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Chapter five/ 'Morning Babes'
Rated; M/ L (adult content, sex talk)

It was officially morning and some of the boys were already up and about, eating breakfast and loitering in the lounge area. Morrison occupied the extra big lime green comfy couch in gray low-rise jogging pants that had rhinestones on the front pockets with a matching hoodie that barely came to the top of his navel, his hair was pulled up in a high ponytail. He was curled up and eating a bowl of cereal and all the while kept smirking to himself as he thought about last night. He looked up as Heath basically limped in, groaning tiredly.

"Don't tell me you're sore." Mor said, shoving the spoon in his mouth and smirking around it. He pulled it out with a pop. "Amateur."

Heath made a face at him and leaned carefully against the couch arm. "Yeah yeah yeah.. ugh.. I'm not sore.." His eyes narrowed. "Okay, a little sore.." And there was that hint of a small grin trying to tug on the redhead's lips.

"They didn't double penetrate you, did they..?" Cody Rhodes asked. He was a twinkish little boy with short brown hair and intense features that looked like you could positively have your way with him one minute.. but then he could turn it all around. Cody was more of an S&M specialist. Mostly he was a bottom that liked to control and dominate the tops when that's what a client so chose.. or they could tie him up and, well.. you get it.

Heath sighed. "No, they didn't actually.." He nibbled his lip.

"Have you ever been DPed?" Mor asked, slurping up some milk from out of his spoon.

"DPed? Ewww.. that sounds so wrong.. Like not what you mean it as.."

"Yeah.." Mor wrinkled his nose. "It doesn't sound like it would be very pleasant.. or like maybe it'd be some kind of medical fetish water sports type deal.. I guess there's nothing wrong with that.. But I mean have you ever been double penetrated, like at all?" He said, looking at Heath.

"Not as much as you have, Johnny." Cody raised an eye and plopped down in a chair. Heath giggled.

"Bite me. And I'm not the go-to DPer."

"That's worse."

"To answer your question... not really..." Heath said, folding his arms. The foxy redhead had a natural knack for looking utterly uncomfortable, even when he wasn't.

Mor gasped dramatically, sitting up and setting his empty bowl on the table. "He's a DP virgin!"

"Please stop saying DP. Sounds like something you'd do with a catheter or urethral plug." Cody shuddered.

"You have a filthy perverted mind." Mor said nonchalantly.

Heath shrugged. "Maybe I just haven't found the right guys to be DPed by."

"Please!" Cody grabbed a throw pillow to cover his face.

"Oh, looky, you made the BDSM boy uncomfortable." Johnny giggled, clapping.

Jeff was at the reception desk at the front, listening. He snickered. His boys amused him, even if he had been busy as a bee as soon as the sun showed the slightest interest in rising. Adam would scold him that he needed more sleep. But he had to see if he could find more boys and he badly needed a bartender since Swagger quit.. Damn bitch, he should have just made him one of his sluts.

"So then, why is our little ginger sore?" Cody asked, lowering the pillow.

"Daddy Jay spanked him last night." Mor grinned. "Hard. Like the bad little bitch he is. In front of everyone.. then he had to take on Wade and JGabe."

"Is it true Sir Wade likes to have Justin fuck you while he rides his ass, spanks him and tugs his hair while calling him pony?"

Mor nearly choked on air.

"What the...?" Heath snorted. "Yes, totally." He said dully, reaching over to pat a coughing Morrison on the back.

"Sometimes people like to see their bitches fuck other bitches.." Cody pointed out.

"Kinky.. so, how was your spanking with big Daddy Jay..?" Mor licked his grinning lips, eyes shining.

Heath shrugged, that smirk tugging at his lips again and a flush settling on his cheeks. "It.. it was okay.. kinda humiliating.. kinda.." He shrugged again. "You know.."

"I think that's the point." Cody knew that was the point, but sometimes it was different for others. Some people really really liked being spanked or whipped unabashedly, they took pride in getting off on it. Others found arousal in the humiliation.. some didn't like it at all. It was all good. They always set standards and safe words, even if they weren't doing BDSM play.

