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Warnings: Bullying, sketchy morals, future slash, future het, sports, swearing, Sanada and Atobe attitude, and AU.

Sanada Family: Gen'emon- Grandfather, Genkichi- Father, Mei- Mother, Gentaro- Eldest son, Genichirou- Middle son, Gensaburo- Harry and youngest son

Coach Carousel

Gen'emon sat down waiting patiently for his guest to arrive. Not wanting to bother his family just yet, he had arranged to meet his guest at restaurant that the Sanada family often visited to celebrate special events or occasions. It was nice to give Mei a break from the kitchen and let her relax before a meal.

He had asked around and had some of his old colleagues investigate, discreetly of course, the background of several different tennis coaches in the area. He wanted the best for his grandson, but at the same time he wasn't going to pick a person who held many wins but a violent background. No one, and he meant no one, would ever be allowed in a position of power over his family and abuse it. He had done a thorough investigation of all the staff at Rikkaidai when Gentaro enrolled, and made sure to check up on every new staff member that came in after his eldest grandson's enrollment.

He did this all without his family knowing of course. The last thing he wanted was for them to be upset that he was going to such extremes, but it was needed. When he had been just a young boy, he had a teacher that used his power and position to seduce the school girls. Gen'emon had found out, compiled evidence against the teacher, and had reported it. The teacher had been arrested and that is when Gen'emon knew he was born to a police officer. He would never allow such actions to occur to his family. It's not that he thought they couldn't handle themselves if put in such a situation, because they could, it was the fact that he never wanted them in such a situation to begin with.

Gen'emon had checked each coach's qualifications, their history, and even asked a friend in the academy to have the new recruits go on a training mission, that happened to involve observing the potential coaches for a day and filling out complete reports on them. In the end, Gen'emon felt confident in his decision but he wanted a personal meeting with the man to see if he would agree to teach Gensaburo before he told his family. He would not get Gensaburo's hopes up only to see them fall if the man said no.

A knock brought his attention to the door of his private room.

"Sanada-sama, your guest has arrived," a waitress spoke through the rice-paper door.

"Thank you, send him in."

The door slid open and Gen'emon watched as a tall man with long hair and a kind face entered. He was wearing a simple suit, and his hair was tied back in a neat fashion. Gen'emon approved of him so far.

"Welcome Coach Saito," Gen'emon greeted.

"Good afternoon Sanada-sama. Thank you for inviting me out tonight," Saito responded.

"Please have a seat," Gen'emon gestured towards the empty spot across from him. The coach took a seat, and bowed his head in respect. "I'm glad you could join me today."

"I was very intrigued when you called me. I understand you wish me to help teach your grandson -Gensaburo-kun was it - the finer aspects of coaching tennis." The man's tone was friendly and curious, which showed Gen'emon that he had a genuine interest in Gensaburo and not the money he was offered.

"My two youngest grandsons have quite the love for tennis, and I have encouraged their pursuits. Genichirou is a fine player and had improved greatly since the time Gensaburo entered as his coach. Currently, Gensaburo is coaching the Rikkaidai Middle School tennis team and has expressed the desire to become a professional coach when he reaches adulthood. It is my wish that you will help nurture him until such a time as he can confidently stand on his own as a coach," Gen'emon explained.

"I would need to learn a bit more about Gensaburo-kun, possibly observe him while he coaches one day before I can come to a concrete decision. Hopefully you understand my concerns. I do not want to make a commitment if the other party is not as serious about coaching as I am. I do not wish to waste my time."

Gen'emon inclined his head towards the man. He understood perfectly. "I can arrange a day for you to go to Rikkaidai and observe, and if you like I will inform you of the next tournament so you may see Gensaburo's coaching during a match," Gen'emon offered.

The man smiled and looked quite pleased. "I would like that very much."


The days following the banner incident had been a massive headache for the whole tennis club. The crowds that flooded the courts were unbearable and caused major disruptions for practice time. The Regulars were lucky in the fact that they still had access to the indoor courts, where no spectators were allowed. The Silver and Bronze groups had to suffer the full weight of the curious students though, but Genichirou didn't feel any pity for them. If they had the talent to be a Regular they would have a chance to hide away like them, but since they didn't, this would be one of the few times they would get to play with an audience.

Genichirou had been happy that Gensaburo had returned home and did not present himself as a target for the rabid following of fans they gathered. But when word that the 'Miracle' had finally appeared, the wagging tongues of the student body worked overtime, and it seemed that the whole student body had flooded to the courts that day to see the infamous or famous –depending on who still believed Gen-chan to be an evil being- coach.

Gensaburo took it in stride, smiling to the crowd and politely asking them to please stop taking pictures as it the flashes were interfering with the player's sight. Once majority of the phones and cameras disappeared, so did Gensaburo.

But now it was Friday and there was a new threat besides the fangirls. A man, who did not work for the school in any way –Yanagi had checked-, was watching them from the shadows. Genichirou shouldn't say them, the man was watching Gensaburo, and he didn't like that. As long as the man did not try to approach Gensaburo, then Genichirou would leave him alone. If he did however try to talk to his brother, well … Seiichi and him had prepared and trained the tennis club in the proper way to ward off any intruders while Gensaburo was on his week-long break.

Genichirou sent one last suspicious glare towards the man in the shadows before focusing entirely on the events around him. The Silvers were stating their challenges, and Genichirou needed to be concentrated on them 100% lest he slip and give them hope.

"Gen-nii, you have three challengers today," Gensaburo announced, completely unaware he was being watched.

"I'll take court two," Genichirou responded. He was already warmed up so that he could beat his opponents quickly. He did not want to play a few games to warm up and then get serious. He wanted to go full-throttle from the start and get this over with.

