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"Tonight is gonna be so fun!" Terra shrieked in excitement. The geomancer was finishing the last touches on her makeup. Hip-hop music was quietly playing the background.

Stafire beamed, "Agreed!"

"Girl, I dont know how you're done already." She looked Terra up and down, "You look cute."

Terra twirled, giving a dramatic pose, "Why thank you."

The girls giggled.

"Raven, are you the done getting dressed yet?" Starfire called at her bathroom door.

"Just about."

"Well hurry up! You still have your hair and makeup to do." Terra plopped on Starfire's bed and picked up her laptop.

"Yes, I know! I'm just a little nervous, okay."

Bumblebee huffed, "Stop bein' nervous girl and get yo ass out here!"

"Fine." Raven opened the door, and walked to Starfire's vanity. She picked up her makeup bag and sat on the stool. Raven signed searching through the bag.

Starfire stood next to the empath, "Would you like the help with your hair?"

Raven knodded, "Thanks, I have no idea what to do with it."

Starfire smiled, "I believe I know the 'perfect style'."

Raven rolled her eyes, "Lets get it over with."

As the alien princess fixed up Raven's hair, the empath applied her makeup. Having seen some idea's from the feminen magazines Starfire kept, she was doing surprising well.

Bumblebee checked herself over, giviing a satisfied knod. "Done! What ya'll think?"

Starfire glanced up from her work, "Glorious! Very stunning!"

Terra grinned, "Sexy."

Raven kept working on her face, "Very cute."

Bumblebee crossed her arms, "You didnt even look."

Raven shook her head, "I can see you through the mirror."

Bumblebee dropped her arms, "Right. Well, thanks!" She grinned and sat next to Terra, "Whatcha doin'?"

Terra shrugged. "Playing solitare. Waiting on the slowpokes!"

Bumblebee giggled.

"Watch it over there." Raven warned. she applied the finishing touches on her makeup and and looked it over. 'It looks..not bad actually.' "How's my hair coming along Star?"

"Just about finished." Starfire pulled the hair curler from Raven's purple hair, and sprayed a light mist over the curls, giving it a tousled look.

Raven was so engrossed applying her makeup, she didnt even realize what the tameranean was doing. The empath smiled, "It looks good so far Star. You're outfit looks great by the way. Robin is gonna have a hard time keeping his hands off you."

Starfire beamed. "Thank you friend!" She curled a few more strands and pulled the top half of Ravens hair up in a black clip. "I am finished!" Grinning, ahe stepped back and let Raven examine her work.

Raven was taken back. "Wow Star..its..amazing!"

Starfire's grin widdened.

Terra and Bumblebee smiled, "Lookin' good. Hunter is gonna need to pack a mop tonight to soak up all that drool."

The empath blushed at her friend's compliments. "Thanks."

"Well.." Terra stood by the door and everyone stood, "I think it's time for modeling our sexy selves."

The girls giggled and filed out of the room.


The boys were pacing in anticipation.

"Damn, why to girls take so long!?" Hunter huffed, throwing his black leather jacket on the sofa.

The girls filed into the ops' room. "Well what'd yall think?"

"I think it was well worth the weight." Aqualad stood in front of the others in a daze, his eyes locked on the blonde geomancer.





The girls burst into a fit of giggles.

"I believe the cat has their tongues,yes?"

Raven smirked, "Not quite, more like their brains turned to mush."

Bumblebee crossed her arms, glaring at the boys. More to Cyborg anyways, "Yall just gonna stand there and gape like fish? The water log your brains?"

The boys snapped out of their stupor and walked up to the girls, minus Speedy.

The arrowmaster wore a yellow blazer and pants, a white singlet, and white sneakers. Speedy kept his mask on.

Cyborg looked Bumblebee over, "Mmm..hello sexy mama." He wore his holoring, dressed in a light grey cargo shirt with a white t-shirt underneath. Dark blue jeans, white sneakers, and a large chain-necklace.

Bumblebee looked up at him seductively. "Not so bad yourself Sparky." She wore a glittery gold tube mid-drift shirt, black skinny jeans with gold pumps, large gold hoop ear-rings, and a gold chain braclett. Her hair was down on tight curls, and applied gold glitter eye shadow with red lip stick.