"I bet he wishes that it had been Jay's hand instead of the paddle.. ooh, yeah.. maybe laying across his lap, those large hands smacking that cute little wriggling bottom.. unf.." Johnny squirmed on the couch.

Heath flushed even brighter and was happy for the brief distraction of Gerard shuffling into the room. He had on these short black pajama shorts with cute little bats on them with a comfy black sleeping shirt under an open black bathrobe covered with skull designs and these soft and cuddly puppy dog slippers that seemed so out of place. His hair was an utter mess, sticking up in various angles that was kind of adorable and made Heath jealous that someone dare be that adorable in the morning. Gerard yawned, clutching protectively to a coffee mug.

"Ah, there's the emo fairy."

Gerard glared. "I'm not-"

Heath rolled his eyes. "Oh, I don't mean it as bad. That's like your angle, you know. You're a cute little emo twink. Some guys like that. They wanna fuck that punk type."

Gerard nodded and gave a low hum. He guessed that made sense. "Least I'm cute." He said, downing the rest of his coffee and heading back to the kitchen for seconds. It'd take four cups to be totally coherent.

"He always brushes me off." Heath sighed.

"I think you intimidate him."

Cody snorted. "Foxy couldn't intimidate anyone."

Heath gave him his best glare and Cody only laughed, making him pout.

"See? He does that diva thing and then pouts."

Heath huffed, lips still pursed. "I'll get you, DP boy."


"Also, fuck that punk type?" Mor asked, eyebrow raised.

"What about fucking a punk type?" A voice asked.

Mor gasped happily, getting up. "Punky!" And bounded over to wrap his arms around the source of the voice's neck, hugging him tight.

The voice belonged to Phil Brooks, one of those punk types with a lip ring and tattoos. He had short brown hair with bleach blond dusted on top and intense olive eyes. "Hey there, Johnny baby. How you been?" He returned the hug.

"So well fucked."

"I'm sorry I've missed all that."

Jeff stalked over from his papers. "And where the hell have you been?"

Phil backed away from a bouncy Morrison. "Relax, boss. I took a few of those off days I'm guaranteed."

"Two weeks?" Jeff had his hands on his hips.

"I could have taken three." Phil smirked. "Hey, it's in my contract, man. Chillax."

Jeff twitched and took a breath. It was common knowledge that Punk loved irritating him. "Okay, but you should have fucking told someone. I was ready to permanently replace your sorry ass." Phil had done this before, he always kept his job, he wasn't even sure why. Phil was indeed a punk ass.

"Sorry. Jeesh."

"You'll think jeesh when I start pimping your ass out. Make you one of my pretty little bitches."

Punk stuck his tongue out. "No one could afford this sweet ass."

"No one would want it." Cody muttered deliberately loud for him to hear, lips curling up at the corners.

"Hey, watch your mouth before I cram something in there to shut it." Phil threatened.

"You couldn't afford me." Cody grinned.

"You'll think afford you."

"Well, technically, Hunter and Jay work here as non-sluts and they get to fuck around free of charge.. so if it comes with the job.." Heath reminded casually.

"Yeah, bitch. I work here too. So, hah." Punk taunted.

Cody snorted. "Not if Jeff fires your ass."

"Nah.." Phil walked over and slung an arm across Jeff's shoulders. "Hardy here wouldn't fire me. He can growl at me and threaten to pimp me out and kill me all he wants.. but I know he wuvs me.." He then kissed Jeff's cheek and the other man shoved him away as he cackled.

"Maybe you can just get back to work." Jeff wiped his cheek off and went back to his papers. "I got this interview later with a dude that calls himself Fandango for the bartender opening. I think there's a Dolph Ziggler as well."

"Make them wrassle in jello for the job." Mor nodded, amused.

"No. Make them wrassle naked in jello for the job." Heath suggested.

Punk nodded. "Good man, I like the way you think."

"Or just give them both the job, they can switch." Cody said.

"Okay, yeah.. that could work."

"Jeffy, nooo.. give them both the job after they wrassle naked in jello for it." Heath whined, putting on his best pout.