"Okay," Gensaburo smiled at him before turning back to the group lined up in front of him. "Who would like to challenge Yanagi-kun?"

Only two boys raised their hands but Genichirou dismissed them. He remembered them practicing and neither was very good. Yanagi shouldn't have a problem handling them.

Looking at his own opponents, Genichirou decided to release his frustration over the unknown man on them. "I will play all three of you at once. If you three beat me then you can play amongst yourselves and decide who gets to be a regular that way," Genichirou stated firmly.

The three seemed hopeful yet frightened. Genichirou would crush that hope of out of them, and get rid of his anger over a mysterious man watching Gensaburo. It was a win-win situation in his mind.

"Remember everyone, next week we won't do this. With the Regional Tournament in two weeks I will focus on getting the Regulars prepared. So play your best today!" Gensaburo announced.

Genichirou took one last look at his brother to see him walking towards court 5. Turning he headed towards court two, with his three nervous challengers trailing behind.


Yanagi walked into the club room carrying a stack of paper. With one week left until Regionals, Yanagi had been working extra hard to get all the information he could on their possible opponents and organizing it so that they wouldn't need to waste time with the weak teams. He had also been doing a side investigation, and had finally turned over some results.

"I had to find out his name through his license plate number, but what I have learned is his name is Saito, Itaru. He coaches tennis at the U-17 camp, and studied health and sports science at Juntendo University. He doesn't have any connections to Rikkaidai, or has my network seen him approach any other schools, so the reason he's taken to coming here is still unknown," Yanagi explained as he handed out the man's profile to his team.

"Any police reports?" Genichirou asked.

Yanagi shook his head. "This is everything I could find on the internet. I don't have a connection inside the police."

"Yet. You don't have a connection inside yet. One should always strive to be optimistic," Yukimura spoke up. Yanagi couldn't keep back the shiver he felt upon seeing the smirk the bluenette was wearing.

"Well he's a U-17 coach right? Maybe he's just scouting the seniors in prep for next year's team. It's not unusual for high school coaches to scout the middle schools, hoping to pick the best of the bunch," Aikawa threw out. The idea had merit, but Yanagi doubted that was the reason. He had noticed that Coach Saito only watched Gensaburo, and when he did look at the other players was when they were interacting with Gen-chan.

No, the man's interest was entirely on their coach and not the next batch of high school players. The question was why. Why would a man in his position even care about a young boy that wasn't even in his first year yet? Yanagi would keep digging but he doubted that he would be able to find any more information than he already had.

"Until he approaches one of us we will just need to ignore his presence. If he does try to talk to you, I suggest going to get a teacher to mediate." All the regulars nodded their heads, understanding the logic behind Yukimura's words. "Now, let's get to practicing shall we? Our reputation won't win the tournament for us; we need the skills to back it up."

Yanagi put Saito's profile down and grabbed his equipment. He wanted to know why the man was here but he could wait. Deciding to focus elsewhere he asked a question he had been wondering about but unable to figure out due to his tight schedule.

"Has anyone else noticed that Marui-kun from the Silver group has been absent from practice?"


The day of the Regional Tournament arrived and Gen'emon left the house shortly after breakfast. He had given his students the day off for self-meditation, and while they calmed their minds, he was going to watch his grandsons. He had been in contact with Coach Saito and the man had told him about his visits to Rikkaidai, but nothing detailed.

"Coach Saito," Gen'emon greeted the younger man as he approached him outside the tennis park. "I hope you're in good health."

Saito smiled and bowed his head in greeting. "I am, and I hope you are feeling good yourself. I must confess that I am highly impressed by your grandson, Gensaburo certainly does take coaching seriously, especially for one so young. His age did catch me off guard the first time I saw him, but I tried not to factor that into my decision."

Gen'emon allowed himself a small proud smile. "Yes, he certainly is. You have seen his work ethic so far, but today you will see the results. I hope you won't be disappointed, and that you will remember that age is simply a number and has no bearing on work ethic or drive."

"I don't think I will be disappointed. I have been impressed by his coaching at school. Your grandson has set up a very interesting system at Rikkaidai. He separates the players. The Bronze work hard and try to catch up to the more advanced Silver group, while the Silver train in hopes of joining the Gold. The Gold are not allowed to stay comfortable in their positions since their spots are threatened weekly by interschool matches. He's subtly telling them that unless they work hard they could lose their spot in a moment. He keeps the Gold and Silver separated so they don't see the others progress and have to go into each weekly match, not knowing what to expect. It's a system I approve of."

"Are you willing to train him?" Gen'emon asked the most important question.

Saito tilted his head to the side in thought. "Gensaburo-kun is good, but he's young. He still has a few years before he should become serious about pursuing coaching professionally. Why not wait awhile and let him explore different hobbies? This all seems awfully rushed."

Gen'emon sighed. "Gensaburo is determined to be a coach, and I need to find him a coach before he turns 11."

"Why 11?" Saito seemed genuinely curious but not in an intrusive way.

"Because I need to give him a reason to stay," Gen'emon answered simply and truthfully.

"Ah." Saito bowed his head a little in recognition, for what Gen'emon did not know, and then straightened up. "Shall we go watch the first match? I would like to see how my future student's team performs," Saito stated with a smile.

Gen'emon smiled at the man and started leading the way. It wasn't hard to find where Gensaburo and Genichirou were, they only needed to follow the cheers.

"In-Vin-Ci-Ble Rik-Kai-Dai. In-Vin-Ci-Ble Rik-Kai-Dai. Rikkaidai. Rikkaidai. In-Vin-Ci-Ble Rik-Kai-Dai."


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