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Chapter three/ 'Not Cheating, Just Business'
Rated; M/ L, S (more voyeurism, live sex, groping, slight role play, toy usage, fingering, sucking, anal)

Jeff sighed as he watched Randy leave the room in the monitor he had been watching on. Randy was a high-playing client and this was work. If they were normal, it would really bother him.. but shit, Randy Orton had paid for a lot of this place and they weren't normal. It wasn't like it was cheating.. it was work. It was business. Randy paid for Adam.. but Jeff went to bed with the blonde beauty.

Jeff crossed his arms and exited, making his way back to the party room area. To say he wasn't a little more than bothered though in other ways would be a huge understatement. But he still had his job to do and was less likely to relieve any tension right now.

Most of the party was winding down and very few sat in his- well, not so little- lounge area, still drinking, smoking and making small talk. Some had already found boys to go have their own private parties with in the monitored rooms. Hunter stood over by the wall, keeping watch and Jeff noticed Heath being escorted away by Wade and Justin. Poor thing, Jeff had just knew he wanted Daddy to take care of him. Jeff also noticed another boy, Cody Rhodes, at the bar, his brow furrowed as he wiped the bar down, carrying on a conversation with another man that sat drinking that Jeff identified as Drew McIntyre. Morrison must have been found by Mike and ran off.

Jeff sighed, slouching and rubbing his thumb and index finger across his forehead. Party still going or not, damn, he needed to relieve tension. He looked back up and cracked his neck. Jay had ran off and Adam was wherever- probably taking a bath because that's what he usually did after a night's work- and Jeff was pretty much alone and there was no entertainment.. Shit, he thought he had more boys than this.

Then Jeff spied Gerard. Hello, entertainment.

Jeff grabbed his microphone off the bed and turned it on, tapping to the head of it and getting the attentions of the men inside along with Gerard's as he cleared his throat. Jeff's attention went back to the black haired boy that wasn't doing much of anything and he beckoned to him with a wave of his hand meaning to get over there. Gerard looked around and hesitated before Jeff mouthed the word "now" and Gerard shuffled over, those bulky boots dragging the ground. Jeff smiled over at him, reaching out to brush his fingers through his hair. Gerard wanted to flinch, but he knew there wasn't particularly anything to be frightened of. It was Jeff. But Jeff was holding a microphone in front of everyone and that did leave him particularly uneasy.

"Seems to me we have a lazy one on our hands here, fellows. Tell me, Gee, how much money have you made me tonight? Any? Did you find a client?" Jeff purred, running his fingers down from his hair to his face, lifting his chin up. "Or have you just been wandering around all night looking pretty? Hm?"

Gerard wanted to shake his head no, but he remained frozen, feeling Jeff's fingers on him, making him shiver.

Jeff reached down and shoved his hand down in the pocket of Gerard's shorts. "Is my money in here? Hm, nope." He withdrew his hand and brushed his fingers along Gerard's stomach as he trailed them over to the other pocket. "Is my money here, bitch?" He panted, shoving his hand down in that one and digging around some. He saw Gerard arch on his toes and he grinned. "Nope. Not there." And that's when Jeff groped between his legs hard, making the smaller male gasp. "Ooh, it might be here! Awfully nice bulge there."

Gerard moaned as Jeff squeezed, his fingers wiggling over his crotch and that straining hard-on concealed by constricting jean shorts, tights and panties.

"Let's see, shall we?" Jeff removed his hand, holding the mic under his arm as he unfastened Gerard's shorts. He grabbed the mic from out under his arm and held it to his lips. "These are gonna be hard to get out of. I think I need to put you in a dress too. It just causes problems for me and I can't have that." Jeff growled next to Gerard's ear.

Gerard gazed around at the men nervously. Most of them were covered by shadow and the darkness of the club. They talked and whispered amongst themselves, watching. Gerard shuddered. It wasn't as bad as that time his old boss got him drunk and involved him in a gang-bang. This place was clean, Jeff was clean. Gerard moaned a little bit more loudly than he intended when he felt Jeff's hand slide into his pants, fondling him. And that time he did arch and grabbed onto Jeff's shirt for support. "Oh.. fuck.."

