This happens after Beast Boy had his latest encounter with Terra. I have no idea what that monster/villian was. The one that could change into elements and different matter, so i didnt mention it. But i hope you enjoy it!

It was just after sunset at the Tower.

Beast Boy sat crossed legged on a large rock infront of the ocean. Its been a two weeks since he confronted Terra, and he pondered why Terra couldnt remember anything, for the millionth time. He had bugged the team so much with it, Raven scolded him to try and resolve it himself. But was Slade right? Is she diliberatly trying to forget them? To forget him? Why would Terra not want to be a Titan anymore? He had a general idea, but didnt want to believe it. Maybe she really did want to forget them. Before she saved them, she wanted to be rid of her powers, she just couldnt keep control. Maybe she wasnt happy being a Titan after all.

No. She was happy. Happy with him, happy with her friends, happy being a Titan. But why did she betray them? Why did she let Slade in? She knew the team could help her.

He traced small circles on the heart-shaped box he made for Terra many months ago. He opened and closed it. As he open it for the fifth time he saw the reflection of an empath in the mirror. "Raven?" He quickly closed it. Figuring it was his imagination, he went back to his thoughts. He felt eyes burning in the back of his head, he turned facing an annoyed Raven. What did i do this time? "Whats up Rae?" he asked in a flat tone.

Raven raised an eyebrow. "Well being i can sense hthings, i keep getting a strong flow of emotion here and its irritating me."

"Sorry. Do you want me to go somewhere else." Now Beast Boy was getting irritated at Ravens attitide. Normaly its doesnt bother him, as a matter of fact it usually made his day, but being he was so confused she wasnt helping the matter.

Raven was taking back by his tone. "Beast Boy, whats wrong?" she knew very well what was up, but something felt a little different. "Is it Terra still?"

Beast Boy sighed, "Dude. Raven, im so confused."

"Well, whats new.."

Beast Boy turned back to her, "Look, i know im an idiot most of the time, but i could use some help."

"Hey, your the one admitting that your an idiot." Raven held back a smile. She couldnt help but fool with the green changeling at his most vulnerable point. But in all honesty she hated seeing him so depressed. And it bothered her.

Beast Boy sighed, "Funny." A slight breeze ruffled his mossy hair.

"Ok, this is not you. Does Terra have that much of an effect on you? Im even shocking myself. I tried to make you laugh. Now thats aggrivating." Raven sat down on Beast Boys bed, and encased him with black energy flopping him down beside her. "Now talk to me. Whats on your mind?"

Beast Boy put his face in his hands, " about Terra.."

"Beast Boy, i cant understand mumbling, it only irritates me. Look at me." A ravens claw lifted his chin up to face Raven.

He looked into her violet eyes. The ocean breeze blowing a few strands of hair around her face. "Why doesnt Terra remember me? Why wont she come back?"

Raven stared into him, feeling his mixed emotions. She knew he still cared about Terra, but why cant he just move on? Clearly Terra doesnt want to come back to her old life. But she could bring herself to say it. "Well, maybe she wanted a new life. Start anew. If i were her, i wouldnt want to live in fear again. I know what thats like. I dont ever want to go back. Ever. She was living in fear of losing control of her powers, being destructive. I still do, thats why i meditate everyday. Not only to help control my powers, but to keep me calm. I know its hard Beast Boy, but if you really care about would let her live the life she wants. Even if it means without you." Raven placed a hand on his shoulder, he flinched a bit. "Im not going to hurt you."

"I know. Uh, thanks Rae. You know, maybe i didnt care for Terra as much as i thought I did."

Raven raised an eyebrow.

"I mean, it wouldve been obvious for me to be happy that she has the life she wanted. But all i wanted was for her to have her powers back and go back to the way things were before. Before she betrayed us. That sound selfish now, so i makes me think, maybe i didnt really care for her as much." Beast Boy stared at his hands. "But why didnt she just tell me that she wants a different life instead of acting like it never happened?"

"Now theres the anwer in the question."

Beast Boy scratched his head, "Uh.."

Raven sighed, "Think about what you just said. 'she acting like it never happened'. Thats her whole point. She doenst want to remember, she wants to live like it all never happened. Thats the obvious answer."

After a moment the light clicked in his brain. "I understand. So Slade was right, she doesnt want to remember me? What we had wasnt real."

Raven held back for a moment. "Well, i dont think its a personal matter. Believe it or not, i really think Terra was just toying with you. Im sorry if that upsets you, but..Beast Boy, you need to open your eyes and really look back to what it really was. If she really liked you, Slade would not have come first. She put Slade before you, before the team, before herself. I think..I think its time you moved on. And im not saying its going to be easy. But mostly, things change for the better."

Beast Boy knodded, "Youre right. I guess its no good mopping around over something thats not going to change, right?"

Raven knodded with a slight smile. They sat in silence for a few moment, listening to the soft sounds of the oceans waves.

"So do you..want to go downtown?" His emerald eyes shined with hope.

Raven gave him her usual look, "Your really going to push it arent you?" Though she was happy she got the old Beast Boy back, she could deny his hurt face. "You know, i have been needing to find another book store. Since my usual one isnt there anymore."

Beast Boy perked up. And flashed a smile. "Awsome! Maybe they have comics there too!"

Raven sighed and followed Beast Boy to the tower. Relived he couldnt see her, a smile formed on her lips.

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