"A long time ago, in japans edo period, three individual met by chance and started on a journey. Even as they grew to become good friend, in the end, they went their separate ways. Not many people know of this tale but we, the descendents of one of those individuals, know the truth. They went up against –"A bell went off. The elderly woman who sat at her kichen table turned to the young girl retrieving some toast from the toaster.

"Fubuki Tasumi!" She scolded, glaring at the girl who only just turned around for the first time in 15 minutes. "Were you listening to me?" The sixteen year old girl, looking not even a little guilty for ignoring her grandmother, shook her head. As the older woman seethed, Fubuki took a bite out her toast.

"I've heard this story a thousand times since I was a kid, Grandma." She said with her mouth full. She swallowed. "I know about my ancestor, Fuu, who hired two guys named Mugen and Jin to help her find her father, the samurai who smells of sunflowers. I know that they fought against the edo period government and beat them. I know all of that because you've told me already!" Fubuki slammed her hand down on the table. "My only question is why you insist on telling me this every day. Before, you'd only retell the story every month or so but lately you've been doing this every time you see me. Are you planning something?"

The woman, Minami Tasumi of sixty years of age stared blankly at her granddaughter. Did she have a plan? Oh yes she did but she couldn't tell Fubuki that. So what else could she do but push the girl out the door before she realized her plan.

"Have a nice day at that new school of yours, Fubuki!" Was all that the elderly woman said before she slammed the front door in shocked Fubuki's face? The young girl stood there for a while, her suspicions doubling. In the end she just sighed and turned to go to school.

Fubuki had been living with her grandmother for almost all her life. Her mother died when she was very young and her father, a big shot CEO, was too busy to raise his young daughter so he dumped her on his own mother. She hadn't seen him since her twelfth birthday when he came with her first and last birthday present. Some Chinese hair pins. The same ones she wore now. They were beautiful. They were flower shaped but Fubuki had no clue what kind they were nor did she want to know.

The street was as quiet as any street. There were cars, children and birds trying their best to make noise. Usually this would annoy people, but Fubuki loved her neighborhood. It was relatively safe. Plus, she thought looking up at the sky. The day was beautiful. Fubuki heard shouts and the sound of footsteps but she thought they were far off. She thought she heard someone dash past her but when she turned there was no one there. Deciding to ignore it, she turned to walk but was knocked over by some mysterious boy.

"Ow, that hurt." A boy said. He was leaning on her back, their faces close together. Fubuki jumped back, embarrassed to be that close to a handsome boy. And he was handsome. He had long black hair tied pulled back into a ponytail. They looked to be the same age. The sun reflected off the glasses he wore so she couldn't tell what his eye color was. She could, however, feel his gaze on her. Checking her out like she was some specimen.

"What are you looking at, weirdo!" Fubuki cried trying to cover herself with her hands. Was this guy a pervert?

"What? Weirdo?" The boy seemed confused. "I'm not weirdo, I'm Ichirou Enshirou. I don't know any weirdo's. I was looking for a bastard but I don't think that makes him weird. I hate him though. "Fubuki sat there, staring at the man who continued to babble about random things that he didn't understand. The man seemed to be perpetually confused.

"Um… hi Ichirou. I'm Fubuki Kasumi. And yes, you are weird. Very much so." Fubuki said getting up. She had to clean the dust off her new uniform. "You kept staring at me, without even say sorry."

"Sorry? For what?" He asked, obviously not seeing anything wrong with knocking a girl over. Fubuki's eye twitched.

"For what? You bumped into me and made me fall over. I don't know what you were running from, but that's no excuse to hit me." Fubuki said thought clenched teeth.

"That's not what happened." Ichirou muttered, not even looking up. He was picking up the stuff from his bag. Textbooks, notebooks and a bunch of other school stuff. So he was a student. Fubuki didn't know why but that made her worry for some reason.

"Then why don't you tell me what happened since I'm wrong?" She suggested, looking down at him. Brown eyes behind his glasses looked up at her. Something snapped in her. Not in the bad way though. It was like, déjà vu. She almost felt like she knew this guy but they had never met. "W-well!" She forced out even as unfamiliar feelings swelled in her chest.

"What happened is that you got in my way." He said. The almost joyful feeling died as soon as rage started to boil with her. Still, he continued. "I was chasing after that bastard after he tried to fight me. I don't know why he ran, but I went after him. He ran pass you but you probably didn't see him. Had you not been there, staring up at the sky like some kind of idiot, I would have gotten him this time. So I did nothing wrong."

Fubuki had been standing there, silently fuming. "Oh, really? It's my fault?" She growled, her hands clenched around her bag handle.

Ichirou nodded, muttering, "Exactly." Fubuki lifted her bag above her head and brought it down as hard as she could so that she could onto Ichirou's lowered head.

"Jerk!" She shouted as she made a connection.

End of Chapter One

Authors note.

Jo, to my readers. I hope you enjoyed chapter one of We Will Meet Again. I loved Samurai Champloo and i had just thought of this. i imagine others have thought of this too but that cant be helped. I'd love to know what you think. (bows):)