Phil's smile broadened. "Your boys are so clever."

"I know." Jeff agreed. "We'll work something out."

"You usually do. I gotta piss." Phil announced, heading out towards the bathrooms.

"Does he have to announce that?" Cody asked.

"Water sports." Johnny giggled.

It was then the door to the security room swung open and a disheveled Daniel Bryan stepped out, his clothes wrinkled and impressive beard and hair messed up. He yawned and stretched, smacking his lips and joining the living room crew. "Morning."

"Did you sleep here last night?" Mor asked, going over to scratch at Daniel's soft beard, giggling.

"Yeah. I was up late burning off Reso copies of that spanking thing with foxy there." He purred, raising his head for better access.

Heath flushed again and tried to make himself look small.. which wasn't easy since he was such a statuesque beauty.

"Oh, quit that. Everyone knows you two have the hots for each other, just fuck already." Cody grumbled.

"We do live in a house of ill repute." Morrison agreed.

Gerard shuffled back in, brightening as he saw Bryan and going over to join in the beard ruffling and scratching. "Ooh, you're so soft and furry.." He squealed.

"You like 'em furry..?" Heath asked. "He's like a scratching post for the pussies."

"Meow." Gerard giggled.

"But yeah, you stayed in there..?" Jeff gestured toward the security room. "We have extra rooms and clean beds, man, you could've used one. You know I don't care."

Daniel hummed calmly. "I could have indeed.. but I may have wandered sleepily into one of the rooms of one of these pretty boys and done something beyond my sense of control."

"And Glen wouldn't like that." Cody snorted.

"Nah, he's okay." He looked down at Gerard, wrapping an arm around each boy's waist. "And hello, pretty."

"Hi." Gerard smiled. He liked Bryan. He was nice to him and said nice things to him without being a dick or thinking he was going to get free ass out of it. He could see him as a person he could just talk to if he needed.

"Punk's back, by the way." Jeff said.

Daniel shrugged. "Was bound to happen I guess." He said coolly.

"Awe, but can't we keep him?" Mor asked. "We could get him something to do."

"Can he stripper dance?" Jeff's brow quirked. "We can use the pole."

"Johnny uses the pole enough." Cody quipped.

"You know, he could work the reception desk, help you with some of that paper work and appointment shit." Adam said as he entered, having heard some of the conversation on the way in. He tightened the belt on the fuchsia robe he was wearing.

Jeff shrugged, kissing his beautiful blonde. "Not a bad idea, baby."

Daniel was up for anything really. It was work. And the view was never bad. "S'cool with me, daddy-o."

Morrison grinned as he saw Jay enter. He had been up and running rounds all day, making sure the cleaners got all the sheets from the work rooms cleaned, getting all the cum-stains that managed to get anywhere else, cleaning the bathrooms and what have you. "Speaking of Daddy.. you know, Jeff, if you need extra boys and extra talent, you should consider hiring a few tops. I mean, sometimes some pretty little thing might wanna come in to just get fucked. I know we have 'tweeners and all, I'm just saying."

Jeff nodded, considering. "I kinda like that."

Chris came through at that moment, sniffing at the air. "I can finally breathe."

"Feeling better, Jeri?" Cody asked, lightly swatting at the blond's bubbly butt on his way past.

"A little. Should be good as new." He smiled. He still looked a little tired, but his smile was just as gorgeous and brilliant as ever.

"Oh, good. Mike sends his regards. And cuz like I was saying, you could like put Jay to work, you know." Mor suggested and eyebrows went up. Jay stared at him, shooting him a glare that basically said 'no'.

"What did he do now?" Adam sighed.

"What did who do, what?" Chris asked, stretching.

"Well, I had Mike last night, you know, since Chrissy was sick and all. So we're in the bathroom and I'm sucking his brains out through his dick and Jay comes in.." Johnny smiled brightly.

"Ugh." Jay groaned. "I was horny."

"So, there we were and Jay gets all commanding and Daddily and gets Mikey fucking me over the sink and just takes Miz's ass right there. It was glorious." Johnny giggled.