Jeff tapped the mic to his lips, pouting them. "It's.. it's not there either. Tsk-tsk.. I guess it might be elsewhere." Jeff dropped the mic onto the bed for a minute and jerked Gerard close to him, his arms wrapping around his waist and his hands shoving into Gerard's back pockets, holding him close and deliberately grinding their hips together as his fingers squeezed and kneaded his ass. Jeff took a deep shuddered breath, leaning down to whisper in his ear. "Not here either.. bad slut.."

Gerard whimpered, his breathing hitched as he felt Jeff's mouth on his neck, kissing and sucking hard. His eyelids fluttered closed and he cried out as Jeff had moved his hands from his back pockets and jerked his head back by his hair and grabbed the mic back.

"Very bad.. you're gonna have to learn your job here.. and since you haven't made any money tonight, guess I'm just gonna have to take my cut out of you.."

Jeff almost winced at how close it sounded to Adam's old scumbag boss.. but this was different. Gerard was putty in his arms. The ravenette wanted him. He knew it from how he looked at him. There was nothing wrong with it. It was business. Gerard wasn't doing well.. he could be part of the show. He'd get paid still. Jeff took care of his boys. Yeah, he felt a bit guilty, but they were just playing. Gerard knew that. He was willing. If Gerard wanted to run out, Jeff would understand and apologize and explain it all to him later. He wasn't forcing him to do anything. It wasn't mandatory that the other participated in this particular thing, he only wanted to get Gerard out of his shell so he could work more comfortably. He had such potential.

Jeff stood back, placed the mic back on the bed and started undoing his belt. "Down on your knees." He panted, setting it loose and getting the pants undone as he watched Gerard quickly do as he was told. He could've lost it right there as Gerard looked up at him, hazel eyes shining in the soft light, lips parted and the fucking tramp licked them. Gerard's hands ran up Jeff's legs, helping to grab and jerk the jeans down past his cock and suddenly Jeff didn't feel like he was taking advantage of anyone as he felt that warm mouth nibbling at his dick. Jeff grabbed the mic, raking his other hand's fingers through Gerard's hair. "That's it, bitch.. you're gonna suck that dick.. oh, yeah.." Jeff groaned into the microphone as he felt Gerard's lips wrap around him, sucking softly as he started to bob his head. "Fuck.. harder.. oh, yeah, bitch.. c'mon, suck it.."

Jeff hissed as Gerard did indeed go harder, digging his nails into the skin underneath his jeans. Jeff pushed those strands of black hair back, loving how those plush lips looked sliding up and down his shaft and those big beautiful eyes as they rolled up, gazing up at him, his eyeliner smudged and makeup worn.

"Such a whore for my cock, huh..? Like that dick cramming that mouth..?" Jeff panted, still into the mic. He groaned as Gerard nodded, swallowing. "What a lovely little cockslut you are.. that's it.. work that cock.." Jeff purred as Gerard's hand wrapped around the base, twisting his fist around it. Shit, if he didn't stop this the show would be over very soon. Jeff gave a yank to his hair, pulling him off his dick and tucking himself back into his pants for a moment. "Get up on the bed.. get those clothes off, let's go." Jeff commanded, watching as Gerard did so. Least this one obeyed quickly.

Jeff grabbed his leg as Gerard took off his shirt. He'd like to keep the boots on.. but those tights weren't coming off without them off. Jeff sighed and unzipped the boot before tugging it off and doing the same with the other. He grabbed the sides of the shorts, jerking them, tights and panties all down and tossing them aside.

