AN: This is the third story in what, I suppose, would be considered the "Do Over-verse" following my two previous stories Chuck versus The Do Over and Chuck versus The Fish Out of Temporal Water. It is the equivalent of Chuck's Second Season.

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Some other things that might be helpful:

During Seduction Impossible it was revealed that Roan Montgomery and General Beckman have been having an on again, off again relationships for decades. And that Beckman used to be a dirty blonde.

During Agent X, Beckman refers to Mary by her first name, inferring that she may know her as more than Chuck's mother or an Agent.

Mary's file reveals her parent names to be Mary and Jesse Gunter.

In Suitcase, Ellie is shown paging through a family photo album she had kept which included numerous photographs of her parents. On Chuck makes a comment that he must not have been more than 6 months old in one group shot.

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Chuck versus The Old Flame Part I


"This was supposed to be a reconnaissance mission." The blonde agent hissed at her darker haired friend.

"I say an opportunity and I took it." Her friend shot back before delivering a punch to one of the guards blocking their path.

"Why is that your opportunities always end up as messes I have to clean-up." The blonde countered as she kicked another guard.

A dozen punches and kicks later, the two had made their way towards a junction of corridors. Glancing towards one another, they silently agreed on a direction and took off down one of the halls.

"Where is the poor soul they decided to partner you with anyway?" She finally asked, banging one of the unlocked doors open suddenly to knock out a guard as he tried to sneak up on them.

"Probably locked in a closet somewhere with one of the waitresses." Her companion said derisively. The blonde snorted. It seemed like three quarters of the men at the Agency thought they were James Bond, complete with a bedpost every woman wanted to become a notch in.

They were only a few feet from the back exit when another guard stepped seemingly out of nowhere in front of them. He was easily the size of both her and her reckless friend put together them put together and pointing a gun straight at her friend and fellow agent. She willed the gears in her mind to spin in hopes of coming up with some way to get out of this without one of them having a large whole shot threw them. Suddenly a shape fell down from the ceiling. The thump of shoes on the concrete floor caused the guard to instinctively turn his head towards the sound. He was reward with two punches to his face in rapid succession, knocking him unconscious. Once the oversized goon had toppled over, the man who had come to their assistance, she would never say rescue, was visible. He was a lean, brunette that her practiced eye placed at somewhere around six feet four. The glare her darker haired friend was shooting him identified him as the other's partner.

"Ladies." He said, gesturing towards the now empty escape route. Her friend mouth curled into a slightly sour expression before heading towards the exit. The man looked back towards her and gave a exaggerate sigh and a long suffering look. She couldn't help but smile back in amusement. She knew the other woman well enough to commiserate.

It wasn't until they were all in their stolen getaway car safely headed out of enemy territory that Mary seemed to feel the need to offer introductions.

"Diane, this is my new partner, Agent Roan Montgomery." Mary said, gesturing towards the man now seating in the passenger seat. She swept her hand back toward her. "Agent Montgomery this is Lieutenant Diana Beckman, NSA."

October 5, 2008

They didn't go Graham's funeral. Then again, they didn't go the first time either. Over the course of his time in this timeline Chuck had found certain events which seemed immutable. He hadn't expected Graham's death to be one of them. He hadn't even realized it could be. The circumstances were completely different. Fulcrum was gone and the Intersect seemingly on everyone's backburner, and yet Graham had still died within twenty-four hours of when he had in the other timeline. It was almost the flip side of Bryce's death. He had either a year and change, or only six weeks depending on whether you counted his first "death" outside the intersect room. But he had still died in a way strikingly similar to how he had originally.

He felt slightly guilty, but Chuck's first thought after hearing about Graham's death, after his concern for Sarah and before he began to worry over the news of who had killed Graham, was for his father. Was his death set in stone in as well? Did he have an invisible timer on him, counting down? And if so, how much time was on it? Had Chuck inadvertently knocked off a few hours, or days or months? Even if he had, he knew he was annoyingly unable to do anything about it. With Shaw dead, the circumstances that might lead to his father's death were completely unknown to him, and even if he knew exactly when and what would happen, he had no way to contact his parents.

