Extra: Scarf

She had a night shift. She always did as a night owl. Kyouya came home to an empty loft, when the skies were already dark and near midnight. It had been weeks since he had seen her, a normal ordeal for the both of them given their respective jobs.

It was much warmer indoors than out in the chilly arctic air of the city. Kyouya unwrapped his grey scarf from his neck, missing how it used to smell like her. Kaori kissed him on the cheek before he left for London and transferred her scarf onto his neck, telling him not to get sick.

Snow had begun to fall outside while the home still had a slight chill when her presence was gone. She left food in the fridge. The coffee machine was half full. The dishes weren't done. Kaori must have been in a rush to get to work, he realized. Kyouya walked farther into their home to place his briefcase by his desk, across from hers in the study.

They shared a study room which became more of a library from afar. Walking into the room, their desks were placed on opposite ends, with bookshelves lining the entire wall behind their respective desks. Hers had textbooks of medicine while his were mostly of economics and business. In the middle, they were met by their favourite books from the past. There were new additions to the shelf, he noticed. A Game of Thrones. An odd selection, he figured but he quietly slipped it into his bag for the next flight.

Kyouya turned off the light in the study to continue on with his tour of his home. He always did this when she wasn't there to greet him hello. Kyouya found other ways to catch up on what she had done over the weeks. Their calls were not enough. Her small habits however, gave him a sense of peace.

Their bedroom was undone. They never did the bed. There was no point and quite honestly, Kyouya liked it that way. How the blanket was turned over only on her side, the way her pillow was slightly tilted and the sprawling of her clothes on the floor. If he had been with her, the blanket would be a mess and even more of their clothing would on the floor. Kyouya made no move to clean the place up. Kaori hated him for that. She always cleaned, but it seems as though the past few weeks had been difficult for her to catch up on household chores.

And that was alright. Kyouya could not care less to live in a messy home, it was hardly messy to him. It was just empty without her.

He woke up to her hair in his face. It tickled his chin and his neck. He shifted to pull her closer to him, pretending that the light wasn't seeping through the windows to pry his eyes open. He could already imagine her with her eyes half lidded, her fingers tracing lines into his chest before smiling to herself.

"When did you get home?" he mumbled.
"7 AM," she answered.
"What time is it now?"
"Maybe noon," she replied.

She rolled onto her back and stretched. Kyouya still kept his eyes closed, his eyebrows furrowing at the emptiness of his arms. He reached over to her waist, easily visualizing where she would be exactly without taking a peek to pull her back.

"When did you get home?" Kaori asked him. He still refused to open his eyes. She kissed his jaw in an attempt to keep him awake.

"Midnight," he murmured.
"Won't you wake up now?" Kaori quietly asked. "I think you've had enough sleep to suffice for the day."
"What would we even do for the day?" the Ootori grumbled. He was happy in laying in bed with his wife beside him. This was bliss.

"We can… go watch a movie. Take a walk in the snow in Central Park. We can adopt a kitten. Book tickets to go somewhere, for real. Like Hawaii, or Vienna. We can do a ton of things," Kaori smiled to herself. He wasn't listening to her anyway. He was half asleep.

"Did you say kitten?" his eyes were half open now.
"No," Kaori reassured. "You're just sleepy."
"Good, because we aren't adopting any animals."
"Alright," she comfortably placed her head on his chest. It was serene enough to feel his heart beat through his chest. The rhythm made her calm down from the tiring few weeks.
"Unless you want to," Kyouya added, realizing that it may have been wrong for him to shoot down her idea so soon. He felt her shake her head before chuckling.

"We can't even take care of ourselves, much less take care of another living creature."
"Exactly," the Ootori agreed. There would be no animals in this loft.

"But we need to get out of bed," his wife reasoned.
"And do what?"
"Well, I have to eat because I am hungry. Then do errands."

The Ootori groaned and loosened his grip on his wife. She kissed him lovingly before separating from him. The Ootori flashed a small smile before turning over to catch a couple more minutes of snoozing.

She missed him eating his breakfast across from her. The way he nonchalantly ate his food, pretending to look at his phone when he was most obviously sneaking glances at her. She'd smile and continue on with her meal.

"What are you doing on your laptop?" he asked, almost irritated because it was taking up more attention than he was.
"Paying our bills," Kaori answered. "Someone has to do it."
"Oh," Kyouya lamely answered. "Then what?"
"Then… I do the dishes that have been piling up and hope that I can spend the holiday with you."

Kyouya looked down at his phone to check the date. "It isn't even Christmas."
"Close enough," she shrugged. "I don't know if I'll ever be on-call so, better now than never." Kaori smiled at him. It would be their first Christmas together as a married couple. Not that it was any different from usual. They never did much, except sit around and talk over meagre things in life.