"There. Better. Get up on your hands and knees, slut. Face that way." Jeff commanded, pointing toward the wall. Gerard looked at Jeff and then turned over, crawling up to his hands and knees. At least he was facing away from the men. "Spread those legs, boy.. let me see that asshole." Jeff smacked his cheek, rubbing it roughly and pulling it apart. "Oh, fuck.. gentlemen, if you could see this.. mhm.. so tight and fucking pink.. I wanna make it red.." Jeff had been ignoring the catcalls and hollering. He was used to it after all this time. "Fuck.." Jeff dropped the mic again, pushing Gerard's hips forward. "Spread. Further." Jeff leaned down, spitting on his pucker as Gerard shifted his legs apart.

He let his hands run up Gerard's thighs, using his hands to hold his cheeks apart. Jeff rubbed both thumbs over his opening, ignoring the sweet sounds the smaller male was making because that was just driving him crazy. Jeff pushed both thumbs inside wiggling them around and leaning forward to lick around and in between them.

Gerard bucked. "Oh, god.. fuck.. please.. more.."

"Hush, slut.. you'll beg when I say so.." Jeff removed his thumbs before reaching up on the bed to get the lube and dildo Adam had left behind. He laid the fake cock on the bed and squirted some lube on his fingers, tossing it back on the bed before rubbing it over Gerard's pucker and shoving two fingers inside. Gerard arched like a damn cat, clawing at the sheets and writhing as Jeff started to finger him, crooking his fingers and rubbing them against his walls before pulling them out. Jeff got his mic. "Fucking tight! Damn!" Jeff shouted, picking up the dildo and running it between Gerard's cheeks. "Can you take this, slut..? You better.. cuz I'm much bigger.." Jeff purred, pushing the same dildo Adam used earlier inside Gerard. That was kind of kinky in itself.

Gerard cried out, eyes closing as he felt the slight burn of the latex cock stretching him. "Oh, fuck.. fuck... oh oh.. ah, shit.."

"How's that feel, Gee..? Tell these nice men who are watching you get played with like the sweet whore you are.." Jeff held the microphone down to him.

Gerard panted almost breathlessly. "So.. so.. good.. god.. please.. ohhhh..." He trailed off in a whimper that almost made Jeff cum.

Jeff left the microphone under him, placing his right hand on Gerard's back, the vine tattoos that crept up Jeff's hand and the black polish on his nails standing out in such great contrast with Gerard's pale skin and the pinkish lights that shown down on them. Jeff wet his lips and took a moment to take in that small simple beauty before starting to plunge the dildo in and out of him. Jeff moved his hand and reached under him, finding his cock and stroking it.

"Like that, slut..? Wiggle that ass.. fuck yourself.." Jeff held the dildo still, watching as Gerard started to push back to it. Jeff's hand stilled.

"Oh, shit.. god.. please.. fuck fuck fuck.. can't.. fuck!" Gerard yelled as Jeff held the fake cock's head right against his prostate.

Jeff tossed his head back and laughed. "Fuck it, c'mon.. or would you like to fuck something else..?"

Gerard nodded frantically, his cock leaking between his legs as Jeff's fingers ghosted along it, teasing him. He fisted the bed sheets, wiggling his hips back and trying to fuck the fake dick. "Please.. fuck me.. make me your whore.. wreck me.." Gerard shook his dark hair out of his face, looking back over his shoulder at Jeff with such lustful venom.

Jeff flinched back, his lips curling into a smirk. He had to admit that was a nice fucking touch. Jeff jerked the dildo out and tossed it back on the bed before digging in his pocket for a condom. "Fine, slut.. you want it..? You're gonna get it hard.."

Jeff stalked around to the side of the bed, getting up on his knees in front of Gerard and shoving his pants down his hips. He pushed the smaller male back, maneuvering him to his back before flipping him over to his stomach to face the audience. Jeff pulled Gerard's hips up before tearing open the condom and rolling it quickly into place. He grabbed the lube again and spread some on himself before grabbing Gerard's hips and thrusting forward inside him.

"Fuck.." Jeff hissed, taking a minute to savor the tight heat surrounding his dick, choking him. Fuck, he was so hard and throbbing and he didn't dare give Gerard anymore time before he started to pound him, fucking him hard and deep. "Oh, shit.. you like that, bitch.. oh, god.."