Aqualad walked up to Terra, smiling nervously at her, "Hey. You"

The geomancer donned a baby blue bandeau top with frills on the front, white tight jeans with brown heeled boots. She had brown feathered ear-rings and brown bangeled bracletts. Her hair was pulled in a sideways ponytail in wavy curls. She had light blue eye shadow, eyeliner, and light pink lipgloss. Terra smiled at the floor, "T-Thanks. You look great yourself." She looked up at him sheepishly.

Aqualad's attire was simple. A blue long sleeved double collar-cuff slim dress shirt, with black jeans, and black dress shoes. His hair was pulled back in a low pony tail.

Nighwing took Starfire in. "Wow hun, you look absolutely beautiful! And that is an understatement."

Starfire giggled and twirled. The Tameranean princess wore a light pink and white striped half-shoulder sloped shirt, a white mid-belt, with faded blue short-shorts, and light pink strapped heels. A diamond braclett, with a matching loose choker and ear-rings. Her hair was in a messy bun with several loose curled locks. She applied light pink eye make-up in a cat eye look, and clear lip gloss. "Thank you! Appologise for the time it took, but it was most needed."

Nightwing chuckled, "Like Aqua said, well worth the wait."

"And you look most handsome indeed!" Starfire grinned.

The Titan's leader wore a red slim-fit button dress shirt, a black muscle shirt underneath, blue jeans, and black boots. He also donned a pair of sunglasses instead of his mask. His hair was styled in the 'Edward Cullen' look. Nightwing pulled Starfire close, "Mmm, thank you." He closed the distance giving her a seering kiss.

Hunter wolf-whistled at Raven, he just couldn't get over how beautiful she looked. And she smells..amazing! He was completely mesmerized by her beauty.

The empath wore a dark purple shoulder-less top; the sleeves solid on the inner arms, but in criss-cross openings on the outer arms and hips. Dark blue shimmery skinny jeans, and black strapped only jewelry were small silver hooped ear-rings. Raven's hair was done in loose curls, the top half pulled back in a black clip. She applied light lavender smokey eye make-up, and clear lip gloss.

Hunter swallowed. Was he dreaming? 'I mean Raven's always been gorgeous..but damn!'

"Earth to Gar." Raven snapper her fingers in his face and sighed when he seemed to snap out of his trance.

"S-Sorry Rae. You just look so gorgeous! Smokin' hot!"

Raven blushed, "You really think so?"

Hunter smirked, shaking his head. "Nah. I know so!"

Raven rolled her eyes and smiled, "Idiot."

The green Titan drapped his arm around Raven. "I'm your idiot."

Raven playfullly shoved him, "But thanks, you look great too."

"Pshh, great?" Hunter flexed his free arm showing off this biceps. His muscles bulged against the fabric of his shirt as he flexed his arm. Raven couldn't help but stare. Hunter wore a dark purple button up shirt with the sleeves pulled up as well as unbuttoned, with a tight black t-shirt underneath, faded blue jeans, a gray belt, and black sneakers. His hair in a 'Alex Pettyfer' do.

Raven shook her head, "I actually gotta admit..pretty damn sexy."

Hunter grinned, "I know."

The empath rolled her eyes, "Oh wipe the smug look off."

Speedy clapped his hands together and did a small dance, "Lets go party people!"


When the Titans arrived, the party was in full swing, 'Yeah' by Usher blarred from the speakers.

"Whoop-whoop! Yeah, thats what I'm talking about!" Cyborg goofed off infront of everyone, causing his friends to laugh and his girlfriend facepalmed.

"Of all the idiots in the world, I get stuck with the biggest of 'em all."

Raven smirked, "Nah, I think mine tops yours."

Bumblebee laughted, "We will see."

Hunter jumped infront and thrusted his hips in every direction, "Oh yea, my MC Hamma' is breaking loose!"

Raven eyed Bumblebee.

"Alright then, you're dating the worlds biggest idiot."

Both girls burst out laughing.

Starfire grabbed Nightwing's arm in excitement, "Can we do the dancing now? The pop, locking and drop it?"

