"You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You could be the one I'll always love
You could be the one who listens to my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one I'll always love"

Description: Edward didn't care about anything or anyone, but a cruel scam on the pastor's daughter sends his world upside down. After lying to gain her affection, a meaningless night to him results in a teen pregnancy followed by a marriage that neither of them wants. Can Bella find a way into her new husband's heart; or is Edward really doomed to ruin both of their lives?

AH, B/E, OOC. Story begins in high school but will extend to adulthood

Rated M for adult themes like cursing, drug use, sex, and violence.

A/N: I haven't done a story set in school for a while, but if you've read 'Moon Scars', then this will be similar to the first half of that (a new spin on the same storyline). Some themes pulled from the movies "Cruel Intentions", "A walk to Remember", and "Remember Me", but I swear, no one will die in this. I'm not planning any major twists like the rest of my stories, but we'll see.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

~Chapter 1 – Plans ~

"Edward, get back here son!" Carlisle yelled.

So I did the only logical thing I could think of, I turned back towards him and said "Fuck you," and then continued on my way. Who the fuck did that prick think he was anyway? He certainly wasn't my father, so there was no way in hell I'd sit there and listen to him.

I jumped into my Volvo hand-me-down car, and took off towards town. Carlisle always threatened to take away my phone and keys, but he never did. The man was a pathetic tool, and I couldn't wait to turn eighteen in order to get away from him and his precious family, once and for all.

I pulled up to my buddy's house, and honked the horn to let him know I was there. When he didn't come out after ten seconds, I honked again, except this time, I held the button down for one long drawn out annoyingly loud hoot.

"Geeze! What the fuck, man?" James yelled bitterly as he came out of his house.

"Should've come out with the first honk," I said carelessly.

"You're a real fucking prick, you know that. My little sister is sleeping and you woke her up. My ma's gonna chew my ass when I get home," James said bitterly as he got in the car.

"I'm fucking crying inside," I said mockingly.

"Douche," James said quietly, but I decided to let that one slide and ignore him. I didn't really feel like pulling over and kicking the shit out of him in that moment. "Where are we going?" he asked after a minute.

"To pick up Laurence before heading over to Vicky's house," I told him, though I was a little irritated that I was actually explaining myself to him. Who the fuck did he think he was anyway?

"Dude, just don't fuck around with Vicky, Ok," he mumbled.

"What the fuck did you just say to me?" I asked in angry disbelief.

"Nothing…" he said quickly. "But, I really like her, and you could have any chick, so maybe you could just leave her alone this time," he said nervously.

"You're a fucking idiot. That chick doesn't give a shit about anyone, and likes nothing better than giving head to any guy with a dick. I bet she has every kind of disease out there, and I wouldn't go near her even with ten fucking condoms on…. But if you want her, be my fucking guest," I told him.

"Why the hell do we always go to her house if she disgusts you so much?" James asked me.

"Because her older brother grows pot, and she gets her hands on any type of alcohol we want. Fucking idiot, you do too much crack man, it's messing with your fucking memory," I told him annoyed.

"Drugs are a perk, but you don't like to hang with her at all?" he questioned.

"Nope," I said simply. The truth was that I was probably exaggerating Vicky's skanky ways, but there was something about the way James was getting all gooey eyed over the broad that rubbed me the wrong way. People in love were fools, especially teenagers. That kind of shit does nothing but screw up lives, and despite the fact that James was a moron, he was still my best friend and I wouldn't allow him to be screwed over.

After picking up my other pathetic lackey Laurence, we headed over to Vicky's place to get stoned, just as we did every Saturday.

When I finally decided to go home that night, Carlisle was waiting for me on the front porch. He didn't say a word, he just outstretched his hand towards me, and waited.

"What the fuck do you want me to do, give you a high five?" I asked rudely.

"Keys. Now," he said in a clipped tone.

I rolled my eyes and placed the keys in his hand. Carlisle was a pushover and it was only a matter of time before he gave them back. Without another word, I went upstairs and locked myself in my room to sleep off my high.

