Fubuki sat in the principal's office with her legs together and her back straight. To say she was nervous was an understatement. She was scared. Just on the way here she nearly cornered by three large guys.

"Im sorry, sir." Fubuki said, with her head facing the floor. "could you repeat that?" The principal, a surprisingly sweet looking man in his 40's, tilted his head to the side. He must be wondering what Fubuki was confused about.

"I said that because you're new here and practically defenseless, you should ask someone to protect you here." The man repeated, with sweet smile in place. "that's the only way I can imagine you being safe here at Birin High school." A vein popped on Fubuki's forehead with the older man every other word.

Finally, Fubuki jumped up from her chair. "Not that!" she shouted. "the other part! The part about me staying here for an entire year!" The man pondered this for a minute then remembered the same way anime people do. A fist hitting the palm of their hand.

"Oh, that!" the man exclaimed. "Yes, Im sorry, Kasumi-san, but transfers can't be conducted anymore. If you want to transfer, you have to do it over the summer. You will have to wait until next year." He explained.

"But it's the beginning of the year!" she cried, near desperate. "Why do I have to wait an entire year to get out of this place? Can't I just leave?" She pleaded, he hands clamped together like a beggar.

"Im sorry but no." the man with a finality that made it hard to respond. The smile was still in place but Fubuki could say no more. "But don't worry. Being a student at Biren High school isn't so bad. Just dangerous. That's why I suggest getting some body guards." The man offered, getting up from his chair. The man was really tall. Fubuki backed up a step as he drew near. "We have many strong students. Akihiko Ryukyu, Sachiro-"

"W-wait a sec." Fubuki interrupted. "Are you saying there's a guy whose last name is Ryukyu?" the principal nodded. "Wasn't that edo Okinawa?"

The man laughed. "Don't ask me. I don't know why they took that name. Ryῡkyῡ is no more now so I don't question it. Either way, you might not want to talk to that guy, actually. He's very dangerous" The man warned but Fubuki was in a world of her own.

"Akihiko…" she sighed, blushing. "What an elegant name. he must be a prince among these thugs." She turned the principal. "Right?" she asked.

The principal thought about it for a second, made a weird disgusted face and shook his head. "Actually, despite his peaceful name, Akihiko is-"

"No matter!" Fubuki shouted. "I will find my prince among these thugs." Then she skipped out of the office faster than anything the older man had ever seen.

"…well," he started, walking back to his chair. "that girl is definitely interesting. Plus, if she runs that fast to talk to a boy, she might break the sound barrier running from these thugs." He relaxed in his chair closed his eyes. With a sigh, he fell asleep.

On the other hand Fubuki was anything but relaxed. She had been skipping joyfully, hoping to find her Akihiko somewhere. She imagined him as a strong, handsome man with kind eyes and a beautiful smile. She was so engrossed in her fantasies, she failed to see the person walking up the hall in her way.

They collided and both fell to the ground with a thud. The man before was big ugly and mad as hell. Fubuki tried to crawl away but the man just grabbed her leg and pulled her back.

"Where the hell do you think you're going', girly?" The man snarled, shadows making look a lot less human than normal. Fubuki was scared stiff and had no way of getting away

"Oi!"Someone growled. They stood behind her. "What the hell are you two doing on the floor in the middle of the hall."Fubuki saw the man pale before her. His grip on her leg loosened enough so that she could pull her leg away.

"Im sorry, Mugen-sama!" the student groveled, his head on the dirty floor as he bowed to the boy behind her. "I won't get in your way pleaded The man in front of her got up and ran away.

"Wow!"Fubuki exclaimed. "That was amazing! That guy was huge and you scared him off like he was nothing." She turned to admire her savor but was shocked by what she saw.

This guy didn't even look like a student. His hair was wild and all over the place. His face was rough and he looked more like a beast than the last guy. He wore the same uniform Ichirou wore. That meant he was a student. just great.

"Uh, t-thank you, kind sir." She said uneasily. The man was staring down at her in the weirdest way. Fubuki got up and saw that guy was taller than her too. Why can't scary guys be short! She thought.

"The names Mugen." The guy said, cocking his head as he looked at her up and down. Just like Ichirou had done.

"Do you need something?" she demanded, covering her chest with her arms. Mugen shook his head.

"Naw. I had saved you in hopes that you'd be packing more than an A-cup but apparently that's all you have." The guy didn't even try to hide the disgust on his face. Fubuki's anger rose.

"I'll have you know I am a C-cup!" she shouted before she could stop herself. Her words echoed across the hall. Fubuki's face burned as she heard the other students whispering among themselves.

"That's a c-cup?"

"It really doesn't look it."

"Do you think she's lying?"

"Why not check? She alone."

"We can't now, since she's with Mugen-sama."

Whoever this Mugen guy was, he was feared. He didn't look that young though. He looked considerably older than her. The only thing to add to her embarrassment over yelling out such private things and the fear of getting attacked later, was Mugen laughing at her.

"Wow, you really are some kind of idiot." He muttered, smirking at her. "Yelling out your bust size in a school of delinquent's. Yeah, Im sure that will help you later." The guy was laughing at her and he spun around and walked away.

So Fubuki stood there, alone in the hall, shocked. Today was turning out to be horrible. She hadn't even gotten into her first period class and she already was known as the c-cup girl. To make matters worse, she might have to deal with students like Mugen and Ichirou. That was the worst part.

Fubuki threw he head back and shouted at the top of her lungs to the ceiling. "I freaking hate this place!" One could say that the windows shook at her yell.

End of chapter 3