Nightwing's eyes widdened at his girlfriend, ""

Speedy clapped Nightwing on the shoulder, "Yea, go get down with your girl bird boy."

Starfire pulled her boyfriend in the fray.

Speedy laughed and went off himself, immediatly striking up a conversation with Argent.

Hunter led Raven to the dance floor, "Ya ready to dance?"

Raven sucked in her breath and looked around.

Hunter chuckled, Raven looked adorable when she was nervous. "Hey, love. Just keep your eyes on me, let the music flow through you. Don't worry about everyone else, alot of people can't dance."

Raven broke out in a smile, and giggled.

The Changeling gave her a confused look, "..what?"

Raven cupped his face, "I love you, but you can be so thick sometimes. I said I don't dance, I never said I couldn't."

Hunter grinned, "Try me."

Raven shook her head, "Fine."

The song had changed to 'DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again' by Usher ft. Pitbull. Hunter placed his hands on Raven's hips, and Raven flushed her body against his, moving to the beat. The green Titan's eyebrows shot up, and broke out in a grin.

If Raven wasn't sneaking glances at Starfire and Nightwing, she would almost be 100% confident in what she was doing. Dancing completely alone with no one watching is one thing. Being in a setting with a lot of people and not to mention with your beloved, is a hole lot different. But Raven wasnt lying when she said she couldn't dance. For being..well Raven..she wasn't bad at all. But seeing how confident and free willed Starfire was, Raven wanted to feel just that.

"Wow Rae, you're good! Maybe you could even to a break dance."

Raven glared at her boyfriend, "Not a chance."

Hunter shrugged, "Just a suggestion."

Raven rolled her eyes, "Here's one: Stop talking." Before he knew it, Raven planted her lips on Hunter's in a kiss. Her arms wrapped around his neck, both their bodies still moving to the song. When they broke apart, Hunter grinned and pulled Raven closer to him. He leaned down and trailed hot kisses down her neck, wrapping his arms tighter around Raven.

He suddenly pulled away and started to dance, "Let's take this up a notch."

Raven gave him a questioning look.

Hunter grinned, "Yo, Rob!"

NightWing looked over from where he was dancing with Starfire, giving the changeling a look of annoyance.

"Why dont we show the girls how it's done!" Hunter cleared an open space on the dance floor.

Raven still stood confused. "What are you doing?"

Hunter grinned at her mischiviously, "Oh, you'll see."

NightWing grinned, "Hey, Cy! It's time!"

Cyborg gave a quick nod and raced to the DJ stand.

Starfire frowned, "What is going on? What is being showed 'how it's done?'"

NightWing grinned, giving the tameranean a quick kiss, "Why don't we find out." He led the confused alien to where Raven and Hunter were, leaving Starfire with the empath.

"Please Raven, what is going on?"

Raven shrugged her shoulders, "I know as much as you do, Star."

Cyborg placed the headphones on his head, selecting the song of choice, "Alright lets get this party started!" 'Give It A Go' by Timbaland began to play.

Everyone's attention were on the Titan's leader and the changeling as they began to break dance, and they were very good. The two hero's circled each other in a challenge.

Raven rolled her eyes as she realized what exactly was going on. "Show off's."

Terra and Bumblebee joined the girls. "What's going on here?"

Starfire looked around, "Where are your boyfriends?"

Bumblebee sighed, "Sparky is at the DJ stand.."

Terra shrugged.

Hunter jumped in front of NightWing, crumping then dropped to the ground using only one hand to support his whole body from touching the ground, spinning in circles. The crowd cheered.

NightWing shook his head then jumped in the middle of the opening, doing a series of flips and spins on the floor.

The crown cheered on.

The two boys got each others faces in a mock confrontation, breaking out in their own dances. Suddenly Speedy, Aqualad, and Cyborg joined in on the activity.

Hunter eyed Raven suggestively.

Raven shook her head, smiling.

They boys slowly made their way to their girlfriends, doing slow suggestive moves around them. The close proximity, had Raven's heart racing.

Terra was experiencing the same. However, with Bumblebee and Starfire, their boyfriends were grinding on them in a sudducive mannor.

