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One Handed Applause

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Atobe Keigo sighed as he stared around the mediocre toy store he stood inside of. The toys were uninteresting, the games boring, the sports equipment cheap, and everything was so childish that he did not think a single item within the store would suit his needs. He needed to buy a birthday gift, but even at the wise age of eight, he knew that these items were unacceptable.

"Mother, I really don't think we will find a gift for Genichirou here." Keigo stated in his slightly haughty but young voice.

"Keigo, love, you just haven't looked around enough. We are leaving England in a few days and if you don't choose a gift by then, you might miss giving your little friend something altogether." A very proper looking woman responded. Catherine Atobe dusted some imaginary lint off her blouse as she looked around the store. "We rarely visit my home country; we should enjoy this, honey."

The young heir let out a dignified huff at his mother's words. Deciding to just look around for her sake, the young boy strode through the store, barely sparring a glance at the merchandise.

"Mummy!" A high-pitched whine cut through the air like an arrow. "These are baby toys! I wanna go upstairs to the robots!" The voice cried.

Keigo lightly stepped around a shelf of plush toys and spied a rather... large child, throwing a tantrum in the middle of the floor. He was quite pudgy, his face was a dark red, and his chubby limbs flailed around. A tall skinny woman who was wearing out of season clothes, rushed forward to shush him. Keigo noted her cheap make up caked over her face, slightly cracking at her worry lines.

"Oh my Duddidums, we will go look at the robots right away." She soothed. Keigo felt like snorting, but would not. Such an action did not fit the great Atobe heir.

"But what about him?" One chunky finger pointed to the kids left. Keigo followed that finger and his eyes landed on a little black haired boy sitting on the ledge of a window display. His head was down, only showing a curtain of tangled black hair, large rag like cloth hanging from his body, and worn sneakers.

"We will just ignore him my precious little angel." The woman promised the fat child before she ushered him towards the lift, completely ignoring the stairs and escalator. Keigo stared at the child sitting on the window display, and watched as he glanced up, around, and back down. Then slowly one little hand, which shook slightly, reached out and played with a bit of decorative fluff that was acting as a fake cloud in the window. The little fingers rolled the cotton wool around, pulled it, and squished it back together. A small giggle escaped the child, before he went still and dropped his hand, cautiously looking around.

Keigo turned away and searched out his mother. Spotting her looking at little pony toys, Keigo strode over and grasped her hand.

"Mother I have decided on what I will buy for Genichirou." Without waiting, Keigo started leading his mother to his desired destination. He led, not pulled or dragged her because no Lady should be roughed about. When he arrived back at his original spying corner, he pointed out his prize. "We shall buy Genichirou a little brother." Keigo stated.

Catherine's eyes landed on the little boy in the window display and sighed. "Keigo, you cannot give people as gifts." She started to explain.

"Why not? Father gave his newest business partner two maids just last month." Keigo argued. His idea was perfect. A brother would last longer than any toy he gave. He was sure Genichirou would grow bored with his toy, outgrow his tennis equipment and clothes, but a brother would be there forever. It was genius! No one would else think or dare to buy Genichirou a little brother, thinking the serious boy from a middle class family would not need one, but Keigo knew better. Genichirou was often lonely with his older brother having quite a few years on him, and being a shy child he did not make friends easily. A little brother would love him and spend time with him, helping the other boy grow. Keigo did not see a negative side to his idea.

"That's different honey. People are not gifts. We cannot buy a little boy and present him to the Sanada's. We are not even sure they would appreciate another child or even be able to support him." Catherine tried to reason with her son.

"Then we can give them money on his birthday each year to help care for his brother. Then we won't have to face this dilemma again." Keigo decided. His plan was turning out better than he thought.

"That's not the point love. He probably has parents that would be upset that we took him away."

Keigo frowned. "He doesn't have parents."

"You don't know that Keigo."

"Yes I do." Keigo argued. To prove his point Keigo marched over to the little boy in the display, and asked upfront. "Do you have parents?"

The little boy's head shot up and stared at him with wide eyes. With a small bit of fear in his eyes, the little boy shook his head negatively. Proud that his theory was correct he turned to his mother. "See, no parents. I knew he didn't because he if he did he would not be for sale in the toy store."

Catherine sighed in exasperation. "He is not for sale Keigo."

"Of course he is mother, or else he wouldn't be on display." Keigo pointed out, slightly annoyed that his own mother wasn't understanding. "You call Father and tell him about Genichirou's present and I will find a clerk to ask about his price."

