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"I'm going away, Mikey." A soft caring, yet scared, voice spoke. The face blurred from the youngest vision again, small beady tears in the smallest eyes, as the other leaned in kissing Michelangelo's cheek. "I promise... I'll come back someday, but... be strong, okay, baby brother?" Michelangelo nodding to that face, the face that belonged to the one who he always had with him there to hold onto when Michelangelo was scared of the most stupidest of things.

It had been one of the worst nights of Michelangelo's life as one of his older brother's, eyes glowing a purple tint, turned around walking out the door. Donatello had been the first to leave him and the Dawns' way of life.

That had been six years ago, when Michelangelo was eight. Donatello, so gifted in life at sixteen, had become a monster. One of the Dusks' who were a group that were violent and tragically sinful in so many ways Michelangelo had yet to learn of in his young age.

A shiver rushed Michelangelo's spine as he turned, swiping his arm in the air, his mind cluttered with thoughts... with so many problems that had happened that year... that one year...
Donatello had been gone for only a week before the news reached the capital.

When the news finally got to the ears of the temple in which Michelangelo's family had been living in for the years since his infancy brought Michelangelo to grieve his life just slightly. Michelangelo had taken a few minutes that day, only because he had been curious to see if they had found his older brother, his sweet dear caring older brother, to sneak into the office of the high Lord of the Summer fiefdom.

Michelangelo, after finally reaching inside the room, had failed to leave a small trace of energy outside to warn him if someone was coming. The small turtle child had been in far too much of a rush and in his hurry when the sound of the booming footsteps neared the door, the slight creaking of the knob, Michelangelo had rushed under the desk for his only source of cover. He felt every inch of his scaly skin prickle before two sets of feet came near the desk which slightly creaking as someone sat on it.

"It's happening again, isn't it." The voice of the Summer Lord, Casey Jones, stated to another person Michelangelo couldn't see. The second spoke before coming around the desk, Michelangelo placed a hand on his small beak to quell any more of his harsh breathing. The legs that appeared in front of his small hidden body were slender legs of a woman, black material wrapped around her legs to hold her shoes wound up her legs like fine lace, and a hour glass looking figure from the waist below were all he saw of this woman with no face to be identified.

The voice of the woman spoke so softly, but the crisp in her words were like the frozen ground under one's footsteps, "If more children begin to vanish, Lord Casey, we will have to act... it has been centuries since the song played... since the Dusks' were reborn in numbers..."

Michelangelo remembered his fear, he had been taught few things in his life. Dusks and Dawns being one of the main ones. Dawns, as he was, were the light of the world. They had been gifted the use of magic, the pure of heart and the trust of the flowers in the plaza's where the Angels dwelled... Michelangelo fought the tears as his mentor's, and father's, words of the last great war with the Dusks' came to his mind.

'They fight without honor, my children.' Splinter was an old rat, wise in his age and his body so frail but to those who fought him doubted he was anything so. 'They are immoral, sinful...' the look of great sadness crossed the rats eyes making his fur skin seem dull. 'And once they were great fighters, children, women, and men much like you, of the Dawns light.'

Splinter had smiled at the four young turtles all eagerly leaning into every words like sponge in a bucket of water, 'No one knows why a Dusk is created or how they are chosen, but when one is chosen in a family... a family such as the oldest late Lord Springs youngest brother...' The rat sat down on his chair before waving his hand shooing them all off to bed, 'Sleep well, no Eclipse comes ...'

Michelangelo looked up as the chair was pushed back breaking the memory, the woman sitting down swirling just once before leaning onto the table, her legs only inches from Michelangelo's body, "We must have a plan..."

He had stayed there longer than he had ever planned to, the two had sat and enjoyed a wild conversation from their own students even to the weather changing soon in all their lands. By the time they had left it was well past midnight and his mind was exhausted when he stumbled out into the corridor towards his room where his older brothers', Leonardo and Raphael, were waiting.

