Hi. Sorry to dissapoint, but this is not an update. It's a notice.


It was probably unevitable, especially at the speed in which I update...like a snail. IMO. But yeah. I'm on hiatus. Really.

I'll type it again so you guys can let it soak.

H I A T U S.

It hurts. I can't type out the chapter. I try but I get like a few sentences in every hour. I spent the entire day today staring at a laptop (and watching a few horror movies), and no matter how much I think the few paragraphs that form are pieces of shit. It's not my abilities as a writer...everyone needs inspiration. It's like fighting a war you know you can't win or something like that. Zero motivation. I can't do it. The only thing I can do is put it aside and wait for inspiration. :[

So...Rapacious = hiatus. I probably won't get back to it for weeks...months. Whatever. Despite the amount of reviewers I get at that point, I don't care. I won't waste my time writing pieces of shit chapters and you won't waste your time reading them, like the previous chapter (4 reviews! Damn! Terrible). That's proof enough that it sucked, and you readers are severly disappointed. I can't be having that.

Unless you'd like to hear my rants, I suggest you click something else now. Yes. There are people like that in this world, and I am just being courteous. Oh, and by the way, I may still update Bring Me to Life. I feel it's still going well, unlike this story (The chapters are also much shorter, which is easier on my part).

So, either scroll down or whatever. I'm trying to explain why I'm so empty of FMA, though some of you probably already know.

D. Gray-man. Watch it. Seriously. It's one of those Action/Tragedy/Adventure types of anime, like FMA. In fact, a lot of it reminds me of FMA...for some reason. And not just because Yu Kanda is Roy Mustang and Allen Walker (Has the best expressions ever!) is Ling Yao. No...not at all.

If you like FMA, there's a good chance you may like D. Gray-Man as well. On a whim in the dark of my living room, I decided to come upon a new anime. I admit, D. Gray-Man looked pretty appetizing. And when I clicked the watch button and heard the OP...I fell in love. Instantly.


I reccommend it. Totally. If you don't like it, it may be because it requires some brainpower, and it's pretty dark for the first few episodes. I didn't quite understand some things, but I did eventually because I'm patient. I warn you the anime requires patience to get through Season 2, which has some...a lot of filler episodes (But they're interesting!). Season 1 and 3 are wickedly awesome...yes. Wickedly. I used that word. It's my first time, too~

Look, I'll take up HOURS of your time trying to describe everything. That's why I warned you. Turn back and watch this anime. NOW. THAT'S IT. This anime deserves more love. I can't count how many times I've cried. It's so touching and everything...but then they put comic relief in just the right moments. JUST. JUST WATCH IT. I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING. LALALALALALALA!

JUST DON'T TAKE LAVI AND TYKI (and another person who looks like Tyki) AWAY FROM ME. If you do watch it, can you guess who these people are? PLEASE. WATCH IT. If you don't understand anything, feel free to message me! I plan on creating a story for this, I just don't know when.

This is just in case you do decide to watch this amazing anime. (And watch it in English dubs. It's funnier. The english dubs end at episode 51, though. But the good side to this is SEASON THREEE) I've decided to post my opinions on some of the main characters, so that when you see their faces, you will remember me.

Allen Walker is cute. At first I kept imagining Ling Yao instead of him due to...you know. But then I got used to it and realllly started to like him. He's hilarious and has the best facial expressions...

Lenalee Lee I was skeptical towards. I was trying to decide if she'd be another annoying female character...and those pigtails...I tried to like her. Surprisingly, in the end, I did. Lenalee's a badass. And she looks WAAAAAY better with short hair IMO. There was a point in the anime I WANTED HER TO WIN. SO. BAD. AT THAT POINT, LENALEE TOPPED MY LIST FOR AWESOME FEMALE PROTAGONISTS. Unfortunately, I like Miranda better than her.

Yu Kanda at first appealed to me as another Sasuke or Itachi. The emotionally detached dude who looks like a girl with the samurai sword and everything? Well, yeah. But...here's the thing. Kanda is secretly a dumbass. Yeah. He won't admit it, but he's a dumbfuck. And that's why we love him.

LAVI owns this page. Lavi is awesome. Unfortunately, although he is a protagonist, his dark side isn't revealed until later on...beforehand, he acts as a funny, cute (sexy), supporter. Luckily for me, he gets a lot of screentime, as expected. So get used to him, but don't take him away from me.

Miranda Lotto's the prettiest IMO; if you watched her episode, you'll see. Krory's a cutie. And last of all, I ship Allen x Road all the way.

BUT I DO NOT SHIP LAVI X LENALEE. NEVER. I don't care how much he cares about her; it doesn't feel right. Lavi just seems too OOC when with Lenalee, even if he has a compassionate side. I can't see them romantically involved. Allen and Lenalee, sure, but Lavi x Lenalee no.

And I always say no to yaoi. But I don't hate it.


NOW YOU KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN MY HEAD. Wouldn't you rather this instead of waiting in front of a screen anxiously? Of course you don't know what the hell is going on but at least it makes me feel better to rant about this stuff. I really don't have anyone else to talk about this stuff with, anyhow.

So...in other words, I might update Bring Me to Life. Thank you and watch this anime. Oh and. Don't review. /will delete later