"Hey buddy, something wrong?" Morgan asked. Chuck forced himself out of his maudlin thoughts back to the present.

"No, just thinking. " He told his friend, forcing a small smile.

"Well, I know something that is almost guaranteed to be funny." Morgan said, giving him a squeeze on the shoulder. "Lester has called a meeting."


Sarah wasn't entirely sure how she felt about Graham's death. Just a few months ago, when the man who had recruited Chuck had disappeared, she had believed that if something similar happened to Graham, she would be incredibly upset. Graham had, literally, saved her life and put her on the path she was on. The path that had led her to the job and the man she loved. But she had not illusions as to why he had put her on this path, and he had not made it a secret that he was far from proud at the type of Agent she had turned out to be. And the more time she spent around Chuck, the more she realized how glad she was that she hadn't turned into the wildcard enforcer he had tried to form her into.

Her phone rang, disrupting any further contemplation. Beckman wanted a briefing. She made her way down to castle, but when Chuck still hadn't arrived ten minutes later, Sarah decided to take it upon herself to fetch him.

As she walked into the Buymore she found herself swatting her hair out of her face as it was blown around by the fans at the entrance. They were meant to keep bugs out bu tsometimes Sarah wondered if someone deliberately turned the fans up at time. Looking around she found Chuck walking beside Morgan, his head down as they talked. His button down was untucked, and his hands were stuffed in his pockets, his whole posture slightly relaxed. Morgan said something, then gave a Chuck a pat on the shoulder, before pointing towards the door and walking away. Chuck's head shot up and his eyes connected with her. It always amazed her just how much adoration he still had in his eyes when he looked at her, even now that they had been together for months. He gave her small smile which she returned. Her smile turned slightly coy as she reached up and pulled on his tie, brining his mouth down into a chaste kiss.

"So, is there a national emergency or did you just miss me?" He whispered.

"A bit of both. You haven't been answering your phone." Chuck's face cycled through confusion, then realization, embarrassment and finally slight irritation.

"Lester made us turn all our phones off for his meeting." He said, sarcasm filtering through the last word.

"Somehow I doubt the General is going to think Buymore politics are an adequate excuse." She told him, then grabbed his hand, tugging him towards the door as he let up a odd little yell. She kept his hand locked in hers as they threaded through the semi-full parking lot to the yogurt shop, dropping it only once they reached the freezer and she had to enter the password. Casey, apparently, had already seen the General's message and made his way down into Castle.

"Agents Bartowski and Walker. It's nice of you to join us. Finally." Beckman told them from the Castle's main screen. "Let's not waste anymore time. We have reason to believe that the components from Leeryder may be in the possession of the ex KGB operative Sasha Banecheck."


Roan hadn't fallen off the grid in this timeline. Chuck wasn't entirely sure why but he couldn't help but hope it was because of something he had done. Roan had also, it seemed, done something (or someone) that had annoyed the General because instead of flying out in a CIA jet, she had had him fly commercial. Coach. That meant they were also punished, with a drive to LAX. They found him in one of the employee's lounges flirting with two attractive stewardesses. He wasn't as drunk as Chuck had expected. When Roan glanced up towards them, he even seemed to recognize Casey.

"Sorry ladies, it looks like duty calls." He said. He stood up and stumbled slightly towards them causing Chuck revised his assessment. He might not have been as drunk as he had been when they had found him in the original timeline, but he was still a fair bit beyond tipsy.

By the time they had gotten Roan's bags and driven back to the apartment building he had sobered up some and Chuck and Sarah decided to order some food from Bamboo Palace to eat while they went over the mission information.