The crowd was in a frenzy.

The boys backed away and did a number that could even put the most professional dancers to shame.

Starfire nudged her friends.

They all stared at eachother knowingly, then back at the boys doing a series of moves.

Bumblebee grinned wickedly, "Well if it's a battle they want.."

Raven smirked, 'It's a battle they'll get."

Terra sueaked in excitement, "I'm on it!" She dashed off to the DJ stand.

The song ended and the boys were panting and sweating. "Top that ladies."

Bumblebee and Starfire made their way to the center. Raven followed slowly behind, suddenly feeling nervous.

"Oh we plan to." Bumblebee snapped her fingers. "Terra!"

Terra hit the play button and raced to the dance floor taking her place next to Raven. 'Check On It' by Beyonce began to play.

Once the song started, the girls busted out in dance moves. They moved in practiced unison, then Bumblebee moved to the front doing her own dance.

Cyborg bobbed his head, "Dayyyummm!"

Bumblebee turned and moved shook her booty in a sexy mannor before Starfire moved to the front to do her dance, the others back up dancing. Starfire bit her lip and let her hair down, looking into NighWings eyes.

If her weren't in a room full of people, NightWing would of took her in right then and there.

Starfire suddenly started twerking.

The hero's eyes widdened and Speedy about tripped over himself. "Oh my god!"

NightWing, not taking his eyes off Starfire, hissed at Speedy, "Back off!"

Speedy put his hands up, "A man can look."

"Then avert them somewhere else!"

Starfire moved to the back of the group as Terra made her way up and began her solo.

Aqualad gulped as she did a series of twists and flips, she threw a few suddutive glances his way. "Uh, did it get 50 degrees hotter in here?"

The boys grinned, "we know what you mean."

Hunter straightened when he noticed Raven advance to the front.

"Oh I gotta see this." Speedy smirked, "I mean, come on, Raven doing things like this? I'm surprised she even came without a fight!"

"You know, Legolas, your really asking for it aren't you?" Hunter shot him a glare before his attention was on the emapth.

Raven took a deep breath as she advanced to the front, she locked eyes with Hunter. A sudden feeling of confidence over took her.

"Come on we got this! Lets show that sexy beast what we can do!" Brave jumped up in excitement!

Raven let a little smile. And to the boys surprise she began her dance, doing moves from the video and adding some of her own.

Hunter's jaw dropped, "Damn!" He wolf whistled at her and bobbed to the beat.

Raven did a couple turns before the girls looked straight at their boyfriends and motioning them over seductively with their index fingers.

They took no hesitation and strolled over.

The girls broke out in dances from the video and danced around the boys. They grabbed their boyfriends and danced on them.

Speedy was in hysterics, "Y-you should see your faces!"

Hunter thought is heart was gonna burst.

Nightwing didnt know if he still had a body.

Aqualad was sweating basketballs.

And Cyborg didn't need to be charged anytime soon..

The song ending as the girls where wrapped up in their boyfriends.

The crowd burst into a frenzy.



The girls giggled.

"That was most fun! And I believe it did the paying off?"

Terra laughed, "I'd so so! Earth to Aqua!"

Bumblebee kissed Cyborg, "Yo, Sparky, there's fresh burgers and ribs!"

Cyborg looked around, "Where!?"

The Titans East leader laughed, "Welcome back, whatdya think?"

Cyborg shook his head, "Down right sexy is what I think!"

Raven waved her hand in Hunters face, "Hello? Anyone in there?" When she got no responce, Raven grew irritated and slapped him in the face.

"Ow! Hey what was that for?" Hunter rubbed the now sore spot on his cheek.

"Seemed to be the only way to get your attention." Raven crossed her arms. "I'm sorry."

Hunter smiled, "It's all good. Wouldn't be called a hero if I couldn't take a hit."

Raven smiled back, "So what did you think of the dance?"

"A-Mazing! Loved it!"

Speedy walked up and slung his arm over Raven's shoulder, who glared at him. "Do you have a death wish?"

Speedy ignored her question, "I gotta say Raven, I never thought I'd see the day-"

Raven used her powers and lifted him in the air upside down. "You don't know what I can do."

