A week.

One whole fucking week that the fucking well has been sealed and refused to allow me passage through it so I can get back to my 'family'. So instead, I'm stuck in this time with absolutely nothing to do but go to school, ignore my idiotic girlfriends of their attempts to try and get me to go out on a date or possibly start an actual relationship with Hojo. Although, if Inuyasha were here, he'd most likely 'accidently' mispronounce Hojo's name by calling him: Hobo, Homo, Bobo, or anything that is remotely related to that.

But this is the one reason why I decided to move to Karakura Town...

I was in school. Nothing special, just sit in a room stuffed filled with around 25-30 teenagers in it for a little over half an hour and go onto your next class and repeat the process until your average seven and a half hour school day is over and then you gotta repeat it the next day. (Except during the weekend.)

It was my last class of the day and it used to be my least favorite subject before my going to the fuedal era for the past three fucking years and having to deal shit that includes youkai, humans, and anything other abnormal during that time period. Then after that damned well sealed up, I completely hated and if you wait for a couple more minutes you'll see why.

When I got back from the fuedal era for the final fucking time, in my history class guess what time period of Japan were looking into? If you guessed the answer to be fuedal japan then you got it right on the mark.


'So fucking bored.' I groaned with my hand supporting my head as I looked at the sensei in front of the chalkboard that was in front of the class. 'Kami. I know I don't really pray to you much but, please. Please! Get me out of this hellhole?'

Then I lazily looked down at my textbook, didn't much pay attention to it. But what really freaked me out was the fact that, there in the textbook, was a picture of a girl in a white and green outfit, she had black hair that was waist length, and she had bright blue eyes.

'Shit!' I thought to myself. 'This is so not fucking good.'

That was when, at that very moment, my life came crashing down. Not even five seconds after I saw the picture in the textbook, everyone's eyes were focused on me. And I mean everyone's eyes.

The first thing that popped in my mind?

'Oh, fuck my life.'

And just as my childhood friend, Eri, was about to ask me that one question that I knew she oh so desparately wanted to asked, I gathered as much of my school things and ran out of the room as if my life had depended on it.

But do you want to know what made me truely run for the door? Yes it was because everyone knew it was me in the textbook but words that the sensei read from the textbook made me horrorified:

"The image of the young Shikon no Miko that had lived over five centuries ago and her name was Kagome Higurashi."

*~End of Flashback~*

And ya know what?

Now that I think about it, I really liked the fact that I didn't have to fight youkai and deal with a dramatic inu hanyou, a perverted monk, a pissed of youkai slayer who wanted to beat the living shit out of the perverted monk for groping her ass every chance he got, and all of that crazy shit that happened three years ago. I really enjoyed my...well I guess you could say freedom?

So now here I am, in a new school. Starting fresh and willing to put as much of those memories behind me. Although, it seemed that Karma was always out to get me.

It is now lunch and since I don't know anyone, I went and found a tree and sat under it and began to eat then of course their had to be some stupid jerk to pick on the new student on their first freaking day of school. How wonderful. Right? Wrong!

"Hey there girlly." He taunted. "Whatcha got there? Something for me perhaps?"

But he wasn't talking about the food. I think. No. I knew that the baka was staring at my chest, and no my boobs are not huge. They're an average size 40 C cup. Not very special people believe me it's just flesh that so happens to be attached to your body. Geez.

I looked up at the guy and, of course, his buddies were there with him. There was only three of them but I wasn't worried about myself getting hurt or violated or anything. Doing what I've been doing for the past three years in...well...the past, you tend to learn a thing or two about fighting, whether it be for self-defense or just to go show someone that you can kick their ass(es) with ease.

"No." I responded, like I didn't have a care in the world and pulled out one of my notebooks and started to go over them so I would know what's going to be on the test next week.

However, that made two mistakes right there when I gave that baka my answer, ignored him, and pulled out my notebook to give my attention to it instead.

The first mistake was that the jerk got mad because of my response and the fact that I ignored him and he ripped it out of my hand and tore it to shreds. The first mistake was mine the second...well let's just say that this baka is going to be in the hospital for a very long time

The second was his when he made to stupidest move to do that to my poor notebook. I mean come on, what did the poor thing do to you?

Anway, when he did that he smirked for about a second or so until I bolted to my feet and punched him right in the nose, breaking it may I add, a punch in the stomach, a kick in his family jewels, and good hard kick in each of his shins. Then, he fell to the ground crying like a baby.

I looked at his friends who shaking in fear and what they had just witnessed.

"Are you two man enough to come at me?" I asked them, pissed that my notes were in pieces. "Hmm?" I growled low in my throat.

They looked at each other and ran as fast as they could and as far away from me as possible.

I looked down at the ground and saw the remains of my notebook and made a sound of disgust.

"Great. Just fucking great. Kami whatever I did to you I'm really sorry. Is it because I rejected Koga when he wanted me to be 'his woman'?" I grumbled to myself as I picked up the pieces of paper and put them in my bag so I could deal with them when I get home.

Then a shadow was over me not even a second later.

I growled. "Geez, what's up with you perverts that you think if a girl is skinny and has big boobs that she's 'free game' huh?"

Then I looked up at the shadowy figure and saw a beet red faced orange hair colored boy that looked around 17 or 18 years old. He had brown eyes and they were wide with embarrassment of what I said to him.

"Oh!" I blushed a light pink. "I'm sorry. I really should look at the person I'm talking to huh?" I laugh nervously. Then I held out my hand.

"My name is Kagome Higurashi."

"Mine is Ichigo Kurosaki." He shook my hand.

"He has a very strong aura around him...it kinda feels like the one I felt earlier but it wasn't as near as strong as Ichigo's."

"So your new here huh Kagome?"

I nodded and sighed, looking my bag at the shredded paper of my notebook.

"I'm so totally fucking screwed." I made a sound of disgust.

"What's wrong?"

I looked at the ground, looking at the now unconscious bastard who destroyed my notes and pointed to him.

"That's what's wrong." I kicked the asshole in the gut causing him to whimper. "The fucker thought that since I was a girl and looked innocent and harmless that he could do anything to me and not having to worry about me fighting back."

Ichigo smirked, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah, but it looks like you proved him wrong." He snickered. Then another thought came to his mind. "Where did you learn how to fight like that?"

I blushed and looked away from him.

"I've, uh...watched my friend pick fights with another friend who wanted me as his girlfriend and I learned a thing or so." My blush went away and I shrugged.

Ichigo arched a brow and shrugged too.

"If you want, you can come eat the rest of your lunch with my friends and I." Ichigo offered.

I smiled and nodded and followed him.