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Nightfall for the Beast

Chapter 1: Nightfall in Central City

"Quick! Someone restrain him!"

"The chains broke! We need more men!"

A feral growl followed after a thundering roar echoed through the chambers of the underground lab as guards and soldiers came rushing into the small cell that held a single young man. The golden-haired boy yanked and yanked on his restraints until they finally broke and shattered his erie bonds. Immediately the scientists that entered the cell got out their tranquilizers and struggled to push past Ed's wild thrashing.

"Cover his side! Make sure he doesn't get loose!"

"We need reinforcements!"

It hurt so damn much. The aching throbbing pain that coursed through his body that would've made any man drop to his knees and scream, but not him. No, he was not like other humans. White flashes, starks of burning tearing pain echoed through his crawling skin and dug deep into his bones. It hurt too damn much.

"Restrain him, you idiots!"

But it was too late. A golden furred wolf standing on his hind legs at full height and over every man that was in his vision, snarled and bared its sharp, white fangs. The wolf lunged angrily at the men, clawing at them and piercing into their weak flesh as if it were paper. The werewolf ran past the injured men and pushed himself into the bars of his cell, he fell backwards on his side, immediately got back up and ran back up to the bars. His body slammed up against the iron bars and eventually they caved in, Edward growled as he picked his body back up and began running down the corridors of his prison.

They had taken him from him. They took him away from him. They took him. Edward wanted him back. Those damn scientists took him away even after he put up a fight against those pathetic guards. Ed sprinted faster down the hallways on all fours sniffing the air as it blew through his golden mane. He could hear them behind him, those soldiers with guns and sedatives. No, he didn't want anymore "medicine"; it made him feel weak and defenseless. And it sickened him, but why were they chasing him? He wasn't doing anything wrong was he? No – he couldn't be. All Ed is trying to do is find where those bastard scientists took his brother. Was that so wrong?

Ed wheezed and whimpered when his brother's scent didn't reach his nose. He had to be in here… somewhere; he knew he was in here. He just had to be! Suddenly Edward stopped running and looked forward at the figure that was now standing in his path. Ed stifled a low growl and glared daggers at the raven-haired man who had a conceited smirk on his face. "Causing trouble aren't you, Fullmetal?" the man said as he stepped towards the werewolf.

Edward growled in response and stood up on his two hind legs, standing over the man by at least three feet. "Now now Fullmetal, is this what you want?" General Mustang asked with his eyes still on Ed. He motioned his hands out from behind his back and held out the object Ed had been rampaging for, in his grip was a medium sized armored helmet with a long stream of material hanging at the back of its head as if it were a feather. Golden eyes went wide with surprise once the armored head was shown in his view; Ed went back on all fours and looked up at the General with pleading eyes. His tongue was hanging out of his mouth in a playful way that made Roy chuckle with amusement. "Sit." He ordered with his stern voice although a smile was twisting its way to his face.

Ed begrudgingly lowered himself to sit like a dog but scrunched up his body as waves of pain returned with a vengeance. He whimpered and narrowed his eyes as the head helmet appeared in front of his wolfish snout. Ed quickly grabbed the helmet with his fangs, careful not to dent it, and looked up at the General. Roy looked back at the werewolf and said, "You only have a week left in here and then you'll be released and free to go home." To what home? "You'll be free from this place." Roy assured him as his hand ushered over to Ed's head. Edward growled lowly inside of his throat as a warning to the hand and curled his lips back further from behind the armored head he held in his mouth. Roy slowly took his hand back and frowned, Ed's golden eyes shredded away what anger he had left and looked pitifully at the General. He raised his head and turned away from the raven-haired man as another strike of pain stabbed at his insides and sent them a flame. He stifled a whimper and trembled on his legs until his own weight overtook his strength and he shuddered onto the ground, his huge body shaking violently on the cold floor.

At that exact same moment guards with tranquilizer guns came running towards the golden werewolf and aiming the guns immediately at his convulsing body. "Put your guns down! Now!" Mustang ordered once he saw through what they were about to do. The men hesitated at following the order for a second but slowly lowered their guns as Mustang's famous military glared shot at them.

"General Roy Mustang, this is my department," the voice of a man Roy hated all too much, "and last I recall, you have no authority in this area." A chestnut brown-haired man with darting green eyes that showed through his glasses and shockingly pale skin walked up to the General and stood before him. He was wearing a white lab coat indicating that he was a scientist.

"Ah, Howard Johnson, its nice to see you too." Roy said in a sarcastic manner.

"Anyways General, Edward is in my care down here. So if you don't mind… men, aim your guns." Howard said adjusting his glasses. Guns rose up again and pointed at the snarling Edward, his fur rose up at the ends as an animalistic growl escaped past his lips.

"You don't need to sedate him." Roy assured him.

"Ah but I think we do, General. You and I both know that this thing isn't the Edward you know; he's just a mindless, tamable beast. He's a genuine animal now."

