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Gazing out the car window, Blaine Anderson slouched in his seat. His iPod was blasting in his ears, the bass as high as it could go which earned a disapproving look from his father as he drove. Blaine looked in the opposite direction, pretending he didn't see his dad's expression as he drummed his fingers on his denim covered thigh.

Dylan usually left him alone when it came to his music, but the full blooded Irish man didn't always agree with Blaine's choices, specifically regarding volume control. He often warned him he would be deaf if he kept on like he did. Blaine rolled his eyes at the thought.

Today, however was different.

Today, Dylan Anderson let him have his way without out too much argument. Not without good reason, though. Blaine had been informed less than 24 hours ago by his father that Dylan had met a woman online three months prior with whom he had eloped last weekend upon their first physical meeting.

The pictures Blaine's father had shown him on his cellular phone indicated that the shotgun event took place at an all night wedding chapel as well! Probably by a man dressed as Elvis, Blaine had thought miserably, squeezing his eyes shut. The 17-year-old had been astounded by the news. Dylan never did anything rash, never ever made decisions without giving them full thought and had always had taught him to do the same. But this time, his father, had gone off the deep end.

Blaine could not believe his ears when Dylan had told him last night. The woman, 'Elizabeth' he called her, was apparently his 'soulmate.' They had met on the dating site, E-Harmony no less, which made Blaine feel absolutely nauseated. And not only that, but only three months ago! Blaine had been so wrapped up with school and finishing his junior year, he hadn't even noticed the increased amount of time his father spent online and talking on the phone. This was ridiculous. Completely unfathomable.

The aftermath of Dylan and Elizabeth's impulsion resulted in Blaine being uprooted from their condo in downtown LA, pulled from his quiet, liberal arts school where he had spent the majority of his existence, only to be placed in the home of a stranger, which he now had to call his new 'mother.' Dylan had also begrudgingly informed him that 'Elizabeth' had a son about his age. His ready-made family was less than three hours from the only place he had ever known as his home. Also, they were leaving within the month.

Dylan attempted to soften the blow promising that he would buy Blaine the Jeep he had been wanting since his 16th birthday in addition to allowing him to chose the university of his choice when he graduated next year. It wasn't enough.

Blaine's mother had died of breast cancer when he was six. It had been just his father and him in their two bedroom loft facing the Staples Center in downtown LA. And now, at the end of his junior year, he was having to move to a new school, house, and be accepting of two people he hardly even knew. A mother AND a brother! It was preposterous.

"Blaine...turn off your music," Dylan said softly, looking over at his 17 year old son. When Blaine didn't notice or hear his command, he nudged him. 'Blaine...now..."

Jerking out his ear buds, Blaine looked over at his father as they exited the freeway.

"I want you on your best behavior." He told him firmly looking straight ahead. "Your best manners."

Blaine sighed as he fiddled with his iPod again, shutting down the volume. Dylan had no plans to let him go back to his music. He could already tell.

"And you will leave that..." he gestured to the mp3 player, "in the car during breakfast."

"Come on, Dad..." Blaine groaned. "Like I want to listen to the two of you googley eyed," he said closing his eyes defiantly as he turned away. He had overheard their conversation at the gas station earlier and wished he hadn't. It was sickeningly romantic and when Blaine heard his father using words like 'sweetie' and 'honey,' he about barfed.

"Blaine..." Dylan cut him off. Blaine went silent as his father pulled into the parking lot of IHOP, a local pancake house. "Just behave, ok? I know this is rough on you," he told him quietly as he parked. "She makes me happy, ok?" he half pleading, looking at his son again.

Their identical eyes met and Blaine saw the sorrow briefly flash across his father's slanted ebony eyes. He had him. Blaine wanted his father to be happy, maybe not at this expense, but he did want him happy again. "You'll like her," he encouraged as he moved to get out of the car. "And who knows... you might like having a mother again."

