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Author's note:

Okay children, (Sorry, I may call you that a lot) this is my first fanfiction sooooooo please don't hate it!

Okay well this just kinda happened like this cuz my sister came up to me one days and she's like T****** what does this word mean? And she showed me the word Oubliette and I was like I have no clue! So after we figured it out, this GRAND idea to take a whole bunch of weird words and turn them into tiny one-shots was born! HUZZA! :D

Yeah so I decided to start out with more of a comedy to, ya know, lighten the mood. But hey, all you whump people out there don't worry there'll be A LOT of that coming up! So yeah, ummm enjoy!

Oubliette: A secret dungeon with an opening only in the ceiling, as in certain old castles.

Merlin's eyes fixed themselves on the back of Arthur's blond head, every curse or swear he muttered under his breath seemed to bounce right off that thick skull of his.

This was RIDICULOUS, they had been circling Cenred's castle for at least five hours trying to find a supposedly, secret entrance into a dungeon, which, to make matters worse, would lead them to Morgana's cell. That was where the poor, little helpless, deceptive, lying witchwas being held captive.

Five hours looking for the one who had set up this entire hostage situation so that he and Arthur could be killed...he spent five hours of his life walking into her trap.

Nope. That was it.

"Arthur!" Merlin shouted angrily immediately grabbing the prince's attention.

"What!" The prince shouted equally as irritated.

Arthur watched, a confused expression spread across his face as he watched the young warlock march dramatically up him, completely prepared to spill EVERY secret he had ever held.

"Arthur, this is the last-YAAAHHH!"

Arthur watched in complete fascination as his friend suddenly disappeared from his view into the ground below him.


The young prince excitedly ran up to the opening in the ground, fell to his knees, and gripped the edges of the hole and peered down.

"GOOD JOB MERLIN!" Arthur shouted down below as he watched the warlock slowly turn upwards with a groan.

"You found the secret entrance!" He quipped happily as he looked around for the ladder that was bound to be there.

Merlin sighed and let himself lay there until Arthur finally reached the bottom and hoisted him up onto his feet.

"Now Merlin, what was that you wanted to tell me?"

The young warlock barely withheld his fist as is screamed: