Plot is pretty simple. Jeff Hardy owns a brothel. A place where all his little pretty boys like to play & be played with. Adam is his main high class bitch, Jay & Hunter are his right-hand men, w/ benefits. Sluts are; Adam, Mor, Jeri, Heath, Cody & yeah, I'm shoving Gerard Davis my OC in there. He is an OC, just a fictional character. Johns are; Randy, Miz, Ted, Punk (anyone else I can think of, I'm leaving it open...) Only main pairings I really have is Jedam- even if Adam is pimped out & Jeff fucks other ppl- & some frustrated Jay/Heath. Lots of smut, language, non-wrestling, major AU, OOC, sluttiness, flamboyance. Cum, boys, into Jeff Hardy's Brothel. Find a pretty slut you like, but only if you can afford him. ;)

Chapter one/ 'Paintings & Other Works Of Art'
Rated; M/ L, S (masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism)

He stared up at the painting hung on the wall. There were paintings hung all over the place actually. Every single one hand painted by the owner, all of pretty boys in naked sexual poses. The boys worked there, lived there and they belonged to the painter by contract. He didn't have a painting yet. He was new. The owner, who went by the name Jeff Hardy, had recently 'hired' him and basically bought him from his previous 'employer'. Jeff had said he liked him, wanted to take him to a better place. Which was alright because his previous working place was filthy and he had to deal with his fair share of drugged-up losers who barely had enough cash to cover his services.

This place was nice. It was huge and they all had their own bedrooms. It was like this big beautiful mansion with all the trimmings, sparkly and lights. His old place was dark and moldy and looked like a place fit to be in a horror movie where the killer would take his victims. And on more than one occasion, blood and vomit and semen would cover the dusty walls with the wallpaper peeling off. But not this place. It was clean and he could breathe. He didn't know what kind of boss Jeff would be, but already he'd decided his life was much better and maybe a lot safer. Jeff had all of his boys regularly tested, he did background checks on the clientele and made sure they were clean, visits were monitored and he threw parties so his boys could get to know the clientele. Some of which were regulars who visited certain boys they favored often.

He carefully reached out to run his fingers lightly across the painting, almost getting a chill at the way it felt. It was of a gorgeous blonde male with thick long wavy golden hair, some hanging just over one eye. The blonde was on his hands and knees on a bed with silk black and red sheets like he was crawling, his hair flipped over his shoulder and a seductive smirk on his full lips. His stare was purposed and intense and his green eyes seemed so inviting. On his arms were tattoos of stars and skulls and a sun, on his wrists were leather cuffs and he wore a collar with a lock on the front. The young boy knew that this was Jeff's main prize. His top boy and probably the love of Jeff's life. His name was Adam Copeland.

He pulled his arm back, raking his shoulder length black hair behind his ear. He had never been anyone's exclusively. Never really had anyone to protect him. It must be nice.

He hadn't done much since he got here. He got moved in and settled and had his tests done and just basically was learning his way around and watching the others to learn his place and how things worked. He'd been quiet, just studying. Especially the paintings and other artwork. Jeff's was amazing and detailed. The boy sighed. At one point he had wanted to be a artist, or a singer, but things in life just didn't go that way. The sound of someone clearing their throat made him look up. A taller short-haired blond in jeans and a egg-plant purple button-down stood there. His blue eyes regarding him casually. It was Jason Reso, Jeff's right-hand man. Jay took care of everything around here and was just the go-to guy. He had already saw that without Jay, Jeff might lose his damn mind.

"Gerard, the party's going on, Jeff wanted me to tell you to go get ready and get out there." Jay said, rubbing his hands together.

Gerard nodded, choking down that anxiety. It didn't use to be that he had to dress up and walk around and mingle. He used to just wait on the streets and smoke while waiting for a car. Sometimes they came to his old boss's house when he was there. He hated those times. That bed was filthy. He preferred the cars or the alleyways.

"Hurry up then. Adam's on in a few minutes and I don't wanna miss him because I'm trying to wrangle you." Jay sighed, shaking his head and walking off.

Gerard almost laughed, but still turned and walked down the hallway to the rooms, running his fingertips along the walls as he did so. They were so clean he could touch them. Actually touch them. He passed by the painting of a long haired brunette boy. He was bent all the way backwards in an inhuman way that made Gerard's back hurt to look at it. One of his legs were actually in the air as he held himself up with his hands, his hair hanging upside down. His tanned body was in beautiful toned detail and his cock rested against his chiseled abdomen, curving with just a bit of precum smeared against his stomach. That was John Morrison and he could do things with his body that seemed fucking impossible. It was fucking amazing to watch.