"You should call Tamaki," Kaori suggested.
"Not with this time difference," the Ootori wanted to avoid the French man.
"He's spending it in France with Haruhi. You can catch them now, after dinner if you're quick."
"How do you know that?"
"He called me because you always ignore his calls," Kaori shrugged. "Call your friends. They miss you."

She left him with that before clearing the table to do the dishes. Kaori reminded him that the Shadow King wasn't entirely made of ice. It wasn't a terrible idea to show that he cared. Or at the very least, show that his wife made him care, even if he didn't want to.

They walked down the street with the chilly air. He held her hand, placing it in his own pocket to keep both of them warm. He saw her shiver when a cold breeze drifted by. Kyouya took his grey scarf and placed it over his wife's neck. It was terribly inefficient to have to share one scarf, but they wouldn't have it any other way. Kaori smiled at her husband who kissed her on the forehead before continuing on with their walk.

"I haven't gotten your gift yet," Kaori admitted. "What would you like for Christmas?"
"A child," the Ootori said.

Kaori stopped in her tracks before the Ootori coughed loudly. "It was a joke."
"You need to get better at those," his wife rolled her eyes. "Anyway, so what would you like?"
"I don't care," Kyouya said with all honesty. "I have everything."

Kaori frowned. "Are you sure about that?"
"The profit in my stocks seem to reflect that," the Ootori smugly reassured. "What would you like, dear?"

Kaori took a moment to think before smirking. "Do you seriously want a child?"
"Well, I'd welcome the idea," the Ootori shrugged.
"Now?" She stopped him in the middle of the park, inching closer to his face.
"I wouldn't... mind," Kyouya hesitated. He wasn't exactly going to stop her, but right there and now would have been inconvenient the Ootori realized. Kaori laughed to herself before taking his arm and leading him back home.

She was quick to take off her jacket and scarf before turning on her laptop again. Kyouya watched as his wife walked over to her purse to grab her wallet. She took her credit card and it seemed as though she was buying something online. The Ootori was thoroughly confused by his wife's actions, but as she smiled towards the laptop screen it was difficult for him to interrupt.

"What are you doing, Kaori?"
"Giving you a child," she smiled.
"Are you buying me a virtual child?" the Ootori was appalled.

She laughed and gestured for him to come closer to her. "No, Kyouya. I'm sponsoring a child for the both of us. We both have everything we want. I have you, and you have me. We love our jobs. We live in a beautiful home."

The Ootori looked at the screen with a picture of a child in tattered clothing with a smile on their face.

"I'm giving you the gift of giving," his wife explained. Kaori tried to read the expression on her husband. At the very least, he didn't seem unhappy about the idea. He just needed time to warm up to it.

"What is this exactly?" he was rather perplexed.
"We give monthly to a child to receive water, an education... the necessities that they are unable to have because of their circumstances."
"There is such a thing?"
"Kyouya, have you never heard of charity?"
"Yes, but, it's usually just a large sum on a cheque to some organization."

His wife sighed. "But now you know."

Kyouya slowly nodded. "This is good." He perched up his glasses.
"That's it? Good?"
"Does that mean we're parents?" Kyouya wondered.
"Well... sure," Kaori shrugged. "If you'd like to be."

The Ootori smirked at the thought. "It's... nice."
"It is." She smiled again and embraced him in her arms. It felt right to be beside him. Being weeks apart made it difficult to stay away while they were together. In the comfort of their own home, they had no shame in showing their affection for one another. Kyouya lifted Kaori off the ground for a moment, surprising her.

"We should make it a tradition."
"To have more children?" the Ootori asked.
"I was thinking of giving to charity, but if that's what you'd like..." Kaori laughed. "That's alright too."

It was a quiet night. The skies were clear and the moonlight seeped through their curtains. Kaori hoped that she wouldn't be on-call tonight, but it was no surprise if she had to leave at 3 in the morning. She switched for a morning shift, just for tonight before Kyouya left back to Tokyo. She would miss his warmth from his side of the bed. The way he quietly snored, but she would never tell him that. She liked him the way he was. Kaori liked how he would come home and quietly put back the book he took from their bookshelf and take another before he left. She began buying books because she knew he'd need some way to kill time on those long flights. Kaori knew and wondered if he noticed the littlest things.

But even if he hadn't, it was alright.

They were small things after all.

In the morning, they both left at 7 in the morning. Kaori kissed him on the cheek and gave back the grey scarf before going their separate ways. The Ootori smiled at how her scent carried through the cold winter months. He wondered what he would do to carry a bit of his wife with him in the summer.

The books would carry through. He would read the books she recommended.

He always knew it was her giving him those books.

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