The next morning, I was absolutely pissed when someone began banging on my door at seven am. My fucking head was throbbing, and I just wanted to sleep the rest of the day, but the obnoxious pounding was relentless.

"What?" I yelled finally.

"Get up, we're going to church!" Esme's voice sounded from the hallway.

"What does that have to do with me?" I asked angrily.

"You're going too!" she shouted.

"Like hell I am," I replied and then replaced the pillow back over my head.

Five minutes past, when I heard a set of angry feet stomping closer to my bedroom, followed by more pounding.

"Edward Anthony Masen, unlock this door right now!" Carlisle yelled.

"Ooo, you used my entire name and I'm really intimidated," I said sarcastically. "Yeah right, grow some fucking balls man," I told him with as much attitude as I could at that moment.

"That's it," I heard Carlisle say to himself before leaving my door side.

That was pretty much the way most of our confrontations went. He yells, I yell, he walks away, and I go back to whatever I was doing before. So when I heard him return ten minutes later, I was more than a little surprised. He didn't knock, but I could hear him there and I had no idea what he was doing. The next thing I knew, the door was ripped off its hinges, and Carlisle stood there glaring at me with a screwdriver in his hand.

"What the fuck?" I said in shock.

"For now on, you have to earn the privilege of having a door," Carlisle said calmly.

"You can't do that!" I shouted, but he wasn't fazed.

"I just did. No car, no door, and no…" he walked over to my bed and grabbed my cell off the comforter. "phone," he finished.

"That's bullshit!" I said irately.

"No, what's bullshit is the fact that you decided to leave yesterday when you knew you were grounded. I'm tired of this Edward, and I'm not going to put up with it anymore." He started walking back towards the door-less door, but the fury was boiling up so ferociously inside me that I couldn't let him go without a fight.

"You're a fucking prick. If you hate me so much, then send me back to social services and leave me the hell alone!"

"I don't hate you Edward, that's not what this is about, and you know it. I'm trying to help you here, I'm trying to save you from yourself," Carlisle said strongly.

"Yeah, well who the hell asked you to?" I said bitterly and then got up and stormed into the bathroom.

"Edward, get ready, because you are coming with us to church," Carlisle said from outside the bathroom.

I threw open the door to yell in his face. "When the fuck did you decide to start going to church? Last time I checked, Esme forces her cultish beliefs on the kids but you refused to participate."

"Well, I'm usually at the hospital, but I think it may benefit everyone if we all went as a family," Carlisle responded.

"Good, have fun with that. I'm sure you and your family will have a swell time," I said sneeringly, and then shut the bathroom door again.

"Edward, you will go, otherwise I'm going to sell that car you love so much," he said evenly, and then I heard him walk away.

My first thought was to tell Carlisle to go fuck himself again, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that life without a car was fucking miserable, so on the off chance that he wasn't bluffing on the car selling thing, I decided to humor him and go. It wasn't like church was a particularly difficult thing; basically all I had to do was sit there… I decided to bring my iPod to make it a little less intolerable.

I dressed in my 'Sunday best' as Esme called it, and met the others downstairs. They all looked at me surprised, but no one said a word and continued outside as if it wasn't a big deal.

When we got to church, the Cullens all went and sat as close to the front as possible, but I took my seat in the back and immediately started listening to my music. Without warning, Carlisle, who I didn't even realize was sitting next to me, pulled on my headphones and took my iPod right out of my hands.

"What the fuck?" I asked angrily, much to the horror of those around us in hearing range.

"Language," Carlisle scolded me. "Remember where we are. I didn't ask you to come here so you can drown everything out with offensive music."

"Ok fine, why did you ask me to come then?" I asked resentfully.

"God knows therapy hasn't helped you, so maybe a little religion will," Carlisle said with a sigh.

"Whatever," I muttered before crossing my arms in front of me, and leaning back with my eyes closed. He could make me listen to the damn spewing of the place, but there was no way he could make me watch.