"Okay okay! I get it! Put me down!"

Hunter laughed, "I don't know pretty boy, you've always wanted to show off that face of yours..what better way to get noticed?"

Speedy growled, "Oh shut up! Let me down!"

Raven grinned, "Gar is right. I think I'll let you hang for a moment."

"No! Please let me down! Please!"

Raven let him down, but before she let him go completely, she hovered him directly in front of her face, "Don't touch me again."

Speedy nodded fervently, "I promise!"

Raven released her hold on him and he dropped to the ground, "I need to learn to keep my mouth shut."

Hunter clapped him on the back, "Yea, you work on that."

Speedy then disappeared back into the crowd.

Hunter grinned, grabbing Raven by the waist, "That was entertaining."

Raven smiled, "Yes it was."

"Alllrrriighhttt...its time to tone things down a bit..grab that special someone and lets show some lloooovvveeeee.." Cyborg grinned and jumped off the stage to Bumblebee just as 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John' began to play.

All the couples grabbed each other affectionatly and leaned into eachother swaying to the song.

BumbleBee reached her lips up to Cyborg's ear, "You had to pick the whitest song ever, and from a cartoon at that?" She smiled.

Cyborg, "Elton John is a legend babe, don't be hat'n." He kissed her neck, "Plus, the words are very true. I love you."

Bumblebee nuzzled his neck, "I love you too sparky."

'Everything I Do by Bryan Adams' followed.

Starfire and Robin wrapped up in each other swaying to the song. No words were spoken, there was no need. Each knew the love they held for one another, and enjoyed the moment.

Hunter held Raven close, he softly sung the words of the song in her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

"You know, you should take up singing. You're actually pretty good at it."

Hunter grinned, "Wow, was that actually a compliment?"

Raven smiled, "Shut up."

Hunter's grin widdened, "Funny you should say that though."

Raven looked at him quizzically. "Why?"

At that moment the song ended. Hunter kissed her softly and whispered against her lips, "You'll see." He then once again disappeared into the crowd.

Starfire soon stood next to Raven, "Why does the boys insist on leaving us at the most inconvienent time? Robin and I were having the moment."

Raven shrugged, "I dont know. I hope they have a good reason though."

Just then Terra, Jinx and Bumblebee joined them.

The sorceress crossed her arms. "Any idea on whats going on?"

"Once again, I know as much as you do." Raven deadpanned.

Hunter grabbed the mic, "Whass up everyone! Who's having a good time tonight!" He got a booming cheer in response. The

Hunter grinned, "Sweet! Well, my friends and I are going to interupt for a moment to treat our lovely ladies to a special song. So please give a round of aplause to the Titans West leader, Nightwing! Titans East boys Aqualad and Speedy! The speedster, Kid Flash! And last but certainly not least, the most awesome, sexiest, funniest and hottest Titan around, myself Hunter!"

Everyone was silent at the last part.

Hunter gave a poker face. "Nice."

Everyone laughed then cheered.

NightWing then lifted his mic an inch from his mouth, "We're gonna sing 'Drowning' by the Backsteet Boys."

The crown cheered once again, and the girl made their way to the front stage as the lights dimmed to near darkness

The notes began, and Hunter stepped into the spotlight.

"Ohhh yeaa. Don't pretend your sorry I know your not, I know you got the power to make me weak inside. And girl you leave me breathless, but its okay, you are my survival. Now hear me say."

A second spotlight opened on Kid Flash,"I can't imagine life without your love. Even forever don't seem like long enough!"

The lights came on on the stage.

" 'Cause everytime I breathe I take you in, and my heart beats again. Baby I can't help it, you keep me drowning in your love. Everytime I try to rise above, I'm swept away by love. Baby I can't help it, You keep me drowning in your love!"

NightWing took the spotlight. "Maybe I'm a drifter, maybe not. 'Cause I have known the safety of floating freely in your arms. I don't need another lifeline(Speedy sings with), it's not for me. 'Cause only you can save me, Oh can't you see."

Speedy stepped in, "I can't imagine life without your love, and even forever don't seem like long enough."

Hunter dropped to his knee, "Dont seem like long enough yea!"