Michelangelo sat in his classroom six months later bored, his teachers gone and the groups forming around him, and he hummed waiting for something to happen.

"Hey," Raphael had come into Michelangelo's room during class, Raphael's smile had always been one that freaked out many of the teachers and students, before he sat down next to Michelangelo. It was a short break, another emergency meeting for all the teachers, Ladies and Lords. Michelangelo had been feeling a bit lonely, out of the class he was the 'unsuited' one for the flowers because of his personality and disposition, also because of his family name and his attitude towards things.

"Raphie." Michelangelo called his brothers childish name and had smiled giving Raphael a hug, "I hope you don't get in trouble, big brother."

Raphael only smiled, but the sorrow, somehow terrifying look it displayed, made Michelangelo frown. "Mike... I... think I'm going to take a break, okay." 'Break' was only allowed for when you graduated, when the teachers were called away, or when you were sick.

"Why? Are you sick?" Raphael chuckled hugging Michelangelo again before getting up. "Raph? What about me? What about Leo?"

He continued walking out the door, others in the room giving Michelangelo a curious, fearful, look before he tuned out the whispers that he knew would spread gossip. They would say what they said about Donatello. They would say that Raphael had become a Dusk, a sinful creature living in the dark... doing whatever the sinful did.

Michelangelo had wasted no time after that thought to get up and chase after Raphael, but he never found the older like he had desired. Michelangelo cried as he ran around another corner seeing Raphael smiling at another familiar face, "Donnie! Raphie!"

Donatello turned his face slightly surprised, "Mikey," before a smirk grew as he lifted his hand out looking into Michelangelo's face, "Are you coming also?" the voice was not his brothers. It was cold, unorganized with its pitch raising and falling, its eyes cold, glowing an illuminating purple. Though it was the smirk, on the borderline of psychotic and blood thirsty, that made him freeze.

"Donatello?" Michelangelo called more quietly. "What happened to you, brother!"

"Come with us, Mikey. It's fun." Donatello stretched his hand out a bit as he pulled Raphael closer to his sleek chest.

"No cares. No worries. No one telling us what to do." Michelangelo watched as Raphael's normal smile of anger turned up farther, taking on a maniacal smirk before his face turned his hand rising from his side out to the younger brother turtle.

"Family should stick together, right, Mike?" Raphael's voice was the same but the change was there, growing the more Raphael stayed next to Donatello. It frightened the young Michelangelo.

The darkness swirling out around them from a small rip in the fabric of space, Michelangelo knew what it was... it was hell welcoming back its children. It was the pit of sin to bring the two he loved into its embrace to corrupt their souls.

"NO!" Michelangelo shouted out as he ran forward reaching out his hands not to go with them but to pull them back. "We are a family! Please, Donnie! Raphie, please!"

Their hands dropped to their sides as they snickered turning into the dark before a pair of black-reddish pair of hands reached out taking their shoulder pulling them in that materialized inside the ripped fabricated space.

Michelangelo never thought he'd hear the music that six months ago he had over in the lord Summer's room that the Lady Winter and Lord Summer had talk about, not when he knew he had no shred of black tainting his skin, or so he thought. He looked into the face of what held onto his brothers as the gate was closing, he couldn't slow it down anymore then it seemed to purposefully do. His eyes grew wide as the fabricated face in the colors that glowed inside the pocket dimension. It smiled, it's shape shifting into something familiar but so far and so distance. Slowly it grew into something, so low, so brittle, so painful... Something his heart was pounding for and lusting for.

Michelangelo felt his legs giving out on him as he rushed to where the two had been, falling to the floor face down. His legs spread out before he stopped inches from where the portal had once been. Tears bloomed in Michelangelo's eyes as he looked up, a small orange star like crystal fell from the small part of the portal that had slightly lingered long enough for him where it landed against the ground. The sound echoed through the hall making Michelangelo cover his ears as he slowly scooted over picking it up.

