're a ladies man who can't make up his mind."

Devllynn rolled her eyes and threw here arms around Tony, ignoring his cry of pain. "I like it." she said, even though it didn't have a scent different from all other bloods.

"I think you're crazy." Chad snorted. "It all smells the same to me."

Tony's mind drifted and he fought to stay conscious. Through the mist of pain, Tony watched Landon drive his fist into Gibbs's stomach. Gibbs groaned but did nothing else to let on he was hurt. Landon chuckled eerily.

"What's your famous gut telling you now?"

Chad leaned against a wall a yawned. He was bored. He had seen the act about a million times, and it was getting old. Landon was never completely satisfied with people they got, but this Gibbs man seemed promising. Devllynn moved to Chad's side and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"I think we should keep Mr. Anthony DiNozzo as a pet." she said, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Tony's brains didn't really process what she had said, he honestly didn't care. Chad shook his head disapprovingly at his girlfriend. They had rules to live by and he was not going to make a change for Devllynn, even if he loved her unconditionally.

"No." Chad whispered in Devllynn's ear. "You know how it works; we've got to kill both of them."

Devllynn gave a small smile and shrugged her shoulders. It didn't really make a difference to her. Devllynn moved from Chad's side and kneeled in front of Tony. She leaned forward, brushed her lips against his. She pulled back and placed her hands on Tony's shoulders.

"I tried." Devllynn told him softly.

Devllynn squeezed Tony's shoulders, putting pressure on his wound. A strangled cry of pain escaped his mouth before he fell into blissful unconsciousness.

Gibbs ground his teeth and rammed his forehead into Landon's. Landon was surprised, but he punched Gibbs in the face and continued to beat on him. His fist connected with Gibbs's temple, causing Gibbs to black out. Landon stood up, wiping Gibbs's blood from his hands.

Chad raised an eyebrow. "Is he 'the one'?"

A grin spread across Landon's face. "He's a fighter." He paused and looked between Gibbs and Tony's fallen forms. "He's definitely the victim I've been looking for."

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