Before Catherine Atobe could stop her son, he marched away with a serious expression, determined to find a store clerk. Shaking her head, she pulled out her luxury cellphone and dialled her husband's number. When he picked up, she couldn't stop the small laugh that left her lips.

"Oh you will not believe what your son is up to now." She greeted him in Japanese.

"If it's something genius I think I can..." Atobe Keitaro intoned over the phone.

"He would like to buy young Genichirou a little brother for his birthday." She explained, raising her free hand to rub her temples delicately.

"That wouldn't be a bad idea..." The Atobe Head trailed off.

"Keitaro!" Catherine scolded.

"Sorry love. I am in a meeting right now. Let me finish this and I will call you right back and talk to Keigo."

"Yes dear." Catherine said before she closed her phone.

Looking to her side, she saw the little boy in the same position. His head was lowered submissively and he seemed unnaturally quiet and still.

"Are you alright?" Catherin asked, switching back to English.

The boy nodded his head lightly, before stopping. "You know Keigo can't really buy you." Catherine said, trying to reassure the boy. The boy just shrugged his shoulders and kept his head down. "Keigo get's some interesting ideas at times, but he never means any harm." Catherine tried to comfort the boy in case he was upset about being sold to some stranger. They boy did not respond.

"Boy! What have you done now?" A voice screeched. The boys head shot up, and he quickly scrambled off the window display.

"Nothing, Aunt Petunia." The boy said softly.

"I'm sorry about this, he is such a little trouble maker. He didn't do anything to you did he?" The woman Petunia, simpered as she slid into Catherine's personal space.

"No, he did nothing. My son actually thought he-" but Catherine was cut off by Keigo's annoyed voice cutting through the air.

"No! I think it is you who doesn't understand. I want to buy him, he is on display, and price is not an issue. I am Atobe, Keigo, and when I want something I get it." Keigo stated as he lightly stomped his foot, glaring a flustered looking attendant.

"But we don't sell children." The store worker said with desperation, trying to get his point across.

"Then you deceived me with false advertisement? I can sue this store."

The poor worker seemed closed to tears and a breakdown. The Atobe Corporation was famous after all, and no one dared to upset them.

"Keigo love, this is the boy's family. See he cannot be for sale since he has a family." Catherine tried to explain to her fuming son.

The young Heir looked at the 'family' his mother spoke of and frowned. "But they don't want him, so I should still be able to buy him."

"Keigo you can't buy people!" Catherine said sternly, nearing the end of her rope with this entire idea.

"I'm calling father." Keigo stated simply. He pulled out his own phone as Catherine's phone rang at the same time. Taking it out she held up a hand to stall her son. "Your father." Flipping the phone open, she raised it to her ear. "Hello dear." She said in Japanese, her voice was strained.

"My lovely wife!" Keitaro happily chirped. "Could you put Keigo on the phone?"

"Yes dear." Catherine handed the phone to her son.

"Hello father." Keigo greeted. The young heir nodded his head to something his father said. "Yes but-" he started before stopped and spent some time listening to his father speak. "Are you sure?" Catherine could hear the slight sadness enter her son's voice. "I understand, and thank you father." Keigo said, before he closed the phone and handed it back to his mother.

Keigo turned towards the sales attendant and gave them a small bow. "I apologize for my actions, and hope that you do not hold them against the Atobe Corporation." He respectfully apologized.

The poor flustered worker seemed shocked, before they started babbling "O-oh o-of course, completely okay, nothing wrong damaged or hurt, I-I think I should just go, you have a lovely day now." The worker scurried away quickly after that.

Keigo then turned to the 'family' of the young boy. "I apologize for my behaviour towards you as well, I-"

"Oh that's quite alright dear, no harm no foul." The woman Petunia cut Keigo off. "I should really be the one apologizing since you had to deal with the boy." Keigo felt his eyebrow twitch at the woman's actions.

"As I was saying," Keigo started again but in a slightly louder voice, "I have talked to my father and he told me that the most the Atobe Family is willing to pay you for the boy is 10,000 pounds."

It was Catherine's turn to have her eyebrow twitch. "One second dear." She said, ignoring the dumbfounded looks from the Petunia woman and her child. She pulled out her phone for a third time, and dialled the familiar number.

"Hello dear, did they agree to young Keigo's offer?" Keitaro said as soon as he answered.

"Don't you 'dear' me Atobe Keitaro! You are in so much trouble! How could you give your son permission to buy a child!" She seethed mentally, but kept her tone polite since they were in public.