The tears still pooled around his eyes as he curled into a ball, the sounds had faded and the echo of footsteps could be heard, all the while he tucked the small crystal into a pouch he had received from Donatello on his seventh birthday just a year ago.

"Where... oh dear god, Michelangelo?" a teacher said dropping down next to him. "Grab a doctor! Get the nurse! GET SOMEONE!" the teacher returned to their cooing even as he looked up.

"I still hear the music..." he whispered, "I... want my brothers..." he closed his eyes as he cried harder into his legs tying his small pouch onto the fabric of his sash around his waist before the world was spinning.

But he didn't remember the months after that until he returned to class the look of great fear in the students eyes. The look one would give the sinful.

Michelangelo remembered that spinning, remembered that pain that cracked his heart. He opened his eyes to look into his instructors who smiled clapping their hands together cheering him on. He slowly bowed after releasing the stance, something he learned somewhere else, and he turned walking off the stage. He wanted to escape this prison, escape to his room where his photos of his family were laid to be forever hiddenly admired.

'Donatello, Raphael.' Michelangelo had not heard a word from them since ten years ago, his age now eighteen. Had not seen them since the day Donatello came and took Raphael with him, he never regretted leaving but he regretted never being fast enough to get to them before the music came to spirit them away to that hell.

"-lo." Michelangelo barely caught the end of his name before he felt someone grabbed his arm in their three fingered grip, his eldest brother... his brother who had graduated only a year after their brothers went missing. He turned to see the worried expression on Leonardo's face before the sigh and disgruntled worry replaced it. "I've been calling you since you left the room... Are you still thinking about them?"

"Yes." Michelangelo nervously said looking the other way his hand touching the necklace before back at his brother. "They're family, why can't I still think about them."

Michelangelo's face turned into anger before he turned his head left while taking deep breaths, "They are Dusks now, Mikey... they are sinful, disgusting creatures. They only want to kill us, maim us... you know what dusks are, after all... this is the new era where the Dusks are beginning to rule again."

"Donnie and Raphie aren't part of it!" Michelangelo had shouted only to receive a slap to his face from Leonardo over the conversation with his older brother's free black covered hand.

"They are..." Leonardo stated looking at his brother. "Michelangelo, I've been apart of this war longer than you. I've read the reports. I've seen the pictures... I've looked at the dead... they are part of it, they are disgusting things because they listened to the song, because they went off and left their family for... for that life!"

"What is wrong with having freedom, Leo!" Michelangelo retorted. "Being here... suffocating... every day it feels like that!"

"And you 'sneak' off." A small wide eyed expression grew on Michelangelo's face as denial was approaching his lips, "Don't think I haven't noticed." Leonardo stepped forward eyeing his younger and only 'living' brother up and down. "Avoiding reality... making your memories wrong... Do you think that is honoring our family, honoring our dead?"

Michelangelo shoved Leonardo away before running off the tears growing faster even as he pushed open the portal door to his and Leonard's house before another, slamming it in the process when he entered, as Michelangelo crashed into the bed... all he wanted was to 'feel' like his family was whole again. Feel as if Leonardo wasn't desperate to kill the family still alive on the other side. As if Leonardo wasn't planning it every day since Donatello vanished into the night.

Michelangelo picked up the necklace and watched it glow a brighter orange then usual which he smiled at his lips softly kissing it as he whispeed, 'Let me be whole again' before his body shimmered with warmth. Pleasure coursing through Michelangelos blood, under his skin, nails, and as his vision turned white, slowly to grey, before finally black.

All Michelangelo saw when he woke up again was a blue mask, a look of worry. He wondered how long he had been gone from this world since only a day for himself had gone by. This world had no time restraints as Michelangelo's did from the lapses that had taken hold during years, Michelangelo noted, of going in and out of this loving, better, more honorable family of Green fighting Turtles.