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Anodyne : Serving to relieve pain

"Ah! Gaius! That hurts!" Merlin shouted as his mentor suddenly pulled on the bandage around his shoulder.

"Oh, stop fussing Merlin, and hold still, or I assure you it WILL hurt." Gaius clucked disapprovingly.

"I honestly cannot believe you, Merlin, WHAT have I told you about playing hero?" Arthur scolded trying to cover the bit of worry in his voice.

"It really doesn't suit me…and you know what? For once I think you're right." He mumbled and then suddenly gasped and clutched his injured side.

Merlin sucked in a sharp breath and cautiously looked up at the faces of his worried friends.

"No, I'll be fine." He said wincing again as he sat up from his position on the table he was currently on.

"Arthur, we need to get back, the scouts may have found something by now."

Arthur was just about to object when Gaius suddenly intervened.

"Here," He said taking down a tonic from one of his shelves.

Merlin eyed it suspiciously for a moment.

If he had been looking closely enough he would've seen a very distinct communication flicker between his mentor and the prince standing next to him.

"If you're going to even think about riding a horse you'd better take this. It's for the pain." The old man said smoothly.

This time the warlock gratefully took the tonic and prepared himself for the horrid taste.

"Thanks," He said then in one gulp, he downed the contents.

The second Merlin finished the potion; he realized what exactly he had just drunk as Gaius, with a very satisfied grin, plucked the vile from his ward's hand before it could slip through his fingers.

Arthur, with an equally amused grin, sauntered over to his friend's side as he waited for the inevitable.

"Oh, you didn't…" The young warlock never finished as the elixir finally took its toll, casting him into a deep and steady sleep.

Merlin slumped completely limp to the side; luckily, Arthur had been expecting this and quickly reached out his arm and caught the dark haired man before he fell.

Gaius smiled fondly at the warlock before shaking his head and helped carry his ward into his own room and lay him down gently on his bed.

Arthur chuckled beside Gaius as they both exited the room. "Well, done Gaius," Arthur said before shutting the door, the only sound being the steady breathing of the warlock.

"I don't believe he ever would have rested willingly until he knew for certain Cendred's men had been driven out of our land. " The blond prince laughed.

"Oh, I know, sire. I know." Gaius said laughing along with the prince.

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