Gerard reached his room and emerged a few minutes later.. okay 20 at most and Jay was going to be pissed. He had hurried. He wore a tight black t-shirt that had some rock band on the front. It was kind of old and worn and he had cut slashes all down the back of it. It was tied at the end over his short black cut-off jean shorts that were pulled over black and white stripped tights with knee-high black boots. He had just finished touching up his makeup which was dark pink eyeshadow and black eyeliner and eh, it made the green in his hazel eyes really stand out.

"C'mon, Princess." Jay called. "I'm going out there now. I better see you out there too." And he disappeared past the corridor.

His boots were just too big and bulky to hurry in. Gerard got to the room where a show and party was indeed being held, peeking through the thick burgundy velvet curtains.

The blonde from the picture, Adam, was laying on a bed in the corner of the room at the back for everyone to see. He was naked and stood up on his knees, pouring some oil down his chest and rubbing his hand through it. He let it slide down to his crotch, running his fingers through it and fondling himself. He bit his lip and tossed his head back, groaning loudly and shaking his hair back, writhing his hips as he started stroking his cock that was getting harder with every touch.

Adam raised his other hand up to his lips, bringing two fingers up to his mouth and licking them. Most likely the lube was flavored. Adam let his tongue move between his fingers, swirling it around them before taking them into his mouth. He was putting on a show. Other guys sat around in the large, dim-lighted, spacious party room at tables and in chairs. Jeff stood in the corner, shadowed away from the lights that shown down on Adam, his arms folded as he watched his slut work. Jeff was a very handsome man. Fucking beautiful. His hair was shorter than shoulder length and was dyed dark brown with a blond patch in the front. Jeff hadn't shaved in awhile and his green eyes shown lustfully as he watched the show. He wet his lips and shifted. Gerard was sure he could see the hard-on beneath his jeans, but they were kind of loose and he couldn't tell. Jeff raked his hair back with tattooed fingers and black painted nails. Gerard hunkered down like he could see him from here. He needed out there, but he liked to watch.

Adam removed his fingers, keeping his hand on his cock and leaning forward on the bed as he reached the other hand behind him, letting his wet fingers slip between his cheeks and rub over his pucker before pushing both inside. Adam gave a slutty whimper and tossed his hair out of his face and over his shoulder, arching his long lean body before starting to wiggle his hips, his fingers shoving in and out of him as the other worked furiously to stroke his dick.

Randy Orton tapped the ashes from his cigarette into the ashtray sitting on his table. He smirked over to a man named Mike Mizanin. "Enjoying the show, eh, Miz?"

Miz grinned. "Oh, yeah. He's not as good as Jeri though." He said sitting back.

"Bullshit. Nothing is better than that." Randy said, pointing at the writhing blonde on the bed. Randy was a big paying client. He was a regular and liked Adam very much. Adam was a top slut. He wasn't just for anyone. Jeff wouldn't let his baby be for just anyone.

Randy's father was a rich man, he had inherited his company when he retired. To say he was rich was an understatement. Adam was his favorite. He may have belonged to Jeff, but he could be bought to play with.

Jeff sauntered over to the table. "Evening, gentlemen. Orton, Mizanin." He greeted and they nodded toward him. "I take it you'll be wanting my precious bitch tonight?" He grinned. "Back room?"

Randy nodded and blew out a puff of smoke. "Well, I'm kinda hard and my wallet is fat."

"Jeri here?" Mike spoke up.

Jeff shook his head. "Still out sick, Mike."

"Dammit. Tell him I send my regards." He tilted his head. "Mor then?"

Jeff nodded over to left. "Working the bar."

Mike nodded and got up and headed that way.

Adam tossed his head back, his mouth open in a moan that made more than one cock ache. He licked his full arousal swollen lips, closing his eyes, his nose wrinkling. He was so close. He knew their eyes were on him and he loved that. He held such power over them. Such a sexual prowess. Maybe he was the whore, but they were all his bitches. He made them weak. He made them spend. His eyes fluttered opened and he saw his Jeffy talking to Randy, a favorite clientele. Big bucks and a big dick. Adam smiled to himself. Randy took care of him when he was here.

