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P.s. for those of you who have read Love & Order, yes it is the same type of theme (aka EOship and baby) but the storyline is completely different obviously. But I mean really, if you get these two in the bedroom (which I would LOVE to do and would if I owned these characters :P) you're going to end up with babies.

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"Olivia…" Detective Olivia Benson looked up from her desk and over at her ex- partner turned husband. "What?"

"Nothing – that's what!" Elliot Stabler grinned mischievously as he gathered up some stray papers on his desk.

"Wow …you think we'll actually get out of here before dark?" Olivia teased back as she grabbed her coat and bag.

"Maybe…if don't make any sudden movements" he teased, blue eyes flickering with mirth as he walked shoulder to shoulder out of the special victim's squad room as Donald Cragen stepped out of his office.

"Benson, Stabler – sorry but no one's going home tonight; we've got another victim – 31st and George. This one's alive"

Elliot and Olivia exchanged looks of surprise, whoever this sicko they were dealing with was, he hadn't let the other two victims live.

"Did he?" Elliot started and the captain nodded.

"Yeah" the older man sighed wearily, rubbing a hand across his forehead tiredly. "Baby's been cut out, no sign of it".

"Come on Liv, I'll take you – Munch and Fin'll follow. I think they miss each other since we got married and had to split the team".

Once they were in the car and on their way to the crime scene, Elliot turned to Olivia with a smile. "So – you never told me what the results were before we left this morning".

Olivia looked over at Elliot who had taken her hand in his as he drove and her heart broke for the second time that day "it was negative, the test was negative" she whispered as her throat closed up with tears.

One escaped and rolled down her cheek and Elliot caught sight of it in the reflection of the window, "Hey, hey – Liv don't cry. It's going to be okay. Remember? The doctor said it might take a little while before we got pregnant, but that just means we get to try again". He wiped away the fallen tear with his thumb and Olivia shuddered responsively to the warm roughness of his hands.

"I know…I'm being stupid. I just thought…after all these years of questioning whether or not I'd make a good mother, and finally making a decision…I just thought it would be easier" she admitted, her hand fisted against her flat, empty abdomen.

"I was a couple days late so I got my hopes up. All that scarring from on the job injuries, it'll be a wonder if I ever manage to get pregnant -and if I do, I'll be in a nursing home before the kid's out of college" she spoke through gritted teeth, angry with herself for being so emotional.

"Every time I see a stroller, or I walk by a maternity store in the mall I feel a physical ache deep in my belly. My biological clock is ticking so loudly I wake up sometimes in a cold sweat swearing I can hear it. I feel like it's my fault I haven't conceived yet, because I'm so afraid of being a mother…but I want it more than anything and God, I love you so much and I can't even give you a child. I've never been jealous of Kathy except for the fact that she's given you five beautiful children, and my body is apparently such a hostile environment that I can't even give you one".

Elliot nodded grimly as he pulled into the parkway where three other unit cars were flashing their lights, but he didn't get out of the car immediately – instead unbuckling the seat belt and turning to face Olivia.

"Liv, we've been married for a little less than a year. And already I have been happier in this year alone than in all my years of marriage to Kathy. I love you so much Liv" he swore as he cupped her face in his hands.

"And nothing's going to change that, baby or no baby I'm going to want to be with you for the rest of my life. I've already wasted enough years not being with you".

Olivia nodded sadly before clearing her throat and snapping back to attention as Fin and Munch pulled in beside them. As they walked over to the grey Saab where their victim was they huddled against the bone chilling November winds.

Warner hailed them from the passenger seat where she was conducting the initial examination.

"This is definitely our guy. The uterus is about the size for an 8 months pregnancy" she shone her flashlight at the abdomen of the deceased woman that had been flayed open by some kind of scalpel.

Looking at the shredded remains of what had recently been the missing baby's home Olivia felt her own stomach rise into her throat.

As Warner continued to show them the evidence that the woman had fought back Olivia stumbled away a few steps, heaving violently over a trashcan in the corner emptying the contents of her roiling stomach.

Elliot came over to her, bracing her against him as she leaned over the garbage for a second time to be ill.

Olivia hadn't thrown up at a crime scene since the beginning of her time on the squad when she'd had to question a victim who'd been horribly disfigured by their dead rapist Stephan Tanzic; but remembering their conversation in the car, Elliot had a feeling why this victim was having such an effect on Olivia.

At a couple inches below shoulder length, her hair was still a little too short to get in the way, but Elliot held it back for her nonetheless as he rubbed her back in slow circles as he waited for her to finish.

"I'm sorry" she gasped, standing up again – rinsing her mouth out with the bottle of water Munch had gotten out of the car for her.

"I'm fine, I'm fine…really" she answered the question that she knew was coming from all of her friend's mouths. "It just doesn't get easier, ya know?"

Fin, Munch and Melinda all nodded in understanding and turned back to the crime scene.

But as Olivia followed them, Elliot keeping an unnecessary but appreciated steadying hand on her back, she couldn't help thinking that she would be happy to throw up, if only the reason for it was that she was pregnant with Elliot's baby.

So tell me what you think!Haha. Anyway, same rules apply with this story, 10 comments please before I update - and believe me...you want me to update ;)