Chapter 2:


The beeping of the console woke Jaden up. There were nearing Corusant, she rubbed her blue skin and stood up. She walked to the back room and told Lucan they were almost there. He stood up and sat in the pilot's seat. He disengaged the autopilot and brought the ship to the landing platform. He had changed into a dark black bodysuit and there were silver armour plates covering his arms and legs. He had a blaster attached to his leg and his lightsaber in a pouch on his waist. The ship landed and they exited the ship. They walked to the club and entered. They found it crawling with dancers and waitresses. A Nautolan man walked over to them.

"You must be the new dancer." Said the man with a hiss like a snake

Jaden nodded. His gestured with his hand for them to follow him and they did. He took them to a back room where there were other dancers of different races though mainly Twi'lek. He nodded at them and left. The room was large with several hallways leading off in different directions and there were seats and tables as well as a holovid showing a group of woman dancing. Jaden took Lucan over to a dark corner.

"When I'm on stage you have a look around, see what you can find and be careful. And put this on." Instructed Jaden

She gave him a communicator and he attached it to his ear as she did. A man was walking over to them.

"May the force be with you Lucan."

He nodded. The man was beside them now.

"You're up." Said the man

Jaden followed the man up to the stage entrance. He pulled back the curtain and Jaden walked though onto the stage. The club was packed full of smugglers, gangsters and criminals. The smell of drink filled the air. All eyes were on her, the spotlight shone on her blue skin. The band on the mini-stage next to her started playing, her hips started swaying and she began to dance. She kicked her leg in the air and started twirling. The crowd cheered and clapped. She swung her head and her lekku swung through the air. Meanwhile Lucan was walking through the back rooms of the club. He found a dead end. Strange he thought so he began searching for a hidden switch or something. He found one behind a light and flicked it. The wall at the end of the corridor slid open and Lucan walked though. The door closed behind him. He touched the button on his communicator.

"Master I have a hidden section of the club."

Jaden couldn't answer but Lucan knew she heard him. He continued through the corridors and found a control room. Empty, strange thought Lucan. Trap. He swung around, about a dozen imperials surrounded him.

"Master it's a tr….."

Lucan never finished his sentence before he was hit by the stun function by a blaster rifle. He fell to the floor. Jaden had heard him and did a spectacular twirl in the air when the song ended. She ran off stage through the curtain and down the corridor. It was a dead end, where was the switch. No need, the door slid open. A dozen imperials came out. Two of them were clutching Lucan in their arms. They spotted Jaden and brought up there blaster rifles. She brought out her lightsaber and ignited it. They opened fire and she deflected their shots. Two troopers were hit. She smiled and advanced on them. She was utilising her favourite form Soresu, the resilience form. It was a defensive style of lightsaber combat. She slashed at a trooper across the chest. He fell lifelessly to the ground. She swung her saber in a circle and rolled forward jabbing at the end and impaling a trooper. She slashed in a defensive kata and took out some other stormtroopers. The only two that were left were holding Lucan. They shot but she deflected them back at them. They fell dropping Lucan's body. She ran over to him and shook him.

"Lucan wake up." Shouted Jaden

He awoke and sat up.

"I really need to stop getting knocked out. I'm missing all the action. Come on there was a control room back there."

Jaden smiled and helped pick him up. She followed him back through the passage and into the control room. She walked over to the panel and tried to find anything that help in their investigation. She found that slavers had come and were due to take the student to Nar Shaddaa but they had not left yet. They were leaving on a platform near hear.

"Find what you were looking for yet" said a deep voice that sounded like a snake

Jaden and Lucan spun around lightsabers drawn. It was the Nautolan from earlier. He had about six stormtroopers and a man in a Disciples of Ragnos uniform as well as a lightsaber attached to his waist.

"Yes actually we have and we were just leaving." Said Lucan

"I can't let you leave" said the Nautolan drawing a blaster

Lucan and Jaden ignited their sabers and attacked. Two troopers were down. The man drew his lightsaber and activated it. Crimson saber aglow he leapt towards Jaden who used the force to push him away. The man landed in a heap next to Lucan. He stood up and swung at Lucan who deflected the shot easily. Jaden spun around. The Nautolan shot at her. She deflected the shot back and it hit him in the head. He fell lifelessly to the floor. Lucan was in the middle of an intense duel with the man. The man swung at him but Lucan ducked and back flipped away. The man took a second saber from his waist and ignited it. Lucan was surprised and jumped back. The man attacked with both sabers and Lucan only just had time to block. Jaden jumped and attacked the man from behind. He blocked with his second saber. Lucan swung right after Jaden and sliced through the man's waist. He fell to the ground. They ran out of the control room and through the club. They found a back exit and went through. There was a speeder and they got in. Jaden hit the activate button and zoomed off. Lucan had entered the coordinates and they were weaving in and out of traffic. They could see the landing platform and a ship preparing to take off. They arrived and leapt out of the speeders. Stormtroopers were taking the student on-board. They spotted Jaden and Lucan, the lead trooper pointed and two troopers took the student on board while the others started shooting. The two ignited their lightsabers and deflected the shots. They advanced towards the troopers. The shots were coming in heavy. The ship was taking off, the rest of the troopers ran on-board. Jaden sprinted forward and leapt into the air. The ship was in the air and the ramp was closed now. She took out a tracker from a pouch on her waist. She threw at the ship and it stuck on top. She fell back to the ground. She took out her data-pad and checked if the tracker was working. Now all they had to do was follow it. Suddenly a red blaster bolt shot past them. They turned around, more imperials were coming onto the landing platform. They took out their lightsabers and ignited them.

"Master we need to get back to the ship." Said Lucan with worry in his voice

The imperials started shooting. They swung their sabers and deflected the bolts.

"Lucan, cover me. " He nodded.

Jaden turned and crouched behind Lucan. He was deflecting the bolts back to the imperials, his green blade swinging in the air.

"R6, bring the ship to our position now." Instructed Jaden

There was an affirmative beep. Jaden got up and moved beside Lucan again. They moved with coordination. There were only a few imperials left. One of them spoke into his wrist. Reinforcements thought Jaden. She wished R6 would hurry up. The blaster bolts were flying all around them. Jaden brought up her arm and deflected another shot. She could see more troops coming across the bridge. Lucan spotted a black dot in the sky coming towards them. The closer it got, they recognised it as their ship.

"Master, it's our ship."

"I see it Lucan. We need to stop those advancing troops.

"What about the bridge Master. "Said Lucan

"Good idea. Now concentrate on keeping those troops at bay."

"Yes Master." Said Lucan

He moved up in front, switching to the Soresu form to defend his Master. With it being his Master's preferred form, he had learned it quite well. Jaden closed her eyes and lifted her arms up. The bridge's support beams started shaking. Suddenly she brought her arms crashing down. The beams broke in half and the bridge tipped. It was now diagonal and the troops slid down and fell to their deaths screaming. She closed her hands into fists and the bridge cracked. It fell down into the deep chasm of the Corusant under levels. Lucan turned around and stared at his Master in awe.