Blaine didn't remember his real mother. He had seen her pictures, videos, and sometimes heard a soft voice singing in his dreams that he assumed was her. But, he couldn't imagine what it would be like to have a mother. Much less a stranger as his mother.
Straightening his clothes, he followed his father into the restaurant, trying hard not to feel like he was walking the plank to his demise.

"Never again, Mom." The lanky, brunette American smirked as he took the sugar packet from the pudgy hand of his two-year-old sister Madison. The toddler looked at him with her large doe eyes and whimpered, clasping and opening her little fingers, silently asking for the packets back. Kurt took her bottle out of the small carrier bag hanging off the back of the stroller. The child gurgled upon seeing her bottle and took it happily with a squeak.

"Never again?" His mother Elizabeth asked, priming her hair for the millionth time so that the natural, soft, brown curls rested on her shoulders. She was a pretty, thirty-three year old lady with faint laughter lines around her mouth. Elizabeth Hummel was a good woman, just made some bad decisions concerning men, but she was convinced this time she had gotten it right.

"Never again. I minded these monsters for an entire weekend." He laughed, poking Maddy's nose so the youngest giggled.

"Hey!" The thirteen year old brunette across the table spat out, and Kurt looked at her. Freya was his annoying 'tween' sister who drove him mad with her constant blabbing of boys, makeup and her favorite right now, Justin Bieber. She made him crazy, but he did love her and always would look out for her. She was his only full blooded sibling of the four children Elizabeth had borne.

"Can it, brace-face." He teased as the young girl gritted her metal coated teeth towards him. Already the table was full with Kurt, his mother and his three sisters Maddy, Freya and the four-year-old Kaylee. The child was currently terrorizing the shy kid at the table next to them with shrill cries of "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?"

"Kaylee, sit down!" A slightly stressed Elizabeth scolded her daughter, but Kaylee was unmoving, crying out to the child to answer her. "Freya, would you please get your sister to sit" The young teen rolled her eyes and mumbled about how she had to do everything before picking up her sister, setting the youngster beside her.

Kurt noticed his mother's stressed attitude. His mother had a good and gentle heart, but this was classically going to be another huge mistake. She had met some Irish guy from LA online a few months ago. The couple had met up last weekend in Vegas and now…they were married.

Now Kurt had another guy who would hope he'd call them Dad. This made three including his own father. But he wouldn't do that. Oh no, he'd stand his ground, show them that he was the man of this house. He was the one who had been working since thirteen to help his mom, minding the kids so she could maintain a social life. Oh yes, he would make him more than aware who ruled the house here.

Elizabeth tensed in an excited manner as she saw a large, black car pull into the parking lot. They were here.

"There's err…something I forgot to tell you about Dylan…" She said quickly to her son as the door of the pancake house opened. Kurt wasn't looking to the door, he was looking to his mother.

"What is it?"

"He might….have a son..." Kurt's stomach dropped and his eyes widened. 'A what? A son? What the fuck? This guy came with baggage too?'

"What? I mean…how old? Are these more diapers I gotta change?" He asked in an almost hysterical voice, not noticing the people approaching the table.

Kurt felt really annoyed that his mother withheld this information from him. 'A new brother? No, this wasn't fair. A new step father was bad enough but...but a new… ugh brother wasn't even the word, this just wasn't right, it really just wasn't.'

Kurt folded his arms and leaned back in the chair, pouting as his mother informed him that Blaine was the same age as him which somehow was supposed to make this entire situation so much better. Not. His mother had had three husbands before this one and none of them came with a built in brother. It exasperated Kurt to know that he'd be the one forced to adapt instead of the other way round.

"Dylan!" Elizabeth called as her husband walked in. She stood up, flying over, kissing him briefly and hugging him in the middle of the restaurant. Kurt's eyes drifted from the Irish male his mother was fawning over to the young man beside him. Blaine, he presumed, was tall with curly, black hair and wore a dark t-shirt with baggy jeans and a pair of expensive DC skate shoes. His 'bling' consisted of a silver ring on his middle finger and some kind of bracelet.