" 'Cause everytime I breathe I take you in, and my heart beats again. Baby I can't help it, you keep me drowning in your love. Everytime I try to rise above, I'm swept away by love. Baby I can't help it, You keep me drowning in your love!"

Aqualad stepped to the front of the stage and reached his hand out to Terra, "Go on and pull me under, cover me with dreams, yeah. Love me mouth to mouth now. You know I can't resist. 'Cause you're the air that I breathe!"

"Everytime I breathe I take you in, (Hunter:" 'Cause everytime I breath yea!") and my heart beats again. Baby I can't help it, (NightWing: "Baby I cant help it!") you keep me drowning in your love. And everytime I try to rise above, I'm swept away by love. Baby I can't help it, You keep me drowning in your (Hunter drags Love on.) love! Baby I can't help it!

Speedy walked along the stage singing, "Keep me drowing in your love!"

"Keep me drowning!"

"Ooohh, you got me drowning." NightWing bends leans down to Starfire, "Keep me drowning in your love!"

"Baby I cant help it!"

Speedy lifts the mic in the air, "Cant help it, cant help it no, no!"

" 'Cause everytime I breathe I take you in, and my heart beats again. (NightWing lifts his head up, "Oh yea!") Baby I can't help it, (Hunter stares into Raven's eyes: "Baby I can't help it!") you keep me drowning in your love. Everytime I try to rise above,"

Hunter sits on the edge of the stage in front of Raven, "I'm swept away by love."

Nighting does the same to Starfire, "Baby I can't help it, You keep me drowning in your love."

The crowd burst into cheer but the couples eyes remained locked on another for a moment.

Speedy broke it, "Thank you!"

The boys hopped off the stage and went to their girlfriends. Who were so moved and amazed by the song, they could only stare.

Terra slowly shook her head staring to Aqualad with shining eyes, "That was totally amazing!"

NightWing put a finger under Starfire's chine, "Baby, are you-" he was suddenly being kissed full on the mouth.

Hunter looked cautiously at Raven, "I went too far, didn't I? Raven? Love?"

Raven slowly shook her head, "N-No..I-I mean I..loved it."

The changling grinned, "Good." He genlty scooped her up and kissed her passionatly, which she eagerly returned.

Raven smiled, "I loved it. Like I said, you should take up singing."

Hunter laughed, "I'll look into it."

Bumblebee smiled when Cyborg joined them, "Babe, why didn't you sing?"

Cyborg hung his shoulders, "Because I break glass when I do. I'm sorry hun.."

The Titans East leader shook her head, "Don't be." She smiled.

The party carried on with more dancing and everyone was having a good time.

More twerking dirty songs came on, and when it got too R rated, its was well past 3am and the Titans decided to call it a night.


When they reached the Tower, NightWing had to carry Starfire in as she fell asleep on his shoulder.

Terra and Aqualad walked behind everyone hand in hand.

"Well I had an amazing time."

Aqualad smiled, "You were amazing."

Terra grinned, "As were you."

Just before they walked in, Terra plucked her courage and stood on her toes, giving him a quick kiss.

Aqualad stared, shocked.

Terra however took it the wrong way, "Oh God..I'm so sorry! I didn't-shit-I-I ruined everything! I'm sorry, I-" She was silenced by the Atlantean's soft lips on hers. And boy, did it feel right! Terra thought she saw fireworks and angles sing.

When they broke apart, both blushed, "Wow." Terra baby blue eyes sparkled.

Aqualad smiled, "Terra will you be my girlfriend?"

Terra thought this night couldn't get any better, "Yes! Oh my god, yes!"

They both shared a sweet kiss, and strolled into the Tower, now as a couple.

Cyborg flipped the lights on and stretched his arms. "Oh man what a day!"

Raven yawned as well, "I second that." She felt arms snake around her waist, and leaned into Hunter's warm chest. "We should get to bed. It's been a long day." A tired moan was all the response she got.

Bumblebee over heard her, "I agree. Lets go girls."

The couples, minus Speedy, gave kissed and hugs good night and went off to their sleeping quarters.

Before Cyborg disappeared to his room he called out, "I'm making waffles in the mornin'!"

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