"Edward, come!" Mustang ordered. Golden eyes blinked when the order reached his ears Ed turned to the raven-haired man and slowly walked over to his side where he sat on his hind legs. Mustang looked back up to Howard and said, "Mindless eh? I'll take him back to his room."

Howard scowled at this but slowly nodded his head for approval. "Edward, walk." And so he did. Walking on all fours Ed's body swayed from side to side giving off the known impression that his phantom attacks were occurring. Roy looked down on the wolf and sighed, "They still haven't found anything for that pain of yours?" No response. "Is it getting worse?" No response. "Will you ever talk?" That same silence. Mustang sighed and came to a slow stop as Ed's small cell/room came into vision. He looked on sadly at the poor condition the cell was in and exhaled; it wasn't like the room he had in the beginning where there was a nice bed, books, and decent wallpaper. This one had been poorly constructed with a broken bed, not a single shred of etertainment, cold gray floors and wall but the worse part was that Al's armor had been taken away. That was the main cause of Ed's continuous rampage. It was only a stroke of luck that Roy caught the man who was towing away Al's armor, he bargained enough with the man to let him take the helmet and put the remains in his office.

Edward stared blankly at the cell in front of him and whimpered to Roy. He caught Roy's attention and shook his head wildly. "You have to go in there, Edward." Roy said softly. Ed whimpered louder then grimaced, he snarled and dug his claws into the hard ground as pain struck his head. Ed slowly fell over on his side and whimpered louder his eyes were shut tight and his body was trembling with undeniable strain. Roy grimaced as he slowly heard Ed's bones snap and shift inside of his body. Claws and fangs slowly retracted and Ed's wolfish body was soon no more. What lay in front of Mustang was the unconscious body of Edward Elric. Roy sighed deeply and carefully picked Edward up and carried him into his cell. He laid him carefully down on the broken crooked bed and pulled the thin material blanket over his shivering body.

It was blandly obvious that Ed was in pain. He was in pain everyday ever since the death of Al. No one knew exactly what was causing the pain that yanked at his body everyday but Roy wish he did. Edward didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve any of this. The one night when Al had died had changed Edward dramatically. Not only was his physical health taking a toll but also his mental state. Edward really was no longer the same hot-tempered, foul-mouthed alchemist that Roy knew his whole persona had changed. The way he acted, the way he moved, and the way he talked when he was in his human form. Ed no longer talked when he was in his wolf form but instead acted and sounded like a complete mindless animal. And that's what made Roy worry.

"Just one more week here and then you'll be free to leave." Roy muttered to the sleeping Ed. It just wasn't right; Ed didn't belong in there. Not long after that night, Ed had been sent to an underground lab/prison, courtesy of the military of course. The higher ups proclaimed Edward a "menace to society" and a "threat to the country", when actually Ed wasn't a threat at all. They locked him up in the underground lad where a few chimeras are made, covered up his file to proclaim him as a missing state alchemist and completely forgot about him.

Roy's hand traveled over to Ed's forehead a placed itself upon him. He was warm, maybe he had a temperature but that would soon pass away. Roy took his hand off and walked over to the cell door, it was pretty banged up but it would still hold him. He hesitantly grabbed the door of the cell looked back at the sleeping blond and silently whispered, "Goodnight Fullmetal." And he closed the door leaving the cell dark inside.

Edward continued to shiver even under the warmth of the small blanket. His hands sleepily reached out and clutched the helmet head that was up against his chest. He squeezed it against him and smiled. Even though the cold metal was tugging at the warmth of his skin it still felt good for the head to just be near him. Edward relaxed his muscles and went back to his intoxicated dreamland. As he clutched the metal head tighter an image of a young boy appeared in his mind's eye. He and the brunette haired boy were running… towards someone in the distance. The surroundings around them were lush green fields and a bright sun above them. A brown haired woman was calling out to them, she was waving and carrying what looked to be a basket of vegetables in her other hand. Ed and the young boy ran into the arms of the woman and hugged her tightly; Ed buried his face in her shoulder and breathed. The woman's warmth was so good and soft. It was pleasant and familiar… "Mom?"

"Yes dear?" the woman said in a soft and sweet voice.

"… How did I get here?"

His mother stayed quiet for a while. "Brother, what do you mean?" the young boy asked.

"Alphonse?" Edward said in a shocked tone.

"What's wrong Ed?" Trisha asked in a startled way.

Edward slowly released his hands from her grip and stepped back. He clutched his head and shivered, "This can't be real… no, it can't be…" white-hot pain seized his brain as he crumbled onto the ground and convulsed slightly. He screamed and shook wildly then a though occurred to him. His body stopped shaking as golden eyes grew wide and turned to Al and Trisha. He stared at them horrified and startled as if he was seeing a ghost, then one question escape his trembling lips:

"How do I get out of here?"

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