"Kurt, it's rude to stare!" Freya informed her big brother, the braces causing a slight lisp in her words and Kurt made a face towards her.

"Kurt it'sss rude to sssssstare." He taunted her lisp and his little sister looked fit to cry back at him. He just smirked and ran his fingers through his brown hair which was messy as if he had just gotten out of bed. There was slight patches of the blue he had put in it before hand, mainly on his currently messed fringe. He had be considering dying his hair again, maybe all over instead of just streaks.

He had a silver labret encasing his plump lower lip. His slightly too big Stone Temple Pilots T-shirt, some grimy jeans and a pair of sneakers his mum got him at a swap meet made him look a bit dishevelled. He wasn't wearing gear like this 'Blaine' guy. Kurt's instant impression was that he was a spoiled only-child that was in for a rude awakening when he got used to family living.

Maddy began to fuss when she finished off her bottle and Kurt rooted in her bag for some more formula as Elizabeth approached with her new man. Blaine just looked utterly shocked by the amount of people at the table, unmoving.

"Everyone, this is Dylan and Blaine, Dylan this is Kurt, Freya, Kaylee and Maddy."

Blaine felt sick as he stood next to his father, unmoving as Dylan and Elizabeth greeted each other. 'A son? A son...meant one... and there was definitely more than 'a son' sitting at this large table in the diner.'

He slowly perused the family before him, taking in the baby sucking her empty bottle first. Surely, Elizabeth was babysitting her sister's kids? If not, Blaine was now the proud member of a family of five. Please God, this was ten times worse than he could have imagined.

Distractedly, he knew he must have been pulling a face because Dylan elbowed him quite roughly, indicating he should move forward and introduce himself now. Blaine swallowed dryly, licking his lips as he glanced at his father. 'All of them?' He asked silently just looking in his father's eyes. Surely not.

"Ermm..." Blaine said, his hands finding their way into his jeans pockets as he finally made eye contact with Elizabeth. He listened to her rave about how much he resembled his father, gesturing to Kurt stating he was also spitting image of his father. 'Spitting image,' Blaine thought with disgust. He perused the table again, his eyes sliding over the baby again who was now wailing, the four year old standing in her chair screaming out to him her name repeatedly to the last two. An adolescent girl who was smiling shyly at him and finally landing on the one person he had expected at this table. The boy.

Kurt was a bit more eclectic than he thought he would be. In fact, he looked like a fucking punk, full of attitude and bravado, the kind of boy he and Wes back at his school would have ridiculed and tormented. This was not good. He could already tell that they would have nothing in common. And all these girls... Blaine didn't know anything about girls! He didn't even really have any 'girl' friends! He'd dated some, but this was entirely different.

When Blaine didn't proceed forward, his father took over, going to each child and introducing himself formally. The smaller ones had no clue how to act and when Dylan approached the baby she screamed and reached for Kurt. Blaine wanted to turn and run at that point. Maybe his father did too? But instead when Blaine looked at his father, he could see him smiling, genuinely. It was fucking freaking him out. Dad was ok with this? He was fine with this pre-made Brady Bunch? 'I have to be dreaming,' he thought miserably. This is a nightmare.

"Blaine," Dylan said, moving Blaine forward. "Say hello," he instructed firmly.

"Yeah," Blaine obeyed, reaching his hand out to Elizabeth. However, she didn't take his proffered hand, but instead grabbed him in a tight, excited hug, exclaiming how thrilled she was to meet him. "Ermm...I'm Blaine," he reiterated to the table when she let go of him, almost stuttering.

"Blainey Blainey Blainey," Kaylee chanted as she bounced in her chair. "His name is Blainey!"