Gerard nodded, fingers twisting in the silk sheets. "Y-yes.. harder.. fuck.. harder.. goddammit.. ah.. uhm.. fuck.."

Jeff laughed, licking his lips before picking back up the mic. "Fuck yeah.. tight little bitch.. likes being fucked like the whore he is.. yeah, take that cock.. ah, fuck.. Now, gentleman, next time.." Jeff panted. "Next time you're in.. pick up this little model.. he's so warm and willing and fits just like a glove! Oh, fuck yeah.. so sweet.." Jeff grabbed a handful of Gerard's hair, jerking his head up. "Watch, slut.. watch them as they watch you.. see you getting fucked.. they look at you with deviance.. lust in their eyes.."

Gerard swallowed, moaning as his prostate was rammed. He saw them. Shifting in their seats, talking, whistling and going on. Maybe they were in nice suits and clothes, maybe they had more money, but they were still just horny men. But the differences in this place and his old place was they behaved better, they paid much better and here he wouldn't get raped or a disease. Gerard sighed, feeling better as Jeff shoved his head back down.

Jeff pulled out some, shoving back in hard and shifting his hips. "Rub your dick, slut.. make yourself cum for me.. wanna feel you.." Jeff purred as Gerard reached underneath himself, taking hold of his cock and stroking himself as hard as he could. "That's it.. jerk on that cock.. fuck.." Jeff tossed the mic down by his face, letting the audience hear the chorus of moans and incoherent mumbles that came from his mouth. He really had a beautiful voice and oh, when he cried out like a slut in heat.. Jeff grabbed back to his hips, holding them tight as he thrust harder, hitting his prostate and making him groan louder.

"Fuck fuck fuck.. oh, god.. ohhhhh! Shit!" Gerard shook as he came, spilling out on his hand and the silk sheets, the white painting the red. A drawn out whimpered whine escaped him before he collapsed forward, letting Jeff fuck him and blissfully not caring about anything else.

Jeff felt Gerard's walls tighten up around him, squeezing him. "Fuck.. bitch.. fucking shit.." Jeff grit his teeth as he came in the condom, a shiver running through him. He slowed his pace, thrusting a couple more times before shoving Gerard away from him and fixing his pants. Jeff rolled off the bed and grabbed the mic, panting and breathing into it. "Hope y'all enjoyed the show.."

The audience cheered and applauded as Jeff bowed.


Adam watched from the curtains, his arms folded. It didn't take Jeff long at all to get the new boy. Not that it surprised him.. but in front of their clientele? He really needed to brag to everyone about this one? Adam grimaced as he saw Gerard wrap up in the sheets. The same sheets Adam had rolled on when he was putting on his show.. Jeff used the same dildo he used. Jeff used his toy. Well, it was his toy. The blonde shook his head and stalked off. Something he didn't like about that boy. Maybe it was the way he looked at Jeff..

Nah. They both promised there would be no jealousy.

Adam got to the bedroom he shared with Jeff. It was the largest one in the house and had its own entertainment center, a large comfy bed, a fireplace and a spacious adjacent bathroom with a large tub, shower, vanity and all the fixings.

Adam entered the bathroom and fixed the water to the right temperature, plugging up the tub and letting it fill before going around to light all his candles. Adam then wrapped his hair up in a ponytail and sat his paperback by the tub so he could read. Adam tossed in some bathsalts and beads before removing his robe and carefully stepping into the tub. He had the water kind of hot and he winced as it surrounded his aching tired muscles, relaxing him painfully.

Adam laid back and rested a minute, trying to not get his hands wet. He picked up his book and flipped to where he left off, inhaling the aroma of the candles as he got lost in the book's sweet words and adventurous treasures.

Oh, look, Jeff/Gerard. It's a pairing I created with my OC (see 'Cuz I Love All The Poison') & they had to fuck. I intend to create a bit of jealousy between Adam & Gerard just for shits & giggles. Now I'm off to turn myself into a boy so I can go visit this brothel & rent Gerard for the night (I don't think I could afford Adam.. I couldn't afford either..)