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"We're not stronger when we're together, Sam. I think we're weaker. Because whatever we have between us; love, family, whatever it is; they are always gonna use it against us. And you know that. No, we're better off apart. We got a better chance of dodging Lucifer and Michael and this whole damn thing... if we just go our own ways." Dean, The End

After the hunters, Sam didn't call him back. Refused to call Dean back. What was the point? Dean had made his stand clear; he didn't want Same near him, he said weakness… but after Dean's second call… It didn't matter if he didn't care earlier why would he care now.

Six hours wouldn't change anything. Who was he kidding. Sam squeezed his eyes shut, trying to hold back the tears, Dean probably just wanted to keep an eye Sam in case he gave in. Probably didn't trust that Sam could say no.

Sam was laying flat against the motel bed, listening to the hurricane amount of rain outside his room. After all what had changed?


Even Lucifer wouldn't bring Dean back, wouldn't make Dean trust him again. No matter what Sam said, or did to prove him wrong. Dean wouldn't give him the chance to prove him wrong, even if he did, would he believe Sam? Would Dean believe that Sam could be trusted to… to stay human?

Choking on a sob, tears escaping his squinted eyes, Sam curled onto his side into a ball clutching at his hair. Trying not to think about what Lucifer had said, refusing to think about how the hunters had fed him the demon blood and tried to…

Sam lay, curled up, in the bed long enough for the rain to become a distant memory, and to feel the bed space behind him dip as though someone else was there. Long enough to hear the voice in his ears, the voice of the Morningstar, purring in his ears. Phantom hands arching down against his back.

Just tell me where you are, you do not need to say yes yet.

Yanking on his hair, Sam sobbed silently, trying to ignore the voice. Pretending that the devil wasn't stalking his dreams wanting him to…

Just tell me where you are.

Ignore the soft hands, petting, carding through his hair and cupping his jaw.

I will protect you; keep you safe from demons, hunters… Dean.

Ignore it, ignore it. Sam curled more, knees against his chest, arms wrapping around his legs to clutch at his sides, to keep him from falling to pieces.

I will take care of you, Sam.

"I'm, …"

He woke half screaming, gasping for air, before running outside barefoot. Feet slapping against the wet, flooded pavement; stopping abruptly at the road under a street light, away from the roadside motel.

It was pouring, raining hard enough to feel it through layers of clothing, but Sam just sat there; staring blankly out into the rain. Not focused on anything. He looked like a child, huge child, but still only a child, sitting on the curb knees pulled up and tucked under his chin. There was something broken in the young man's gaze. An almost vacancy as he watched the world, waiting.

Bright headlights flashed through the rain, cutting the wet darkness, blinding Sam's eyes; not that he cared. His eyes stayed downcast, watching the rain water swirl around his feet, instead of looking up as the car halted in front of him. Water splashed upwards, hitting his legs and face, making Sam flinch under the sudden splashing, different from the rain hitting his hair and sliding down his back.

He still refused to look up at the car, from his gaze Sam couldn't even tell the color with the rain and darkness. He pushed his face down, into his knees ignoring the steaming car under the cold torrential water. Refusing to look up as the door opened, shoes stepping out followed by a body.

"Sam." The voice sounded disappointed, saddened at the lack of care the younger man was showing himself. "You do not need to suffer like this. Come on, get in the car, don't worry."

Sam froze, breath hitching in his chest, not wanting to look at the man standing over him. He already knew he'd see a normal looking man, blond hair cut short and a soft smile. A normal person, not someone you'd expect to be evil. Not someone you'd expect to be Lucifer.

He shuddered one last time, one strong hand helping lift him up off the soaking pavement, before turning his attention inwards. Ignoring the man, angel, thing that was helping him out of the rain. Ignored the soft words being whispered into his ear, ignored the male treating him as gently as one would a favored child. Not fighting the careful hold, helping into the car

"I will take good care of you Sam."