"Kaylee shush!" Freya said, still blushing and pushing back her hair from her face only to have her bangs fall back again. Freya was the shy girl who hid behind her hair and rarely spoke and Kurt saw in an instant she automatically had a school girl crush on 'Blaine'. He felt sick. This guy had no place in their family and neither did his obviously big shot father. They were doing fine without them, they didn't need outsiders coming in. If this foreigner expected him to call him Daddy, he was sadly mistaken, although Kurt could think of a few choice words to call him.

"Kurt, make room for your new brother." Elizabeth suggested and Kurt almost choked on the air he was breathing.

"Fuck I will." He said sarcastically, folding his arms and remaining in his space, unmoving and he felt a light slap on his shoulder from his mother.

"Language, Kurt!" She warned, glaring at him to move which he didn't. Kurt was as stubborn as they came and no private school, half cast step 'brother' was going to change that.

Blaine blushed furiously when Elizabeth spoke directly to the other teen enforcing that they sit together for breakfast. The tension could have been cut with a knife. Kurt's body language and down right refusal spoke volumes. And honestly Blaine felt exactly the same way. It seemed to make the fact that they were all technically related after last weekend even more real for some reason. Blaine thought he would be lucky to get any food down at all in the presence of this completely incredulous situation.

"It's alright, Elizabeth," Blaine said quietly, looking at the woman. He was trying to be polite. It was obvious the boy didn't respect his mother or any one else within ten feet. Dylan would have punished him up one side and down the other of that table if he had as much as uttered a curse word like that in his presence. "I can sit over here on this side, there is plenty of room," he muttered, feeling his father's eyes on him.

The girl called Freya was watching his every move as he moved to sit next to her. At least she wasn't putting up a fuss, although he could tell that he had piqued her interest. Poor girl couldn't have been more than 13 and was awkward in her adolescence, her mouth full of metal and her dark curly hair almost unruly in it's natural state. Blaine avoided the cold hard stare he could feel across the table from the other teen.

"Hi, Blainey!" The excitable four year old exclaimed as she leaned over Freya so her face was close to him, definitely invading his personal space. He jumped back, at little startled at the girl who was no more than four or five. She wore a pink satin princess costume and had a tiny plastic sceptre in her small hand. "I'm a princess!" She called aloud with a big grin of tiny white teeth.

Blaine almost had to smile at her despite himself. She was pretty cute, her curls a bit more loose than Freya and sailed down her back.

"I can see," Blaine commented, biting his lip.

"I'm Princess Kaylee," she introduced herself and then proceeded to touch her sceptre to Blaine's head, not as gently as he would have liked.

Blaine flinched away from the bat on the head, unsuspecting that she would have done that. But what did he know about kids?

There was no hiding the snide smirk on Kurt's face as Blaine interacted awkwardly with his new siblings. He just didn't like this guy and he didn't make any point in hiding his instant distaste. The only person Kurt ever toned down for was his own mother, but in this situation that was even too hard.

'Why didn't she tell me he had a fuckin' son?' He thought to himself as Kaylee decided to entertain herself by attempting to pull at Blaine's hair and Freya, the sibling closest to her was too shy to even look up from her lap.

Kurt watched with interest as Blaine looked so awkward and unsure, revelling in it. He may have only known Blaine for a mere five minutes, but already he decided this boy was trouble and he wasn't going to be around for long. Kurt would make sure of that. Madison was looking to Blaine with large blue eyes. Blaine didn't fit in here with his caramel flesh and amber, piercing eyes. Kurt, Freya and Kaylee all took after their mother with naturally brown, curly hair and then there was Madison who had been the odd one out with her wispy ginger curls, but now they had Blaine, and Kurt wasn't happy about this at all.

Elizabeth was trying to encourage conversation, asking Blaine questions which he answered a little too politely. Ugh, Kurt hated these preppy types. He bet Blaine went to a private school with his name embroidered in gold on his blazer, and he and all his friends would laugh at the people who couldn't afford nice things like silver rings and expensive shoes. It was possibly jealousy which fuelled this instant…almost hatred towards the young half-Irish guy, but Kurt was just protective of his family. No matter what happened or who his mother was with he had always been the 'man' of the house and assigned himself as guardian of all the girls even if he did tease them constantly.