Just before Chuck has entered in Sarah's order of sizzling shrimp, the doorbell rang. All three of them turn towards the door, looking at it warily but before either he or Sarah could make their way to check it, Casey came pelting down the stairs far faster than even Chuck anticipated. Once the door swung open Chuck realized why. Kathleen is standing, slightly startled, on the door step holding a small mountain of Tupperware and wearing a slightly nervous smile.

"Kath. Is something wrong? Is Alex?" Casey stuttered.

"She's fine. I just." She started hesitantly. "All my recipes' are for two, so I have all these leftover. And since you tend to think hot pockets are their own food group I thought I might bring some over." She glanced, around Casey, taking in the three of them sitting in the living room and gave a hesitant wave to Sarah before looking back towards Casey with a self conscious smile.

"But if you have guests."

"We're leaving." Chuck interrupted quickly. He turned towards Sarah, giving her a knowing look. "I was going to show Roan, here, something for work over at our place." Chuck finished with a nod. Chuck grabbed Roan's arm and pulled him up with a tug, pulling him towards the door quickly, hoping to avoid Roan saying anything. Chuck's fairly certain if Roan had a chance to open his mouth around Casey and Kathleen it will end with a lot of bruises for Roan and paper work for the rest of them. Luckily, for once in his life, Roan seemed to realize this as well.

Roan managed to wait until Chuck had pulled him across the courtyard into the his own apartment before speaking.

"Who, is that?"

"Casey's ex." Sarah replied quickly as Chuck glanced around and let out a sigh of relief that neither Ellie nor Awesome seemed to be home. Roan raised his eyebrow questioningly. Chuck shared looked with Sarah, before giving a slight shrug.

"Its not our story to tell." Sarah said simply. Roan seemed to accept the answer. Chuck decided to go back to ordering their meal. There was some confusion over whether or not he had to re-order the first part of the meal, which is what he blamed for not catching Roan's exploration of their coffee table books until it was too late. He hadn't even realized Ellie had kept the album out. He remembered, vaguely, it had appeared somewhere around the time she had first started writing to their mother, but he had assumed she had put it away again once their parents had once again disappeared. Apparently she had forgotten to. Or hadn't had the heart to.

Chuck tensed, waiting, as Roan flipped through the initial pages and was slightly relieved, and slightly disappointed , when there was no recognition. Then Roan turned over a page and froze, slightly. Chuck leaned over a tiny bit so he could see over the man shoulder. It was a picture of his parents with him and Ellie. He couldn't have been more than a few months old. Roan turned then and looked at him, his eyes narrowed slightly as if he was searching for something.

"You're Mary Gunter's son." Roan stated. The use of his mother's maiden name threw Chuck off for a moment. He never thought of her as Mary Gunter but he supposed it made sense that Roan would. His parents had met through the Agency. That meant that his mom had started her career as Agent Gunter and it would have made sense, professionally, to remain Agent Gunter. Especially since she seemed to want to keep the number of people who knew she was married to a minimum. As he looked back at Roan's questioning gaze Chuck realized then he had paused a bit too long.

"Yes." There was no use denying it. "How did you know her?" Roan gave an almost wistful smile. It wasn't an expression he would have ever associated with him.

"I was her partner, for a little while. Mary tended to go through partners quickly. She was a bit to impulsive and stubborn for a partner, or her own good. " He said, fondly, before apparently realizing how that might sound and quickly adding. "No offense. "

"No," Chuck said slowly, "that sounds about right." Across the living room, Sarah looked over from where she sat silently. Her eye, asked him if he was okay. He gave a slightly nod and she moved into the kitchen to get the dishes and leave them to talk.

"I can tell you one thing." Roan said finally. He tapped on one of the photographs of Chuck's father on the next page. "Your dad must have been one hell of a guy. Mary was the only one of my female partners to resist both my four prong method and the Montgomery."

"Thanks. I guess. Although I wished the compliment hadn't been accompanied by the thought of your trying to seduce my mother." Chuck told him. Roan gave a shrug.

"It could have been, I could have told you," He got out before Chuck quickly interrupted him.