"What? I missed that?" Chris nearly squeaked. "Shit son.."

Heath turned a deeper red, rubbing the back of his neck, eyes wide with renewed interest. He was sorry he missed it too.. and wondered if he was the cause..

"I was horny. I needed to fuck something."

"Once Mike was done with me, Jay then fucked me." Mor added.

"Like I said. Something."

Mor blew a dry raspberry and swiped playfully at Jay.

"I don't know, Jason, they seemed to enjoy your little show.. maybe I should pimp you out." Jeff said in amusement.

"Pimp his dick out."

Cody looked at Mor and shook his head. "You creep me out."

"Aweh.." Mor flopped down in Cody's lap and nuzzled him.

"Next time I want in on that, you bitch." Chris said, filing his nails.

"You got it." Jay patted his friend's shoulder and made his way out of the lounge. Heath sighed and Mor shook his head.

"Well, I hate to leave the party. But I gotta get home and clean up, change clothes. Might drop back by later." Daniel gave Gerard a little squeeze and left to a tune of goodbyes.

Adam wandered over to the table. "Whose cereal bowl is this?"

Cody quickly pointed at Johnny in his lap.

Adam crossed over and slapped the brunette hard on the ass, gaining a yelp. "That is not the sink. Pick it up."

"Ow, you bitch." Johnny whined, rubbing his bottom and burying his face in Cody's neck. He purred when Adam slapped him again and wiggled his butt.

"I mean it."

"Yes'um." Mor mumbled.

"Hm, fuck, that's kinda hott.. the alpha bottom spanking a bitch bottom." Cody hissed when Mor tugged his nipple through his shirt. "That doesn't bother me, you know."

Gerard stood nibbling his lip, hands clasped in front of him and looking like he didn't quite know what to do with himself. He blinked when Jeff motioned him over and went obediently since Jeff usually seemed to know what he should do.

"Hey, Gee.." Jeff said quietly to him. "You know last night was just for show, right? You know I wouldn't force you, right?"

"Oh, I know, Jeffy. Just part of the job."

"Cuz you could have backed out. Shit, I wouldn't have blamed you. I really put you on the spot in front of all those men, I just thought you could use some loosening up. I was really proud of you."

Adam watched them from across the room, saw Gerard smile and nod as Jeff reached out to stroke down the back of his head and cup the nape of his neck in what Adam knew was a friendly gesture. But still he rolled his eyes.

Gerard bit back a squeal, beaming. He wasn't used to anyone being proud of him, especially not his boss. "It's okay, really. I had fun."

Adam saw Jeff smile back. He read the word "good" on his lips and Jeff turned and walked over to some cabinets that held certain documents. Fuck, he had an office for this shit. Gerard made his way back over to the couch, flinching at Adam's cold look and suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. He lowered himself to the couch and put his hands in his lap, dropping his gaze.

Adam pointed back at the bowl. "Just please pick it up." He said more gently.

Mor had lifted his head, raking fingers through his messed up ponytail. "I intended to all the time, my sweet." He snapped teeth at Cody and got up to retrieve the bowl, heading to the kitchen with it.

Phil stalked back in. "Hey, Hardy, there's used condoms in the trashcan in the bathroom. Someone needs to change the fucking bags." He spied Gerard sitting on the couch and wet his lips. "Who's that? New boy? He's hott. Y'know, maybe I could use that ole worker's privilege on-"

"Don't even think about it." Jeff warned, writing something down.

"What? Think about what?"

"I know that look."

"Puh. He yours or some shit? I thought blondie was your main squeeze."

"Who the fuck still sez main squeeze?" Jeff shook his head. "He's not mine. Just no. Don't need to sink your teeth into him."

"I don't know.." Phil said, scanning Gerard over and watching as he shook his hair back. "He looks like he'd be into that kind of shit."

"Just leave that one alone." Jeff hit him with a hard glare and turned to leave.

Phil scoffed. "Don't own me." He took one last look at Gerard and headed to the security room to get shit set up for the day.

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