"Where's the waiter?" He asked gruffly, hands aching for a cigarette or something stronger, but of course he was to behave today, so no pot.

"I'm sure he'll be here soon, sweetheart." The gentle Elizabeth smiled, entwining her fingers with Dylan.

Blaine was glad when the waitress finally arrived and took orders, although it took twice as long as it should have because the princess could not make up her mind about what she wanted for breakfast. Blaine fought an eye roll nearly every ten seconds. The drama between the siblings was almost too much to take. Elizabeth and Dylan spoke quietly to each other, leaving the children at the table talk, or rather fight, amongst themselves while Blaine looked on.

He slumped in his chair, playing with a fork that had been laid on his napkin. What he really wanted to do was stab his father in the eye with it for doing this to him. It was so incredibly unfair. Blaine had been a good boy. Strong student, stayed out of trouble, no wild parties, crazy girlfriends, drunken escapades. Of course Blaine had partook of all of those things, only he knew how to do it without letting his grades drop and having to call Dylan in the middle of the night to collect him from jail. Why didn't he deserve to at least be considered in his father's irrational decision? They WERE a family too. Should he have at least had some say? Especially since he was gonna have to deal with the aftermath.

"So, Blaine, your father tells me you are an amazing artist," Elizabeth stated across the table, nearly causing Blaine to choke on the hot coffee or mostly hot milk and sugar sitting in front of him.

"Oh...well... I'm pretty good," Blaine muttered. "I don't know about amazing," he added, rolling his eyes at his father.

"He also said you were looking into art school," Elizabeth smiled, her eyes sparkling as she threaded her arm through Dylan's and looked up proudly at her new husband. Blaine could see the diamond band twinkling on her left ring finger. It was pretty expensive looking. Blaine knew his father didn't do gifts half way. It must have been a mint.

"I dunno..." Blaine replied as he slurped his hot milk and sugar, trying to ignore the smirky grin that the teen across from him had on his punk ass face.

Kurt couldn't help the evil face because it was so delicious to see this…this stranger out of his comfort zone. The food was delivered and Kurt could see Kaylee eyeing up Blaine's pancakes. She had her own, but it was true that food always tasted better off someone else's plate. Kurt just sat back and watched. Blaine didn't seem to be aware of the small girl licking her lips. In a pretty big family you had to get used to protecting your food because you either ate what you got or you got nothing at all.

"Erm…Kurt…" Dylan addressed him formally and he looked to the older man with his nose wrinkled. How old was this geezer? Kurt would have guessed fifty-eight because of the abundance of wrinkles on his face and his hair was definitely dyed black, probably to cover the grey. Maybe this was Blaine grandfather and this was all some fucking joke and Ashton Kutcher would just pop out from under the table, punk'n him?

"Elizabeth tells me you're…in a band…" Kurt looked to the older man and shrugged, beginning to tackle the pancakes on his plate, shoving them into his mouth as if he had no need to chew.

"She 'old 'ou righ'." He informed the older male, spraying batter on the table and Maddy giggled at how silly her brother looked. Kurt smirked and began to make funny faces at his baby sister, sticking out his tongue so she could see all the mauled up food in his mouth. His mother cast a warning look, and Dylan and Blaine looked disgusted, but Kurt looked proud.

"Can anyone pass the syrup?" Freya asked and her mother shook her head, warning her away from the sauce. Kurt smirked.

"Fifi the diabetic!" He teased and her face turned bright red.

"Shut up!" she squeaked, threatening to throw a fork at him, but Elizabeth snapped to her to stop as Kaylee seized the opportunity of all this distraction and grabbed a pancake from Blaine's plate with a loud "Haha!" to make sure the new addition noticed that she had stolen his breakfast.