"Please do not finish that sentence. "

October 6, 2008

Roan paused a moment in front of the mirror outside the bar giving himself one last once over. His role in tonight's mission might not require his usual level of poise, but it never hurt to look his best. He really was still a handsome devil.

Charles had rejected his plan outright. Apparently he had issues with seduction missions. After Roan had been ushered in Casey guest room his three partners had, he found out, begun using their contact to spread the word the Charles Carmichael was interested in purchasing items that had been stolen from his former competitor, Leeryder Industries. The hope was that Banachek would take the bait and Chuck and Sarah could get the pieces off her, then arrest her. If she didn't, well, that was where he came in, just not the way he would have preferred. Tonight he was tasked with keeping Banachek in the hotel bar while Casey placed bugs around the room. He was also, hopefully, scare her into trying to off load her merchandise sooner rather than later. He probably should have been a bit more insulted that he had been cast as merely the distraction, but he had to admit that Charles plan was good. Meticulous, and well thought out if not as much fun as Roan's own. Charles must have inherited his tactical skill form his father. For as good an Agent as she was, Mary wasn't the best with strategy. Or team work.

As he walked into the room, Roan he smiled, just slightly, as all eyes turned towards him. Moving towards the center couch, he sat down, not waiting for permission. Looking towards him, Sasha gave him a slightly sour smile.

"Hello Roan."


Trust Bartowski to come up with a plan that required him to jump off a balcony. Okay, repel, but the kid did seem to have a fascination with jumping , or falling, of things. As much is might irritate him, however, Casey did understand the necessity in this case. Their plan relied on Banachek not suspecting she was being listened to, and that meant nothing suspicious could happen to the guards. Instead of going in guns, or tranq guns, blazing, they had taken the hotel room right above Banachek. They needed more delicate surveillance than they could get through the floor, through. Specifically video and phone bugs, so Casey had been sent down.

Sarah had offered to act as room service and deliver the guards some drinks with a low dose of tranquilizer, something that would make them drowsy but not actually fall asleep, but Bartowski had pointed out that if they did pose as the buyers once Banachek tried to off load the stolen pieces, they couldn't risk one of the goons recognizing her. Which meant Casey was forced to break in and try to be very quite. It wasn't exactly his preference for an operation, or he forte.

He eased down onto the landing, careful to not allow his booted feet to make too much noise, then used a knife to ease open the glass doors.

"I'm in." He whispered over his com to the duo upstairs before beginning to place the bugs strategically around the room. He had just placed the last of the bugs when Bartowski's voice came over his earpiece.

"You have to get out of their Casey. Now." He said. He sounded more exasperated then nervous.

"Roan messed up?" Casey grunted.

"You could say that."

"Fine, I'm on my way." Casey headed back out to the balcony, and closed the doors again before pulling himself up the short length of rope onto the one above. He really shouldn't have even needed the line, but Batowski had insisted that if he climbed down, he would be making too much noise.

After he had pulled line back onto their floor, he headed into the room to see what had Bartowski so riled up. To his horror he heard giggling. And it was from the bugs. Walking over to the small bank of monitors he saw Bartowski and Walker looking on in horror as Montgomery and Banecheck tumbled into the hotel room below. All three of them grimaced.

"He just couldn't resist, could he." Casey grumbled. As the on the screens two began moving toward he bed Casey moved to turn off the feed.

"Don't." Bartowski said, slapping his hand away, "We'll need to know if he gets into trouble." He said with more than a little disgust.

"I am not watching this." Casey stated bluntly. Chuck glanced around the room, then got up, coming back a moment later with a large towel from the bathroom that he, thankfully, draped over the monitors.

Casey was about to start looking for something to block his ears as well when the now mercifully disembodied voices began to come through the bugs.

"Let me help you." Montgomery said.

"Roan, do you really think I'm so stupid as to believe you'd betray that precious agency of yours." Bancheck replied.