Jeff stopped by the bed and whispered to Adam. "Randy wants you."

Adam shuddered as Jeff walked away. Adam withdrew his fingers and released himself, straightening back up on his knees and stretching his arms above his head, bringing them back down to run through his hair before dragging them down his chest and stomach. He licked his lips, humming sweetly, his cock standing erect and glistening with the flavored oil. Adam leaned back and rolled over, his back to the men that sat around him. He reached under his pillow, getting his dildo before turning back to his back. It didn't look that graceful. Morrison was better at these kinds of bending things, but he didn't care. He was hard and throbbing and with the adrenaline and everything he needed to cum. Adam spread his legs, lifting his hips and bringing his knees up as he reached down with the dildo, rubbing it against his pucker before pushing it in with a gasp. He swore he heard a few gasps from his audience as well.

Gerard held onto the curtains tight. Maybe Adam wasn't much his type, but he was gorgeous and he'd be a damn liar to say it wasn't affecting him to watch. Gerard let out a dry breath, managing to keep from reaching down to rub himself through his shorts. He was startled when he heard. "What're you doing out here?"

Gerard turned around and saw Jeff staring at him. "Um..."

Jeff pointed. "Get in there, meet a client already."

Gerard swallowed and turned back to look through the curtain. The thoughts of being around all those men made him nervous. He flushed as Jeff smacked him on the ass.

"Go. Now." Jeff ordered, watching Gerard stumble through the curtains and on into the room. He rolled his eyes. It was taking time with that one.

Adam plunged the dildo in and out of himself, moaning his pleasure for all to hear as he arched his hips, panting heavily and a light sweat glistening on his skin. He flung his hair back again and it stuck to his skin as he took hold of himself, stroking up and down. It hurt to touch it was so hard. It hurt so wonderful. Adam bit his lip, tensing as he felt it build higher inside him. Adam let himself bear down on the fake cock and felt it grind against his prostate. He let out a feral yell and came hard all over his hand and stomach, his body shaking beautifully. He squeezed himself, giving a satisfied mewl and allowing himself to rest a moment, chest heaving. Adam swallowed and rolled off the bed, grabbing his blue robe and putting it on. He watched Randy disappear out of the room and knew where he was headed. He just needed to freshen up and he'd meet him there.


Mike sat down at the bar. "Hey there, sugar. What'cha doing working the bar?"

Morrison finished wiping up the counter and sighed. "That bitch Swagger quit and Jeff just needed someone to work it tonight. But my break's in 10 minutes if you need anything?" He winked, a smile curling up on his soft lips.

Mike straightened up. "I could go for a little something." He wet his lips, light blue eyes sweeping over the beautiful boy that stood before him. He was dressed in skin tight faded jeans and a black silk short-sleeve button-down that was left unbuttoned. His brown hair hung around his shoulders and his soft chocolate eyes gleamed with mischief and wonder. "But first you could get me a little something to take the edge off."

Morrison giggled. "Like you ever needed that." He licked his lips and got Mike his drink.


Gerard took a deep breath, gazing around. He felt so out of place here. He just wished they would come up to him, point and tell him to get naked or on his knees. It was much simpler that way. He looked over to the rumpled bed. He wondered if Jeff would ever make him do that. He wasn't sure if he could do that in front of all these men. Adam was a major exhibitionist. It was easy for him. Adam had also been here for a long time. He knew this place and these people.

Gerard sighed, slouching. This was hopeless.

How Gerard feels at the end is exactly how I feel about everything, lol. I know, he doesn't fit. I just wanted to write him & keep my other boys too. Trying to describe clothing & makeup (cuz it's part of the fantasy of it all) w/out it sounding like My Immortal, ugh... I'll try & get many different guys paired up. Course Jeff paints his pretties naked. Why wouldn't he? I've been wanting to do this idea for awhile. I had a plot (discussed in 'Muse Troubles' once, I think) where Jeff was a sex addict & Matt owned a brothel & his main bitch was Adam & Jeff had to go work at his brother's brothel (janitor work at 1st) & finds his eyes on Adam. I could never get the plot to cooperate & was unsatisfied w/ 1st chp attempts so I put it off. My Jeff muse & Jeff character needed time to mature anyway. I think the time is finally right. I'm much happier w/ this plot.