Maddy suddenly began to cry for her mommy to hold her as Princess Kaylee raised her sceptre over her head in proclamation of her successful siege. And then there was Freya who didn't waste time in snapping at her mother that she ruined everything and never cared about her or what she wanted.

The table was already in chaos and whatever perfect, happy family image their mother strived to get was shattered around them. They weren't perfect…they were normal, they were family who could fight and scream and say things, but still love one another and put the others first at the end of the day.

Still, Kurt enjoyed the momentary chaos and his eyes skimmed up along the bare, caramel arm then shoulder hidden by the snug, cotton fabric on the boy across from him. He continued to look at his new step-'brother', the angular jaw dusted with coarse black facial hair and plump, pink lips. The long nose and dark, almost shaped eyes that seemed wide in a panic, a fear of the unknown, of a life with a family like this.

Everything was happening so quickly and Blaine had literally no reaction time before the tiny princess had stolen a good portion of his pancakes. His mouth dropped as he realized what had happened. But there was no time to even comment to her before the entire table was in utter mayhem. Blaine watched as each child had their own brand of tantrum starting with the princess's hysterical giggle for having gotten away with stealing Blaine's breakfast to the tween's emotional outburst about her mother ruining her life.

However, Blaine could feel the teen across from him, staring curiously. He noticed the look of contentment on Kurt's face. Almost like he was enjoying how shocked Blaine was at what appeared to be daily life for the Hummel family. It was nothing like what Blaine had been or was accustomed to, but he definitely didn't like that the overzealous teenager was enjoying his predicament. Blaine crossed his arms over his chest, fixing his eyes on the other boy.

Blaine taunted him with his eyes. There was no way Blaine was going to allow this prick to gain pleasure from watching him come unravelled. His eyes strayed only to see that Elizabeth and his father hardly noticed the table uproar, both too distracted and in love to care about anything or anyone else in the restaurant right now. He'd find where the boy's weaknesses were and he'd aim straight for the jugular. There would be no problem one upping this loser.

He'd bet money the boy was failing at least two classes in addition to a healthy pot and alcohol habit he suspected. A musician... pfft.. so fucking lame... he probably didn't even know how to play an instrument. He could immediately see the boy had no discipline. Blaine had been classically trained in piano and guitar since he was nine including twice a week lessons. 'Oh yea,' he thought to himself, unable to stop the one sided grin from creasing one corner of his mouth, 'this would be a piece of cake.'

The moment Blaine's lopsided grin was aimed at Kurt, the brunette's face fell and he was now glaring back, sizing him up. He knew the kind, not that many went to his school. He could bet Blaine never had to do a day of hard work in his life. He probably got A's in everything, won awards and praise, the stereotypical model son, but where did awards for art help in the real world, in reality, where Kurt had been forced to live since before he was ten.

Sure, he smoked a little weed, but who hadn't in this day in age? His first splint was one he found in his mother's room, but apparently she had long since kicked the small cravings. The brunette felt uneasy as the half-Irish across from him smiled and his defence walls were up. Kurt wasn't the kind who held back. When he thought something he said it although usually he was able to control himself around his mother, but today was an exception…a pain in the ass, one of the worst days in his fucking life exception.
The table was in chaos and Kurt sighed, his own mother too wrapped up in her new husband to notice. She was a romantic, believed in love, but Kurt knew, ohh, he knew this guy would play her like all the others had. Sure they got a nice house out of the last one, but Kurt would have chosen the damp flat where they used to live if it meant that man didn't break his mother's heart like he had.

Kurt looked across the table and gently lifted Maddy out of her seat, handing her some of the soft pancakes off his own plate which caused her to giggle and gnaw on the food. He glared to Freya and in a sharp tone told her if she spoke to their mom like that he'd take her cell phone for a week. Instantly the young teen shut up and then there was Kaylee. The loud mouthed, but adorable one of the group. His words were still firm but soft as he spoke to his little sister, giving out to her for taking the pancakes. Kaylee looked to him with the large blue eyes. She was the apple of Kurt's eye, if he gave out to her then she definitely did something wrong.