I sat there for the entire hour wishing I had a hit of something to help me get through the nonsense, or maybe a gun to end my fucking misery once and for all. I really hoped the Cullens didn't plan on forcing me to go to that hellhole on a regular basis, because I really wasn't sure if my car was worth it.

When it was finally over, I made my way to the exit, but then I was somehow cornered by the cult leader himself, Pastor Swan, or Pastor Potbelly as sane people called him.

"Ah, Edward, it's good to see you here today. I was hoping I'd get the chance to talk to you," he said with a smile that I was sure was meant to be friendly.

"I don't do the 'talking' thing to often," I said snidely.

"I can respect that, but I'd still like to speak to you all the same," he insisted.

I looked over at the Cullens and locked eyes with Carlisle, and understood right away that we wouldn't be returning home until I talked with the pastor. I rolled my eyes and resolved to just get it over with so I could get my car back. I needed to drive over to Vicky's to get stoned again as quickly as possible.

"So Mr. Masen, can you tell me how you've been? I haven't seen you since you were first brought to live with the Cullens," Pastor Swan said after we took a seat in his office.

"Yeah, well I've been busy," I said annoyed by the entire thing.

"I understand you've been giving the Cullens a lot of trouble lately," he stated.

"What's it to you?" I asked.

"I just want to help." He pulled out his bible and opened it like he was going to read me a passage, but I quickly stopped him.

"Look, I really don't give a shit what any of that says, so you're wasting your time."

He sighed, and then closed his bible before putting it off to the side. "I understand why you have given up on faith after what happened to you, but God hasn't given up on you."

"Really?" I asked with an incredulous laugh, and then I exploded. "And where was your god when my mother screamed out for him to help, huh? I don't need your god, or any of this other shit! I don't need anyone!"

"I know that you're hurting right now, we often don't see God's plan for our lives, but you can't give up on yourself. You can be better. How do you think your mother would feel if she could see you today? You're not honoring her by throwing your life away."

I had no idea why, but his comment really hit a nerve. I was angry before, but then I became all out enraged. "My mother can't see me, because she's in a giant hole in the FUCKING GROUND!"

With all the anger I carried with me on a daily basis, I hadn't hated anyone more than I did in that moment. That self-righteous bastard had no right to talk about my mother, and use her as some guilt trip to try to straighten me out. He probably never experienced loss in his life, and for him to criticize my pain, just made me want nothing more than to inflict pain on him.

After leaving his office, I seriously considered slitting the tires on his car, but after furiously getting into the back of the Cullen van to head home, I knew I had to come up with something more substantial than damage to his car; besides, I really didn't want to risk getting arrested again.

But then something caught my attention as we pulled out of the church parking lot. I just so happened to look out the van rear window, and saw Pastor Swan lovingly drape his arm around prissy virginal daughter's shoulder as they walked to their car, and that's when a new plan struck me.

"Carlisle, I went to church and even talked with the Pastor, so can I get my stuff back?" I asked as nicely as I was capable of.

"Well, I appreciate your cooperation, but I need you to do a little more before getting all your things back….but, since this was a big step for you, you can have one thing back. So pick, keys, phone, or door."

That was actually a really tough fucking choice, but I knew which one I needed most. "Ok, my phone then," I said.

"Really?" Carlisle said surprised. From his standpoint I would have been surprised too, but I definitely had a good reason for my choice.

"Yep, if that's ok," I said without a trace of attitude. At that moment, nothing was more important than the plan I was devising, and my phone was the most essential out of the three. My friends had cars and could drive me where I needed, and the door thing was just a nuisance, not really a necessity.

"Sure," Carlisle said with a smile. That moron actually thought he got through to me with one fucking trip to church? Pathetic.

Carlisle handed my phone to Emmett, who was sitting behind him, and then Emmett handed it to me since I was sitting in the third row back.

"Thanks," I mumbled and then turned it on right away so I could text James.

Wake up bitchE

After a minute, he texted back. What? Jez its before noon prick. Y U bothering me? - J

Get your ass up and take your loser mother's car to pick me up – E

Fuck you – he responded, but after a minute, he came back with –What 4?- J

Operation ruin Bella Swan – E

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