"But I already talked to the Sanada family and they agreed. They thought that giving young Genichirou more responsibility would be good for him, and they trust Keigo's choice in the newest Sanada." Keitaro explained.

"You called them and asked? Keitaro I am pretty sure this is illegal." Catherine argued.

"I'm sure the lawyers could have everything completely legalized by the time you leave England. Now while you were talking to me, I suspect our son has already wrapped up negotiations. How much did he offer them?" Keitaro asked.

"Ten Thousand pounds." Catherine sighed.

"Well isn't he a good little business man. I gave him a budget of 30,000, but it seems he decided to start small."

"Keitaro... you are reinforcing our sons bad habits! You shouldn't just go along with everything he wants. We need to teach him that some things he wants or wants to do are not socially or morally acceptable. Buying a person falls under things that he should be discouraged from." Catherine lectured.

"...But the Sanada's agreed..." Catherine could feel her eye twitching out of control and probably painting a picture severe lack of decorum to anyone who looks her way.

"We are going to have a long discussion about Keigo's upbringing when I return to Japan." Catherine warned.

"Yes dear. But can you just quickly check on Keigo and tell me what's happening?"

Catherine didn't even bother responding. She returned her attention to her son and felt an oncoming migraine at the scene. Keigo had acquired another sales assistant and was dictating a contract to him. The sales assistant was furiously writing everything down, while Petunia looked on with a greedy look and Keigo's phone in her hand. Her son was munching on a lollipop, and the little boy who started this mess was still safely tucked beside the window display, quiet as a mouse and head down.


"One moment mother." Keigo told her respectfully. "-And as per agreement, Petunia and Vernon Dursley agree to sign all legal rights to one Harry James Potter over to Catherine and Keitaro –it's K E I T A R O- Atobe, until such a time as they present him to his new family, for 9,500 pounds. "

"9,500?" Catherine asked.

Keigo turned to his mother, holding the contract out to sign. "Yes, the Dursleys were taking too long to decide, so the longer I waited the lower the price offered. Mrs Dursley called her husband at work and they agreed to sell the boy, Harry, to us so we can give him as a present. Now I just need you to sign this mother, so we can wrap up this deal."

"How did you know to do that?" Catherine asked, amazed at her sons level of competence.

"Father told me on the phone before. He explained in detail so nothing would go wrong.

Catherine raised her phone. "Keitaro, your son just bought a boy for 9,500 pounds. I hope you are happy."

"Oh he did such a good job! He will make a fine CEO for the Atobe Corp in the future." Keitaro happily replied.

"Mother you just need to sign now." Keigo prompted.

Catherine took the contract and spied the signature of one 'Petunia Dursley' at the bottom. Turning angry eyes on the woman, Catherine hissed at her, "I can't believe you actually sold your nephew for some money. You are a terrible human being. I am only singing this so that little boy can move onto a happier home away from disgusting people like you." With a flourish, Catherine signed her name. Keigo asking to buy a person was one thing, but actually finding someone willing to sell his or her own family disgusted Catherine tremendously. She could not believe that that type of person actually lived in this day and age.

The woman Petunia seemed to poof up as if her feathers were ruffled in agitation. "I don't care what you say about me, but I couldn't be happier to get rid of that little freak. I hope that he brings you just as much misery as he brought my family. Now your boy said some lawyers will stop by later tomorrow with the money. You can take the boy now, he doesn't have anything at the house he needs to collect." Petunia spat out before grabbing her sons hand. "Now Dudley let's leave, we need to go home and prepare for a special celebration dinner." Catherine did not waste any more words on the woman as she turned to look at her newest little charge. He was so small, and now that she looked closer, he did look neglected. Maybe Keigo had a good idea, just this once, but that did not mean she would approve of him buying more humans in the future- for heaven's sake they were not pets!

"Keigo I think it's time we returned home." Keigo straightened up, and nodded. "Now you dear, Harry was it? How do you feel about coming home with Keigo and I?" Catherine asked.

"I don't mind. I can cook and clean and I can do laundry really well."

Catherine felt a pang in her heart at the words. "How do you feel about coming home with us, not as a servant but as a guest?" The look of confusion on the poor boy's face was hard to face. "Let's go honey, we can tell you all about your future family on the way back to the hotel. I think you will really like them. Though we may need to give you a crash course in Japanese so you can understand them when you meet." Catherine decided.

Together the three of them left the toy store, Catherine leading Harry back to their car.

"Umm... Catherine?"

Catherine paused to stare at her phone before she snapped it shut. Her husband could wait.


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