"Good girl." He said when she sat down. "Now apologize to Blaine for taking his pancakes." This wasn't sucking up or tactics for Blaine. This was about controlling his family in public and he smiled when the young girl looked up to Blaine and uttered a soft "Sworry" around the thumb she was sucking.

Blaine was not impressed that a 17 year old, freaky looking teen across from him was in control of this mass chaotic group. In fact, he thought he was rather pathetic. If Elizabeth thought that her son... an obvious fuck up like him was trustworthy... she lost points in his book. How could his father have chosen such a weak, poor excuse for a woman? Didn't he want someone who could think for herself? Didn't he want someone with a brain between her ears? Obviously not.

She seemed kind enough... but what did that mean? Nothing. All it did mean to him was that she wasn't able to keep her legs shut long enough to think for herself. And a brood of kids most likely all with different fathers. She was a nice slut, Blaine thought trying not to shake his head as his father and Elizabeth exchanged a few pecks. His dad would have been better off calling a hooker. At least then she couldn't make off with 50% of his assets.

No... Blaine knew this was a mistake. Elizabeth had to be a gold digger with a nice, sweet, innocent cover. Didn't his father see all these children? How could he be so blind?
After everyone had finished their breakfasts, Blaine was really wishing he had his iPod. Then he could at least drown out the two year old named Maddy who was squirming and dying to get down out of Kurt's arms. In fact, she was this close to screaming in protest.

"I'd like to say something to all of you." Dylan said aloud at the table, his arm going around Elizabeth cuddling her close. "I know that all of this will be an adjustment. Especially with how fast everything happened, but something like the love I have for your mother only happens once in a life time. And I thought after my first wife died, Blaine's mother, that I would never find happiness again. But I was wrong. I hope that you all will give me the chance to care for her, to make her happy like she deserves. I want us to all be a family. To go places, do things, get to know one another," Dylan continued. "I hope we can all work together."

Blaine's mouth had dropped open again. He was beginning to wonder if Elizabeth had drugged him. This was NOT his father. This was some alien who had come down from planet orbit and was now inhabiting his father's physical form. Things could not be any worse if they tried. He looked directly at Kurt again, who looked irritable and was busy rolling his eyes almost like he had heard this speech before. And maybe he had... maybe Elizabeth was the type who brainwashed men like his dad and took them for all they were worth using her sweet smile and gentle touch.

"Blaine?" Dylan signaled him directly. "You will try?" he asked, his eyebrows raised.
Blaine bit his lip and looked from his father back to Kurt who was grinning like the cat who ate the canary.

"Yes sir...of course," he spit out obediently.

As Dylan spat out the oh so predictable 'we're a family' speech Kurt wanted to throw up. Yes…he had heard this before, far too many times for his liking. Just because Dylan seemed like a respectable man didn't mean he was. They were usually after his mother for something. Elizabeth was so trusting and gentle and she didn't only believe in second chances but also third, fourths and fifths. She got herself into a situation where she became completely vulnerable to the man who told her he loved her and then was broken by the end of it.

The problem with Elizabeth was that she didn't learn from her mistakes. Kurt did.
Dylan finished his speech and Kurt was now struggling to control Maddy, and there was no more formula. He didn't really know what was wrong. She squirmed and whined, winging towards her big brother to let her go. Vaguely Kurt could hear Dylan talk to Blaine and Blaine referred to him as sir. If this man thought Kurt would call him the same he was sadly mistaken. Kurt didn't answer to any of these users, these men who took his mother's dignity and abused her trust and good nature.

Still no matter how many times Kurt may have told his mother that these men weren't good enough she just thought he was being cute and protective, but he was always right...always.

Kurt was smiling at Blaine now, a broad Cheshire grin despite the demon child trying to get out of his arms. Silently he was letting Blaine know that his life here was not going to be easy and most certainly would not be fun.


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