"No. I know exactly how clever you are. I also know you're clever enough to realize that I know enough of your dirty little secrets that if I wanted to, with one phone call I could make sure you ended up someplace a lot worse than an American prison." There was a squeaking sound, like the springs on a bed and Casey tried not to think about what that might mean.

"Is that a threat." Banachek said, breathily.

"No. It's a reassurance. You have a lot of enemies and we both know what most of your buyers would do to you once you give them those pieces. While I might still find you to be a young, beautiful and vibrant woman, you've been in this game for long enough to realize that with every big deal that you make, you've used up just a little bit more of your good luck. Its only a matter of time before its all gone. Let me make sure you end before that happens." There was another series of squeaks and Casey saw both Walker and Bartowski flinch slightly along with me.

"And why should I believe that making a deal with you would be better? I don't think your superiors would look too kindly on someone who killed one of their scientists?" She asked.

"You killed a traitor, with a few bit of information on some of your clients, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to overlook it." Banecek moaned and, despite the information that was streaming in, Casey still contemplated trying to shut off the bugs.

"Unbutton me." Banecheck breathed. There was a slightly pause before Montgomery spoke.

"That's a nice bauble."

"It and its friends are yours," She said breathily before her tone turned sharp. "After you bring me an agreement, in writing, signed by someone I actually trust, Roan."

"You know that's not enough. They'll need some proof of your intentions." Roan told her. There was another pause, then a small clink too soft to be picked up by anything but Roan's ear pieces.

"You'll get the others only after I get the deal." Banachek said. "In writing. Now get out Roan." She spat.

Summary: During a mission just prior to Chuck versus Agent X, a mysterious young man uses an equally mysterious device to knock Chuck out. He wakes up inside his younger body on the day after his 20th Birthday.

Off screen (so to speak) Chuck tries, at first, to get home, and contacts his father for help confiding in him everything that had happened to him. Eventually he realizes he's stuck in this timeline and decides to try to change things for the better. As mourns the loss of his relation with Sarah and the others in his original timeline, he makes sure he is recruited by the CIA, and anonymously lets Casey know about Alex in 2001. Along the way he makes numerous other changes, including becoming temporarily partnered with Sarah. For various reasons, however, their relationship doesn't move beyond friendship before they are reassigned.

Eventually he still ends up downloading the intersect, and Bryce dies.

Do Over then picks up at the beginning of Season 1. Over the course of the story Chuck and Sarah mourn Bryce and become closer, until they eventually start a relationship while Chuck and Chuck and the Team take down Fulcrum.

At the end of the story Mary and Stephen meet Chuck at his childhood home, letting him know that they have been tracing intrusions into this timeline from others. As well as warning him that Leeryder Industries, a company that Chuck had been investigating on his own, may have some way of tapping into these intrusions. Chuck also is confronted by Sarah and tells her what has happened to him.

During Temporal Waters, Chuck and the Team run up against an increasing number of weapons and technology that appears to have been brought over from other dimensions or timelines including a device that can make an individual look like another individuals. While the Ring was not able to gain that particular technology, two of its Agents, it appears, have used the device. The Team also finds themselves continually facing off against a former Volkoff employee, Laura Cleary, that appears to have been in a relationship with Daniel Shaw before killing him and now appears to be working for the Ring.

During the final chapters of the story Chuck learns that Leeryder had created a device that appears to be the ancestor to the one that sent him back in time and was using it to tap into other timeline and download the information both onto their servers and into people. The Ring uses a virus to steal all of the weapons and technology Leeryder has accrued from other dimensions and possibly the technology to access these other timelines itself before turning one of Leeyrder's own weapons against them and killing everyone in their main headquarters, including their founders.

Finally, in the last chapter Graham is assassinated by the woman the team previous thought was Laura Cleary. The team learn that she is one of the people who used the cloning device and that she now appears to be Evelyn Shaw. We learn that she is, in fact, a version of Evelyn Shaw from an unknown timeline who was downloaded into Cleary's body.